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The campaign leading up to the 2019 General Election, or as many people view it, the ‘Brexit Election,’ has been one of the most vicious, propaganda-filled, mistruth littered, and ultimately damaging, this country has witnessed in living memory.

Every one of the main political parties have lied, to varying degrees, and have mislead the electorate on a number of important issues, but by far the most pernicious, (and grossly inaccurate) claim, made by Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, is that Boris Johnson and the Conservative and Unionist Party, are ‘going to sell the InterNational Health Service to Donald Trump and the Americans’.

This claim was wholly predictable, however, and the Labour Party’s election campaign has focussed upon, and revolved entirely around this one issue, and it appears to be the only thing they have been able to effectively weaponise.

Your NHS.

On the surface, this untested, and unsubstantiated claim has had a remarkable effect, inasmuch as if more floating voters decide to fall for it, this country could be heading towards a hung parliament; which could mean that the hard-left socialists Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, could obtain the keys to Downing Street, if, and only if, they are supported by an unholy alliance comprising of the Liberal Democrats, The Green Party, and the Scottish and Welsh Nationalists.

Which would, in the light of day, also mean at least four more years of public confusion, electoral chaos, in all possibility the economy crashing,  Brexit being put on hold, or scrapped altogether, which spits in the face of 17.4 Million of the electorate, and years more hardship and misery for millions of people who can least endure it.

So with that in mind, I would like to share the following video with you.

A video which, in my opinion, demolishes Jeremy Corbyn’s claim about the NHS entirely, and should, at the very least, make any person who cares about the truth, (and has grown sick and tired of the sheer arrogance and patronising attitudes shown to them by the current crop of politicians) think long and hard about who they really want – and ultimately trust – to take this once great country forward.

Until this morning, it would have been difficult to think of anything that would cast a darker shadow over the mainstream media in Britain, than what currently exists.

For anyone out there who still believes that the media is not completely skewed, is not agenda-driven, and does not relentlessly push leftish, liberal propaganda, then there really is no hope for them.

The following two images are what would have greeted anyone who was unfortunate enough to have tuned into SkyNews and the BBC over the last couple of days, while covering the State Visit to the UK by US President Donald J. Trump and his family.

May I assure the American readers of this site, that this is NOT something that the normal, right-minded folk of this great country condone or celebrate.

We see it as nothing more than media-driven, state sponsored hate-peddling, entirely abhorrent, and behaviour which is mortally embarrassing to every decent man, woman and child who resides on these islands.

May a plague fall upon all the houses of those who are responsible.

The world’s media are desperately trying to whip up support for an all-out military assault on Bashar Al-Assad and Syria, based on what now appears to be yet another falsehood, and one which has followed a long line of other falsehoods up until this point.

The alleged ‘Sarin attack’ on Syrian civilians on April 4th 2017 for instance – which we were told [by the mass media] to believe without question came from the Assad regime, was followed by a statement from the White House which stated that they had ‘concrete evidence’ that the source of this atrocity was the Assad government.

Following that statement, a leading weapons expert has since claimed that the attack was in fact, ‘staged’ which of course raised a number of questions as to who was actually responsible.

Theodore Postol, a professor emeritus at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), issued a series of three reports in response to the White House’s finding that Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad perpetrated the attack on 4 April.

As any student of history will be acutely aware of, almost every major conflict that has occurred during the last couple of hundred years, were also based on falsehoods, and accompanied by propaganda campaigns run by the mass media, who are nothing more than agents of the state.

You don’t even have to be a student of history, nor need to possess a particularly long memory to be able to find examples of this practice, it is not at all difficult to cast one’s mind back to the 2003 invasion of Iraq which, without Tony Blair’s insistence that WMD’s [falsely] existed, and Labour MP Anne Clwyd’s entirely false claims in Parliament, about Saddam Husseins’ regime utilising a ‘People Shredder’ to silence his political opponents – may never have happened.

Assad is also only too aware, (as is most of the world who still have the ability to think independently that is) of what has now happened in the countries that the United States and it’s allies ‘liberated’ previously …. and by forcibly removing the leaders of a historically volatile middle eastern region; leaders who, despite everything written in the media, kept the entire region relatively stable and prosperous, and whose removal led to the entire region descending into complete chaos, and where slave markets (and other niceties such as torture and mass murder) are now freely operating in the open.

