This will be short and to the point as I do not wish to waste any more time than is necessary on online idiots.

The Screengrab below is taken from Chris Spivey’s website.

spiv rant

You can read what it says, so I will not elaborate further, and ordinarily I would not respond to anything so ridiculous, but as these people seem hell-bent on slandering and attacking me on a personal level at every opportunity, I feel justified in publishing this short response.

The email confirmation I requested, and dated today, should be enough to show that both Chris Spivey and Darren Laverty have clearly lied, and have also published many other similar untruths about both myself and any number of others, and I am in no doubt whatsoever, that they will continue to do so.

icke email
David Icke Email Dated 29th October 2014

I can of course provide further evidence if need be, in regard to their other crackpot allegations that my wife and Jane Russell and JennieJenJen are the same person for instance.

I will not do so, however, for the simple reasons that I do not have to justify myself, nor do I wish to reveal personal information about innocent people, which is both unfair and totally unnecessary.

Chris Spivey, the self-styled voice of the ‘Alt Media’, appears to be publishing information that has been fed to him by a group of well-known Internet trolls who have been stalking, threatening and harassing people online for the past couple of years.

One of them, was only recently convicted at Llandudno Magistrate’s Court, after many months of threats and harassment towards myself and my family.


Chris Spivey is, I believe currently on bail for harassment and the possession of indecent images of children, that were allegedly found on his computer, (although that may not be strictly true as we only have his word for that) following his second arrest by Essex Police.

cracked pot

After all “People in Glass Houses, should really not be throwing stones.”

Even though these people have acted as Judge, Jury and Executioner in regard to the rubbish they are spreading around about me and many others, I shall of course, refrain from making any claims regarding them and just let justice takes it’s course.

Innocent until proven guilty as it should be.

Among those they have also targeted was the Journalist Sonia Poulton, who wrote about her experiences with them HERE:

These loathsome creatures now appear to be pulling Chris Spivey’s strings in a further attempt to attack and discredit me and others.

His other allegation, in regard to his publishing that I am a ‘child abuser’ are simply beneath contempt, and as I have already shown above, he is not exactly the most reliable source of the truth.

Please do not take my word for it, there is ample evidence on this site, as well as other online sources, that clearly evidence that the exact same garbage that has been spread by the trolls, Chris Spivey is now publishing on his website.

The similarities are striking.

The email I have published with this article is all I am going to say on the matter, as I have no desire to be using this site to continually defend myself against the tsunami of lies, and the countless false accusations that have been made by any of these crackpots.

All of which incidentally, have one thing that connects them that I have found – They all appear to congregate around the issue of Childhood Sexual Abuse, and whenever it is being talked about online, or elsewhere for that matter …. they are there.

The reader can, I am sure, Β draw their own conclusions from that.

122 thoughts on “A CRACKED POT

  1. TouchΓ©, Jimmy!
    (And a tip of the hat to David Icke, too, for taking the time to reply & confirm.)

    1. Aye, Bandini, well it’s not exactly a State Secret that I spoke with David Icke is it πŸ™‚

      The lies are getting way beyond insanity now…



    “….so, when you sit in the darkness of your personal night and wonder what happened to your country, to your aspirations and dreams, to the potholed road you drive every day to the job that has no chance of letting you retire in comfort, to your barren savings account, when you turn on your television and see paid shills shriek about how and why you’re about to die while your neighbor’s kid comes home in a flag-draped box and you have to ask again where your black suit is so you can go properly dressed to yet another funeral…”


  3. Of course when much read blogs are taken up with this there’s less room for articles that could be damaging the establishment. It goes round and round, all the blogs affected seem to be those prepared to go that much further than the mainstream. It COULD be a coincidence, but it’s not..

    1. I don’t believe in coincidences Gary, and as I have stated on a few occasions, personally I have far more important things to do with my time than deal with what is clearly an organised attempt at distraction and smear tactics. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Icke may be many things, but he is hardly going to lie about something so ordinary I shouldn’t think Outlaw.

  5. Wow………Spivey’s fucked….what I assumed to be a normal everyday cyber nutcase, but could there be a deeper agenda… Namely a ‘problem reaction solution’ situation where Spivey is the ‘problem’ and laws drafted in to deal with cyber nutcases and curtail free speech on the internet being the solution….. We’ve not had any problems to speak of for a good 10 years of online journalism until this Jag driving dingus rocks up…… Either a plant, or a useful idiot (twat I would say)….. keep it up Outlaw, you ROCK IT!

    1. I’ve always found Spiv uses 20,000 words when 1000 would get the message across much better, the info overload is quite obvious, the valid points & posts are buried, like that Jimmy Savile thread on Icke forum, there’s loads of great posts and information but its hidden away in the 100s or 1000s ( not sure the total now ) of pages

  6. Fuck this is getting mental now mate, you’d think with all the shit STILL going on in Westminster & abuse rings being reported on up and down the cuntry you’d think these so called “AM leaders (!?!) ” would have ample relevant and important stories to be filling their blogs with, instead they seem to be continuing the attack on you and a few of your followers. There was talk a couple of years ago of the expected divide and conquer tactics that “they” would start using to silence those getting out the important info. The thing is, many can see who “they” are using as puppets.

    1. Spot on mate.

      And it is looking more and more like the two things are connected. The ‘AM Leaders’ are leading more people away from the truth than anyone else. We just need more people to wake up, stop blindly following these obvious disinformation sellers and trust their gut instincts.

      We don’t need leaders, we never have, it’s what people have been led to believe.

      If enough people truly woke up to truth, we could then deal with the real enemy πŸ™‚

      1. Presenting information does not make you a leader, a person’s ego does that. It seems some of these crackpots cherish their egos and status above all else leaving others to suffer in due course.

