2016 was officially the year of the ‘Snowflake’….

It was also the year of Brexit in the UK, the beginning of the end of the European Union, and the year in which Americans voted for the wildest wildcard in political history, Donald J Trump –  to be their next President.

It was also the year in which two new words were introduced into the English language – Remoaner’ and ‘Brexiteer’.

It was a year that saw the unprecedented rise of the ‘Alt-Right’ and the far right in world politics, (mainly down to the selective blindness, deafness and sheer ineptitude of the left), and the word ‘Racist’  was second only toSelfie’ in the amount of times it was used by the mass media and heard on the streets of both Britain and America.

It was also the year in which mainstream politics moved so close to the centre ground, that anyone who dared speak the truth about what was happening in their own countries, or asked questions of establishment policy …. became a ‘Nazi’.

It was the year in which ‘Safe Spaces’ and ‘Trigger Words’ replaced reasoned debate and grown-up discussion in Colleges and Universities around the world, and it was the year that North Korea claimed to have tested a thermonuclear weapon.

It was the year in which more than 1,000,000 three day emergency food parcels were distributed to people in acute crisis in the UK, and also the year in which 961,000 British households had assets worth more than £1M, excluding property and luxury goods.

It was the year we heard that global spending on aid and development increased by 7%, and spending on refugees had doubled, while the number of children in poverty in the UK jumped by 200,000.

It was also the year in which a report was published by a charity stating that the world’s 62 richest people were as wealthy as the rest of the worlds population.

It was the year that brought us #pizzagate and #twittergate, and the #Twitterstorm, and proved beyond all doubt that the mainstream mass media (and a large proportion of the so-called ‘Alternative Media’) could not be trusted …. and that exit polls were in fact …. Shit.

It was the year in which Israel revealed that it now makes 55% of it’s own freshwater, meaning that one of the driest countries on Earth now has more water than it needs, while a water crisis threatens 35,000 Palestinians, of which, half are children.

It was also the year in which 50 Celebrities’ and/or public figures passed away, and are publicaly mourned worldwide, while 55.3 Million other folk slipped away quietly, almost unnoticed, (as they do every year).

I could go on but you get the picture by now I am sure ….

So have a really great, happy and productive New Year and try not to forget to prepare for a 2017 where anything could happen –  and where absolutely nothing should be ruled out.

The Outlaw will leave 2016 behind, with a reminder of the words of Confucius when he attempted to give his opinions and teachings, greater gravity and wider acceptance:

“I do not create; I merely pass on the collected wisdom of those who have gone before.”

16 thoughts on “2016 AND ALL THAT

  1. Have a fun evening Outlaw with your family and friends. Here’s to 2017 – whatever it may bring….. because (although I would love to) we can’t dwell in the past, we must look to the future for our children and our children’s children.

    So onwards and upwards and In the words of the ancient Chinese curse, We do indeed live in interesting times 🙂 Happy New Year


    Chris Kitze sent another message. Chris is one of the front runners in the information wars, and runs both Unseen.is and Beforeitsnews. If he speaks on this topic it is PRIME INFO, HERE IT IS:

    Chris sent:

    Jim, Chris Kitze from Unseen and BIN here. Personal communications are starting to be cut and this is obviously in conjunction with the cyber attacks on Drudge and other sites. Several people have reported that they can’t get through to my cell phone for the past couple of days. One person connected with me on a voice call using Unseen.is, which works fine and my phone was sitting on the desk in front of me (two bars, so decent signal). He called me with his speakerphone on so I could hear everything he heard as he dialed my phone. It played a message that “this caller is not available”. This was Verizon and I have had a second contact have the same difficulty reaching my phone. Everyone needs to have back up communications and multiple accounts and formats. Get extra free accounts with different email and chat/calling services and share the info with others so you can communicate. Many of these accounts are free (like those at Unseen.is). Everyone should double check their bugout bags and be ready to go.

    We are now at the most dangerous time, as the bad people try to disrupt the inauguration and do the military coup. The only question now is how much control Obama can exercise over the military command structure. I was told that this time it won’t be like Benghazi, where the 2nd in command who were CIA plants “kept things in line” and stopped things in their tracks. The good guys know who these people are and what they are up to and they will be taken out along with their families, if necessary, that’s how serious it is.

    Things could go hot very soon.”

    My response: A very well established political lawyer in Mexico has stated directly to this Mexican family that the crap is going to hit the fan BADLY in early January and he has insider contacts in the Mexican government that told him. It is all part of a huge plan. He did not know what it was exactly, but he said BUY GAS, FOOD, AND ALL SUPPLIES YOU POSSIBLY CAN. He kept repeating it, and he said only that it was “Because you won’t be able to get it anymore”. Spooky. Don’t know what to say about the food part of his warning, other than “spooky”. I have enough food to go for a couple months. What more can I do on short notice?

    He made it perfectly clear that the situation was 100 percent rooted in corruption, and that it did not need to happen but they were going to do it for reasons he did not know. He said it is related to the gas games they have been playing which are only games and nothing more.

      1. That would depend on how much faith we place in the Alternative Media, who are of late – on a par with the mass media when it comes to spreading fear porn.

  3. Absolutely Stunning – Leaked Audio of Secretary Kerry Reveals President Obama Intentionally Allowed Rise of ISIS…



    America’s Secret Planned Conquest of Russia:-


  4. I haven’t been online much over the holidays so I wish you a really productive 2017 Jimmy

  5. Onwards and upward Mister Jones. May the Outlaw go from strength to strength in 2017

  6. The Law of Non-contradiction vs. The Dialectical System – Ravi Zacharias:-


    Migrants Angry with Sweden Expected ‘Own House’, Girlfriend:-


    Michael Moore PERFECTLY explains (BEFORE the election) why Donald Trump will WIN:-

    The New Global Engagement Center requires your subservience- Please verify posts:-


  7. “New report estimates almost $100 billion annual profits in sex trafficking alone.”-




    “From a 2011 Wikileaks Stratfor email we find a Washington Post article outlining how DynCorp is associated with the CIA ‘extraordinary rendition’ program.”



  8. 2017 may turn out to be even better than 2016 Jimmy. I am sure you are aware of this already but just in case some people are not.


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