The total destruction of Syria has been the ultimate aim of the political elite for a few years now, and the main stumbling block to that plan, was Bashir Al-Assad himself, and his desire to defend both his country and it’s people, and his total refusal to capitulate, despite every dirty trick that has been played.

Assad’s dogged and ultimately righteous defence of Syria, has now reached the point where every ‘rebel’ enclave has either been completely decimated or driven from the country altogether, which was something also acknowledged by the American’s who were, until the recent ‘Chemical Attack’, poised to withdraw their ground forces.

Bashir Al-Assad, with the help of his allies had triumphed, and every attempt to elicit a forced regime change in his country had been thwarted, a six-year proxy war waged by US-backed insurgents was an abject failure – in reality, he had won.

Bashir Al-Assad is also a well-educated and highly intelligent man. But one does not even have to be particularly bright to know that in 2017, the US Military, without even waiting for  confirmation as to the real perpetrators, had launched Tomahawk Missiles into Syria following the alleged ‘Sarin’ attack.

So why would an intelligent man, knowing that he has all but won a war, and when the western superpower that backed your enemies is about to leave your country, then launch a chemical attack against what has turned out to be his own citizenry, and who were mainly women and children?

Especially when the repercussions following the first act [of alleged terror] consisted of American Tomahawk missiles indiscriminately raining down on your country.

It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

It’s not only irrational, it is the act of a complete lunatic – neither of which applies to Bashir Al-Assad.

The only people who can possibly benefit from Assad’s removal and the ultimate dismantling of Syria, are those who are also hell bent on enabling the unchecked territorial expansion of another country in that region.

The video below is something I put together a little over two years ago, in an attempt to highlight what I believed was Syria’s immediate future, and some of the propaganda methods that were used to bring about it’s ultimate destruction.

We are I believe, at this moment in time as a species, closer to extinction than at any other time in our history, and until people wake up, stop paying attention to the complete garbage that is spewing from every mass media outlet, start thinking for ourselves, and stop supporting the complete lunatics who are in charge – we are all but finished.



Even if you have forgotten about the proven lies told by Tony Blair and the British and US Government’s about Saddam Hussein’s ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’.

Even if you have forgotten that on two occasions, the United States tried to frame Assad for “Gassing his own people” in 2013 and 2014.

Even if you have forgotten that President Assad actually surrendered all his chemical weapons some time ago, a FACT confirmed by both the Pentagon and the United Nations.

Would it therefore also be easy for you to forget the simple truth that Assad, on the verge of winning the bloody civil war in Syria, and gaining support from Donald Trump and other world leaders in the process – be so reckless, and so monumentally stupid to use chemical weapons (he has already surrendered), knowing only too well that it will lead to the invasion of his country and it’s ultimate destruction?

Is that the action of an intelligent man as Assad is known to be?

Or has the destruction of Damascus, and laying waste to the greater part of the Middle East have been the plan all along?

As was foretold 2700 years ago.


The ancient City of Chester in the North West of England, has this evening played host to an ‘Anti-Donald Trump demonstration’ which took place on and around the steps of the Town Hall.

The demonstration was organised by Nala Rollo, who also christened the event ‘Chester against Trump’s #MuslimBan and UK complicity’ after criticism of Prime Minister Theresa May for being the first foreign leader to visit President Trump and her refusal to condemn her American counterpart’s actions which have been branded by the political left as ‘racist’.

The associated Facebook page advertised the event as: ‘Under President Trump’s policy, all refugees from war-torn Syria are banned indefinitely and people from seven Muslim majority countries are barred for 90 days. Trump’s ban on Muslims must be opposed by all who are against racism and support basic human rights. The Theresa May collusion with Trump must end. Let’s stand in solidarity with those targeted by Donald Trump’s hateful government including the people of this country, outside Downing Street and all over Britain. So far 117 people are definitely going and 365 have expressed an interest in the protest.’

The demonstration followed a similar protest which took place in the city on the day of Trump’s inauguration, which centered around the draping of a banner across the Eastgate Clock, emblazoned with the words:

“A Message to President Trump. Build Bridges not walls. Justice and respect not hate.”

The irony of which appears to have been lost by the protesters, as the City of Chester, is one of a number of British Cities, and towns which are themselves enclosed within walls, and were originally built by the Romans around 100AD and specifically designed to keep out hostile hordes of Maurauding Welshmen.