          1. There also seems to be a drive promoting Russel Brand now who with his magic flute will lead his cult members into a huge maze full of disinfo where they will be lost for a long time hidden away from the real stories that actually matter. Brand(wagon) the Pipe Piper is intelligent but for the Sheep he will end up being Medusa not the Jesus figure he is being hailed as by the MSM & many in the AM

  7. hi again,
    sorry what exactly are you saying? are you saying Chris doesnt actually believe the stuff he produces?. that he is really working for ‘them’ and the motive is to give the PTB an excuse to close down the AM? you can’t seriously believe that?. that may indeed be the result of his continuing battering of the PTB but to imply that his ulterior motive is simply daft. i actually find a lot of his stuff somewhat far fetched,it seems that in the world according to him everything is a conspiracy, i was rather surprised that the recent shooting in Canada didnt get the ‘false flag’ treatment. of course when i used to say these things on his site i got the ‘sheeple’ treatment, only they know what is really going on, everyone else are poor deluded fools .
    i’m not a fan of the bad language either but that was met with ‘ grow up, there are worse things to worry about’. which i suppose is true but its possible to worry about them without calling everyone c***ts.
    it seems Chris got it wrong regarding your meeting with Icke. so it’s only fair to point out that you got it wrong regarding him having no tattoo licence, him operating a house clearence business and him running a computer company. you mention the porn found on his computer, he was the one who made it public as to what the cause of his second arrest was. i don’t believe the really bad stuff was his and actually i suspect you don’t either. if the photos/ videos of boys having sex were actually downloaded by him then many many people have got him completely wrong.

    1. With respect Richard, he did not get it wrong about Jimmy meeting David Icke, he lied plain and simple and just took the word of another proven liar without even doing the most basic checks on his history. If you cannot, or will not see what is so obvious to everyone else what is going on its better to keep quiet. Jimmy has been far more tolerant and shown more restraint than I ever could over the amount of lies and smears that these knobheads have been spreading around the www about him & his family. He has been stitched right up and stabbed in the back by many of the heroic warriors in the Alternative Media who are in most cases worse than the mainstream media. A load of wannabe ego maniacs who will lie and cheat and do anything to be seen as billy big bollocks of the Internet and only a complete pillock would have missed it

    2. Richard, I believe it was the commentators on the Outlaw who alleged the things you have referred to.

      I made no definitive statement, I merely asked questions and threw them open to discussion.

      To my knowledge Spivey has got many things wrong, and I am also correct when I state that not once has he made a retraction, nor offered a single apology to anyone he may have damaged with his often inane and wildly inaccurate rants.

      I agree that not everything is a ‘Conspiracy’ and quite often, things just happen and there is no logical explanation.

      1. As I have said before, check with the council, they will straighten the tattoo registration lie out. Until you do, it is a mistake to take a proven liars word for it. As for the other thing, I wouldn’t be too quick to call it an error just yet πŸ˜‰

        Yes, the Icke thing was a blatant lie & his source is a notorious proven liar and criminal. Well documented as Spivey well knows too. Nuzzling up to wrong un’s having been alleged to be 1 himself. It’s kind of a usual tactic & can be seen by lots of these liars & also fraudulent compo seekers lately.

        Another blatant lie was the accusation that Helen, Jen & I are all the same person. He knows this was another ridiculous crazy lie, but worried men do crazy things when they are in hot water, especially those accused of such grim offences.

        Why would a person feel the need to make up such ridiculous lies??

        What I would call extremely disturbing are some of the clips and images I have seen recently. Hopefully the Police would have seen them too. I won’t describe them, I’m sure they have been seen by quite a few people already.

        As for whether it’s a purposeful ploy to shut down bloggers & freedom of speech – if the UKIP involvement is related, then possibly. However, some people are just plain arrogant and are ego maniacs, full of themselves with a warped hugely inflated sense of just how important they actually are. I think in this case that is a given. πŸ˜‰

    3. There are more ‘Sheeple’ and blind, obedient morons on Spiv’s site than there are on David Icke’s Richard Try disagreeing or asking questions and see what happens? The mods will take the piss and personally insult you if you manage to get your comment through at all. It was you who said that your comments were being changed by Wolfie to try and make you look stupid wasn’t it?

      1. yep that was me. to be fair they allow a few through but if you persist you get ‘the treatment’.

        1. LOL…. I did notice Richard, toe the party line or your out in the cold.

          Very much like the old Communist and Totalitarian regimes that were so frowned upon by the ever so tolerant west. πŸ™‚

  8. Based on my net experience, I tend to go with “useful idiot”.

    He came along , obscenely attacking the “establishment” and a lot of figures in it.

    If he’d had any sense he’d have known that smiling while you politely slide the stiletto under the ribs works much better on the net than bashing in all directions with the baseball bat of bad language and sneering sarcasm.

    This meant his posts were usually much longer than they needed to be and much more difficult to follow.

    There’s two more things that he didn’t understand.

    When you publish on the net, you’re going into someone’s home.

    In effect, you’re sitting opposite them in their living room.

    In the early days of party political T.V. broadcasts, it was found that politicians who harangued their audience as they would on an election meeting stage, were not well received, and were perceived as being arrogant.

    A Tory M.P., Peter Thorneycroft, found this out.

    So they had to change their style for T.V.

    Spivey harangues.

    And one further thing that I’m sure he never knew. Many women in this country have been on the end of some kind of sex attack. The attacker often starts his attack with a stream of the foulest and most violent language to cause the woman to “freeze” in fear.

    I would think a lot of women would not go back to his site because his use of such language would cause horrifying flashbacks.

    Think about it.

    1. One thing I may not have mentioned OG, is that the stuff that Spiv is now spouting about my ‘agenda’ being one to get the AM ‘bickering’ at each other – is very similar to one that was aimed at me last year, but then I was accused of having an ‘agenda’ to derail and disrupt any future CSA inquiry.

