Adolf Hitler never intended to go to war with Britain, he was simply left with no choice.

Thousands of ethnic Germans were being massacred in Poland, in lands once belonging to Germany, while the Poles were encouraged by the Americans, French and the British, who were in turn, attempting by any means, to force Germany into an all-out war.

Hitler wanted the British to join him in a war against the Soviets who had been planning all along to conquer Europe in it’s entirety.

Germany was literally caught between a the proverbial rock and hard place.

Hitler had relied upon the unwritten understanding, that the blood ties between Britain and Germany meant that loyalty would overcome bribery and the lure of Zionist money.

last appeal2

He thought that he was appealing to and dealing with Honorable men.

He was wrong.

Published below, is the translated text of a leaflet, which was dropped in large quantities over England, following a speech along the same lines that was given by Adolf Hitler at the Reichstag.

Unfortunately, the propagandising of the British and American people by the Government and the mass media prevailed, and Britain was dragged into one of the most bloody, and far reaching conflicts, in living memory.

last appeal to reason



“I have summoned you to this meeting in the midst of our tremendous struggle for the freedom and the future of the German nation. I have done so, firstly, because I considered it imperative to give our people an insight into the events, unique in history, that lie behind us, secondly, because I wished to express my gratitude to our magnificent soldiers, and thirdly, with the intention of appealing, once more and for the last time, to common sense in general.

If we compare the causes which prompted this historic struggle with the magnitude and the far- reaching effects of military events, we are forced to the conclusion that its general course and the sacrifices it has entailed are out of proportion to the alleged reasons for its outbreak – unless they were nothing but a pretext for underlying intentions.

The programme of the National Socialist Movement, in so far as it affected the future development of the Reich’s relations with the rest of the world, was simply an attempt to bring about a definite revision of the Treaty of Versailles, though as far as at all possible, this was to be accomplished by peaceful means.

This revision was absolutely essential. The conditions imposed at Versailles were intolerable, not only because of their humiliating discrimination and because the disarmament which they ensured deprived the German nation of all its rights, but far more so because of the consequent destruction of the material existence of one of the great civilised nations in the world, and the proposed annihilation of its future, the utterly senseless accumulation of immense tracts of territory under the domination of a number of states, the theft of all the irreparable foundations of life and indispensable vital necessities from a conquered nation. While this dictate was being drawn up, men of insight even among our foes were uttering warnings about the terrible consequences which the ruthless application of its insane conditions would entail – a proof that even among them the conviction predominated that such a dictate could not possibly be held up in days to come. Their objections and protests were silenced by the assurance that the statutes of the newly created League of Nations provided for a revision of these conditions; in fact, the League was supposed to be the competent authority. The hope of revision was thus at no time regarded as presumptuous, but as something natural. Unfortunately, the Geneva institution, as those responsible for Versailles had intended, never looked upon itself as a body competent to undertake any sensible revision, but from the very outset as nothing more than the guarantor of the ruthless enforcement and maintenance of the conditions imposed at Versailles.

All attempts made by democratic Germany to obtain equality for the German people by a revision of the Treaty proved unavailing.

World War Enemies Unscrupulous Victors

It is always in the interests of a conqueror to represent stipulations that are to his advantage as sacrosanct, while the instinct of self-preservation in the vanquished leads him to reacquire the common human rights that he has lost. For him, the dictate of an overbearing conqueror had all the less legal force, since he had never been honorably conquered. Owing to a rare misfortune, the German Empire, between 1914 and 1918, lacked good leadership. To this, and to the as yet unenlightened faith and trust placed by the German people in the words of democratic statesmen, our downfall was due.

Hence the Franco-British claim that the Dictate of Versailles was a sort of international, or even a supreme, code of laws, appeared to be nothing more than a piece of insolent arrogance to every honest German, the assumption, however, that British or French statesmen should actually claim to be the guardians of justice, and even of human culture, as mere effrontery. A piece of effrontery that is thrown into a sufficiently glaring light by their own extremely negligible achievements in this direction. For seldom have any countries in the world been ruled with a lesser degree of wisdom, morality and culture than those which are at the moment exposed to the ragings of certain democratic statesmen.

The programme of the National Socialist Movement, besides freeing the Reich from the innermost fetters of a small substratum of Jewish-capitalist and pluto-democratic profiteers, proclaimed to the world our resolution to shake off the shackles of the Versailles Dictate.”

4 thoughts on “A LAST APPEAL TO REASON

  1. I think we declared war on September 3rd 1939. This leaflet was dropped nearly a year later.

    1. Indeed… But the Americans had not joined the fighting then, and there was still a slim chance that the war in Europe would remain ‘localised’ or have ended a lot sooner….

  2. Not a chance of it ending.

    It’s now known that Roosevelt was using every way he could to drag the US into it by painting Japan into a corner.

    He knew about the coming Pearl Harbour attack & kept his Hawiian commanders in ignorance.

    The US had long broken Japan’s diplomatic service “Code Purple” & their military codes & thus knew everything.

    Hitler had made the mistake of an alliance with Japan & was thus forced to declare war on the US.

    Just as Roosevelt & Churchill anticipated.

    (By the way, both were Jews, & there’s some doubt as to whether Lord Randolph was Winnies real father. But his promiscuous Jewish bride did come with a large dowry….)

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