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I have been watching with interest, the online insanity surrounding the one-time East17 vocalist Brian Harvey, but have, until now, not allowed myself to be dragged into any of it.

This will be my only contribution, and it comes by way of offering some timely advice.

My advice to Brian Harvey, would be to ignore all of the self-titled ‘Targeted Individuals’, and those who have attached themselves to him in order to boost their own Youtube Channels & social media presence – and also to ignore the detractors and those who he describes as ‘trolls’ – and to concentrate on the bigger picture.

I would then ask him to take some time out (37:02 minutes in real time), and watch the following videos, which will I believe, furnish him with everything he would need to answer most of the questions he has been asking, especially in regard to how he ended up in his current situation.

They explain, in simple terms, not only why, but how it was done, and most importantly, by whom.

Putting all personal feelings aside, as I don’t really care whether Brian Harvey likes me, or trusts my judgement, as it’s unimportant in the greater scheme of things.

What is important, however, is that the truth is not allowed to be bypassed by the endless back and forth between various parties and online groups, and to cut through the white noise that has effectively drowned out any attempt at reasoned discussion, and forge a positive way forward.

These videos were put together by someone who’s work I am aware of via his blog and his Youtube channel, but that is as far as any association between us goes.

It is my belief that Brian Harvey was not only set up, (as the videos clearly show), but he was also both professionally and socially crucified by people within the British political establishment, working towards a pre-determined agenda, assisted by his manager and willingly abetted by the mainstream media.

It’s now up to the reader/viewer to decide for themselves where the truth lies.

I really should not be wasting any more time on this, as there are more important things I should be doing, but this is something that needs to be attended to.

Following on from an earlier post on this site, where I highlighted the conspiratorial nature of a claim made by the barrister Barbara Hewson, she has not only reiterated that claim, which is that I am somehow part of some fictitious ‘team’ of online trolls, she has now doubled-down, and made an even more outlandish claim.

On 13 January 2019, in a post on her blog entitled ‘The Devil’s Cleaners – Part VI’, she published the following:

Which is correct, inasmuch as I was charged, and subsequently convicted of malicious communications; however, Ms. Hewson follows that with a somewhat bizarre inference, that the person who had got me convicted, was then arrested himself a few weeks later, as ‘Retaliation’ for what had happened to me.

Not only is this new claim as equally ridiculous as her  ‘Troll Team’ claim, it also has an palpable air of desperation about it, which is, as recent events have shown, completely understandable.

What I believe Ms. Hewson is doing, is attempting to distract her readers away from what I will suggest as being the real reason for the Met police arresting her friend at his home, and unlike Ms. Hewson, I will not rely solely on any one person’s skewed narrative to support my version ….

So with that in mind, would it be that hard to believe that Ms. Hewson’s friend was not arrested as a retaliation, nor was it an act of revenge, when in fact, Ms. Poulton had herself been subjected to a long online campaign of harassment, which included a number of threats to her person.

I am not aware of everything that Ms. Poulton endured, but if she had received even one-half of what myself and my family were subjected to for years, then she was, in my opinion, fully entitled to report the perpetrator, with the view to getting him prosecuted.

The following tweets are only a small cross-section of what was publicly posted, which are, you may agree, directed at one person, and one person only.

‘BEHEAD yourself’?

‘She’s finished but I like to pour concrete on graves’?

Those tweets are a random selection of dozens, perhaps hundreds, that were posted on that platform, and there were also a number of harassing videos posted to YouTube, as well as Facebook, Google + and dozens of blog posts, and any number of malicious, and what could be viewed as threatening comments, posted to a number of unrelated  websites.

This audio segment was extracted from one such Youtube video, which as well as attempting to belittle and ridicule Ms. Poulton, also reveals what I believe to be the source of Ms. Hewson’s claim, that Ms. Poulton and myself, were/are part of some fictitious #Teamoutlaw troll group.


This next audio segment, again extracted from a deleted Youtube video, is a whole lot darker, decidedly more disturbing, and was in my opinion, published online for one purpose; to harass and frighten it’s intended target.

Whether this ‘message’ was aimed directly at me, or at Ms. Poulton does not really matter, as it’s menacing tone can to my mind, only be interpreted one way – the speakers intent is a clear threat to somebody.


Taking all, or even some of the above into account, can Ms. Hewson still realistically claim that the person who posted those tweets, and produced those audio segments, was only arrested as a retaliation to something that happened to me?

Are those truly the actions of a totally innocent victim, caught up in a type of vendetta, or a knee-jerk revenge against him, as Ms. Hewson appears to be alluding to?

Especially as the examples I have posted here, predate his arrest by many months!

It also raises the question as to why Ms. Hewson is now going to such lengths to defend somebody, who she herself claimed was ‘abusing’ her, and had collected examples of said abuse as screenshots – a few months previously?

Which is a rather odd U-turn on Ms. Hewson’s part, would you agree?