      Deja VΓΊ.

      These people must think I am a threat to them, even though they shout about how little influence I have, and how insignificant I am….

      Would you agree?

    2. But OG, he reckons he has a huge IQ so could never be wrong. He is way to loud and cocky for me. And the disgusting foul swearing that he uses must drive more away than it attracts. As for his material, I don’t rate it at all. It’s all rumour and conjecture and speculation. Rubbish really.

      1. And the escalation of him getting his kit off in his photos for no good reason at all. His self adoration, which no woman would share. With that and the clips and iffy pictures, seriously unpleasant stuff.

        What is the saddest thing is that his blatant love of himself clouds everything else and HE is in fact to blame for drawing Social services to himself and his grandchild. If I were his kid, Id be seriously hating him for that alone right now. No decent Dad does that kind of thing purely because they are so egotistical, nothing else matters to them apart from their 15 minutes of fame.

        He goaded snd beckoned the Police to come for him for at least 3 years, telling everyone they would come for him, but he actually had to go well OTT to achieve that, as if it was an actual goal to MAKE them come for him. But now he’s got what he wanted and was angling for all along, he doesn’t seem to like it very much, but alas is reaping what he has sown, all HIS own doing and no one else to blame but himself.

        I’m sure some people are calling him the same kind of things he called people who were taken to court and deemed innocent and were not even charged on paedo related crimes, despite being labelled as such by him. Now he’s getting a taste of his own medicine, it’s leaving a bitter taste.

        Karma some might say.

        To OG – he’s so seriously bad, he’s actually making the Daily Mail look good Maybe he is being paid by them to try to get readers back – just jokin’ πŸ˜€

  9. An example of what I mean is his childishly calling the Mail The Daily Chimp.

    IF he’d had any sense. he would have politely, point by point, destroyed a Mail article that all of we Netters knew to be official B.S. by posting links to sites that told the real story and then politely challenged the Mail to answer – and then got all his followers to get onto the Mail asking what answer they had to the accusation.

    However, because he took the path he did,the Mail can ignore him as a “foul-mouthed blogger”.

    Which they did.

    As for the dodgy stuff on his computer, I can only say in the relevant,massively answered and debated thread here which began it all, I pointed out a few times just how easy it is to put “stuff” on someone’s computer, especially when you have G.C.H.Q’s certain knowledge of the “holes” in ALL Windows versions since Win’95’s U.S.B. edition,and ALL Linux’s since about 2005.

    If you think that “they” wouldn’t do that to someone they obviously regarded as a serious nuisance, then please send me all your bank account details and I promise to double your money in 3 months.


    You can trust me!

    I’m on the net!!.

    1. I can well believe that certain things can get ‘planted’ as ‘accidents’ can happen to those who are percieved as a viable threat to the establishment OG.

      However, from what I am seeing, and hearing from credible sources, is that he is not viewed as being that much of a threat – in fact it’s the opposite as many in the media see him as a sick joke, while those higher up, if they know of him at all – see him as a foul-mouthed Gobshite who is turning people away from the Alternative Media in droves.

      Win Win for them….

  10. Hi guys. Regarding Spivey I think he must have been dropped on his head a few times when he was a baby. His ego is definitely bigger than his talent. My opinion, he’s in it for the donations. He’d have to get a job otherwise won’t he.

    1. Hi Mike. I think personally that the quality of his writing comes secondary to the shock factor, and the sheer volume of words is simply to bamboozle the reader into thinking that it is a result of many hours of research.

      A mixture of Howard Stern and Alex Jones with an over-reliance on gratuitous profanity and uncomfortable imagery…. Sort of deal.

      A halfway competent writer can get the message across in far less words however complex the subject matter.

      Succinct, with the relevant points included, allowing the reader to easily digest it without overwhelming them with unnecessary detail.

      I learned that very early on.

      Thanks for your comment πŸ™‚

      1. Yes all those words, and all the ranting. He really does have a over inflated opinion of himself. Just another shock jock fear porn monger imo. With a massive ego, and not half as clever as he thinks.

  11. Just give it up jimmy your are way out of depth on this one, pathetic. I spoke with people at the DI meeting last weekend and you really are finished, no one is interested in your misinformation anymore. Sad.

    1. Should that be “way out of ‘your’ depth” Mark?

      And if you have slithered over here from the DI Forums just to inform me you have been to a meeting Mark, it’s understandable why you struggle with facts, clear evidence and the truth.

        1. Haha, spot on. The sycophants are funding his smoking habit and his car.

          He will be called Spivey two Jags soon. Keep the money coming suckers, I’m sure Spivey loves you.

          Like hell, the only person he loves is himself, an obvious selfish me me me narcissist if ever there was.

    2. Oscar Wilde wrote “There is only one thing worse than being talked about – and that is not being talked about”

      Do you people actually have meetings?

      What on earth do you discuss?

      DVD Sales? TShirts? How to get away with launching another beg-a-thon to refloat the dead duck TPV?

      Do tell us Mark

    3. Woohoo the DI meetings – I guess this is Armageddon now! Btw…I thought Chris Spivey was the one who likes to think of himself as the sad clown that we all feel sorry for. After all, he’s a world class virtuoso on the smallest violin. He even comes complete with a hungry dog and a kid at his feet – so Chaplinesque, eh? Oddly enough, even if you think Jimmy’s ‘finished’ he’s being pretty brave and dignified about it and not done anything crass like asked for donations yet. Unlike Christopher Spivey, that is. Does this tell you something?

  12. Is it silly season already? Over on the David Icke forum someone is trying to convince them that you are beyond any doubt whatsoever working for the NSA because the bloke you sent to Spivey told him so on Twitter. Laffing my ass off here Outlaw not because they believe that you are a spook but because Spiv thinks he is important enough to get attacked by the National Security Agency. Wot a humungous cock that man is

    1. I pissed myself when I saw that too lol.

      He actually believes the NSA would be interested in an idiot like him.

