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I really should not be wasting any more time on this, as there are more important things I should be doing, but this is something that needs to be attended to.

Following on from an earlier post on this site, where I highlighted the conspiratorial nature of a claim made by the barrister Barbara Hewson, she has not only reiterated that claim, which is that I am somehow part of some fictitious ‘team’ of online trolls, she has now doubled-down, and made an even more outlandish claim.

On 13 January 2019, in a post on her blog entitled ‘The Devil’s Cleaners – Part VI’, she published the following:

Which is correct, inasmuch as I was charged, and subsequently convicted of malicious communications; however, Ms. Hewson follows that with a somewhat bizarre inference, that the person who had got me convicted, was then arrested himself a few weeks later, as ‘Retaliation’ for what had happened to me.

Not only is this new claim as equally ridiculous as her  ‘Troll Team’ claim, it also has an palpable air of desperation about it, which is, as recent events have shown, completely understandable.

What I believe Ms. Hewson is doing, is attempting to distract her readers away from what I will suggest as being the real reason for the Met police arresting her friend at his home, and unlike Ms. Hewson, I will not rely solely on any one person’s skewed narrative to support my version ….

So with that in mind, would it be that hard to believe that Ms. Hewson’s friend was not arrested as a retaliation, nor was it an act of revenge, when in fact, Ms. Poulton had herself been subjected to a long online campaign of harassment, which included a number of threats to her person.

I am not aware of everything that Ms. Poulton endured, but if she had received even one-half of what myself and my family were subjected to for years, then she was, in my opinion, fully entitled to report the perpetrator, with the view to getting him prosecuted.

The following tweets are only a small cross-section of what was publicly posted, which are, you may agree, directed at one person, and one person only.

‘BEHEAD yourself’?

‘She’s finished but I like to pour concrete on graves’?

Those tweets are a random selection of dozens, perhaps hundreds, that were posted on that platform, and there were also a number of harassing videos posted to YouTube, as well as Facebook, Google + and dozens of blog posts, and any number of malicious, and what could be viewed as threatening comments, posted to a number of unrelated  websites.

This audio segment was extracted from one such Youtube video, which as well as attempting to belittle and ridicule Ms. Poulton, also reveals what I believe to be the source of Ms. Hewson’s claim, that Ms. Poulton and myself, were/are part of some fictitious #Teamoutlaw troll group.


This next audio segment, again extracted from a deleted Youtube video, is a whole lot darker, decidedly more disturbing, and was in my opinion, published online for one purpose; to harass and frighten it’s intended target.

Whether this ‘message’ was aimed directly at me, or at Ms. Poulton does not really matter, as it’s menacing tone can to my mind, only be interpreted one way – the speakers intent is a clear threat to somebody.


Taking all, or even some of the above into account, can Ms. Hewson still realistically claim that the person who posted those tweets, and produced those audio segments, was only arrested as a retaliation to something that happened to me?

Are those truly the actions of a totally innocent victim, caught up in a type of vendetta, or a knee-jerk revenge against him, as Ms. Hewson appears to be alluding to?

Especially as the examples I have posted here, predate his arrest by many months!

It also raises the question as to why Ms. Hewson is now going to such lengths to defend somebody, who she herself claimed was ‘abusing’ her, and had collected examples of said abuse as screenshots – a few months previously?

Which is a rather odd U-turn on Ms. Hewson’s part, would you agree?

What is not so strange, however, is Ms. Hewson’s deafening silence, on the recent news that the same man pleaded guilty to sending an offensive message to an un-named female, at Salisbury magistrates court last Friday (1 Feb), which earned him 80 hours Community Payback, a surcharge to his victim of £85, and £85 in costs.

I shall end this with a small video compilation I put together last night, which contains but a small selection of the online harassment and threats that have been aimed at myself, and my family, over a four year period from the same source(s).

I was sent a video this evening by someone who wanted to hear my thoughts on it, and to also ask if I could look over it and ascertain if there was any truth in it.

The video (which I have not linked to here, but have taken some stills from) was published by UK Column on their website recently, and appears to be an attempt to cast suspicion upon and undermine a UK-Based Childhood Abuse Survivors Group, namely ‘Shatter Boys UK’.

