AFTER 1918

Without question, the 20 – 100 million deaths during the 1918-1919 “Spanish Flu” pandemic, represent the greatest medically – induced, and preventable catastrophe in human history.

Attributing those deaths to a virulent, new ‘unknown’ virus has long been debunked by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which clearly state that ‘common upper respiratory bacteria’ were responsible.

Not so well documented however, is that Bayer’s flagship product Aspirin, which was heavily marketed and medically recommended during the epidemic, suppressed the immune system and led to massive infection rates among flu victims, usually resulting in pneumonia and death.

The central role that common Aspirin played in the deaths from the strain of the 1918 influenza, contrasts sharply with the survival of those who avoided it, simply by using natural treatments.

So, was it simple Aspirin, not a highly publicised virus which was responsible for the Spanish Flu pandemic?

Never before in history, had a single peacetime event come anywhere near approaching the body count of Spanish Flu, far outstripping the number of deaths from Chernobyl, Bhopal, or even the projected deaths from Fukushima combined.

The number of deaths is comparable only to the final totals from the slaughter of WWII, to which incidentally, Bayer also contributed.

While the 1918 pandemic exposed the toxicity of Bayer’s flagship drug Aspirin, it also reveals something darker, namely the abject failure of the pharmaceutical industry to treat disease.

With this in mind, should new questions about 1918 now be asked?

Not only obvious medical ones, but also about the vast profits that surely must have made some people very rich.

Bayer was in 1918, the leading German pharmaceutical company.

Allied soldiers who had already won a war against the Germans and returned safely, had began dying in even greater numbers.

After the soldiers were demobbed, the population in their home countries also began to die en massé, alongside the returning troops.

Would it be reasonable to suggest, that the Germans, through Bayer and its heavily advertised product, literally continued killing their enemies, but without bullets and bombs this time?

Even twenty years after Bayer had contributed to the largest number of deaths by disease (20 to 50 million) in human history, they then financially backed Hitler, helping to run the basic operations that steered the world into a second conflict, which killed millions more.

How many of the 20 to 50 million deaths in 1918 directly stem from Bayer Aspirin, and Bayer’s heavy advertising of that product?

Did Bayer also influence the official recommendations for Aspirin therapy, which came from the Surgeon General, the Navy and the American Medical Association?

Did Bayer know from the start its Aspirin was toxic and then conspire to bury that information?

If that was the case, were warnings or dosages, deliberately not displayed in order to sell more?

Did Bayer make any efforts, through its advertising or influence with government, the military or through financial arrangements or in another way, to promote or even ensure the use of aspirin, (in military settings, for instance) or to generate greater fear of the Spanish Flu, simply to sell more of its lethal product?

Has Bayer done anything since 1918 to cover up its role in what happened, choosing instead to promote the myth of a deadly new virulent virus as the culprit?

Was Bayer also involved in putting President Bush into office, and/or in writing the “Pandemic Martial Laws” which remove all human and constitutional rights, which US States adopted, solely based on the virus myth, or in paying for lobbying for them?

Was Bayer involved in designing and/or writing the Food Safety Modernization Act, which can be used to destroy supplement companies and practitioners, or in the future EU banning of all herbal remedies, or in the Australian plan to ban thousands of plants, or in the removal of supplements from shelves in Canada?

How many people have died from taking Aspirin since 1918, and how much money has Bayer made from Aspirin since that time?

It is looking more and more likely, that influenza was not the prime cause of the deaths that occurred during the 1918 pandemic.

While the medical evidence points to Aspirin overdose as the most reasonable explanation for the terrifying and rapid deaths, Aspirin use appears equally responsible for the massive bacterial infections that led to the lethal pneumonias.

As millions of people died in pain and extreme discomfort worldwide, how much profit did Bayer really make during the 1918 – 1920 pandemic?

5 thoughts on “AFTER 1918

  1. Intriguing, especially in light of current advice to watch other anti-inflammatory drugs for toxic reactions. Aspirin was advised to be the healthier alternative. hmmm.

  2. Bloody hell am I glad that I read that because I have been taking asprin since having an heart attack whilst being in very close a Tetra mast .

  3. I don’t think overdose had anything to do with it. It’s more likely that bringing down fever had much to do with the spread. Fever is a natural reaction of the body’s immune system mobilizing to kill the virus. Bringing down fever allows the virus to proliferate without opposition because the rest of the immune system is also crippled; fever is only the visible sign and symptom of the immune response.
    It’s also likely malnutrition had much to do with the spread and deadly results.

  4. I’ve looked at further reading on this. Looks like Spanish ‘Flu WAS deadly but when aspirin became widely available it exacerbated the problem and the death toll rocketed. This due to the extremely high dose of aspirin being recommended. The problem doesn’t appear to have been CAUSED by it but when treated with it, it doubled the death rate. In those days, and these days as well, it could’ve been put down to “complications”

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