For some months now, I have been meaning to put together some information for publishing in an article on the Outlaw, in regard to a subject, which in all honesty, I do not fully understand myself.


I have found it to be a difficult and somewhat daunting prospect, and even after experiencing fifty-one years of life on this planet, I am not even sure where to begin.

Put together with the fact that almost everything written here is immediately pounced upon by those who strive to tear every word I write to pieces – in order to undermine, discredit or ridicule anything that may be of merit or any value whatsoever.

I fully expect it now, as this site appears to have attracted more than it’s share of weirdo’s and detractors, who have demonstrated time after time, their pathological need to congregate with other equally obsessed individuals – with the sole intention of attacking this site as well as anybody who is viewed as having even a vague connection with it.

For that reason, I am going to write the following using what may be the most difficult mode that any writer can employ, namely, the second-person narrative.

Not as a means of attacking anybody, which other articles I have written have wrongly been interpreted as, but as a method with which others can perhaps identify something of themselves within the words, and also protect myself from the inevitable onslaught.

So by writing as the narrator only – and not being the subject of this article, which incidentally, is a ‘trait’ and one which is not even exclusive to human beings, and is something that is known by many people – simply as…. ‘Empathy’.

As recently as Christmas Eve, I was privately asked for my advice on how a person can learn to live with and cope with being an Empath, when there is so little published information in hard copy form or published on the Internet from which to gain an understanding.

Apart from literally hundreds of the generic “How to tell if you are an Empath in seven easy steps” nonsense that can be found on any number of New-Age type esoteric websites, that is – there really is very little of value that has been written.

So what is it that makes one, an Empath?

Is it because you are the living, breathing soul of the planet?

Is it that you feel an almost unimaginable love for every living being that exists?

Is that you feel an intense guilt about situations and events that are beyond your control?

Is it that you see the true beauty in everything around you, and are able to heal those around you just by them being in your presence?

Is it that you unconsciously help your friends, you family and those around you by inadvertently taking on the burden of their physical ailments?

Is it because you can ‘feel’ others’ thoughts, their emotions and their sickness, and many of you become ill because others unknowingly use you as a dumping ground for their own afflictions and guilt?

Is it because when others have a headache, are depressed, have an immune disorder, a broken bone or a even a cancer, you physically feel their pain?

Is it because you have felt ‘detached’ and separate from the majority of those around you for most of your life?

Is it because you can instantly spot a fraud, a charlatan or a liar, and will only be untruthful yourself to prevent somebody else getting hurt?

Is it because you are aware of events that occur, even if they are on the other side of the world without being told?

Is it because you are acutely aware of both the sadness and the joy that exists within those around you, and you also are able to feel deeply, the seething, silent rage and the utter despair of those you walk among?

Is it because you physically feel the loss whenever a species is pursued to the point of extinction – without even being made aware of the event?

Is it because you abhor violence in both words and action, and you love more than any human being should even be capable of?

Is it because many of you spend your lives trying desperately to love less, but you simply cannot help but take everyone at face value, thus allowing yourselves to be hurt over and over to the point of making yourselves unwell and isolated?

Is it because you try to avoid large gatherings as the combined energy and conflicting emotions of the assembled people overwhelms you?

Is it because you continually attract ’emotional vampires’, and are targeted by the psychopathic, dark and damaged personality-types who purposely seek you out in order to feed off you – and who ultimately attempt to destroy you?

Is it because others like you are finding each other and are bringing about real and great changes in the people and the world around you?

Is it because you have always struggled to comprehend an act of wanton cruelty?

Is it because you have struggled to express yourself clearly when faced with ignorance, closed-mindedness and the lack of compassion you encounter on a daily basis?

Is it because you simply cannot justify and understand the suffering that is all around you?

Is it because you are extremely sensitive to television, radio, movies and negative news broadcasts?

Is it because your limitless imagination makes you the storyteller, who has an eager, inquisitive mind and has forever strived to expand both your knowledge and understanding?

Is it because you are the listeners and the custodians of the secrets that others feel safe in sharing with you?

Is any or all of the above applicable to you?

If so, then my only advice would be is to embrace who you are.

Teach yourself to love yourself again, and continue to seek out others who think as you do.

Draw strength from those who are on the same path as you have found yourself on – as your real purpose may be about to be revealed before very much longer.


  1. jan

    This is absolutely simple and extremely beautiful. Deep, Intriguing, and so heart felt. One Love….