In the video, the studio hosts are seen talking via a video link with someone calling themselves @Albion_Rover, and are discussing at length, what appears to be a simple spelling error which appears on the Companies House Website.

The spelling error they appear to be getting very excited about is the name of Daniel WOLSTENCROFT, which has appeared on the Companies House website as WOLSTENHOLM, Daniel, and the clever people at UK Column have helpfully superimposed a screenshot of Mr Wolstencroft’s biography which is listed on the website of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), as Mr Wolstencroft sits on the Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel (VSCP) along with eight other people.

Along with this spelling error, which UK Column are claiming is highly suspicious and based on that claim, they have demanded answers from Mr Wolstencroft as to how this error has occurred.

The two UK Column hosts and their Scottish news stringer, have also made a clear reference to a Fraudulent Insurance Claim which occurred in October 2013, which involved a man also named Daniel Wolstencroft, and have attempted to draw the viewers attention to the possibility that these two men are in fact …. the same person!

These claims have now spilled over onto social media, and from what I have been observing myself, and from what a number of sources are also telling me, it now appears that a closely-linked group on social media have now picked up on this, and ganged up on Mr Wolstencroft, surrounding him like starving jackals, demanding that he explains to them personally how the spelling error occurred on the Companies House Website, and if he is in fact the person that UK Column have referred to as having been involved in a fraudulent insurance claim.

Mr Wolstencroft has I believe, ‘blocked’ those accounts now, and UK Column as I understand it are now backtracking on the claims they made in their video.

Knowing only too well how this online ‘Mobbing’ works, especially in regard to how social media is being utilized to not only try and totally discredit and remove people (including genuine abuse survivors) who have been selected to work alongside the IICSA – who for whatever reason do not fulfill the ‘criteria’ demanded by this online mob, I contacted a friend of mine in order to obtain a personal statement from Mr Wolstencroft to address this once and for all.

Mr Wolstencroft kindly obliged and has given his permission for his statement to be published on the Outlaw in full:

‘I originally started Shatterboys UK to give support to those males who had been sexually abused as children, who are now adults who had no support and wanted peer support, in the hope that people could find strength and courage from identification with those who had similar life experiences and had moved forward with their lives to prove it could be done. The main focus was so people could be supported through mutual aid and empower themselves and get their lives back.

We provide one to one peer support and group support, we also campaign for change and signpost and support through the police system.

We decided to register as a company which a business lawyer did for me and spelt my name wrongly, Wolstenholm instead of Wolstencroft, he did this for me as a favour due to my lacking the necessary skills when it comes to form filling due to my dyslexia.

Companies House has been contacted about this and said it was typed incorrectly. The necessary forms have been submitted to remedy this error.

I personally have high level security clearance through the Home Office and my name is Daniel Mark Wolstencroft.

A few other people came on board to share the workload as directors and have some collective ownership of what we were doing. Over time, people either moved on or got paid jobs as Shatter Boys received no funding from any outside body, everything is voluntary. I have two other jobs which I have run Shatterboys off since we started, out of my own pocket.

The others found the pressure too much due to the issues we were dealing with, or left for personal reasons, which is not for me to share as that would be wrong.

I am effectively, the last man standing.

Shatter Boys does not even have a bank account because one of the directors had bad credit with the bank we approached to open an account.

We have received donations which has helped us to travel to see clients up and down the country and to run numerous events.

I have spent far more than what has ever come in, I give four days personally to Shatter Boys of my own time voluntarily, supporting victims, campaigning, raising awareness, telephone and email support, court support and signposting to counselling services and supporting people at meetings.

I also support family members and deliver training.

We have no premises as it was costing me too much and I have my own rent to pay and children to support.

You may be under the impression that we are a large, well-funded organisation and it may appear that way because I am proactive and get myself everywhere so it seems like there are many of us but it’s just me.

The Companies House registration was pointless and means little as it has no impact on how we work, it seemed a good idea at the time but it has caused more trouble than it’s worth, and the reason it’s getting dissolved is because there hasn’t been a letter sent in to confirm we want to stay open.

That’s down to me not putting any importance on it and being rubbish at paperwork and focusing on the important side of things which is supporting survivors.

