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    • Peidiwch byth â meddwl gogon, there’s always 2022 ….



I often think, in quieter moments, how this generation will be judged by history.

Particularly when a person only has to take a look around their own streets, and at their own neighborhood’s, let alone look at their country as a whole; to see how subservient, how disinterested and how apathetic people have become in regard to not only their own future, but that of their own children and their children’s children, they have become.

It really brought it home to me recently, while browsing through some research documents and books I had purchased, when I happened upon a document that my father and his friends often spoke about with great passion when I was growing up in South Wales, and is something that I had only ever seen online before.

What this document shows, is that not so very long ago, there were people who were willing to stand up against the established order, who were prepared to put themselves on the line in order to elicit real change, and who were proud enough to not only fight for their country’s independence and freedom, but that of their countrymen too, and so much so that many of them risked everything in their attempts to make reality a common dream that all Nationalists, of all nations have shared.

I have photographed it, and published it in full below for posterity, and to show that as a Nation, Wales was offered a choice, and that Wales, and Welsh men and women and children – did once dare to dream ….