  2. Trish

    Simply breathtaking Jimmy.

    Even after the year you have endured with being attacked, wrongly accused many times, harangued and threatened both online and IRL by so many misguided and false people, you can still come out with something as beautiful, compassionate and heartfelt as this.

    A Stunning piece of observational writing.

    May your Gods bless you JJ. X

  3. paul

    thankyou,so concise and can relate 100% brother x

  4. Beautiful Jimmy, a lot of people feel this. very few are able to put this in words and show who they really are, because they are still afraid to be seen as weak, as in fact it is strength, needed to make a difference and to raise some consciousness in themselves and others. Thanx for sharing!

  5. UH…OH…
    The incredible US “peace plan” for Syria:-






  6. miqui rumba

    Please forgive me. I AM ASHAMED what I wrote last 28th. This is the real road.

  7. Keith

    Just as I find myself doubting who I am, what I stand for and the direction I should go in, you decide to write this! You’ll never know what perfect timing my seeing this was or the renewed strength your article and in particular those last three paragraphs under the photo have given me. Thank you Jimmy.

  8. Eloise

    What a beautiful message of hope to end what must have been an awful year for many people. I for one hope you go on to to bigger platform and a wider audience Jimmy. You seem to be the one constant and steady thing in what is a seething mass of disinformation and spiteful, hateful and ugly goings on.

  9. David Icke Forum Regular

    I can only echo what has already been said here. Long may the Outlaw continue bringing like minded people together.

  10. Konigstiger

    Such a beautiful and sincere article to end the year with Jimmy. (Thankfully we’re still here!) 😉

    See you in the new year my friends. Don’t get too drunk!

    All the best!


  11. Kev Green

    Just wishing you a happy new year from Mexico hope you have read my latest blog, really surprised after all this time you havent a clue as to my identity, never mind, all will be revealed very soon. Cannot wait to meet you in person, toe to toe as they say, or is it face to face, that would be a little difficult as I am 6’4 and you 5’4, never mind Im sure they will have a box you can stand on. Enjoy your freedom while you can, Pandora’s box is about to open. Do not try and alter this comment, as I have made a copy of it, and will add it to my latest blog about you.

  12. Chris Stark

    What a delightful insight among the doom and gloom and negativity.

    It gives me hope that this situation that many are going through is a temporary condition & we will all emerge from it by becoming who we really are. I cannot wait for what the coming year will bring and am always curious as to what part sites such as this will play. I have seen much of what has been written here pan out the way it was published here sometimes many months previously. What you have written here has more than conveyed everything I have been meaning to say but could not find the correct words.

    Thank you for that Outlaw & please never stop writing.

  13. Konigstiger

    This from Spivey’s site…..

    On the subject of our little troll friend, here is a bit of information on ‘Narcissistic Personality Disorder.’ Now I certainly don’t pretend to be an expert on psychology or mental disorders, but if the cap fits…..
    Narcissistic personality disorder is characterized by a feeling of self importance and grandiosity; the narcissists DEMANDS that others give him/her the respect and admiration that they feel is their absolute right….because they believe that they are ‘special’ and ‘unique.’
    They believe that they should only associate with other people who share their ‘special’ and ‘unique’ talents because only these types of people are ‘worthy’ of being the friend of the narcissist……’ordinary’ people are simply not deserving of the ‘friendship’ of the narcissist.
    The narcissist believes that the whole world revolves around him/her and that others are simply there to serve their needs, wants and desires. The narcissist has little or no regard for the needs of others and is totally devoid of empathy and compassion. In their opinion, no-one in the world is more important than they are. They do not take criticism well and are contemptuous and dismissive of anyone who can not see just how wonderful, special, talented and unique they are; they are often snobbish, patronizing and disdainful and they hugely exaggerate their own successes and talents, be it in terms of their careers, their romantic lives, their looks, their wealth, their power, their brilliance…..they are deeply envious and resentful of the success and achievements of others and they can be hugely vindictive and aggressive towards people that they deem are receiving all the praise and adoration that they themselves ‘deserve’ to get. They are supremely arrogant and suffer from a ‘superiority complex’ as opposed to an ‘inferiority complex.’ In fact, the narcissist has no comprehension of feelings of inferiority…..he/she simply KNOW that they are the BEST (in their opinion). They are very good at manipulation and it might take others a very long time to suss them out. They often feel ‘wronged’ by society and misunderstood, their mantra being: ‘Why can’t people see how WONDERFUL and SPECIAL I am?’ They have absolutely no hesitation in exploiting those that are physically/emotionally weaker than themselves and will happily destroy a person’s life if it helps them to achieve their own goals. Sound familiar folks? I could go on and on, but I think we have the gist of what we are dealing with here.”