What is not so strange, however, is Ms. Hewson’s deafening silence, on the recent news that the same man pleaded guilty to sending an offensive message to an un-named female, at Salisbury magistrates court last Friday (1 Feb), which earned him 80 hours Community Payback, a surcharge to his victim of £85, and £85 in costs.

I shall end this with a small video compilation I put together last night, which contains but a small selection of the online harassment and threats that have been aimed at myself, and my family, over a four year period from the same source(s).

Anyone who has been targeted online, especially via mainly anonymous users on Google+, will, I am sure, be breathing a sigh of relief over the impending loss of the platform, as announced on Google’s site.

A number of reasons have been offered for this de-platforming, such as ‘low usage’, ‘security vunerabilties’, and ‘challenges involved in maintaining a successful product that meets consumers’ expectations’.

Whatever the reason, I for one will not be mourning it’s loss, but am also in no doubt whatsoever, that the abusers, the stalkers, the weirdo’s and the ghouls that are allowed to currently roam free, and cause absolute mayhem on the platform, will migrate elsewhere, and carry on regardless.


‘Shutting down Google+ for consumer (personal) accounts on April 2, 2019

30 January, 2019

In December 2018, we announced our decision to shut down Google+ for consumers in April 2019 due to low usage and challenges involved in maintaining a successful product that meets consumers’ expectations.

We want to thank you for being part of Google+ and provide next steps, including how to download your photos and other content.

On April 2nd, your Google+ account and any Google+ pages you created will be shut down and we will begin deleting content from consumer Google+ accounts.

Photos and videos from Google+ in your Album Archive and your Google+ pages will also be deleted. You can download and save your content, just make sure to do so before April. Note that photos and videos backed up in Google Photos will not be deleted.

The process of deleting content from consumer Google+ accounts, Google+ Pages, and Album Archive will take a few months, and content may remain through this time. For example, users may still see parts of their Google+ account via activity log and some consumer Google+ content may remain visible to G Suite users until consumer Google+ is deleted.

As early as February 4th, you will no longer be able to create new Google+ profiles, pages, communities or events….’

This post goes out to anyone who has been unjustly attacked, vilified, maligned, falsely accused or ridiculed online …. or in the real world.

If this has ever happened to you, try and draw comfort from the widely-known fact that whenever you are being judged by others, especially those you have never actually met, then they are not defining you as a person, they are in reality, defining themselves.

Unfortunately for many people, their responses to any personal attacks on themselves (or their friends and/or family) are also going to be judged by the same people, so with that in mind ….

‘The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge or controversy’.

This of course applies to the female of the species also.

My own personal favorite, and my one and only response to all of those who appear to have massive problems with not only me and this website, but also those who freely comment here ?

I am, however, disappointed on a daily basis by the lack of quality in most of the attacks on me, but the sheer volume and the venom expressed in these attacks, means that I am continuing to be an irritating and hopefully painful thorn in the side of those people, and also reassures me that I am doing something right ….

As 2018 fast approaches, end-of-year resolutions being de rigeur and all that, the Outlaw would like to take this opportunity to wish it’s readers all the best for the coming year, and outline a little of what they can expect to see published here throughout 2018 and hopefully beyond.

Very few people can accurately predict what will happen next year, but despite that, a number of posts have already appeared online, (like every year previously) which loudly proclaim that ‘2018 will be the year ‘IT’ will happen!’,  and ‘This next year will be when that real change will occur and the establishment will fall etc etc’ …..

Although what ‘IT’ is, we may never find out.

The Outlaw is not going to do that, as nobody can predict the future with any real degree of accuracy, but one thing is certain, and that is 2018 is not going to be markedly different to 2017, or 2016, or any previous year in which similar predictions have been made.

The UK may of course see an early General Election which may usher in a change of government, you don’t have to be Mystic Meg to predict that one, and a number of stories that the mainstream media have been sitting on for a while may actually hit the headlines at some point in 2018 (or not); but from what I have seen thus far, the status quo (however flawed, deeply unpleasant and unequal it may appear to be) will continue regardless, and there is very little that can, or will happen on the world stage that will effectively change that in 2018.

Where the Outlaw is concerned, however, there are some things that can be predicted with ease, inasmuch as this site’s future content for example and what is published, what is included or left out, and of course, the time scale upon which any of that will happen.

Obviously some of this websites’ previous content has been dictated by events entirely beyond it’s control, both internationally and nationally, and I, as it’s proprietor/owner have presented my own insights in regard to said events, strictly based on any evidence that has become available …. and when the evidence is sketchy or non-forthcoming, used a combination of gut instinct and common sense in order to offer some perspective and/or balance to the often hysterical narrative that almost always accompanies many of the events that have occurred in recent years.

