An Open Letter to my stalker “Dydd Sant Hapus Ddewi” I know that you will read this. I know that you will because you watch everything I do, you have done so for more than a year now. I have seen your latest attempt to silence me, trying yet again to intimidate me into keeping quiet, this time by targeting my wife and five year old child. You have used their photographs, and even gone to the trouble of using […]

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For anybody with more than a passing interest in looking at all aspects of the North Wales Child Abuse scandal, Richard Webster’s book ‘The Secret of Bryn Estyn’ is essential reading. I believe that it’s always important to look at all sides of any story in order to draw a logical conclusions as to where the truth lies. THE SECRET OF BRYN ESTYN – THE MAKING OF A MODERN WITCH HUNT Richard Webster In summary: One disgruntled former manager (Alison […]

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