    Now, after reading this, I automatically thought it was someone having a dig at Spiv, because lets be honest, everything said here suits him perfectly! The references to self importance and grandiosity, the fact that they are snobbish, patronizing and disdainful and they hugely exaggerate their own successes and talents, be it in terms of their ‘careers’ and ‘power’, how they are deeply envious, supremely arrogant, and suffer from a ‘superiority complex’.

    Let’s be honest, what other opinion could we form?

    To be fair, since Spiv has been called out for being an arsehole to his readership, he seems to have mellowed out a bit. Offering kisses to all and sundry, no doubt to soften his image as a fucking neanderthal moron!

    What I’m more concerned about, is his squad of sycophantic, evil, and twisted worshipers!

    Every single one of them has a sob story to tell, all about how hard their life has been, and how they grew up without a daddy or a mummy that loved them!

    Reality check you reprobates! We haven’t all had it easy! But we pick ourselves up, wipe away the tears when we reach puberty, and try to get on with our lives, without feeling sorry for ourselves!

    If Spiv wanted to appear credible, he would get rid of his steroid fueled moderators, that can’t handle even the simplest of criticisms, and replace them with normal people who haven’t spent their life standing outside a door at 2 in the morning, flexing their watery muscles at any underage girl that so much as glances in disgust at them.

    Being born in Essex, they automatically assume they’ll be granted a status of hard man, but up here in Scotland they’d be treated like the mugs they are. Wannabe Gangsters and nothing else. They’d be slapped until they see sense, especially if they were cross dressers that were caught with child porn and bestiality videos!

    No one likes a fucking beast up here!!!!


    • I believe the term is ‘projecting’, which is when somebody who displays certain traits, turns them around and directs them at somebody else – like people who insult, swear, bully and launch unwarranted attacks on people online all day, who then scream ‘bully’ and ‘troll’ and play the victim card whenever they are questioned about their own reprehensible behaviour.

      That ploy is so transparent, that it’s very nearly non-existent. 🙂

      • Konigstiger

        Much like the Jews then Jimmy?

        I believe it is a Polish proverb that said “The Jew Cries Out In Pain As He Strikes You”.

        Never a truer word spoken!

        Not wanting to muddy the waters without cause, but isn’t Spivey a kosher name? Wasn’t it Endzog that called him out?

        • It was Endzog I believe, yes.

          He has admitted that his daughter has a Jewish mother, but I struggle to believe anything that comes from him now, so it could be the truth or just another scam to make him appear popular.

          Who really knows KT?

          What I see over there, is a bubbling cauldron of propaganda, violent undertones, massive distrust and degenerate, incoherent ramblings masquerading as the ‘Troof’.

          But I could be wrong. 🙂

    • mike

      Funny thing, I remember when spiveys mods attacked a poster called gutsful. Accusing him of being a troll an all. I didn’t know at the time that gutsful was an old friend of my uncle, they both served in the paras together, but gutsful went on to special forces. By all accounts the man is solid gold. Apparently he has more medals than Prince Charles lol. I even know where he is tonight. Believe it or not he is camping somewhere in the brecon beecons. From what I can make out and all I have now heard from my uncle, he is very pissed off with the AM and has fucked off with his dogs like he always does when he needs a break from society. The funny thing is, he will know fuck all about this comment, it’s my uncle’s way of winding him up. I pray to God that if he ever finds out about it, he will be sober at the time lol.

  14. Jane

    Hopefully some of his readership – those that aren’t fake accounts – will have read what he really thinks of them & that in his eyes they are mostly all thick, workshy benefits scroungers who are very good at playing the system & know all the tricks …. all in his own words too. Doesn’t mind scrounging money off them though does he, so what does that make him? A benefit scrounger scrounging money off benefit scroungers?