One subject in particular that I have found myself embroiled in, at least since 2012 when the Outlaw was first published, is that of the seemingly industrial scale of Historical Childhood Abuse allegations that have emerged over the last decade, and which admittedly led me down many blind alleys at the beginning; and led me into some very dark places and situations which were positively riddled with purposely laid tripwires and booby traps, a number of which, when activated, have had a deeply distressing, and unhealthy effect not only on myself, but on my family and close friends also.

In fact, it was during my own investigations into some of those who were/still are involved at the very heart of what can accurately be summarized as the ‘Dark and rancid underbelly of the UK’, that I arrived at what I can only describe as an ‘epiphany’ ….

I began to believe wholeheartedly in the existence of a ‘creator’, or a ‘God-like being’ if you prefer, and despite how much I wrestled internally with it and tried to dismiss the reality of it, I could not, however hard I fought, abandon a lifelong and deep-rooted belief I held, that in nature there always has to be a perfect balance for all of life to co-exist; that no one thing can exist without the presence of it’s exact and polar opposite – Ying/Yang, Hot/Cold, Summer/Winter, Up/Down, Black/White, Male/Female, Love/Hate and so on, and by using that tried and tested analogy, I knew instinctively, and without a single shadow of a doubt in my mind, that on my travels along that path, I had met the Devil ….

And a number of his agents ….

Ergo, there had to be a God!

Take from that what you will, but until you have taken that route, take it from someone who now knows that it’s something that will live with you for a very, very long time.

In fact, it may never really disappear.

On the subject of CSA, it’s also pretty much a given that the same stories that did the rounds this last year, and the year before, and the year before that, will continue to be circulated, rinsed off and repeated in 2018, in a similar way they have been for the last decade; and it will be the self-same group of people who are circulating them.

Despite the commonly-held belief that this group is large in number, and to all intent and purpose appear to be all over the internet, when you actually take some time out, step back from it and begin to peel back a few of the outer layers, it becomes evident that the idea that was set out by Frigyes Karinthy applies, and that all of those who are circulating these stories can be connected to each other, and by a lot fewer than the six steps, or degrees that Karinthy set out in 1929.

I can safely predict this with a high degree of accuracy, because the greater majority of these yarn spinners appear to have little else to do with their lives but concoct and circulate wholly fictitious fairy tales online, posting them to as many places as possible in a short space of time, where they are readily picked up and shared by any number of people who by their very nature of being human, are only too eager to share such a juicy (and carefully crafted hence seemingly popular) story to their own online friends and followers, as well as among their own real-life family and friends.

In a very short space of time any one of these concocted stories can go ‘viral’, and soon become the absolute truth for some people, who will then obsessively promote it all over their social media accounts and/or blogs, (often adding their own embellishments to the mix) and will fiercely defend it against anyone who dares to question it’s veracity – and they will not take a single step backwards from that, despite being confronted with irrefutable evidence which effectively blows it out of the water.

Many of us see this on a daily basis online, on Facebook and Twitter particularly, both of which have huge global user-bases, where fake news items from sites such as YOURNEWSWIRE for example, are shared thousands upon thousands of times each day on social media, despite there being plenty of evidence readily available which clearly outlines that outfit’s real agenda.

Yournewswire is of course, the bastard offspring of the now defunct David Icke vehicle ‘The People’s Voice’, and TPV is still the holding company by all accounts.

There is also some evidence which suggests that ‘Editor-In-chief’ Sean Adl-Tabatabai somehow ‘re-engineered’ most of the money that was freely donated by thousands of genuine and well meaning people, and used it to finance the setting up of Yournewswire …. and if the rumors are true, also funded his same-sex wedding, as well as their extravagant honeymoon and their permanent relocation to La la Land.

I am not suggesting that the majority of people who are sharing these fake stories often quite innocently, are in any way bad people, or are a part of any ‘shadowy agenda’, it’s far more likely to be the case that they are simply misguided, naive and certainly impressionable, but they are not bad, and the possibility exists that most of those those who toss this stuff around the internet like confetti, rarely look beyond the often lurid headlines before passing it along the line to others.

If not, then we really are in serious trouble.

Yournewswire is only one of many online purveyors of the kind of garbage I see being shared online every single day, there are far too many to list here, but as I referred to earlier, almost every one of these fake news outlets are controlled by, and/or directly run by a small, select group operating in the background.

There are rarely independent of each other, there is little doubt about that now.

It is these purveyors of fake news (and the vomitus that emanates from them daily) which will be getting a lot more attention on the Outlaw in 2018, as it’s not being challenged nearly enough, and has been allowed to run rampant over the last few years, effectively grabbing the public’s attention, deliberately leading them up blind alleys, and distracting people’s attention away from what they should really be focusing on.

Another thing I referred to earlier, was that many of these online muck spreaders appear to do little else but post misleading and inaccurate information online, because while most normal people were taking time out to enjoy the festive season with their loved ones, the following ‘Pastebin’ entry was published on Christmas Day of all days, by a ‘researcher’ working for UK Column, who has continued her unrelenting attacks on Danny Wolstencroft, a Child Abuse Survivor …. attacks which were were highlighted in a previous article on the Outlaw.

