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Regular readers and contributors to the site, are only too aware that the Outlaw has been mentioned in a number of investigations and subsequent court cases since 2012;

The most significant instance being, during the investigation and trial of a man who received a 16-year sentence for child abuse/cruelty, after a number of victims contacted the South Wales Police after reading about him being mentioned on this site.

Although it’s notoriously difficult to secure an entirely safe CSA conviction, and obviously impossible if the alleged perpetrator has passed away, it is still vitally important that ALL genuine victims/survivors of childhood abuse and maltreatment are recognised ….

That they are listened to ….

That they are believed ….

They receive the correct support they are entitled to ….

And that their stories are recorded for posterity and then added to the public record.

To my knowledge, the event(s) being referred to in a comment that was posted to this site earlier today, along with many, many others that I am aware of, have never been mentioned by any online ‘Survivor Group’, ‘CSA Advocate’ or Blogger, but they exist nonetheless.

The Outlaw, however, will always strive to highlight these issues whenever possible, (even though they attract zero media coverage or the attention of the Twitter lynch mobs ) will continue to be a place of safety, and will be quietly bringing together genuine survivors, and gathering evidence under the radar, so that the deserved recognition, and ultimately closure, can be achieved for all of those who have been affected.

The Outlaw will also continue to be a voice for all of those ‘Lost Ones’, who have been purposely overlooked, and/or forgotten by the Mass Media, by the Politicians, by the ‘High-Profile (& Media Friendly) CSA Survivors’, by the Justice System, by the Journalists, by the Bloggers, by the Social Justice Warriors, by the Shouty self-styled online ‘Paedohunters’, by the so-called ‘Alternative Media’ mouthpieces – and by  the increasing numbers of mainly anonymous entities on Twitter, that have been so visibly vocal of late ….