You [UK Column] have put up a piece on your website saying that I’ve been done for fraud for a car crash, I state categorically that person is not me.

You have slandered my name publicly and defamed my character through poor research.

You’re online trolling campaign fronted by ‘Wildcat’, your No:1 researcher and your journalist ‘David’ have triggered dozens of survivors we support, and from which I’ve received numerous complaints about their behavior and there are numerous screenshots to support this.

You calling us Twa**er Boys had been taken personally by those we support and they have taken it as a personal attack on themselves as you have called them ‘Tw@#ts.’

Shatter Boys stands for breaking the silence and you have mocked them for speaking out, this has greatly upset young boys I support, family members of those who’s children have taken their own lives who have spoken out.

You have effectively silenced and re-traumatized and triggered victims through your online hate campaign. The page you have been trolling is primarily a page where survivors and family members get in touch and gather strength through our videos.

I’ve had to close the Facebook page and suspended support through you attacking those who have found the courage to finally speak out. You have made it a toxic and unsafe environment and dangerous.

You have terrified the mother of my children and she is now afraid to leave the house because of your ‘researcher’s’ trolling and creepy videos.

She is deeply worried that something may now happen to our children.

I will be closing down the company’s registration in the New Year, I haven’t updated my address on it and will not be doing so due to the amount of paedophile activity we disrupt and don’t want that made public due to people like you putting my address and birth certificate online.

You have knocked dozens of people ten steps back in their own recovery, some of which are going through the court process and God only knows how I’m going to support them to get back on track.

I will, however, carry on campaigning and pushing forward, you did not take into account my resilience when you tried to destroy my efforts.

Finally …. You have NOT run me out of the country as ‘Wildcat’ suggests, myself and another volunteer are travelling to Holland to form a CSA Task Force with other groups across Europe against Trafficking – that’s just another element of the work we do.

We will remain very proactive as we were from the beginning.’

Daniel Wolstencroft 

10th December 2017


Something came to the attention of the Outlaw yesterday which, although in the grand scheme of things may seem insignificant to many of you, I feel needs highlighting here.

Someone who is well known to both myself and the regular readers of this site, was asked to attend their local police station yesterday, in regard to a complaint that had been made against them by two characters who are not only familiar names to me, but have a long and prolific history of online trolling and making both malicious and false complaints.

Happily, the complaint was tossed out by the investigating force and NO FURTHER ACTION is going to be taken.

This should also clarify to the people who made the complaint, that they have been publicaly and falsely identifying someone who has never interacted with them at any time.

Regardless of whether or not the complaint was actioned, the problem exists that there are a number of characters who continue to bring spurious and wholly malicious complaints to the attention of the police, wasting thousands of pounds of public (yours and mine) money and wasting countless hours of police time in the process, time and money which is better served elsewhere.

These serial complainants, are of course known to each other, and operate as a ‘team’ and I know this because the complaints they have made against different people I know have all been corroborated by each other, and which almost always impels the police to take action, irrespective of the seriousness (or lack of) of said complaints.

The reason(s) why I am highlighting this particular instance, is that this group of characters have, since 2013, made a number of similar complaints against myself, as well as a number of other people that I am aware of, and all of which have resulted in NO FURTHER ACTION.

One of the first false allegations against me happened during October/November 2013, which meant that I was arrested and placed in a cell before being being questioned at length, and then spent more than seven months on bail while the complaint was being investigated, I had my iPad seized and forensically examined, before I was informed during the following May that no further action would be taken against me.

I wrote about my experiences HERE.

There have been a number of allegations made against me since then, all but one of which have been No Further Actioned by the police, the most recent being in February this year, when the same two characters who maliciously reported the person I referred to at the beginning of this post – made a similar complaint to the North Wales Police that a number of posts (and the associated comments) on the Outlaw, had caused them ‘Stress’ and were therefore ‘Harassment’.

The image above is part of a letter my solicitor sent, which outlines the allegations, which are I’m sure, self-explanatory.