I am only mentioning this here, to demonstrate an up-to-date example which clearly illustrates the type of utter tripe these people publish 24/7 in their attempts to smear, undermine and cause as much abject misery and distress to their selected targets as is humanly possible to bear ….

The laughable thing, however, is what they (and others) refer to in all seriousness as ‘research’….

I would like to bring to your attention a paragraph published lower down that Pastebin entry – as it perfectly illustrates the questionable ineptness of their ‘research’ and may even offer an insight into the levels on which these people’s simply unfathomable minds operate.

See What I mean?

Complete rubbish !!

The person’s name who ‘WILDCATSCOT’ AKA ‘@CalamiTcat’ (A trusted ‘Researcher’ for UK Column) is attempting to draw the readers attention to I have blacked out, as I have little desire to be hauled into my local police station again, which happened the last time that persons name appeared on this site, leading to her (and one other) making a large number of complaints to North Wales’ finest in their continual attempts to get me charged with ‘Harassment’.

You may also have noticed that she has used as her source, a blog entry from 2013, which as I recall was an attempt to smear and personally attack the journalist Sonia Poulton, by the mysterious and rather odd English expatriate who writes under the pseudonym ‘Thomas Pride’.

Which is a rather odd thing to do, when you also consider that Ms Poulton has recently spoken about her desire to visit one Melanie Shaw, who, as some of you may be aware of, is UK Column’s pet project, who the UKC claim is being held as a political prisoner at Peterborough Jail, simply for being a Child Abuse whistleblower ….

UKC’s faithful followers have campaigned for her immediate release at every opportunity since her incarceration.

Personally, I have elected not to support Ms Shaw publicaly or privately, as there is one hell of a lot more to her story than her supporters want you to believe, and until the mythology subsides and the real truth emerges, I shall retain my position.

And on top of that, the ‘Hollie Greig Justice’ blog and Twitter account, who are also rabid supporters and cheerleaders for UK Column, and are notorious for promoting and attempting to resurrect a notorious Satanic Abuse Hoax in Scotland and of course  their venomous, bile-laden outbursts on social media; are also gleefully promoting Ms Poulton’s intention to visit Shaw ….

Which may well be a desperate attempt on their part, to try and lend their lunatic outpourings some much needed credibility – by attaching themselves to a well-known social commentator who has a large number of supporters?

Only they really know the answer to that one.

I would like to get a ringside seat though, when UK Column’s researcher may at some point have to justify to Ms Poulton why she has referenced and highlighted Tom Pride’s vitriolic personal attack on her, simply to continue her proxy attacks on Mr Daniel Wolstencroft of Shatterboys, by way of trying to undermine the person who wrote an article highlighting UKC’s disgusting smearing of a genuine CSA survivor who is also a VSCP panel member.

Certainly something to watch out for in 2018 perhaps? …..

Anyway, the little of what I have outlined above should be enough to furnish the reader with a small insight into what has been going on, and is something that I will be highlighting in far greater detail from 2018 onwards.

It should now also be obvious that many of the ‘Spats’ that have been witnessed online between many of these self-styled agents of the ‘Truth’ …. are pretty much stage managed and are designed to confuse and further muddy the waters and place as many obstacles in the path of anyone who is intrepid enough to try and discover the truth about the true levels of child abuse in this country.

A country in case you had forgotten, who’s establishment place more importance on hunting down and bringing before the courts, ‘right wing commentators’ and those perceived to be peddling ‘hate speech’ …. than they do on bringing Paedophiles and those who protect them, Satanic Abuse Hoaxers, Groomers and general wrong ‘un’s to justice.

The Outlaw will not be deviating from it’s original mission statement which it laid out back in 2012 and will continue to adhere to:

‘This site was first established in 2012, to encourage information to flow freely, and to be easily accessible to everyone.

It’s main focus, is one of revising some of the ‘universally accepted truths‘ that have been written into history, mainly unchallenged, and also to highlight some of the important issues that European and American people face every day –  issues which have been purposely suppressed and/or watered-down by various agencies.

Those agencies, which include the mass media, the established order, mainstream historians and tame scientists, as well as incumbent governments, who as public servants, do not serve the people, and until that happens, it will remain this sites primary objective, to bring a greater level of awareness, in a free and open format – without fear or favour.

This site is 100% independent, and will continue to operate for as long as possible without intrusive advertisements, although it may consider sponsorship at some point, but only due to any unforeseen financial circumstances that may occur in the future.’

But it will be focusing a lot more on debunking some of the mythology, and the increasing number of hoaxes that are constantly being circulated and/or recycled on the internet, and of course, highlighting those who delight in (and financially benefit from) perpetuating them.


I was sent a video this evening by someone who wanted to hear my thoughts on it, and to also ask if I could look over it and ascertain if there was any truth in it.

