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Politics is a dirty business, and anybody with a basic understanding of ‘Parapolitics’, especially in regard to it’s obvious connections to the ungodly rise of ‘Thatcherism’ in the 1970’s, may also have noticed the parallels with what we are witnessing in this country today.

In it’s simplest terms, Parapolitics is a term used to describe covert political activity, or a complete political system which contains elements of both the military and intelligence apparatus, which is hidden from the public.

With that in mind, it would be foolish to dismiss entirely, the links between what was happening in the years between the resignation of Harold Wilson in 1976, and Margaret Thatcher becoming Prime Minister in 1979 – especially now that her predecessor Edward Heath, has become the main focus of the mainstream-media led purge on alleged child abusers within the British establishment.


If the primary role of the intelligence agency that was behind a number of ‘smear campaigns‘ against a number of politicians in the 1970’s – especially if they were on the left of the political spectrum was highlighted, it may explain why certain names keep cropping up whenever establishment child abuse is discussed.

The intelligence agency that was central to those politically turbulent years was MI5, and the main role of MI5 was, and still is to prevent radical political change in Britain.

It has other roles of course, but for the purposes of this article, I will focus on it’s primary aim, which is to defend the state against those on the left of British politics, and continually works towards undermining them whenever possible.

In reality, however, very little is actually known about many of the domestic operations undertaken by MI5, but a recently unclassified document shows that as far back as 1940, an unnamed person in the U.S. state Department, was given information about MI5’s ‘central index of suspicious persons’ – which was basically, a list of people that were suspected of ‘Anti British Activity’.

That ‘list’ contained around 4,500,000 names, and was freely available to both Government Departments and the heads of British industry, and that was in 1940, so is it possible that similar lists were being used in the 1970’s and are in use today to identify so-called ‘subversives’?

And who is it that MI5 collects this information for?

Three obvious candidates spring to mind immediately; The State Itself, Employers, and of course the Conservative Party, although other agencies around the world are believed to have access via various exchanges of information between allies.

Articles published in the Guardian newspaper, in March 1981 revealed that the construction firm Taylor Woodrow were among a number of companies who had access to this list, and Taylor Woodrow is also one of the companies, who have documented links to funding various right-wing groups.

In August 1985, it was revealed that MI5 were directly responsible for the vetting of BBC employees, and during the 1970’s, ‘Common Cause’, the ‘Economic League’, the ‘Foreign Affairs Publishing Company’ and the ‘Institute for the Study of Conflict’, were all receiving information about the British left from MI5.

So going on what has been basically outlined above, can one safely assume that one of the roles of the Intelligence Services, specifically MI5, is to ensure that Britain is subtly, and covertly steered towards the right politically?

*Could it also answer the question that many were asking following the 2015 General Election, as to how the Conservative Party were elected with a small majority with only 36.7% of the electorate supporting them?*

And is it also possible, that smearing and undermining political opponents is only one method being used to achieve this?

I suggest this, because on May the 9th 1976, the Daily Telegraph published a report from Washington, titled “Campaign in the US to smear British MPs”, which said:”Persistent efforts have been made in recent months to discredit leading members of the three major political parties, by planting derogatory stories about them on news agencies in Washington, it was claimed last night.”

A Dr. Edward von Rothkirk of Transworld News, was quoted as having received derogatory material on eleven MPs – a Conservative (Edward Heath), a number of Liberals (including Jeremy Thorpe, Clement Freud and Cyril Smith) and seven Labour MPs, one of whom was Harold Wilson.

*As history has shown, Thorpe was effectively destroyed and despite the rumours that were circulated about Clement Freud and Cyril Smith, the Liberals, (and potential allies of the Labour Party) survived.*

The material first started arriving in 1975, and was being sent by both English and South African sources, but almost immediately following the Telegraph exposé, the Transworld offices were burgled and and the material regarding the British Politicians was taken.

Among this material were the allegations that had been made by the Czech spy, Joseph Frolik, who had defected to the United States in 1969, when the Labour Party were still in power.

Frolik’s allegations included his claim that a number of Labour Party members and trade unionists who were either Czech agents, or were ‘targets’ of the Czech intelligence services.

Those names were never reported in the British media at the time and included Will Owen MP, the late Tom Driberg, the late Sir Barnet Stross, and interestingly, John Stonehouse MP, a member of the Government at the time.

Now Frolik’s allegations were advantageous to the right, inasmuch as they provided the evidence that was needed to support the rumours already circulating, that the Labour Party and the Trade Unions in Britain were riddled with Communists and enemy agents, which was fortuitous and more than a little convenient, as was observed at the time.