The result of this latest allegation, after being investigated by the police and then sent to the Crown Prosecution Service, after I had presented ample evidence to prove beyond any doubt that it was in fact myself who was being stalked, harassed and regularly trolled online… was, once again;

The other reason I am highlighting the ongoing actions of these characters, is that it is difficult to not have noticed that one of them, who has been making what must be by now, dozens of what have turned out to be both false and malicious complaints – appears to spend almost every waking hour online, stalking and trolling the social media accounts of people he claims have made false allegations!

This Character, whose real name I have redacted from one of the documents above, is currently very active on Twitter and his WordPress blog, often addressing himself in the third person, seemingly in total denial of the obvious fact that everything he publicly claims to ‘Hate’, are the very things that he is guilty of doing himself.

To my knowledge this particular character has had, including the allegations against myself, the one against the person who was questioned yesterday, and three others beside the one where he made a complaint to the police that someone he did not like was following someone else he did not like on Twitter (Yes, I’m Serious) …. every allegation he has reported to the police has resulted in No Further Action.

A person would have to be blind or terminally stupid to not have noticed the long-running campaign being played out online (and in the real world) against genuine victims of childhood abuse, whistleblowers and those who have spoken out in support of them.

Journalists have been stalked and threatened, genuine survivors, a number of whom are very vunerable and have mental health difficulties have been attacked mercilessly and certain agencies that represent CSA survivors have even been targeted.

The perpetrators of these attacks are only too obvious on the surface at least, consisting of mainly anonymous ‘Trolls’ who stalk social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and congregate on various forums and the comments section of ‘Alternative Media’ websites, using any number of fake identities from which to launch their attacks.

The real purpose of these attacks, however, is to try and discredit the genuine voices who speak out about establishment child abuse and child trafficking, and to confuse the issue and poison the water surrounding all aspects of CSA, the ultimate aim being to derail any official inquiry into historic (and current) child abuse that has been happening in this country for more than four decades.

One of those who has been noticeably under the cosh over the last couple of years, is the former East17 frontman Brian Harvey, who has been attacked non-stop by what are allegedly, various agents of the state who have been doing everything within their power to discredit him, to undermine his mental health and to denigrate and humiliate him, and ultimately drive him to the point where he feels that his physical well-being is under a very real threat.

Brian has been making and publishing Youtube video’s and using social media in his attempts to highlight what he believes is really going on based on his own experiences.

He certainly pulls no punches, has shown no fear and has pointed the finger at some people that are also very well-known, and not just within CSA campaigning circles, and may come as a surprise to many people.

I am of the opinion that Mr Brian Harvey is spot on.

So with that in mind, the following account, which was written by a supporter and contributor to the Outlaw, and someone who has watched everything that has being going on since the CSA scandal first broke in November 2012 –  and has elected to share those thoughts with the readers here.


“After the rather interesting revelations made by Brian Harvey, former member and lead singer of the band East17 on his latest Youtube clip, the story he recounts of the great efforts made to ‘stitch him up’ and then label him a ‘nut job’, someone who’s ‘taking too many drugs’, ‘is a loser’, certainly struck a chord not only with me and Jimmy Jones the writer of the Outlaw, who along with his family, we have all seen relentlessly hounded by what I can only describe as an organised tag team along with many other people who have either experienced similar ‘pressure’ applied by the same people Brian Harvey seems to be hounded by, or by the large group of people who all seem to be linked and have been doing the same things, to the same people mostly CSA survivors.

Jimmy asked me to put a few of my thoughts together (brave man!). 

Unfortunately I can only tell you a small part of what I think, but I’m sure that most people watching this whole sorry saga will be able to fill in the blanks.

I believe that Brian Harvey has hit the nail on the head when he says he thinks a certain group of people were stitching him up, whilst trying to have him believe they were good people, with only the truth and good intentions at heart. I believe part of the reason why he was hoodwinked into believing they were genuinely of good character and would help him is so that he could then be labelled as a ‘Nutter’, who was hand-in-hand with the con artists and professional liars, and the domino effect for his personal endeavours to be heard and for the phone hacking he has proven he was subjected to, dealt with in the same way as it has everyone else who was found to have had this happen to them, for the evidence to be seen.

There seems to be some fancy footwork going on to stop Brian Harvey from having his case properly heard for some reason.

Why would that be?

The ‘Nutter’ tag they so love to attach to people, not just him, but anyone who has the audacity to post personal views on what they have experienced at the hands of these people.

