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I read a lot of blogs, I follow the more important activity on Forums, I used to interact with a lot of people on Twitter and I am well aware of events on Facebook and other social networks.

That said, I am beginning to notice a lot of negative comments with regard to certain people that I have a great deal of respect for.

This criticism is mainly aimed at people who are seen as ‘profiting’ in some way for the work they do.

Let’s try and break this down a bit.

Millions of people in this country purchase newspapers and still pay their television licence right?

They do not complain about shelling out their hard-earned cash to industries and established institutions who after all, blatantly lie and sell disinformation to them on a daily basis.

These same people however, grumble, bitch and gossip amongst themselves about the ‘Bare Faced Cheek’ and ‘Hypocrisy‘ of writers who, if the truth is told, are taking a big risk in trying to tell them the truth.

How does that work?

Would these people turn up to a party empty-handed and expect to be fed, watered and entertained without making a contribution?

Do they expect people to spend untold hours researching, answering telephone calls and emails at the same time as producing a regular high-quality output of relevant information as well as somehow putting food on the table?

Do they think that putting everything on hold in order to spent the majority of your day and much of the night sometimes, collating information before organising it into a workable format for publication, is somehow undeserving of payment?

Would the people who criticise these writers work those sort of hours for nothing?

So why expect others to do the same?

I despise charities on the whole, mainly because most of the donated money is skimmed off to pay large salaries to directors and suchlike, instead of reaching the very people it claims to be helping.

Charities are big businesses, especially when they trade on the welfare of children for example, from my own experiences more and more kids seem to ‘slip through the net’ than are able to be helped by these so-called Charitable organisations.


‘The politician offers to defend you against your enemies, so that he can eventually deliver you to your ultimate enemy…… Which is Satan.’ – Traditional

A man of Alex Jones’ intellect and high media profile would, at first glance, be the ideal mouthpiece for the sometimes uncomfortable world of the Conspiracy ‘Theorist.’ I must admit, when I first heard his ranting diatribes, I did initially think he was pretty close to the mark and people were staring to wake up in a big way.

His TV and Radio Shows were fast becoming a valuable asset in the constant battle to educate people, and break through the wall of lies and disinformation that control most people’s lives.

So initially all seemed well in the murky and dangerous world of distraction debunking..

Until we got to his fatal error.. His absolute refusal to acknowledge what is probably one of the largest and indeed blatant, examples of manufactured propaganda in modern history, in some select circles, it is commonly referred to as ‘The Biggest Lie of All.’

It is a very important Lie however, and one which has continued to justify the Establishment and Continuance of the Bastard State of Israel, the eternal Whipping Boy and The original blueprint for Political Correctness.

I have long past the point, where I worry about offending people’s over sensitive and misguided views of the world in which they live, and refuse to keep quiet over issues which are, quite frankly too obvious to be anything other than totally untrue. So I shall continue in my attempts to reveal the sometimes uncomfortable realities, which are hidden from the population at large, and which only serve to perpetuate the illusion of the artificial lifestyles most people enjoy.

Tackling this subject is risky, as criticism of the ‘official’ version is, unsurprisingly, at least to me, against the law in some countries, trials have occurred and people have been imprisoned for their ‘unacceptable’ and ‘cruel’ attempts to tell the real story.

I am referring of course to the so-called Nazi ‘Holocaust.’ Only one of many such truly awful events that have occurred throughout history, but the only one that has continued to create lurid headlines to reinforce and imprint the myth in the unconscious minds of yet another generation.

Yes, I did say myth, as the actual events bear no resemblance to the story that has been force-fed to the world for over fifty years. If you can, try and locate original copies of the three volume ‘History of World War II,’ written by Winston Spencer Churchill, or even the autobiography of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

I will then ask you to find the Chapter which describes the methods used to dispose of the often-mentioned ‘Six Million’ people who were of the Jewish faith.

You will not find one… Anywhere.

The ‘Gas Chambers’ never existed during the genocide which was known as ‘The Final Solution.’

Many, many people of all races, of all faiths and of varying degrees of mental and physical capacities died of course, but not by the methods described by dubious historians.

Typhus, Starvation, Hangings, Shootings, various Diseases and even being worked to death were the ways in which the majority of the ‘Enemies’ of the Third Reich were put to death. The original, unadulterated Nuremberg Trial transcripts make very little mention of Zyklon B, or mass disposal by way of enormous ovens. I have living relatives who were with some of the liberation units that entered some of the camps, who were forced to sign gagging orders that never expired.

I could go on but that is not necessary as it distracts from the subject of this article.

So why does Alex Jones continue to mention a mere fragment of history, which was created solely for propaganda purposes?

It is my view, though you may well disagree, that he is trying to appease his Zionist Handlers, and if he constantly produces material which is tantamount to a lie in order to circumvent and manipulate the true story, what else is he not being honest about?

What other ways is he using to manipulate events, and to distort the truth when it suits him, or his rich and powerful controllers? We are more than halfway there when we look at the name of his Website – ‘Prison Planet’.

This is purely psychological conditioning, a subtle and subliminal defeatist message to force you to accept that you have already been captured. This is wholly the wrong message to give to people who are now at the point, where they need the most honesty.

He claims to obstruct and oppose the NWO Agenda – While at the very same time helping to sell it.

He continuously strives to keep his audience in a perpetual state of distraction; in anticipation, fear and anxiety of future events, or focused on events that are firmly rooted in the past.

Which when we look at it that way, is his main role and ultimate objective,to deflect attention quickly away from the NWO Agenda?

By means of his shouty rants, he drip feeds his version of the ‘truth’ in small doses in a blatant attempt to to conjure up a safe image of authority and understanding, and even worse, a false impression of trust and confidence.

When all the polished showmanship is removed, all that is left in place of Alex Jones’ mask of trustworthiness and knowledge, is in fact his lack of understanding, which is then magnified before being transferred to the listener….. without offering any practical answers.

His method is a not so subtle form of mind control, to be implanted in your subconscious, that only serves to create more questions than give answers, and at the same time, fixating the listener with fear of possible future events.

He is without doubt a Disinformation agent, and also appears to have very powerful backers with deep pockets, and I for one, no longer trust him.

His whole Infowars/Prison Planet operation is way too big and way too artificial, and too polished to be taken seriously as a ‘Voice of the Common Man.’

Alex Jones is all about Control.

By continually maintaining the holocaust fraud is key to the Zionist plans for world domination, as it acts to protect the Jewish people as a group from opposition, and also serves to demonise the idea of nationalism and christianity (the key opposition to the Zionist agenda) in general by the constant association with the “monstrous evil” of the Nazis.

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