      He is absolutely dying to be the king of the AM.

      The way he calls everybody else wannabes, when he is the biggest most desperate wannabe out there.
      A wannabe who will never be, that’s what he really is.

  13. Admit it Jimmy you are so jealous that you will never be as handsome never be as popular never be as fat never be such a chav never be such a liar and would never upload naked pictures of yourself sat inbetween two rottweilers wearing leeds united shirts on to Tinypics nor would you film yourself mincing around wearing little girls orange bikini bottoms so face it mate it’s impossible to compete or make a mug outa the Spiv Geezer innit

  14. My word, Spivey seems so obsessed with you, Jimmy! He sure has a fragile ego – plus his freak show of commenters are pure comedy gold. “Course”, don’t give up the day job, Spiv…just sayin’!

    1. But I thought he ‘Catergoricaly’ stated that I was nothing, ‘A Nobody who would achieve nothing and be nothing while he would become famous’ ……

      Well, I think that I can safely say that I have got right up his nose for some reason.

      That’s an achievement surely?

      I hardly give him a second thought Leena πŸ™‚

      1. When he started spouting on about others ( especially you Outlaw ) never having a chance to be as “famous” as him, it spoke bundles of his fragile ego.

        Perhaps you should send him one of them plug in massage machines for Xmas and it could be used by one of his dear fans to massage the ego back to us poor commoners level πŸ˜‰

        1. Fame on Youtube is something I would never want mate.

          There are more than enough famous people – stupid or otherwise πŸ™‚

    2. Oh, have you seen the love in between a few of the women on there.

      Makes me wanna puke.

      A couple of them are right vicious bitches underneath the false front.

      1. I can tell you for a fact that 1 is a Botox junkie with a toddler, a relation with the same surname as a certain now thankfully retired foul mouthed chav, who rates him as a hero, (although they could be totally unrelated).

        Her relation is a big supporter of the Free Marine A Campaign – which is the opposite of her views obviously, because the puke inducing dripping all over the bloke is enough to make even a deluded fan of his stay away.

        But then he too is a multiple account merchant, another common theme with these liars, abusers, fake compo seekers and general snakes and there is many of them and they all link together, Hmmm obvious much?

        Just what are these women with kids getting out of it I wonder? πŸ˜‰

  15. I mean, this has been a whole month already that he’s been on and on about you.

    If he’s always been prone to such obsessive fixations on people, no wonder his wife filed for divorce all those years ago.

    I bet his dogs will even be leaving home soon!

    1. Sshhhh! I will be accused of attacking his family if you say that, as it’s a well known Spivey ‘Fact’ that everyone who comments here is in fact…. Me.

      I had the same crap last year from some other online idiots, so I had to publish the Outlaw’s Stats that showed hits and comments from all over the world.

      Paranoia is a cruel mistress Leena πŸ™

    2. Picture the scene Leena (but not before bedtime because you might have nightmares) an obese bald middle aged man, sitting on the floor starkers. Sitting either side of him are 2 dogs dressed in T-Shirts. Thankfully they didn’t have the full tackle on.

      You could be right about those dogs running for the hills soon. πŸ˜€

  16. Can I ask, where are these videos of him apparently mincing around in knickers? I keep hearing this but see no evidence’s all just hear say?

    Everyone always talks about evidence but never shows any?

    I used to read Chris a lot, not so much anymore. Sadly I dont think he does as much research as I originally thought. This has been confirmed by him touting the bollox being fed to him by Laverty.

    1. I will not post the links here, but I believe that the videos that have not been removed by him as yet are still on his own Youtube channel.

      There are a couple where he is miming along to Elton John and Leo Sayer songs and if you watch to the end you may get a better insight πŸ™‚

  17. Ive no sound on my laptop so I will have a look tomorrow when im at work.

    Ive had a thought recently, that maybe someone on his admin are a plant? Ive read people saying any negative comments dont get through on his blog but they allowed a comment on the rigby post about the church background not being photoshopped, it was in fact a building across the road. if they wont let negative comments through why did they let that through?( I saw that comment and it made me second guess his research!) and who let that through? That appear to be the definitive moment when some people stopped trusting him?

  18. Just to clarify, by allowing that comment to be posted they blew his whole theory out of the water, therefore bringing in to question his whole research… Strange, no?

  19. I also dont understand why he went from being a 1 man band to having this big admin team? I dont send him e-mails anymore because im sure its not him that reads them. Im not paranoid but I honestly think he’s been infiltrated, and he’s too pig headed to see it

    1. A word to the wise. The ‘Admin Team’ is not as big as you think, nor are they at all like the internet presence they try to project.

      One may even be a 62-year old female IT lecturer, but that may be just a rumour. πŸ˜‰

      Anyone could be whatever they want online, you can create a dozen or more profiles and run an admin team yourself or be what people think are a large group of trolls….. if that is what floats your boat.

      Twitter and Facebook for example, are absolutely riddled with people using false identities.

      The media use fake profiles online to steer public opinion, as do journalists and certain companies.

      It is almost certainly the case, that most political parties, as well as certain Government departments are very active on social media, forums and even control some blogs and edit the comments to suit.

      Some, however, are just simple-minded idiots who enjoy causing distress and chaos though, it’s working out who is who, and what is what – That poses the biggest problem for most casual internet users.

  20. I also think that you should let all comments through. That gives you the right to reply and no one can accuse you of only allowing one side of the story ( which you have been accused of) It also pissed me off when I see *OUTLAW EDIT* because I feel cheated of the truth. anyone in the AM needs to be as transparent as possible . I just wish people would do their own research, lazy bastards!

