“The state of falsely claiming to possess virtuous characteristics that one lacks. Hypocrisy involves the deception of others and is thus a kind of lie. Hypocrisy is not simply failing to practice those virtues that one preaches.” 

There is a lot of truth to the old adage, ‘A picture paints a thousand words,’ and as I only have words to use, the picture below beautifully illustrates the image of what I perceive 99% of online CSA ‘Campaigners’ to look like.

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


Not in my experience however, as regular readers of the Outlaw will be only too aware of what I, and others, have been subjected to for merely mentioning the subject of CSA.

The remaining 1% of those who are generally seen as being CSA ‘advocates’ and campaigners, you may probably have never even heard of.

They are rarely seen online, and even then they are scarcely noticeable.

As they are genuine.

They would never, ever attack other survivors, they certainly do not spent every waking hour online, trawling through personal information in order to undermine and discredit people, and I would imagine they would not try and silence others who have every right to be heard.

They do not make ludicrous and obviously false allegations, or tell lie upon lie to give them credibility.

And they do not continually stir the pot and deliberately feed false information to people.

They quietly and diligently continue in the background, supporting and fighting on behalf of all genuine survivors.

I have never once claimed to be an expert on the causes and effects of Childhood Sexual & Physical Abuse, I write only from experience of my own time in care, and from first-hand witness disclosure that has been granted to me by others.

That apparently, is enough to get you targeted, relentlessly trolled and pursued along every avenue of ones online existence.

By the 99%.

9 thoughts on “99% OF CAMPAIGNERS

  1. What you have written here certainly chimes with my experience.

    “They” certainly don’t like answering simple questions, but try to drag you into proving a negative (an impossible waste of time).

    “They” certainly don’t like to rectify their “mistakes” when they have been exposed as ludicrous nonsense.

    And “they” are never so happy as when they are suggesting that there are trolls about… The irony is immense. However, I expect to see a few fall by the wayside as things develop (and new avatars arise, of course!).

    What you say about the 1%: I hope that they stay well clear of some of the vipers’ nests out there. I have no experience of abuse, but can’t imagine anything worse than seeking a place to unburden myself & only finding a collection of some of the strangest, coldest, cruelest beings that walk the face of the planet. A horrific mix of the criminally stupid, hopelessly gullible & downright nasty twisters of the truth in a perverse attempt at perverting the course of justice. A pox on their houses.

    Keep on keeping on, JImmy.

  2. Why do they go to such great lengths & bust a gut to shout genuine people down or to make them leave Social Media, websites, forums etc – especially when they do not have the experience of being sexually abused themselves, though some claim to, but are only happy to shout about it via social media, websites & have not reported it to the Police?

    Could it be that some of them have much to hide themselves & that they could be the abusers they so rabidly pretend to despise? A cover up of sorts, to protect themselves & in some cases their masters? Time will tell.

    As you say, the majority of the genuine people lay low, never speaking out on the internet. The rare brave 1 that does soon learns that they are like sitting ducks to the 99%.

    I imagine the recent arrests have rattled a few beans & expect the one’s with much to hide to start shouting even louder. Worried much? Hope so!

  3. Sorry, forgot to add, some of the 99%ers who have previously been frantically spreading news of child abusers day & night, even cases not yet proven, have suddenly started to be concerned about other people spreading the latest news of arrest, particularly regarding 1 suspect arrested recently. I’m sure other people have noticed this too. I will leave the individual to ponder why that might possibly be. Don’t think it’s too difficult for most people to work out. Sticks out like a sore thumb.

  4. Another great blog entry Jim. Sounds like you are talking about the biggest hypocrite and liar of the year 2013. My god the lies that woman has told other people about you last year is incredible. If she is an example of a self righteous Christian following the words of her Jesus, then she has to be the hypocrite of the new millenium !

  5. Talking of that particular hideous hypocritical thing JJS – do you remember the crowing about ‘charitable’ jaunts to places to deliver computers – often places that had no electricity. Also to the Philippines I think.

    On another note, how dreadful was the news that many (including British men) are going on to webcam to pay to see child abuse. Philippines too I think.

  6. Hi Jim, Hi Jane, that hideous creature just cannot leave it alone, nor Laverty, still crowing on and on on Twitter about you not being charged, and now the hideous creature is encouraging more attacks on you over things Laverty has just published on his blog which is really tantamount to inciting violence against you, just how more evil and low can they bloody well get !

    1. Hi, oddly enough, both of those people have reported me to the police for causing them ‘Alarm and Distress’. Odd behaviour for two ‘victims’ who constantly bombard people with threats and abuse for more than a year. I think it’s coming to a point now where people can see at last who is the real aggressor. Unfortunately I cannot respond to them as it would just send them scurrying to the police again in search of a compensation payout. A sad way to live and it’s unfortunate that it affects other people. 🙁

  7. Morning Jimmy,

    PIE never disbanded. Their members are becoming more and more obvious. One’s avi even is a stock image of a dirty old sod. The fake victims touting books and screaming out their pain are there to trigger genuine victims. No abuse victim wants a groundhog day of their distress. We do our best to forget, not regurgitate the gory details like we were the only ever victim, day after day after day. Sadly it is a sham. A marketing tool. It’s for them and no one else. Did you know years back those books were called “vanity books”. I see why now.

    It’s hard to tell who is genuine or not. But that’s what they want. The machivillian machine is ingratiated with both media, politicians and stool pigeons doing their best to cover up the atrocities of our government and security services.

    They know the UK (and it’s allies) is truly fucked if they admit to any of it. And considering the Brits and the Yanks like to take the moral high ground with countries that deserve bombing, this aint gonna go down to well with anyone. They lose their position of authority. It would be mayhem. Back to the wild west. They’re doing their best not to be found out.

    1. The Wild West was a breeze compared to this lot Jen.

      At least the old school Gunfighters and Outlaws had the courage to face each other instead of hiding in the shadows, sniping and spitting their venom and running away when confronted.

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