The video (which I have not linked to here, but have taken some stills from) was published by UK Column on their website recently, and appears to be an attempt to cast suspicion upon and undermine a UK-Based Childhood Abuse Survivors Group, namely ‘Shatter Boys UK’.

In the video, the studio hosts are seen talking via a video link with someone calling themselves @Albion_Rover, and are discussing at length, what appears to be a simple spelling error which appears on the Companies House Website.

The spelling error they appear to be getting very excited about is the name of Daniel WOLSTENCROFT, which has appeared on the Companies House website as WOLSTENHOLM, Daniel, and the clever people at UK Column have helpfully superimposed a screenshot of Mr Wolstencroft’s biography which is listed on the website of the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), as Mr Wolstencroft sits on the Victims and Survivors Consultative Panel (VSCP) along with eight other people.

Along with this spelling error, which UK Column are claiming is highly suspicious and based on that claim, they have demanded answers from Mr Wolstencroft as to how this error has occurred.

The two UK Column hosts and their Scottish news stringer, have also made a clear reference to a Fraudulent Insurance Claim which occurred in October 2013, which involved a man also named Daniel Wolstencroft, and have attempted to draw the viewers attention to the possibility that these two men are in fact …. the same person!

These claims have now spilled over onto social media, and from what I have been observing myself, and from what a number of sources are also telling me, it now appears that a closely-linked group on social media have now picked up on this, and ganged up on Mr Wolstencroft, surrounding him like starving jackals, demanding that he explains to them personally how the spelling error occurred on the Companies House Website, and if he is in fact the person that UK Column have referred to as having been involved in a fraudulent insurance claim.

Mr Wolstencroft has I believe, ‘blocked’ those accounts now, and UK Column as I understand it are now backtracking on the claims they made in their video.

Knowing only too well how this online ‘Mobbing’ works, especially in regard to how social media is being utilized to not only try and totally discredit and remove people (including genuine abuse survivors) who have been selected to work alongside the IICSA – who for whatever reason do not fulfill the ‘criteria’ demanded by this online mob, I contacted a friend of mine in order to obtain a personal statement from Mr Wolstencroft to address this once and for all.

Mr Wolstencroft kindly obliged and has given his permission for his statement to be published on the Outlaw in full:

‘I originally started Shatterboys UK to give support to those males who had been sexually abused as children, who are now adults who had no support and wanted peer support, in the hope that people could find strength and courage from identification with those who had similar life experiences and had moved forward with their lives to prove it could be done. The main focus was so people could be supported through mutual aid and empower themselves and get their lives back.

We provide one to one peer support and group support, we also campaign for change and signpost and support through the police system.

We decided to register as a company which a business lawyer did for me and spelt my name wrongly, Wolstenholm instead of Wolstencroft, he did this for me as a favour due to my lacking the necessary skills when it comes to form filling due to my dyslexia.

Companies House has been contacted about this and said it was typed incorrectly. The necessary forms have been submitted to remedy this error.

I personally have high level security clearance through the Home Office and my name is Daniel Mark Wolstencroft.

A few other people came on board to share the workload as directors and have some collective ownership of what we were doing. Over time, people either moved on or got paid jobs as Shatter Boys received no funding from any outside body, everything is voluntary. I have two other jobs which I have run Shatterboys off since we started, out of my own pocket.

The others found the pressure too much due to the issues we were dealing with, or left for personal reasons, which is not for me to share as that would be wrong.

I am effectively, the last man standing.

Shatter Boys does not even have a bank account because one of the directors had bad credit with the bank we approached to open an account.

We have received donations which has helped us to travel to see clients up and down the country and to run numerous events.

I have spent far more than what has ever come in, I give four days personally to Shatter Boys of my own time voluntarily, supporting victims, campaigning, raising awareness, telephone and email support, court support and signposting to counselling services and supporting people at meetings.

I also support family members and deliver training.

We have no premises as it was costing me too much and I have my own rent to pay and children to support.

You may be under the impression that we are a large, well-funded organisation and it may appear that way because I am proactive and get myself everywhere so it seems like there are many of us but it’s just me.

The Companies House registration was pointless and means little as it has no impact on how we work, it seemed a good idea at the time but it has caused more trouble than it’s worth, and the reason it’s getting dissolved is because there hasn’t been a letter sent in to confirm we want to stay open.

That’s down to me not putting any importance on it and being rubbish at paperwork and focusing on the important side of things which is supporting survivors.

You [UK Column] have put up a piece on your website saying that I’ve been done for fraud for a car crash, I state categorically that person is not me.

You have slandered my name publicly and defamed my character through poor research.

You’re online trolling campaign fronted by ‘Wildcat’, your No:1 researcher and your journalist ‘David’ have triggered dozens of survivors we support, and from which I’ve received numerous complaints about their behavior and there are numerous screenshots to support this.

You calling us Twa**er Boys had been taken personally by those we support and they have taken it as a personal attack on themselves as you have called them ‘Tw@#ts.’