    The narcissist thing also shows that none of them have an original thought in their heads, as they clearly fit the description, yet ‘project’ what they are onto everyone else….. but only after they have been described as narcissists. No prizes for guessing which freak who likes setting fire to dogs inspired that & the wide boy being an ‘animal lover’ too – & arrested on charges relating to his particular ‘animal loving’ fetish. Must be a slow week – copying and pasting other peoples work to make an original article is all he can muster 😉

    Someone also mentioned that Queen Chav reckons she’s been headhunted by some major benefits advice firms to do some promo. Hahahahahaha a benefit fraudster advertising their websites? Dream on Barbie & if they will have a benefit fraud pimping their trade, I’d suggest that anyone seeking Benefits advice should steer well clear. Benefit & Pension advice from someone who’s worked on a make up counter for a couple of years? Oh dear, too funny! 😀 Still if you want to blag the system, who better than to get advice from a benefit fraud who is adept at playing the system? But bikini man did say his readers were good at nobbling the benefits system & knew how to play the system & she is 1 of his biggest fans, so I guess it makes sense that she would do that. I’m sure the DWP will be most interested in that too, it may well start the ball rolling into these Benefits Advice firms being investigated themselves, so she’ll be a great asset to them. 😀

    But, as always, my biggest concern right now is how all these fakers beating the anti child abuse drum are nuzzling up to people up on paedo related crimes, 1 up in court very soon, & why would any decent parent be sucking up to a bloke who got a buzz out of forcing little boys to sit on chair legs, hang them by the neck on rope swings, try to drown them in ponds & set light to dogs for ‘fun’. What sort of Mother would want that kind of freak anywhere near her own son, let alone be hanging off his every word? Not any kind of decent 1 that’s for sure.

    Still, at least the message seems to be filtering through & people are opening their eyes to these creepy sorts & are spreading the word in their own unique ways. 🙂

    Cant wait for the domino effect. I hope The BEBBA’s sister will get to listen to the Radio show about her dear debauched Bro & the fact that he is still doing the same vile things he was when he was in care – still keeping his shenanigans a secret from her on FB it would seem. Hopefully a few more people will then start asking why this freak is being dribbled all over by these con artists, although anyone with any sense has already worked that out 😉

  15. Joe Flanagan

    My friend Dr Denis Digby has asked me to convey his sincere apologies for stirring up a major maelstrom over at Spivland on New Years Eve.

    Denis is writing a thesis on the influence of Internet New Messiahs.

    He posed a very viable question….how would you feel if you were a member of his extended family and were brought into his sordid little world in his article posted 31/14.

    He thought that by prodding the hornests nest he would get a reaction…and he did by DOG…check for yourself.Unfortunately Jimmy took a lot of the blame.. hence the apology.

    What those self deluded naeantherdals from the greater Essex conspiracy family don’t realise that there are many more people out there besides Jimmy who have rumbled them. Denis was quite chuffed to be dubbed Little Jimmy BTW.

    Denis has now closed down a number of his accounts and now has more than enough material to continue work on his thesis/expose. So many sad people in Spivland he fears a British Jonestown. Let’s hope not.

    BTW the quote where Denis called them warped c…TS was in the same sentence as The grieving citizens of Glasgow would never forgive them.

    • Hi Joe, when you referred to Jonestown I must admit I have been thinking along the same lines.

      I does worry me that so many gullible people appear to be so enamoured with someone, who is now viewed more and more as a foul-mouthed and dangerous crackpot….

      • mike

        Yes Jim, even I thought of the jonestown scenario, fucking hell I hope we are wrong. The trouble is these freaks like spiv do not give a flying fuck, as long as the donations keep rolling in.

        • A truly terrifying thought Mike, and history has shown on more than one occasion how easily these things happen.

          There will always be gullible people, and while there are, there will always be a parasite only too eager to prey on them, suck them dry and move on.

          The Jonestown Scenario or another Waco is a distinct possibility from what I have been hearing and reading lately.

          It saddens me to say this, but we have reached a point where we can only be responsible for ourselves, those closest and dearest to us, and those who are willing to listen to reason Mike….

  16. Joe Flanagan

    Thank you Jimmy for trusting me and taking this post at its face value.Denis will appreciate it too. He is currently planning a move back to Dublin .Happy new year and best wishes to all your supporters.

  17. Jane

    The thing is Joe, all these pillocks are in cahoots with the freak who was busted for harassing Jimmy & his family for over 2 years, even though they knew exactly what the bully boy abuser had done to Jimmy & his family, both him & his grotesque wigged up bimbo knew the score, but as soon as J wouldn’t roll over & be in their weirdo gang, he has received even more abuse – all documented.