This evening’s event which took place between the hours of 6.30-7.30pm, was according to the organisers –‘Very well attended’…. A

Facebook has blocked the broadcaster Russia Today from posting on their own Facebook page, which according to an RT spokesperson: ‘is to prevent Russia Today from streaming the inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump.’

It has been alleged by various mass media outlets that a dispute (over a supposed copyright violation) has arisen because the broadcaster had ‘livestreamed outgoing President Obama’s final press conference’.

Video screened from the White House is ordinarily copyright free, and it is unknown at this point who the complainant was or what reason was given when it was made.

The Russian broadcaster cannot post any media or links onto it’s Facebook page until the conclusion of the inauguration ceremony at least, although it is believed that the ban is temporary, and there are immediate steps being taken to get the suspension lifted in order to cover at least some of the ceremony.

It has long been believed that Internet services like Google, AOL, Yahoo, Facebook, MSN, Twitter and many others have given the Security Services of the US Government free access to their user databases, Microsoft were the first to do so in 2006 …. so is this freezing out of a Russian-Centric media outlet, only the start of a wider-ranging clampdown on the censoring of what has been until now, freely-available information?

Especially if it conflicts with what the established order wants you to see and therefore believe what is really going on, and more importantly …. Is it also restricting free speech and ultimately, the reporting of the truth?

2016 was officially the year of the ‘Snowflake’….

It was also the year of Brexit in the UK, the beginning of the end of the European Union, and the year in which Americans voted for the wildest wildcard in political history, Donald J Trump –  to be their next President.

It was also the year in which two new words were introduced into the English language – Remoaner’ and ‘Brexiteer’.

It was a year that saw the unprecedented rise of the ‘Alt-Right’ and the far right in world politics, (mainly down to the selective blindness, deafness and sheer ineptitude of the left), and the word ‘Racist’  was second only toSelfie’ in the amount of times it was used by the mass media and heard on the streets of both Britain and America.

It was also the year in which mainstream politics moved so close to the centre ground, that anyone who dared speak the truth about what was happening in their own countries, or asked questions of establishment policy …. became a ‘Nazi’.

It was the year in which ‘Safe Spaces’ and ‘Trigger Words’ replaced reasoned debate and grown-up discussion in Colleges and Universities around the world, and it was the year that North Korea claimed to have tested a thermonuclear weapon.

It was the year in which more than 1,000,000 three day emergency food parcels were distributed to people in acute crisis in the UK, and also the year in which 961,000 British households had assets worth more than £1M, excluding property and luxury goods.

It was the year we heard that global spending on aid and development increased by 7%, and spending on refugees had doubled, while the number of children in poverty in the UK jumped by 200,000.

It was also the year in which a report was published by a charity stating that the world’s 62 richest people were as wealthy as the rest of the worlds population.

It was the year that brought us #pizzagate and #twittergate, and the #Twitterstorm, and proved beyond all doubt that the mainstream mass media (and a large proportion of the so-called ‘Alternative Media’) could not be trusted …. and that exit polls were in fact …. Shit.

It was the year in which Israel revealed that it now makes 55% of it’s own freshwater, meaning that one of the driest countries on Earth now has more water than it needs, while a water crisis threatens 35,000 Palestinians, of which, half are children.

It was also the year in which 50 Celebrities’ and/or public figures passed away, and are publicaly mourned worldwide, while 55.3 Million other folk slipped away quietly, almost unnoticed, (as they do every year).

I could go on but you get the picture by now I am sure ….

So have a really great, happy and productive New Year and try not to forget to prepare for a 2017 where anything could happen –  and where absolutely nothing should be ruled out.

The Outlaw will leave 2016 behind, with a reminder of the words of Confucius when he attempted to give his opinions and teachings, greater gravity and wider acceptance:

“I do not create; I merely pass on the collected wisdom of those who have gone before.”

Since August 2011, Maricona County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo, a member of the Sheriff’s Office’s Cold Case Team, have been working on a digital document, which was presented to the public by the White House and proported to be a factual representation of the Birth Certificate of outgoing US President, Barack Hussein Obama.