Shatter Boys stands for breaking the silence and you have mocked them for speaking out, this has greatly upset young boys I support, family members of those who’s children have taken their own lives who have spoken out.

You have effectively silenced and re-traumatized and triggered victims through your online hate campaign. The page you have been trolling is primarily a page where survivors and family members get in touch and gather strength through our videos.

I’ve had to close the Facebook page and suspended support through you attacking those who have found the courage to finally speak out. You have made it a toxic and unsafe environment and dangerous.

You have terrified the mother of my children and she is now afraid to leave the house because of your ‘researcher’s’ trolling and creepy videos.

She is deeply worried that something may now happen to our children.

I will be closing down the company’s registration in the New Year, I haven’t updated my address on it and will not be doing so due to the amount of paedophile activity we disrupt and don’t want that made public due to people like you putting my address and birth certificate online.

You have knocked dozens of people ten steps back in their own recovery, some of which are going through the court process and God only knows how I’m going to support them to get back on track.

I will, however, carry on campaigning and pushing forward, you did not take into account my resilience when you tried to destroy my efforts.

Finally …. You have NOT run me out of the country as ‘Wildcat’ suggests, myself and another volunteer are travelling to Holland to form a CSA Task Force with other groups across Europe against Trafficking – that’s just another element of the work we do.

We will remain very proactive as we were from the beginning.’

Daniel Wolstencroft 

10th December 2017


Despite the the following article being taken from an obviously left-centrist website, it does acknowledge and further raise awareness of something that has been common knowledge to some of us for a few years now – namely that establishment-funded trolls and gang stalkers, are using fake social media accounts and blogs to rubbish childhood sexual abuse survivors; and to discredit and undermine their support networks leaving them very vulnerable and often alone, which has led to a number of survivors self-harming or even taking their own lives.

It’s good, therefore, to read that at last, some of the independent online media news sources are finally catching up ….

And some CSA survivors and their support networks, have been the targets of these ‘Trolls’ since 1996, and in some cases, prior to that.

CHILD ABUSE ALLEGATIONS: The establishment fightback begins


‘The SKWAWKBOX published earlier this week two articles relating to the terrible scandal of child abuse in the UK and the sham of the government’s inquiry.

The first related that a serving Chief Constable of a UK police force had been accused of – and interviewed under caution about – involvement in sexual abuse of children, yet was still in post, in spite of numerous missed deadlines promised by the authorities for a decision on prosecution.

The second showed the extent of the control exercised by the Home Office over the responses that panel members were allowed to give to a formal parliamentary committee, raising serious doubts about any semblance of independence, transparency and openness. More than one mainstream media outlet is now preparing its own articles.

Predictably, it didn’t take long for the Establishment to start pushing back in an ugly fashion.

Anonymous troll accounts – in fact, worse than trolls – have begun a smear campaign on social media attempting to attack the credibility of a key whistleblower who exposed issues with the inquiry and, even more unforgivably, of a victim of terrible abuse.

At least one of these provocateur accounts is run by someone with a sinister history of stalking – including arrest – and who is known to have connections to key Establishment figures, including at least one who has expressed controversial views about sexual consent and a history of accusations of online and offline bullying. All have the vile tone of the bully.

The SKWAWKBOX does not intend to give oxygen to the smears or to the smearers. But if you read accusations online or off about whistleblower Sharon Evans or child-abuse survivors, reach for a huge pinch of salt.

The speed and vehemence of the backlash only strengthen the credibility of the accusations and revelations. The Establishment must be worried.’



As anyone who writes and publishes their work online will testify, there will always be someone, or as is more often the case these days, groups of people, who will be offended by or will take issue, or simply do not like, or have any number of reasons to feel uncomfortable with what you are writing about; and will do almost anything in their attempts to stop you.

Since it’s inception in 2012, the Outlaw and it’s creator/owner/administrator, ie: Yours Truly, has been the target of every type of accusation that it is possible to imagine, and I’ll not bore you with the details as they are hardly worth mentioning, but the notable examples are the accusations, threats and general fantastical claims that emanate on a regular basis from a certain dark corner of the www, inhabited by people who border on the clinically insane …. and these people remain, to this day, completely convinced that I have zero input on this site, and cannot possibly run it on my own – so of course, in their minds at least, the day -to- day running and the costs incurred on the Outlaw must be the work of the ‘British Establishment’ and the North Wales Police.

‘Running interference for the establishment’ and my supposed role in ‘Stifling the truth about abuse’ are among the allegations made regularly, and understandably, I was curious to find out as to what type of mind could, and would concoct such paranoid nonsense.

The second set of comments speak for themselves, inasmuch as they are inferring that the running of this site has now changed hands, and has somehow miraculously, reincarnated into some type of platform for the British Security Services, is now Funded by the Taxpayer, and it’s owner (Me again) is ‘Not only a grass, but a fully paid up shill protected by the police’ – or so this persons ‘friend’ (anonymous of course) told him.