    1. I normally only edit comments when people’s personal details are posted, or are attacks on other commentators, or certain links which I do not want the Outlaw to link to.

      I do not wish to be seen as having any connection to websites who I believe are not genuine, or mean to cause harm to others or are deliberately muddying the waters.

      I have been accused of many things minime, none of which are true, but it will continue I am sure of that πŸ™‚

    2. Well some are seriously abusive Minime & some are not put through because of the nature of the comment being cause for trouble. But the OUTLAW EDIT I find useful, because you can tell whether the person is yet another abuser or if the comment maker is being protected from saying something that’s legally iffy. The abusers are good to highlight just how relentless these weirdos are. But if you let these things through, the board ends up looking like a dumping ground for chavs. And J does explain why he has edited the comment, so I think it’s pretty self explanatory.

  21. You only have to type my distinctive e-mail to know who I am, yes that really is me on my space lol by distinctive I mean my first name.

  22. I think the Inkster is suffering a mental illness known as ” Paranoid Delusion” ( Google it and you will see he displays the classic symptoms) The Lupine, the Canine And the Hangman must know as well.

    1. I don’t like knocking people, and I am not knocking him when I say this, but I have thought for a long time that the guy is paranoid and delusional. and for someone who is so verbally violently aggressive, he doesn’t half have a thin skin.













  24. Hello Jimmy,
    I am shocked and disgusted after watching Spiv pull down his trousers to show an elephant toy stuck on a pair of black knickers his wearing and then shaking ‘it’ near end of video.

    What’s worse he is singing along to an Elton John song who he claims is a nonce.

    He is sick.

    I received message on tumblr account to check Spiv the div’s YouTube channel where he is acting pervertedly and strange. I am going to have nightmares.

    Please let people click on to his YouTube site as I provide link below as he has hidden it on YouTube so people cannot find him via search engine.

    But why not take it down as he still allows people to view it?

    Do Essex police know about this?

    Children can see his sick videos.

    Also my friends Facebook was hacked into by David Icke meeting members as apparently I need to be outed as Mi5 agent to my friends and family, these people are sick.

    Jim be careful as I’m sure there trying to hack into your emails and send messages like they did to me.

    Please Jim and co download vids for evidence as I can’t on my phone as Spivvy might take it down.


    1. Hi Jimmy,

      I’m not sure its “David Icke meetings” the idiot who messaged me said “DI meetings” which I thought meant ‘Disinfo meetings’, do they actually have meetings like that?

      Is it anything to do with Icke?

      I wonder if this is part of them deciding who to gangstalk, threaten, harrass and troll too?

      As why bother to have meetings otherwise as you have meetings to plan and carry out the goals agreed upon by all those attending these bizarre meetings.

      Concerning really!

      I wonder if these nasty network of bullies are a big sophisticated network, were they are very organised and are been paid.

      But by whom and for what purpose?

      I hope now every one gets behind you Jimmy.

      Spivey is finished after everyone sees his sick perverted videos on YouTube!


    2. There is definitely something not right with spivey.

      He’s a weirdo if ever I saw one.

      I think he is a closet deviant of some sort who seems obsessed with sleazy sex paraphernalia.

      Why does he have these things in his home?

  25. Certainly gives a whole new meaning to the elephant man!

    What’s wrong with the bloke?

    And, more to the point, why do all these people want to make vids of themselves singing?

    1. Rani, that was 1 of many disturbing clips on his Youtube.
      Others including him in the buff from the waist down with a ‘strap on’ playing a pretend guitar.
      1 with him in a red and black striped t shirt in red pants, but with what looked like a shoe lace ties around his wotsit to make it look bigger.
      Him prancing about in some orange girls bikini bottoms, his daughters??
      And as you pointed out that seriously weird fluffy elephants head one thrusting it into webcam.
      All him sitting at a webcam making sure people saw exactly what the topic of his adoration was – the small thing in his pants.
      And people are allegedly falling over themselves to write letters to the Police and Social Services? Really? Anyone can write messages from multi fake profiles saying they’ve written these things. Maybe they should not be so quick to support someone who is looking dodgier by the day, they could end up with a visit from the Police themselves if they are.
      I hope the Police have seen those too & Social Services, because what you saw & all the rest of it, naked man dressing up his dogs and sitting in between them – seriously not normal stuff for a normal bloke, let alone a grandad πŸ™
      To Mildred:- Singing? Is that what you call it? I thought he’d trapped something in the door. Seriously strange stuff! πŸ˜‰

  26. My comment on Spivey’s site never made it through so I shall post here as well.

    Among many others I have been watching this current episode and I would like to add some comments.

    1: From what I have seen, this is not a ‘Spat’ as Chris Spivey has launched into a series of unwarrented and foul rants about Jimmy and his family, for no apparent reason than what he has been spoon fed by Darren Laverty and some others.

    2: Jimmy has not responded to this, other than present evidence in the form of a personal email from David Icke, which confirms what Jimmy said more than a year ago.

    Jimmy has been polite, dignified and has not reacted in any negative manner to what now appear to be many false allegations, personal insults and untruths written by Spivey and supplied by Laverty.

    3: Darren Laverty has recently been convicted after what appears to be a long campaign of stalking behavior and was arrested recently on two occasions for similar criminal acts against Jimmy and his family. All of this is publically available information. It was decided on the DI forums in 2012 that Laverty was a nasty, vindictive individual after his online attacks on the Stephen Messham Twitter account, which almost drove him to suicide.

    There are more, but all of the things I have outlined above have not been considered in the slightest and these unwarrented and disgusting attacks on Jimmy still continue as they have done for the last couple of years, this time though Laverty has found another gullible and clueless mug (Spivey) to do his dirty work.

    A typical cowards way for sure but I also personally believe that Laverty is a dangerous sociopath who should be avoided as he poses a real danger to anyone he targets.