Of which there are many.

It’s a tired, old but well-tested deflection trick.

People with Mental Health conditions such as BiPolar seem to be a particular favourite for a good hounding.

It is also interesting that Brian Harvey mentions the News Of The World and associated ‘interests’ of a certain Media Mogul who is infamous for being (how can I put this politely?) ‘controversial’.

(Best I leave it at that methinks)

It is interesting, because the same kind of scoops from the same Media umbrella have also been involved in some pretty shifty shenanegans, relating to our experiences also.

I am also intrigued as to why a Judge would divulge such a sensitive opinion RE: the Janner case, to a self-confessed lowly plumber.


Another point no doubt everyone who has been subjected to this prolonged attack has noted, is that it doesn’t seem to matter how much real evidence you produce to show that these people are doing things they ought not to be doing to you, it seems to hit a brick wall in investigative terms, and they continue relentlessly.

It does not seem to matter how many people they target either.

A distinct whiff of stale politics permeates this whole thing and leaves a lingering smell in the air too.

I am reminded of the fact that one of the very first meetings Teresa May had as unelected Prime Minister was allegedly with the same Media Mogul who’s name keeps cropping up lately, and who’s name has cropped up so often in the past and is known to be more than capable of pulling a few political strings.” – JR 

Before you like and share any of the fake news being published by the mainstream media on Facebook and Twitter, before you join the marches, before you organise protests and before you sign any petition calling for the banning of a state visit to the UK by US President Donald Trump, try and ensure what it is exactly that you are so angry about.

Because what you are being told by the mass media – may not in fact, be what is really going on.


It’s not a muslim ban, its a 90 day travel hold on anyone coming from specific terror sponsoring countries and any media outlet who continues to call it such is adding to the problem by spreading false news.

The order states:

“I hereby proclaim that the immigrant and nonimmigrant entry into the United States of aliens from countries referred to in section 217(a)(12) of the INA, 8 U.S.C. 1187(a)(12), would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, and I hereby suspend entry into the United States, as immigrants and nonimmigrants, of such persons for 90 days from the date of this order.”

Notice the actual executive order doesn’t list any nations at all. It only list a code section. Now, that section of code was updated on December 18, 2015, as part of the Omnibus Appropriations Act of FY2016. That is where the list of seven countries, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen, comes from.

So who prepared this list?

Who was President on December 18th, 2015 when the list was created?

Now the left is calling it a Muslim Ban there is a problem with that. The 7 countries on the list prepared during the Obama administration are not the only Muslim nations in the world. They are not even the largest Muslim nations in the world by a long shot.

Here are the top Muslim Nations in the world by population, and none are on the list.

1) Indonesia 228,582,000
2) Pakistan 172,800,000
3) Bangladesh 162,221,000
4) Nigeria 154,279,000
5) Egypt 77,100,000

The largest country on the list is #7 Iran 70,495,782

Now if this was truly a Muslim ban, then wouldn’t the largest Muslim Countries be on the list?


Nick Maclure via Facebook.

There was a comment posted on the Outlaw yesterday, under an anonymous name and a bogus IP address, asking me to look at a ‘message’ that had been posted on a free WordPress blog.

The screengrab of the message I have included below is only a small part of the blog which is located at KevinGreen1950 WordPress Com, and has been archived in it’s entirety on the ‘Wayback Machine’ and also downloaded in full to a disk.

The original has been edited by the author since it was originally posted, but the image here is a direct copy that was archived prior to any editing. It’s difficult to read so I have copied a transcript, verbatim, minus a name I have omitted after taking advice.


I received an email today from the lad that came to visit me yesterday, with an attached email from ‘Bone’ he is determined to bring all this online hatred to a halt. So because of that and all of the other innocent children being pulled into this, I want to put a proposal to you.

You want this blog delated [sic] in its entirety, in return for this, you will delete all the contents on your site,you can start it up againwith posts that are not about any of the people who have been involved in any of this. You will make a request to your friend *NAME REMOVED* and inform her of our truce, ask her to see that the blog she promoted is also deleted in it’s entirety, one which I am sure will be used against her in her upcoming trial.

