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I have been watching with interest, the online insanity surrounding the one-time East17 vocalist Brian Harvey, but have, until now, not allowed myself to be dragged into any of it.

This will be my only contribution, and it comes by way of offering some timely advice.

My advice to Brian Harvey, would be to ignore all of the self-titled ‘Targeted Individuals’, and those who have attached themselves to him in order to boost their own Youtube Channels & social media presence – and also to ignore the detractors and those who he describes as ‘trolls’ – and to concentrate on the bigger picture.

I would then ask him to take some time out (37:02 minutes in real time), and watch the following videos, which will I believe, furnish him with everything he would need to answer most of the questions he has been asking, especially in regard to how he ended up in his current situation.

They explain, in simple terms, not only why, but how it was done, and most importantly, by whom.

Putting all personal feelings aside, as I don’t really care whether Brian Harvey likes me, or trusts my judgement, as it’s unimportant in the greater scheme of things.

What is important, however, is that the truth is not allowed to be bypassed by the endless back and forth between various parties and online groups, and to cut through the white noise that has effectively drowned out any attempt at reasoned discussion, and forge a positive way forward.

These videos were put together by someone who’s work I am aware of via his blog and his Youtube channel, but that is as far as any association between us goes.

It is my belief that Brian Harvey was not only set up, (as the videos clearly show), but he was also both professionally and socially crucified by people within the British political establishment, working towards a pre-determined agenda, assisted by his manager and willingly abetted by the mainstream media.

It’s now up to the reader/viewer to decide for themselves where the truth lies.

In the United States, this would be known as “gettin’ a real good asswhipping”, and here in the UK, it could be described as “getting a good spanking” or even “getting your arse handed to you on a plate” …. but regardless of what country you happen to reside in, or what definition you would choose to describe what happens in the following video, it makes very interesting, (if indeed uncomfortable for some) viewing.

The latest crazy person ‘researcher’ to emerge, and who has now apparently, taken up the baton of trying to promote the totally debunked Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse claims, is the Ohio-based cultist oddball evangelist Thomas Dunn, the owner/creator/producer/promoter of the Through The Black Youtube Channel.

In some respects, you have to feel a bit sorry for Thomas, inasmuch as despite getting soundly out-witted and clearly out-gunned, on every single front by Hellbound Heathen, Thomas also has a shedload of Hampstead related merchandise to flog, and that sure aint going to be an easy task after today.

So without further commentary from me, please pull up a comfortable chair, pour yourself a drink and enjoy the show ….


According to the BBC, the violent crime (specifically murder) rate in London has now allegedly  overtaken that of New York.

‘A spike in violent crime in London saw more murders committed in the city in February and March than there were in New York, figures show.

So far in 2018, the Met Police has investigated 46 murders, compared with 50 in the US city.

But, while New York’s murder rate decreased from the end of January, London’s rose markedly from that point.

Ex-Met Police Ch Supt Leroy Logan says it is proof that “London’s violent traits have become a virus”.

Statistics from the New York Police Department (NYPD) and the Metropolitan Police, reported in the Sunday Times and obtained by the BBC, highlight narrowing murder rates between the two cities, which have similar population sizes.’

A number of reasons have been given for this by the mass media, and in the Guardian, one of those reasons, according to Britain’s most senior police officer Cressida Dick, is that social media is the reason why knife crime, particularly among children is soaring.

‘Britain’s most senior police officer has blamed social media for the soaring rate of knife crime in the UK, particularly among children.

After 13 Londoners were killed in two weeks this month, Met police commissioner Cressida Dick said websites and mobile phone applications such as YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram were partially to blame for the bloodshed.

Speaking to the Times, Dick said trivial disputes could escalate into violence “within minutes” when rivals set out to goad each other on the internet.

“There’s definitely something about the impact of social media in terms of people being able to go from slightly angry with each other to ‘fight’ very quickly,” she said. She said that insults or threats online “makes [violence] faster, it makes it harder for people to cool down. I’m sure it does rev people up”.’

The Met chief also appeared to want to drive home the point, that the way in which young people in Britain, many with no previous criminal history, who then go out and stab somebody, can be compared to the way that some ‘Islamic extremists’ can become ‘radicalised’.