    Some care home staff he got others to make false allegations about are good examples of this.

    Laverty’s long history as a liar and a bullying manipulator have been well outlined in ‘The Secret of Bryn Estyn’ by Richard Webster, some of which is online and shows that Laverty has been doing this for decades.

    Most people can see what is going on here, and Spivey should be ashamed of himself for his attacks on someone who is looking more and more likely to be one of the few genuinely credible voices I have heard online.

    I am not on my own in that belief either, despite what some DI forum members have said to the contrary.

    In fact, many people are unwilling to comment in support of Outlaw because they know that Spivey and Laverty may attack them in the same way.

    I agree with the comments above that Spivey is looking more and more like he is, willingly or not trying to silence genuine people who he really should be supporting regardless.

    If he was a genuine truth seeker that is. which is now looking more unlikely to be the case than ever.

    Supposedly ‘awake’ people should really be able to see whats going on here and if they cant then they are a part of the problem.

    Spivey is tainted now and the more he rants about Outlaw and others with no proof to back up his nonsense, the more suspect he becomes and should not be trusted or taken seriously.

    I dont suppose you will publish this Jimmy, like Spivey didn’t but that is your right.

    You have my support absolutely but I will not use my forum name for obvious reasons.

    You now have my email now obviously if you need it.

    Stay with it JJ as you may not think it but you are bravely standing up against some very dark forces here and more people should recognise this and support you publically.

    Stay Safe Jimmy.

    1. Great post, says it all really. I’m sure the online stuff Jimmy has had to put up with recently is only a fraction of the attacks that have been coming but many have watched Jimmy sit back and let readers decide. When divided there are plenty who are happy. Fiona Woolf stepped down today and a united AM should be powerful enough to make sure she is replaced by someone who is going to chair fairly.

      1. I think it’s delay tactics Neiltat, buying Cameron time until he gets booted out and gets to pass the buck to the next inhabitant of No.10 – exactly the same as they played it in the Waterhouse run up.
        I find it hard to believe that choosing 2 people with such obvious links to people accused was a mistake or that they didn’t think people would find these things out within minutes. Having said that, sometimes they really are that thick.
        I think having been caught out red handed for manipulating the facts, there should be some consequences to these people who have lied on purpose in such underhand ways. But there won’t be.
        I know it’s not a criminal inquiry as such, but if these high ranking people are going to such extremes to lie about things, then how can anyone have any faith in them or their Inquiry?
        I do think it was right that she went, because this after all is supposed to be about survivors & if the head of the Inquiry is not impartial, it’s a complete pointless exercise. Not that anyone believes that anyone in the top set who is guilty will ever be punished for it.
        I imagine this is hugely embarrassing for Cameron and rightly so. What we really could do with is a mechanism to get rid of Politicians quickly & not have to suffer the mess they make & leave behind for us mere mortals to pay the price for, because as we all know, they never do.

  27. Forgot to say outlaw, I saw Spivey attack you and your wife in his blog.

    I thought it was repulsive and disgusting behaviour.

    1. Repellent and also completely untrue.

      Targeting innocent people in that way shows not only a degree of desperation, but a complete disregard for the welfare of others.

      An abhorrent action by a nasty-minded and irreparably damaged mind.

      1. Let’s see if the great Spiv gets off the Outlaw bashing and takes up the case of Melanie Shaw.(Don’t hold your breath).

        1. I am sure he will rant for some weeks yet, as he appears to have a remarkable gift for writing outlandish fiction.

          I think that Brian Gerrish, the UK Column and the Twitterari have the Melanie Shaw thing pretty much sewn up OG.

          My only question is, how would a woman of her age get such a horrendous leg ulcer?

          1. I have seen that done by people who want to spend more time in hospital – get out of the main prison, sort of thing.

            Ulcers can also be a result of intravenous drug use apparently.

        2. Haven’t looked into the Melanie Shaw thing much OG, but the little I do know is that all the wrong un’s seem to be involved in it, so that put’s me off, because generally everything these same old snakes are slithering around, turns out to be not quite as it seems.

  28. Neil, the idea of an impartial judge will be a paradox of terms, even Fiona Woolf said as much and made the comment along the lines of “who do they want, a hermit?”.

    Then there are people like McFadyen who want to win the claim to fame so it would appear, which I find odd seeing as though he has seen justice served in his case so why not make way for those who have not had this privilege yet?

    I’m sure other survivors do not want to be bombarded by the stories of people like McFadyen, I’m sure this will feel like gloating on his part with the media hype and touting himself as the voice for others – who said he could hold that position?

    I am sure there are many, many victims who would much prefer that their own voices be heard.

    As for the other players in all of this – well let’s see.

    I listened to a short interview given by Mike Tyson today who has admitted to being abused by someone when he was 7 years old, Mike said that people have egos to protect themselves from their demons if you like.

    I wonder what demons these people have?

    1. Well said. People really ought to be seeing the wood for the trees by now.

      The same tried and tested Z listers, but with the added annoyance of being found out that much easier with the advent of the www and people being able to work out their moves.

      Saunders like McFadyen seems to change his story like the weather.

      These people are the last people who should be being pimped as the front line defenders of Survivors and it doesn’t actually take that much to work out or even see if people stop taking them at face value start checking out their previous stories and involvement in this long shameful story.

      All the while they are chucking out Woolfs, they are also maneuvering the players into place.

      Puddick too, all in this together, stitching people up and on the make for themselves.

        1. Thanks Bandini. ‘Moor Larkin’ does offer an often challenging alternative to the usual Savile/MWT nonsense found all over the www and in the MSM.

          And, like you have already pointed out, it’s usually well-researched, provides a persuasive argument and contains compelling information seldom seen elsewhere.

          A healthy alternative to both the mainstream as well as the over-saturated ‘Alternative’ media, which cannot be a bad thing surely?