From this date onwards no further blogs will be written by yourself or any friend or any family member of yours, about anyone involved in this ONLINE WAR [My Capitals Added], nor will comments be accepted from anyone who mentions anybody involved in this, on anything you may post in the future. See this as a new start for you and your family.

When you have made an announcement on your site of it’s closure and it has been deleted.  I shall remove everything here putting a similar statement on this blog.

You will also delete your Facebook account as many of your blogs are promoted on it.

There is nothing stopping you opening a ‘normal’ Facebook account, but you will refrain from using it to attack others,especially those involved in this ONLINE WAR [My Capitalisation]

You must decide what is more important to you,the lies on many of your blogs, and in the comments, OR YOUR FAMILY [My Capitalisation].

I shall look out for the message on your Facebook or your web page.’

Which, and some readers may agree, is clearly a veiled threat directed at my family should I fail to comply with the demands that I delete both the Outlaw and it’s associated Facebook page.

So where do I start with this?

You will notice I have capitalised some words in the above transcript, and the reason for that is that until yesterday, I had absolutely no idea I was involved in any kind of war, let alone an  ‘ONLINE WAR’ and as far as I am aware, the ‘Kevin Green’ blog has been posting unprovoked attacks on myself, this website and a number of other people the author strangely believes are associated with me, and which I have consistantly ignored, since April 2013.

The author of that blog, not only posts all types of inaccurate and grossly offensive rubbish about me, he has also previously ventured over to the comments section on the Outlaw itself in order to get my attention.

That comment was left on the Outlaw, as is clearly visible, on New Years Eve 2014, possibly because I had been ignoring the goading and rambling rants on his site, and had simply continued doing my own thing, writing the Outlaw and using my social media accounts like any normal person should be allowed to do.

So lets look at this in a bit more detail …. this alleged ONLINE WAR, so far has consisted of ‘Kevin Green’ posting incoherent claptrap intermittently on his own site about me, and posting bizarre comments here intermittently, using various proxy IP Addresses in order to get my attention.

Not much on Kev’s site would make any sense whatsoever to anyone other than himself and a few of his online cohorts, and to me, had I read it in any detail that is, as it mainly contains screengrabs of my social media accounts, and whatever the publisher has trawled off the internet which he believes relates to me, and then copy/pasted over there.

He does however, pay particular attention to my Twitter account(s), gleefully highlighting that I had ‘Yet another Twitter Account’, knowing full well that the only reason why I have had to renew my Twitter account five times, is because ‘Kevin’ and his online buddies spend many weeks reporting them in order to get my accounts suspended.

This behaviour has been viewed as being very much online ‘Stalking’ as is defined on the ‘National Stalking Helpline’ website, although personally, I compare it to the desperate actions of a feral mongrel dog trawling through discarded rubbish bags on a constant search for nourishment.

Kevin does appear to be rather obsessed by everything I post online, would you agree?

Going back to this aforementioned ‘ONLINE WAR’ I highlighted on Kev’s ‘message’, I did remember where I had previously seen what Kev was doing being referred to as a WAR, and what may come as a surprise to Kevin, is that the place I had seen it was in an email that Kevin, or ‘Carl’ had sent to someone, in which he was outlining their plan to set up the ‘Kevin Green’ blog, on the 30th of March 2013.

In this email, he states:I’m working on some fake accounts so I can have a right go on JJ’s site. see how he likes it when his blog gets attacked. I think we should put a website together all about jimmy jones and his mates a see how they like lies. We can then mirror the site all over the internet so it’s not just one site but many. I am sure you can find out his address and other personal details. Lets turn the tables on him and see if he can handle it. lets come out fighting and get dirty like he is. lets see if he holds his nerve. he has really annoyed me now. so he wants AN ONLINE WAR. Well I’m up for it”

A very revealing communication I would say, especially when you realise that up until three days ago, ‘Carl’ had also posted my full name and address on his site as well as my photograph, and just to help those who would struggle with directions, he had also helpfully added a nice Google map which led to my front door.

It also shows a clear conspiracy with someone he claims is ‘One of Jimmy’s Victims’, when if the truth is told, the exact opposite has been the case, as I have for the last four years, been the main target of her and her abusive online associates.