Ordinarily, stuff like this is fairly mundane, is laughable and is pretty much an everyday occurrence for people who publish online in any capacity, and is easily dismissed as the ramblings of some disgruntled, deeply disturbed and deluded individuals and can, and should be ignored as it’s complete fantasy and should be treated as such.

It is all too easy to be dragged down by this kind of rubbish, and if one was in any way paranoid or vulnerable, it can play on your mind, and some genuine people who have been targeted online to any degree have had no option but to close down what were some very informative and useful websites and social media accounts as a result.

Apart from the obvious implications, many people have also been denied their basic human right to a voice, and some of these voices belonged to some very vulnerable people indeed, and were purposely targeted by people very much like those responsible for the comments above.

I am not going to elaborate on the real reasons why this site in particular has been targeted by the types who posted the comments I have used, until a time when the suspicions I have can be backed up with evidence; so I will instead concentrate on something more troubling, and if taken seriously, more than a little dangerous to the unfortunate recipient.

If one was to perform an online search for this website, one of those results would be to a ‘Blogger’ site [outlawjimmy.blogspot] the content of which is pictured below and it should be obvious as to it’s intent.

This site has been online since December 2013, and until recently, I have not paid it any attention as tracking down the authors of these type of postings is notoriously difficult, and a total waste of valuable resources if one was to waste the relevant authorities’ time by reporting them.

The site has also been circulated among a few anonymous trolls on Twitter and has been re-published on at least two WordPress blogs, that have since been subsequently suspended for abusive content and violations of the blogging platform’s Terms of Service.

This site has now re-emerged as ‘Trollexposure’ [Spin versus Truth]


The original source of the contents contained in the blogspot post

It’s only because some information has become available recently, which has clearly identified the publisher of the blogspot post, that I am even bothering to highlight it here, as it does give an insight into what may be in part, the reason why these online entities create such chaos and continually subject people to utter misery and fear and distress on a daily basis.

At the bottom of the post,[above] the author has used his own name to publish the malicious article, which according to Google+, still has an active account listed.

Mark Fisher’, who after only a few short minutes searching for, was found to be living in Lockwood, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, and has a easily traceable history of making similar malicious allegations about a number of people.

So what became of Mr Fisher?



‘An Internet troll who branded innocent people paedophiles and terrorists has been convicted of harassment. Fantasist Mark Fisher, 44, posted damaging comments online about people he held a grudge against.

One of his victims, a schoolteacher, has been unable to return to work because of the false allegations he made.

Some of his victims were wrongly linked to terrorism while Fisher accused another of causing the death of her husband – who was killed by a tragic accident.

Fisher was convicted after a trial of nine charges under the Malicious Communications Act of updating a website with grossly offensive articles and found guilty of a further charge of harassment.

He has mental health issues and was ordered to be detained in hospital for at least six months.

District Judge Michael Fanning told him: “You have made harmful and utterly baseless allegations against a number of individuals. The allegations you made were a fantasy and in one instance you harmed the career of one of your victims.”

The court heard that Fisher initially targeted one male victim with his lies.

Vanessa Jones, prosecuting, said: ” Mr Fisher published on a couple of blog sites and Facebook some unpleasant information about this gentleman in relation to paedophile involvement.”

Fisher put a picture of the victim on the social network with a link to a website linked with a well known sex offender. He also claimed on his page that he had details of ‘suspected perverts’, living in Huddersfield, West Yorks.

The victim told Fisher that the information was false and asked him to take the information off the site, which he refused to do.

Others who knew Fisher responded and told him they were not happy about him making these claims.

Mrs Jones said: “Four other people who knew Mr Fisher expressed their displeasure. They were added to the list that Mr Fisher felt were part of paedophile involvement. One of the complainants is a teacher and because of the information still on Facebook she can’t work.”

The court heard that Fisher, who had no previous convictions, suffers from mental illness.

Sentencing at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court, Judge Fanning told him: “The allegations you made against them are a fantasy, linking them to paedophilia.”

In making the hospital order, he added: ” I am satisfied that you will continue to offend against these individuals or cast your net wider to involve those against whom you hold a grudge.”

Fisher, of Lockwood, Huddersfield, will be kept in hospital for an initial six-month term. Upon his release, he must comply with a restraining order, banning him from contacting six named victims.

He is also banned from posting any images or material about them online.

In addition he is prohibited from maintaining the material already published by him, meaning that any offensive posts will need to be taken down.


I have never met Mark Fisher from Huddersfield, I have never once spoken to him in person, or interacted with him online, (other than removing a number of his comments on this site) and prior to his ridiculous allegations, I had never heard of him.

I have never met any of the others that I have highlighted here either, although I am well aware of them, since they have targeted me in a similar manner and have made dozens of completely false and malicious allegations about me (and others) over the past four or five years.