    2. So what’s the opinion on Mansfield taking the role ? I’ve heard a few pushing for him but my thoughts on that are that if he is THE MAN as many think he wont be allowed anywhere near the inquiry.

      The whole thing appears to be setup to fail.

      Those who have life experiences which are related to the content have no confidence in services, systems or justice.

      I’ve self medicated my whole life so as not to explode and the wave of change which I felt is now returning to the same old book I’ve read before so the ending seems obvious……..


      1. I tend to agree Neil, from what I have observed, there are certainly some very suspicious names and faces involved, and even some of the ‘survivors’ that have been paraded in the media, have some very dubious links.

        Mansfield at the end of the day is a QC, and that position has certain responsibilities to protect the establishment to a degree, as I understand it.

        Set up to fail?


        Dragged out to the point where people will become frustrated or lose interest?

        Without a doubt.

        Many of the alleged perpetrators will be either dead or too elderly and/or infirm to face real justice by the time an inquiry of that size will be concluded in my opinion….

        Maybe that is the intention, but it does follow the same template as Waterhouse, in that it will not commence until after a General Election, as it’s an obvious embarrassment for the political/establishment figures that are alleged to be involved.

        Seen it before.

        And I genuinely believe it will be the same this time… Unfortunately.

        An inquiry with the sole intention of nailing things down tighter than ever, and virtually no chance of the allegations ever being allowed to be looked at again.

        A whitewash, to legally reinforce the previous cover-ups and never allow the truth and scale of the true nature of the abuse to ever emerge fully.

  29. May I be the first to congratulate you on breaking through to over 500,000 views.

    If I didn’t have such a miserable cold/flu/(ebola ?), and can’t savour the taste of most things, I’d get p*ssed tonight in celebration!.

    1. Not bad for a one man band blogger who does not rely on links to other sites to buff up hit hits by many thousands is it OG?

      Congratulations due indeed Mr J.
      Maybe not a full on knees up, but maybe a hot toddy or 2 to celebrate?

      Not sure how effective it is against Ebola, but lots of people swear by it for colds and flu.

      1. Large doses of Vitamin C are good for Ebola apparently πŸ™‚

        And help to shift Colds and Flu too as it goes, as does Zinc….

      2. Aye, Thank you both.

        Pretty satisfactory numbers considering the uncomfortable subject matter at times, being made public enemy number one to the Alternative Media, and the accusations from some of the Outlaw being ‘dead’ and ‘finished’ etc etc.

        I still have the steady and regular readership I have had for the past eighteen months or so, with even a slight increase.

        So all things considered, I am happy with that πŸ™‚

  30. Afternoon Jimmy,

    Can you please, for your next article, write about Fiona Woolf’s resignation and whose all these nongovernment bodies are that have involved themselves in trying to “help” survivors.

    I keep seeing them on blogosphere saying they will fight for child abuse victims but they don’t seem genuine from what I can see.

    I hope this inquiry isn’t another whitewash!


    1. Hi Rani, the news about Woolf stepping down by now, and her connections to the establishment should be common knowledge to most people now, being all over the MSM and all, so there is little I can add.

      As for the ‘Nongovernmental Bodies’ being heavily promoted, both on and offline, I would think that it’s pretty much a given that NAPAC and the NSPCC for example, have not got historical abuse victims at the top of their lists of priorities.

      Even many of the ‘High Profile’ survivors and the circles they move in, are not overly keen to help survivors that are outside their own circles.

      I know that there are decent and genuine survivor ‘groups’, set up by survivors themselves which are virtually unknown to most people.

      Many of them are disillusioned with being let down time and again, and are looking to the only people that they know they can 100% trust….

      Each Other.

      This latest Inquiry is following the same pattern as the others, inasmuch as it will be dragged out until after the next election as the current incumbents simply do not want to deal with it.

      Waterhouse was a good example.

      1. That is exactly it in a nutshell! And the people who stand to make the most out of it financially will NOT be survivors, nor will they from the Inquiry itself. It was forced upon them & none of them want to end up with the hassle of it when the music stops & the pass the paedo parcel lands in their lap.

        Cameron must have had his head wrapped in a damp towel for the last couple of days. They’ve made things even worse for themselves by lying & causing even more suspicion & doubt. Theresa May has her head down trying to write a speech that somehow negates the blame for the shambles this has been thus far apparently. I don’t think that is going to dampen down the Twitter inferno somehow.

        More delays & how many months before the election. Daves flogging that clapped out horse as far as it will carry him, hoping it doesn’t turn tail & bite him on the bum before the General Election finishing line. De ja vu anyone?

        Powerfully emotive times, expect much more heat to come. Oh what a mess!

        Mr Puddleducks had another whooping! I think he likes me really, at least I haven’t had a death threat from 1 of his goon squad yet, so am feeling a little bit special. Ahhh he loves me, he loves me not πŸ˜‰

      2. Thanks Jimmy, I just wanted you to do summary or something as I know shills will be flocking to do their masters bidding and stir the pot.

        Yes victims should only trust each other and fight justice together. Hope they get justice!


  31. Also, I forgot to mention that I clicked on the link provided by Rani, and was able to watch Spiv’s classic rendition of “Rocket Man”, complete with cardboard imitation Elton John glasses, and pretend piano playing.

    I can truly, honestly say that this was one of my rare WTF moments for something on the net.

    Simply couldn’t believe it!.

    But I had to believe it because there it was, all 5 excruciating minutes of it.

    Right in front of me.

    On my screen.

    I downloaded it for posterity – or to play whenever I need reminding just what can be out there.

    I really can’t help but wonder WTF possessed him to make and post such a thing.

    Who was the intended target audience?