Which, and you may agree, is a strange and rather disturbing comparison to make, and one which effectively highlights how out of touch the establishment really are.

In one respect, the media and the police are partly correct when they claim that Social media plays a role in this epidemic, but are totally wrong to associate it with ‘radicalisation’ and is a precursor to any future acts of Islamic terrorism.

The establishment are desperate to clamp down on ordinary people who use social media as a means of communication and to access alternatives to the establishment narrative …. the recent closing down of accounts that are perceived as belonging to ‘right-wing extremists have shown this to be the case – and further restrictions are undoubtedly being planned.

By targeting social media in this way, the establishment are reinforcing their worldview that any methods being implemented to connect people all around the world, in a free and unregulated manner, is dangerous, and therefore must be controlled.

However, putting that aspect aside, is there another explanation, is there a much simpler reason why we are seeing such an increase in this type of crime?

What if many of these acts of completely random violence are seen as a type of ‘game’ albeit a very dark, sick and destructive one, and a game in which ‘points’ or ‘scores’ are collected, depending on the degree of seriousness of the acts of anti-social behaviour that are carried out?

Criminal acts such as Theft, Burglary, Street Robbery and Stabbing as many people as possible are all graded and points are awarded to the perpetrators, and then shared amongst themselves and on social media to enhance their standing among their peers.

The following YouTube video, uploaded by Chris Preddie OBE looks at this practice, and in the absence of any other credible explanation, I think it makes the most sense.

Well as much sense as can be made of any of these completely pointless acts of wanton and random violence, and mindless anti-social behaviour that is.

A newly uploaded video by Brian Harvey, which very cleverly, and clearly illustrates the way in which vulnerable people can be, and often are ‘Coached’ to make allegations of sexual abuse and even murder by some very unscrupulous, immoral and utterly despicable characters.

Characters who have, over the last decade or so, exhibited what is now widely believed to be a clear agenda to not only try to discredit genuine witnesses and survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse by any means, but also to protect the more prominent abusers by muddying the waters and laying false trails which lead absolutely nowhere.

Enjoy the video and please subscribe to Brian’s YouTube Channel ….

EDIT: The video has now been removed from Youtube

The following podcast, is one of a number which have now been put together in regard to my long-held interest and research into the Rhesus Negative Bloodtype.

This the first was recorded in May this year, with Mike Straus, the host of the Reality Roundhouse based in the USA, which is distributed on all major outlets including iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, Tune-in Radio and Youtube.

‘The Reality Roundhouse Podcast (#RRP) is hosted by Mike Straus @AKAstraus21 It’s a chat style podcast that ranges in topics from: MMA, Sports, Pop Culture, Paranormal, UFO’S, Conspiracies, Current Events, and much more. The RRP features everyone’s favorite rant, “Straus Knows Best” (#SKB) where @AKAstraus21 goes off on whatever is on his mind.’



If 2016 was the ‘Year of the Snowflake’, then going on what has already been witnessed, 2017 may well turn out to be the ‘Year of the ‘Chilling Effect’.

The established order, and their partners-in-crime the mass media have, since the advent of the internet, been steadily losing the stranglehold they previously enjoyed over what people were allowed to read, see on the television and ultimately believe what was really going on in the world.

And that situation, as you can imagine, cannot, and will not be allowed to continue for much longer.

Putting aside the various elected governments, who are nothing more than the public face of the established order and their various agencies, the mass media are without doubt, the single most powerful agents of change there are, and have been hemorrhaging both their revenue and their audience to any number of the alternative online news outlets and social media feeds that are out there.

The mass media and the establishment are virtually indistinguishable in their objectives to control what people see, what they eat, what they wear, what is healthy, what is harmful and everything else in between – and only a fool would think otherwise as the evidence of this can be seen everywhere in modern society.

From what I have been seeing for myself, and what increasing numbers of concerned readers have been contacting me about, the fightback by the establishment against those who are publishing online what is really going on, has now reached a stage which is becoming not only obvious, but impossible to ignore.

The most noticeable effect of this fightback, is the number of alternative (to the establishment narrative) websites, social media and Youtube accounts that have been suspended or disappeared altogether recently, and increasing numbers of previously popular and informative articles and websites are being ‘de-listed’ from the largest search engines, effectively making them difficult to find.