    They falsely blame him for everything, despite the fact there is evidence all over the place that people have pegged wide boy for a con man & his dim accomplices & it has nothing to do with Jimmy. This shows you just how much they want to shut him up. Easily proven & that this is a continuation of the abuse started by a freak who is now obviously in a panic that his lies about being a ‘Survivor’ are about to thwack him on the nose like a broken sword yet again. Something he is no stranger to. And this can all be easily proven too, but idiots don’t seem to be able to grasp that. I think some people constantly adding ‘Furthermore’ & Nevertheless’ to their poorly written drama queen drivel makes them sound smart. Clearly it doesn’t.

    Creepy people with much to hide, acting like creepy people with much to hide do. Standard stuff really 🙂 but it was good of you to explain this. None of us read his drivel anyway & none of us are up on charges of alleged paedo & bestiality related crime. None of us are backing and supporting people up on paedo related crime, unlike these fake anti abuse liars, so there really is nothing to worry about.

    As for the bully boy abuser, he keeps breaking his conditions set by the court and I personally feel it’s high time he was dealt with for continually breaking those conditions and harassing this man and his family. After all, what is the point of going through all the hoops & red tape if the law will not deal with persistent stalking harassing abusing freaks? Pretty sure the Police are sick to the back teeth of the little runt, so maybe they will be glad to bounce him in and out of the nick every time he acts like a idiot, which is pretty continuous. And if he keeps on, maybe a spell inside will make him wake up to himself. Although he cries when being challenged by a Private Eye that deals with celebrity stalkers, so imagine what the big Jessie would be lie inside. I suspect he’s more worried about big sis finding out – seems to keep this entire thing from her ……….. wonder why?

  18. mike

    Jimmy, I have noticed you never beg your readers for money. How do you manage? You can but that spiv clown can’t. His gullible disciples are funding his nicotine habit and his life. Including his car, while he sits on his arse all night apparently, typing out complete crap. He has photoshopped images with arrows pointing here there and everywhere meaning absolutely fuck all . He has obviously found a niche in the market for extremely gullible and weak minded people. I just wish they kept their money for their families, this delusional paranoid con artist is a disgrace.

    • I have no reason to ask anyone for money Mike.

      The Outlaw costs less than £25 per year to host, there are zero weekly/monthly running costs financially, and I volunteer my own time to research, write and maintain it.

      People very kindly send me items of particular interest regularly, which they also have never requested payment for, so apart from the once-yearly fee, which covers both the ‘outlawjimmy’ name registration and the sites’ web space, that is it.

      Breaking it down, it costs me around 48 English Pence per week to run the Outlaw.

      Maybe I am doing something wrong perhaps?

      • David Icke Forum Member

        So how can Spivey claim that his site costs £300 a month to run?

        • mike

          Yeah exactly. I also wonder what his ciggie habit costs per month. All paid for by his sucker arse licking disciples. I don’t post there but I wonder what would happen if someone asked him to publish the exact amount of donations he gets per week? That would be interesting, I’m sure the answer would be too.

          • Jane

            He’d get out his copy of Photoshop and produce a complete set of fake figures probably 🙂 I imagine hes taken a big hit in donations lately though, people must be getting wise to his cons by now, especially as more & mote people seem to be pegging him for what he really is.

            His tabs tab must be pretty high, although I’ve seen him put a call out for people who flog hooky fags to get in touch. But he chain smokes like I’ve never seen, he must get few a few packets a day, paid for by the mugs he calls thick benefit scroungers who now how to play the system inside out. As I said, doesn’t mind scrounging off them though does he?

            And his UKIP candidate Bro is going to be sacrificed in the unlikely event that Spiv gets his sorry ass off that sofa & attempts to ‘go to war’. But I think we all know that will only ever be in his own fat head & grandiose delusion of just how tough he really is.

            I only hope thorough investigations are being carried out, so that all his threats & bully boy tactics under his different fake names & profiles come back to slap his face. He looks like he has aged a fair bit in the last few months as have a few other main players.

            It’s amazing how arrogant these people become when they are put on pedestals. But those pedestals are made out of unstable stuff & its only a matter of time before he comes a cropper. He’ll bleat & whine & blame everyone else no doubt, but the reality will be that he brought it all on himself, but not just himself, his own daughter & Grandson & that’s seriously selfish.

          • Jane

            Apologies for my fluffy Syntax. I tell ‘Team Outlaw’ its my idea of brain training, to keep them on their toes 😉

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