    Oh well…

    1. Hahahahahaha Just the tip of a very precarious iceberg that 1 clip OG. Quite an eye opener that’s for sure ::D

  32. OG, click on his main page and watch some of the other gruesome vids like ‘Fuck war… I feel like making love’ where he is half naked at end of the video and is wearing a strap on orange dildo and playing a guitar as you do.

    Or not. LoL

    Someone’s also been watching Jimmy’s comments as he has now changed his channel name but I still found his page.

    This Spiv’s new YouTube page-


  33. …meanwhile, here I am, drunk, drug addled and suicidal and none of you ‘campaigners for justice’ even have ONE link to anywhere that offers solace, practical help or counselling for survivors of child sexual abuse.
    You bloggers can slag each other off all you like, but you ALL have one thing in common… you are not helping people that were abused as kids.

    1. Who said I was campaigner for justice Guy?

      I certainly have not…. and it would be irresponsible of me to link to any agency I do not trust, have no confidence in, nor experience of wouldn’t it?

      Don’t you think that it saddens me to say that?

      I truly wish there was an easy answer and if there was something I could do that would change the way things are for many survivors….

      I would do so without a moments hesitation.

      In the meantine, I do what I can (mainly offline).

      However, If I also have to constantly defend myself from the liars, those who make false allegations and who attack me in underhanded and cowardly ways you would not believe…. It is my right to do so.

      That is also a form of abuse Guy, and one which is happening right now, and to many abuse survivors that I talk to on a weekly basis.

      I make no excuses for them having to defend themselves or why I have to continually defend myself.

      Plus, you cannot fail to have noticed that there appears to be an organised campaign online to discredit and attack genuine survivors.

      And I agree Guy, it is difficult getting help and counselling for many things, physical and sexual abuse included.

      1. It would be wrong to put up links to various organisations if you have absolutely no faith in them.

        As you have said, you have encountered small local groups of survivors, no glitz, razzmatazz or donate buttons, just groups of survivors helping each other, quietly away from the melee, which sound like the best places to me too.

        If you can find these places, others must be able to seek out similar in their area too?

        And as a Survivor himself, if J can’t recommend any organisation or charity set up specifically to help survivors, that should speak volumes I think.

        If I came across anyone who needed help, I wouldn’t be able to recommend any of the main organisations for survivors either. It’s not a comfortable feeling.

        It’s not a case of slagging anyone off Guy, it’s a case of this being the actual reality of being a survivor and the kinds of people that pop up to try to discredit, destroy and drive you off the www.

        Something I’m pretty sure J and every other survivor who has encountered the same could well do without I should think.

        And unless they have qualified medical experts, even the main survivor organsisations cannot help you with the drink and drugs issues you may have, that is something only YOU can do, with the help of people specially trained in drugs and alcohol withdrawal.

  34. “The ban on legal guns at the state fair was the result of a lawsuit, presided over by Judge Donald Stephens, who admitted that allowing concealed carry at the fair β€œmay chill crime” but still made the decision to ban guns anyway to fit his agenda because the ruling definitely didn’t fit the law”



    I Believe My Brother Has Been Targeted, Identified and Located.

    Sales Pitch to Build A mosque


    Former Bank Teller Sentenced to More Than 49 Years in Prison for Inside Job Bank Robberies




  35. from the comments on the page:-

    “The cops are getting out of hand. Barrie Trower a microwave weapons expert on [Link] says it’s due to Tetra and the other wireless radiation devices they are using. The frequencies they are being blasted with can cause extreme aggression. Watch what the experts are saying.”


    and the link leads here:-



    “Larry P lists 30 stories that prove East-West relations are just fine, and the “G” in G-20 might stand for “Globalist” or Freemasonry. They all stand for Judeo-Masonic central banker control.”

    See more at:






  36. LoL not at all OG,

    At least now the cats out of the bag and we know now some uncomfortable truths about a certain self-styled AM hero who behaves like a freak, even if it is in his own home.

    Its funny he keeps posting about Woolwich recently again, more info *cough* disinfo he still spouting.

    Is it to convince people who are leaving in droves this “hoax” happened as truth about him is coming out?



  37. I knew that there was something really wrong with that Spivey guy. This confirms he is a liar as well as a ‘Conspiraloon’

  38. HA HA, it’s little wonder that Spivey has spent the last six months bitching & obsessively writing about you and this site Jimmy.

    He fucking detests being proven to be the liar he always was.

    Keep it up mate, hopefully Spiv may explode soon lol

  39. he does seem to have an obsession with you Jimmy, that’s not healthy. he certainly needs to be locked up and for longer than a year!

  40. Has anyone else noticed that as well as the obvious fakers and liars like Gerrish and La Liar, Cwis Spivey also has links to the creepy Maggie Tuttle on his blog.

    Mags has links to a convicted peodophile Brain Paed, and a rap sheet as long as your arm so why would Spivey support these people ?

    Does he actually do any fucking research?

    Don’t answer that << Silly question


    1. So Maggie Tuttle has connections to a known pedo, and Bill Maloney, Mumsy Macnamara, Brian Gerrish and is being promoted by Spivey on his site. Fuck me his often bragged about investigative skills are truly shit if he did not spot that one. He needs to get off Google and talk to real people he is a sick f*%*#+ng joke now and his site does not even have the comedy value it used to have. The moderators over there are running it into the gutter. It’s a shame as he did put out some sterling work at one time though it was written by someone else a lot of it was bang on

  41. What a twat that man is and by the looks they will never change. I have shared this article on a few forums and AM websites around the net to get the word out

  42. For years all your abusers have been referring to your wife.

    It is quite clear from mainstream media and alternative media that you have a nemesis in *NAME REDACTED*.

    If that is the case then why on the following link does it show *NAME REDACTED* as living at the same address as your nemesis.


    1. You are completely obsessed and possibly dangerously insane Mr Manalien/Hobby.

      You must know that surely?

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