‘Carl’ also published an open invitation to any random nutcase who could easily have believed any or all of the foul and catergorically untrue garbage posted on his site, and decided to throw a brick or worse through the front window of my home one night.

Carl, your reckless action was reported to WordPress, as it is against their T & Cs and it correctly fell foul of WP’s very clear ‘safety guidelines’ and was removed by them, just in case you were wondering where your handiwork had disappeared to.

You may also be wondering where your email to your partner-in-stalking me came from Carl, well if the truth is told, the person you sent it to forwarded it to a few of her online and abusive friends, one of whom was utterly disgusted by what you were planning, and passed it on to me, which proved very handy as although the screengrab of the email I have posted only shows the name ‘Carl’, the  full version in my posession, expands to reveal not only your real email address, but also your real IP Address – which is a bit shit for you innit?

Especially when you so arrogantly proclaimed in the comment that you left on this very site: “really surprised that after all this time you haven’t a clue as to my identity”.…The truth is I have known who and where you are since 2013 ‘Carl’, but have chosen for the last four years to totally ignore you and your blog.

Until you purposely came over here once again, in an attempt to get my attention that is ….

But I do agree with what you said in the comment you left on my site in 2014, in that ‘Pandora’s Box’  is well and truly open now….



There will be very few words to accompany this post for obvious reasons, but regular readers of the Outlaw will be only too aware of the significance of the following Tweets ….

They relate to breaking news about an issue which maybe, just maybe, also finally mark the beginning of the end of a recurring nightmare; not just for me and my family – but also for the large number of people that have been adversely affected.

Twitter 1


Twitter 2

According to the STOKE SENTINEL, Staffordshire police are currently investigating a number of Tweets published by former world darts champion Eric Bristow.


Bristow’s comments were in regard to the recent revelations that a number of victims have come forward with allegations that they were sexually abused as children by their football coach.

The investigation follows a complaint that the retired sport star’s comments regarding ex-Crewe Alexandra coach Barry Bennell and his victims – constitute a ‘hate crime’.

Bristow has already been dismissed by SkySports from his job as an occasional darts pundit, over his comments, which suggested that the victims ‘went back and sorted him out when they were older’, and caused anger by conflating paedophiles with homosexuals in a tweet which read:

“Might be a loony but if some football coach was touching me when I was a kid, as I got older I would have went back and sorted that poof out.”

He later retracted the later comment, insisting that he meant to use the word ‘Paedo‘ instead of ‘Poof‘, and has since deleted the offending tweets.

Apart from the expected Twitter meltdown, and the collective furious response from the great and good within the British media and various ‘celebrities’ – a number of questions have been asked by child abuse survivors, who are rightly, in my opinion, somewhat confused by the almost immediate police response to what on the surface appears to them to be a rather trivial issue.


From what I am seeing on social media, and from survivors who have contacted the Outlaw, is that there is a great deal of anger among some abuse survivors, who over the last few years have been subjected to all manner of verbal abuse, threats and continuous harrassment online, much of which has been reported to various police forces, and has been summarily dismissed.

From what I have been hearing from those who have made these reports, the reasons for the police’s apparent reluctance to investigate their complaints – have ranged from: “We don’t Police the Internet”, “Why don’t you just come offline”, “What do you want us to do about it” through to “Just ignore them they will get bored soon enough”.

When you realise that some of these complaints were related to clear cases of ‘Stalking and harrassment‘ as is set out by not only CPS guidelines and the National Stalking Helpline, then you should also understand how frustrating this must have been to those who make the complaints in good faith.

My question, however, is are the police now starting to act on what amount to what must be hundreds of complaints that have been reported to them by any number of CSA survivors …. Or have Mr Bristow’s ill-informed comments been swiftly acted upon, due simply to the derogatory term he used conflating homosexuality with Paedophilia?

Which is, I recall the same thing that ex-Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron was at pains to point out, when confronted on daytime TV in 2012 with a ‘list’ of well-known names, that were alleged to be Paedophiles.

As the Metropolitan Police face new questions over the aborted ‘Operation Midland’, which was set up to investigate claims of a powerful VIP paedophile ring, and was constructed around the allegations of one man, known only as ‘Nick’ (to protect his identity) – there is also a call  for ‘Nick’ to not only be identified, but to be prosecuted for ‘perverting the course of justice’.