The Frolic Defection

It was Frolik who made the original allegations about Edward Heath in a book,  ‘The Frolik Defection – The Memoirs of an Intelligence Agent’, published by Corgi Books in 1975.

It should be noted that Frolik’s source has emphatically denied the claims as they were presented in the book, insisting that the ‘Honey Trap’ , (which involved a young male Czech organist) that was put in place in an attempt to blackmail Heath, was unsuccessful as Heath was tipped off by MI5 and a trip to Prague that was to have been the rendezvous, never actually happened.

However, it is now thought that Heath-Hating elements of the Tory Right, who were fanatical supporters of Margaret Thatcher, had made the claim that the entrapment actually happened and had ensured that it appeared in Froliks’s book.

Coincidentally, a letter was published by Searchlight and later on in Private Eye Magazine that year, and was addressed to Sir Stephen Hastings MP and supposedly came from the fanatically Thatcherite former spy, George Kennedy Young.

The letter contained the line “The Queer will be dethroned”…. Allegedly referring to Heath.

The Tory hard right detested Heath and were fanatical supporters of Thatcher, and they were more than a little angry about Heath’s failure to beat the Unions, the destruction of many English counties due to local government organisation, as well as Heath’s purge on Anti-European Tory Candidates.

The original smears against Edward Heath were based solely on the unsubstantiated belief that he was homosexual, not a murderous, paedophile who preyed on kids from care homes, which now appears to be the accusation.

There was another attempt to smear Heath in 1985.

I have always maintained on this site that many of the allegations of child abuse and paedophilia, especially those that involve politicians are politically motivated, and circulated willingly by the mainstream media who apparently, have a few scores of their own to settle.

The latest series of allegations were instigated by politicians on the left.

Primarily by Tom Watson MP, who only recently has announced his intention to stand as deputy leader of the Labour Party, and Simon Danczuk MP, who’s driving force seems to be the sales of his book about Cyril Smith, and appears to have been of more importance than the grooming and systematic abuse of thousands of young white girls by Pakistani gangs, in his own constituency of Rochdale.

As has been shown above, the agencies that are actively working towards ensuring that the political right hold onto the reins of power, are more than capable of setting up any number of groups online – including a number of those who purportedly operate within the ‘Alternative Media’ and by infiltrating social media, and who’s sole purpose is to spread rumour and disinformation in order to influence public opinion.

This has been shown to be a very successful method of planting stories that have been allowed to freely circulate both online, and in the mainstream media, to the point where it is now almost impossible to separate fact from fiction.

And once again, it’s the genuine victims of childhood abuse, (I am loathe to use the term survivor), who are once again being overlooked in the melee.

And that is the real scandal, and one that will not be addressed any time soon.


I have given the article linked below, ample time to filter onto the relevant blogs and social networks for a few days before commenting.

As expected, the Twitterati, (The domain of the Dumb and the home of the Demented) and the usual crop of blaggers have seen it and grabbed it with both hands, wholeheartedly believing it will finally put an end to decades of cover-ups and mis-information, and will eradicate the ever-present spectre of historic child abuse in this country.

 ‘Former children’s minister Tim Loughton and Conservative backbencher Zac Goldsmith are calling for a national inquiry into historical cases of child sex abuse. Goldsmith has co-ordinated a high-powered, cross-party group of seven MPs to sign a joint letter to Theresa May, home secretary, urging her to set up an independent panel to investigate repeated failures by police and other authorities in several cases.’


So, my question must be, do we really need yet another band of electioneering pseudo heroes, or just a single, honest, decent and transparent politician ?

This call for a national enquiry incidentally, followed closely the European Elections, where UKIP, unsurprisingly battered the mainstream parties.

The Liberal Democrats have also fallen spectacularly from grace, which could also prove very significant at some point.

The British Public are now, and quite rightly, completely disillusioned with mainstream Politics & Politicians in general, are desperate for change, and it’s a situation that is not looking like it will resolve itself anytime soon.

Then, from seemingly nowhere, seven cross-party political heroes ride into town, calling for yet another, albeit independent enquiry into historic childhood abuse.

Those who are understandably cynical, could argue that the timing could not have been better even if it had been planned that way.



Tom Watson and Simon Danczuk

TOM WATSON: The torchbearer of the seven, while at the same time being associated with Searchlight. He has also publicly denied knowing abuse victim-bashing David Rose, even though he sat on a Home Affairs Committee panel which questioned Rose. Watson has recently, also effectively discredited Ben Fellows, Bill Maloney & Chris Fay.