The results of this five-year investigation have now been presented during a press conference screened on December 15th, and have shown that 9 separate points were identified as having been copied from a seperate birth certificate belonging to a ‘Johanna Ah’Nee’, and were digitally pasted to the examined document.

In the video below, Zullo explains how a careful examination of the document’s letters and words, as well as the angles of the date stamps, have proved the document to be a forgery.

However, this revelation does not prove that Barack Obama was not born in the United States, it only proves that the document that was presented to the American public by the Obama administration in 2011 –  was indeed fake.

There are few people who are not by now, acutely aware of the poisonous political climate and bitter division, that has emerged following the Brexit referendum and the US Election.

According to the mass media and the liberals and the hard left, the blame for all the anger, the reported incidences of civil unrest and animosity, as well as the alleged increase in ‘Hate Crimes’ and random acts of ‘Racism’ …. Lies squarely on the shoulders of the political right; specifically the ‘Far Right’.

One would be hard pressed to find references in the mass media, or on left-leaning websites, blogs and social media accounts, to the large number of vile attacks, wanton vandalism, visible threats to life and limb and physical intimidation that has been witnessed and reported on, both online and IRL, and are being carried out by those on the left of the political spectrum.

Social Media in particular, has been swamped with evidence of this, and has been freely shared and positively encouraged on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, while ‘Extremist’ (according to the mass media that is) and right wing accounts are being censured and banned en masse.


The Tweet above is only one example I have selected to illustrate the type of comment that has appeared online, as well as various ‘Memes’ and placards containing hashtags like #assassinatetrump and #rapemelenia which are continuing to spread unchecked and unchallenged.

One particularly vile and disturbing ‘Meme’, is one that has been doing the rounds on social media over the last few days.


The above image appeared on Facebook yesterday, and as far as I can ascertain after a bit of research, first emerged in Germany and was initially shared around a number of ‘Anti-Fascist’ (AntiFa) websites and forums.

Anyone with even a semblance of intelligence, will immediately view it as not only being extremely disrespectful and harmful towards victims of rape and sexual assault, but also gain an insight into the kind of mindset that could actually use a utterly devastating and often life changing ordeal that rape almost always is, as a means to justify the already unsustainable levels of immigration and also preach about ‘tolerance’.

Personally, I am at a loss to even begin to understand the thought processes of anyone who could openly promote such a dispicable agenda, an agenda which clearly encourages the view that rape and brutal sexual assault is an acceptable part of being #tolerant and to #coexist and embrace #diversity.

What is also clear, is that it’s also an admission by those who promote it, that mass immigration carries with it a clear and present danger to the citizens of any host country …. and that country must accept the threat of being subjected to sexual brutality or worse by at least some of those incoming migrants.

And they must also accept the inevitability of being labelled a ‘Racist’ or a ‘Fascist’, simply for voicing an alternative viewpoint to the left and their agendas, and by pro-actively fighting back against the filth and degeneracy that is being promoting on a daily basis.

I have stated which path I have taken, how about you?

Would it surprise you at all that the outcome of the 2016 US Election was decided behind closed doors long before the sun began to rise this morning?

“How can something like that be achieved” and how “is that even possible?” are the questions that many people would be right to ask, and there is no simple answer that I have found to answer those questions, but there are many possibilities.

One of which can be explained (albeit very simply) using a single image:


From what I have personally experienced, and learned from the people I have talked to, both online and IRL, is that the 2016 US Presidential campaign is being conducted during the most devisive, confusing, dangerous, hate-filled, and poisonous atmosphere in living memory …. So much so that whatever the result, there is a very real possibility that not only a civil war, but a world war may ensue as a result.

Following a financial crash which will plunge America into a state of mass panic and chaos of course.

I suggest to you, that all those conditions may have been purposely engineered using the well-proven and very successful techniques employed whenever ‘Psychological Operations’ are implemented on a large scale.

You must already be aware that the media have been using terms like ‘Conspiracy Theory’ to describe what Republican candidate Donald Trump has based many of his speeches around, and I also suggest that Trump has given the ordinary person a glimpse, for the first time, of what has been really going on behind the scenes, and has been going on for many, many years.

“The Establishment will have made a horrible miscalculation if the election is stolen on Tuesday – the Republican Party is done, forever.” – Dr David Duke

Buckle up folks, and get prepared – it’s going to get very ugly from here on in.