Anybody following the unfolding ‘Horsemeat in the food chain’ story in the media this week, must have realised by now, as is usually the case, there is more to this than meets the eye.

The more cynical of us, and those who can see past the carefully constructed visual assault on our common sense, see it exactly for what it is, and view it with the utmost suspicion.

The lack of physical evidence, the nondescript Journalists standing outside meat packaging plants reading from pre-prepared scripts, and emphasising the possible misdeeds of faceless and unscrupulous factory owners with every other word.

Now we hear that the results of the alleged DNA testing to ‘confirm’ the possible contamination will not be available for three months! Surely any decent butcher can tell the difference between bovine and equine carcasses?

Failing that, I am pretty sure that even Jeremy Kyle can be persuaded to get the results ready for sharing by the time his next show goes ‘live.’

That would be a worthy human interest story.

It is thoroughly insulting to the British people to expect them to swallow (no pun intended) this story.

Is it not standard practice for companies the size of Findus, to employ inspectors and health inspectors right through the production process?

Have the standards of professional food production dropped to such a low level, that they fail to spot the odd horse or two?

Or is it, once again, the same tried and tested method of using a fictitious and totally unrelated story, to focus the British public’s attention away from an uncomfortable and damaging story that is emerging elsewhere.

I can only look at this series of events as yet another method being used to destabilise and distract the British public from the reality of what this country is fast becoming.

The Horsemeat fiasco is a weak, and not even thinly disguised attempt to distract the public from the emerging story of institution child abuse over many years, and is in itself, a story within another story.

Attacking a household name like Findus, is a sure way of creating fear in the population. Instilling doubt in normally safe and trusted products is a classic Psyop tactic, that makes the ordinary person begin to lose lose faith in what they have always found familiar.

It happened when Woolworths went out of business, the Government could have easily put in place a rescue package involving private investment as it did with the banks, but that was never going to happen.

The death of the High Street, is also a planned event, and has been a long time in the making.

Moving people further and further away from the sense of community that local shopping and the obvious interaction that brings. Moving the staple items they need to exist to a large and faceless ‘Out of Town’ retail complex is a way of further isolating people, and making them lose the familiarity and security that they have previously enjoyed for generations.

It is yet another step towards the inevitable and as yet unstoppable march towards the often quoted ‘Big Brother’ world of establishment control over it’s people. Another subtle, but perfectly obvious tactic played out in full sight, yet for many people remains invisible.

Admin’s Note: I have been been reading that the latest mainstream media tactic, is to blame Romania as the possible source of the equine DNA being found in meat products. Is it only me that sees this as more pre-conditioning and an attempt to whip up hatred against a country and it’s people who, due to it’s recent inclusion into the European Community are about to emigrate here en masse?