I have been aware for a while that a number of articles that have been previously published on the Outlaw, despite their daily views increasing, have now disappeared from Google searches altogether, and that can also be said of other similar websites, who’s owners have contacted me over the same issue.

The agents of the establishment who operate within the mass media are easy to identify and make no attempt to disguise where their real allegiences lie, and can for the purpose of this article, be dismissed, as their objectives are clear to anyone with a functioning brain – the biggest threat that purveyors of the truth are facing, are those that the title of this post refer to.

‘Les Gardiens Des Portes’ (The Guardians of the Gates), or the establishment ‘Gatekeepers’ are by far among the most prolific, insidious, duplicitous and ultimately dangerous entities that can be encountered online ….

The main problem with Gatekeepers is that they are not easily identifiable, and operate not only within the mass media, but also within the so-called ‘Alternative Media’, on all social media platforms, on most of the ‘Truther’  forums and message boards, and unsurprisingly, have also commanded the biggest online audiences over the last few years.

You only have to look at how mainly fictious events like ‘Pizzagate‘ for example, have managed to gain so much traction online over the last few months, sending ‘Truthers’ scurrying all over the place rabidly chasing down any ‘evidence’ to support some of the most outlandish claims ever published, while effectively clogging up news feeds and burying any credible information that may have emerged during that time.

There is a purpose to this, and it is the Gatekeepers main role to ensure that ‘Fake News’ is always  foremost in peoples minds, in order to negate and distract from the truth, and to generally confuse and bamboozle.

For those of you who are still able to see past the white noise and bullshit, the Gatekeepers secondary role is to bring about a ‘Chilling Effect’ on whistleblowers and the truth tellers by using methods that are becoming more and more commonplace, as many of the recipients can and will testify to.

One method used is to utilise UK Harassment and Malicious Communication laws to silence people, by reporting blog articles and/or the comments, Forum/Messageboard posts, Tweets, and Facebook posts to the police to try and establish a ‘course of conduct’ against anyone who has highlighted their activities.

This has been shown to be a fairly common tactic, as I am aware of at least eight instances where people who have been clearly harassed, threatened, cyber-stalked and bullied online for many months and even years by Gatekeepers and their followers, have found themselves on the wrong side of the law for simply trying to highlight what has happened to them.

I am also aware of a number of court cases that are scheduled to be heard in 2017, which if they go according to plan, will bring about legislation to further restrict free and independent speech on the internet ….

There are times, when the longer you look at something, the less sense it seems to make.

When that happens, I have found that sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes can bring a new perspective, to something that should have been only too obvious all along.

A case in point.

A YouTube video, recently posted by an obviously angry guy, who seemed to have taken issue with an article that was printed in Scallywag Magazine.


Fair enough, I guess, everybody is entitled to an opinion, but there was something about the video that just did not ring true.

He was trying a little too hard to persuade the viewer, that the article he referred to, which incidentally named Derek Laud as an alleged Paedophile, who had abused a boy from a Care Home in north Wales, was simply ‘A pack of lies.’

He then went on to give a potted history of the accuser, a Stephen Hashim, painting him as a wholly untrustworthy, violent thug who ‘battered his kids’ and ended up in jail for it.

He did not elaborate on how he knew the content of the article to be untrue however, he must have just assumed that his words were to be taken as the truth.

I was well aware of the Scallywag article in question, having read it a few times over the last few months, finding no clear reason to doubt the accuracy of some of the content.

So I read through it again, coming to the same conclusion, that it seemed entirely plausible when compared against similar stories that have been emerging.

While talking to a friend a few days later, it became abundantly clear that the doubts I had initially felt about the content of the video, were in fact, justified.

During that telephone conversation, it was pointed out to me that the Scallywag article was published in 1994, a time when Derek Laud, would have been virtually unknown to anybody outside of the Conservative Party.

*The same year as the Gordon Anglesea libel trial*

He had only started to become ‘known’ during and following his appearance on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ in 2005.

So my question is, why would a virtually unknown, Tory ‘Fixer,’ be named by somebody who was undoubtedly, not aware of the inner workings of the Tory Party?

Surely, if it was just another ‘Embroidery,‘ or a completely made up story, he would have named somebody who, would at least be recognised, in order to ensure a decent readership?

It would be pointless otherwise.