SIMON DANCZUK: The incumbent Rochdale MP who has recently written a book about Cyril Smith & has been dangling the Parliamentary Privilege carrot before the slavering masses, despite the fact that MP’s have already been warned not to use it in case it jeopardises any future prosecutions.


Tim Laughton and Zac Goldsmith

TIM LOUGHTON: Ex Tory Child Minister. Sacked from the job in 2012 and in March 2013, it was revealed that Loughton had been investigated and interviewed under caution in relation to a complaint made under the Malicious Communications Act from a constituent.

ZAC GOLDSMITH: Tory Back Bencher/Journalist. In 2006 considered to be one of Camerons rising stars. Multi claims against him for expenses dipping etc. In 2012 said he’d quit his job if the Tories went ahead with building a third runway at Heathrow Airport.


John Hemmings and Tessa Munt

JOHN HEMMINGS: A vocal and highly visible champion of Berlinda McKenzie, [IRAN AID Charity Mystery], the suspiciously ever-present Sabine McNeill, and is also a business associate of ex-Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret. Known for his eccentricity and his well-documented love life, which boasts of at least 29 extra-marital affairs. He is not so well known, however, for being suspended from the Mumsnet website for publishing the personal details of some members, and also using the forum after he had been drinking.

TESSA MUNT: Claimed single persons council tax discount whilst living in a property with others, including a local GP, the broadcaster Andy Kershaw and the media adviser for the family of Madeleine McCann, the council cleared her of any wrong doing, but she still had to pay the money back.

Caroline Lucas

Caroline Lucas

CAROLINE LUCAS: Ex leader of the Green Party. Stood down as leader in 2012, “In order to broaden opportunities for the range of talent in the party and to raise the profiles of others aspiring to election”. Is attaching herself to this cause an attempt to raise her own profile ? She also declined to comment on questions put to her about Geo-Engineering (Chemtrails) which would ordinarily be a high priority issue for a supposed ‘Green’ MP and Environmental Campaigner.

Childhood Sexual Abuse is a current red-hot political potato, if you consider the numbers of politico’s and their associates, who’s names keep cropping up, again and again.

Can anyone remember Anne Clwyd MP’s call for a similar enquiry ?


‘Historic Childhood Abuse’, (the clue is in the name), is an issue which has been around long enough for anyone, let alone the nations’ moral guardians, to have been more than aware of, so would have had ample time and every opportunity to get behind.

Plus, unless you have been living on a secluded island for the last few years, a general election is less than a year away, which although there will be some who still refuse to see it, the announcement of this call for action is very significant.

Most of the previous child abuse investigations/enquiries, also appear to have been set up within two years leading up to a General Election.

An electioneering politician can be many things, one of those things, however, is certainly not being somebody with purely altruistic motives.

Not when there are votes to be had.

Do the people of this country really have such short memories ?

Does this picture ring any bells perhaps ?


That stark reflection of the urgency, or lack of, that was placed on this issue only a short while ago in the House of Commons, was certainly picked up on social networks and concerns were raised on the David Icke Forums too as I remember.

magnificentseven8So why the sudden turnaround ?

Why are these Internet Anti-Abuse ‘Warriors’ now attempting to persuade anyone who will listen, to “write to their MP’s to get them behind this issue as a priority” ?

I have even seen a self-titled “Anti-Political Writer and Anarchist” Tweeting the same message, over and over again, which surely poses it’s own questions.

And what kind of enquiry are they hoping to bring about ?

Another Waterhouse perhaps ?

Or a completely new, although not completely ‘Independent’ panel populated by establishment darlings like Esther Rantzen, Edwina Currie, David Rose, Daniel Finkelstein and maybe even the erstwhile Suzanne Nundy, AKA Anna Raccoon ?

As I see it now, around a third of this country are now so anti-establishment, they voted for right-wing, untested, political raiding parties, while the rest stood around bleating and muttering about the chaos and divisions created by the others.

Yet, a few days later, they are calling on the same people they do not trust to run their country, fully expecting them to deal with a highly emotive and delicate issue like childhood sexual abuse, and also with the required sensitivity and levels of professionalism expected.

Is that correct?

Because nothing would surprise me any more.

It’s about time that the people of this country decided what they really want from those, they blindly continue to elect and represent them.

Or even start to question, exactly how much establishment and political influence drives these particular online campaigns, and effectively permeate the more heavily populated social networks and Forums.

You may then get your answer.

But you will not like it, I can assure you of that.

It would also be wise to remember, that the ultimate victory the original seven Samurai enjoyed, relied heavily on the support and participation of the townspeople who’s own lives and children’s futures they were defending.

Can you, in all honesty see that happening in this country today ?