Not a single charge has resulted from Midland, an investigation who’s staffing costs since it’s inception in 2014, has swallowed an estimated £1.8 Million of British taxpayers money and left the already tarnished reputation of the Met in tatters.

The Metropolitan Police faced fresh questions over the aborted VIP paedophile inquiry last night after “preposterous” evidence from its chief witness was made public.

…A summary of the allegations Nick made against Lord Janner, who he claimed was part of the VIP ring, have been made public by the  deceased peer’s family. They describe the supposed evidence as “preposterous”.

The evidence shows how vague Nick’s claims were and reveals how he only named Lord Janner after  being shown his photograph by a journalist working for Exaro, a news website that has been widely discredited for its role in promoting Nick’s false claims. Exaro has since been shut down by its owner.

Daniel Janner QC said in a statement last night “…I believe that Nick should be prosecuted for attempting to pervert the course of justice.” – Source

Reading the above paragraph which was published in the Guardian two days ago, I cannot help but to be reminded of something remarkably similar that occurred in North Wales in 1991, and which formed part of the evidence that was submitted before Court 13 of The Royal Courts of Justice in November 1994, during an infamous Libel Trial of a man who featured prominently in the events that led up to the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal in 1996.

It was not simply that it was now clear that both [redacted] name and his description had been fed into the first interview by Nelson. This was grave enough. Nelson’s most serious offence, however, was that he engaged in a series of exchanges about showing Humphreys a photograph at some future point. In the light of his admission, it was now clear that these exchanges were charades. Their evident purpose was to disguise the fact that Nelson had already shown Humphreys a photograph, and to make it appear that he had a vivid memory of a man he barely knew, and who’s name he could not remember.

Nelson said that the reason he had shown Mark the photograph was that he had mentioned having been abused by a policeman during the initial interview: ‘I suspected [redacted] was the policeman he had mentioned the previous night and I was specifically investigating [redacted] in connection with a libel action against the Independent.’ – ‘The Secret of Bryn Estyn’

Two apparently separate incidents, more than a decade apart, where  left-leaning Journalists and their Labour Party supporting media agencies have ‘coached’ clearly vulnerable witnesses into accusing prominent establishment figures of physically and sexually abusing them, by showing them photographs of people they in all probability, had never actually met.

Incidentally, the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal (Waterhouse), which ended in 2000 and cost the British taxpayer an eye-watering £13.8 Million, was fatally flawed, inasmuch as it failed, in my opinion, to examine testimony from a number of people that were not even summoned to appear.

‘If those people had been allowed to submit their testimonies;

‘It would have become known that a wider police enquiry into alleged child abuse, could have been launched a decade earlier.

But that would have also meant that John Allen, had somehow been allowed to continue abusing what may yet turn out be hundreds of children.

For a full ten years’. – Link

That last paragraph is important to note, as it is my belief that the greater majority of the accusations that have appeared in the media since 2012, and have been levelled at unpopular political and establishment figures – is to distract attention from, and to prevent proper investigations into a very real problem that the political left are trying desperately to hide.

Which is the physical and sexual abuse, and the trafficking of children on an industrial scale by organised paedophile rings, many of whom are of Asian and Pakistani heritage, which have been happening up and down the whole length of this country for decades.

That is not to say, however, that there may indeed be people hiding inside the establishment, who are guilty of the most heinous acts, and are indulging in criminality on a massive scale, on a daily basis.

While the Mass media and the political left, weep and wail and wring their hands to decry the alleged rise in ‘Racist‘ attacks, verbal threats and ‘Hate Crimes’ ever since this country voted with it’s head and finally kicked the European Union into touch – they appear to have forgotten the majority of the hatred, the spite and the virtual tsunami of bile …. has been emanating overwhelmingly from the Remain side of the argument.

I am guessing that the following selection of Tweets are perfectly acceptable though, at least to the mass media as they have not as yet focussed attention on them other than giving them a cursory mention.

Here’s to tolerance and acceptance (unless you exercise your democratic right to disagree of course)

Farage Death Tweets