As far as I am aware, not one of them have ever met me, have never spoken to me in person, and know absolutely nothing about me other than whatever rubbish they have gleaned from online searches, and what appear to be entirely fictitious accounts told to them by others, of which only one, or possibly two, have actually met me in person.

Mr Fisher, sadly suffers from some evidenced mental health issues, so unfortunately there is little that I -or anybody else – can do to curb his delusionary accusations in regard to myself, and can only speculate as to the reasons why he would target me, or anyone else, using the methods he has employed.

If I had to guess, however, it would be that he had either found the information online, as it was already available on the two now-defunct WordPress blogs I referred to earlier, and was shared on a number of now-deleted Twitter accounts – or that he was purposely fed the false information by somebody in his immediate area, who cruelly preyed on his mental health status, and evidenced history of publishing categorically untrue and wholly malicious content online.

I am only aware of one person who lives in the same area as Mr. Fisher, and they, [coincidentally] post on the same platform that the comments at the top of this article were taken from, (and have also made a number of false allegations) so I can only speculate on that being the case, until evidence emerges to confirm, or disregard that as an avenue of further investigation.

There are I believe, marked similarities between the people who post these type of malicious and entirely false allegations, however, and the obvious one appears to be, that there are mental issues which impel them to fixate on people they select, and who they truly believe have wronged them somehow …. or they exhibit a type of religious zeal, similar to the type which was evident in a number of recent cases, relating to the wrongful accusations of a number of people who were subsequently acquitted after being accused of childhood sexual abuse in North Wales.

Or it could be for some other reason entirely …. Because whatever way you choose to look at it, all these people are connected, albeit tenuously.

So with that in mind, I reserve the right to defend both myself, my family, my friends (and my own sanity) from false and malicious claims against me, and others, using whatever methods are legally available to me.

I have been doing a lot of research over the last few weeks into something that has affected what appears to be a huge number of people who use the Internet, and which ranks among the grubbiest, malevolent and entirely cowardly activities one could ever have the misfortune to encounter.


This activity, which has become known as ‘RIP Trolling,’ is a singularly vile and deeply disturbing ‘pastime’ (the perpetrators themselves describe it as ‘doing it for the lolz’), undertaken by what only can be accurately described as truly evil, desperately ugly and wholly unrepentant creatures, and involves staging both sustained and completely unrelenting online group attacks on the grieving families and friends of recently deceased children.

Attacking and destroying online memorial pages, which are set up by the deceased child’s family and friends – with child pornography and photoshopped images of mutilated and sexually violated children, adults and animals is only a small part of what they do.

These targeted group attacks are not exclusively focussed on deceased children either, as it has been observed that they derive great pleasure from their sickening online attacks on disabled children and their parents too.

These activities were not something I had ever encountered before, and was certainly something I had not experienced on a personal level, but I was asked to look into it by a number of victims of one UK-Based group in particular, who co-incidentally had also started attacking a good friend of my family on Facebook and Twitter around the same time.

I began tracing their daily activities to their source, aided by some very useful screen shots of their evidenced behaviour, and a digital archive of information sourced by and kindly supplied by some of their victims – and in no small part by the contents of a book that had been written about this very group, which certainly helped to answer a number of questions I needed answers to.

Available on Amazon, ‘HACKERS ON STEROIDS’ which is available at the low cost of just 99p, is an essential, if harrowing read and I would recommended it to anyone who has experienced ‘Trolling’ and ‘Stalking’ and ‘Cyberbullying’ online, and also gives the reader a unique insight into what passes for the mindsets of the type of people I am attempting to write about here.

It is not an easy read by any means, but I did find a lot of parallels with the online and real-like harassment and abuse that I had encountered online since 2013, and finally putting faces to the names that are contained within the book proved extremely helpful too, inasmuch as seeing these people for what they really are – also confirmed that their physical attributes are every bit as much as you would imagine one of these creatures to actually look like.


The Updated status of this post is to acknowledge that I have been left with no option but to remove some of it’s content – due to that content now being shown to be demonstrably false.

I published the content in good faith, and it was based around information I had received from someone who has since been shown to be a less than reliable source.

All I can do is to apologise and assure the reader that I would never knowingly publish information on this website I know to be false, and have since severed all contact with this individual, who has clearly attempted to use the Outlaw as a platform to further his obsessive and ultimately harmful vandettas against a number of people….

I must also add that I totally agree with those people who have advised him to seek the professional help he desperately needs, if he is to avoid any further dealings with the police and the High Court.

According to the STOKE SENTINEL, Staffordshire police are currently investigating a number of Tweets published by former world darts champion Eric Bristow.


Bristow’s comments were in regard to the recent revelations that a number of victims have come forward with allegations that they were sexually abused as children by their football coach.

The investigation follows a complaint that the retired sport star’s comments regarding ex-Crewe Alexandra coach Barry Bennell and his victims – constitute a ‘hate crime’.

Bristow has already been dismissed by SkySports from his job as an occasional darts pundit, over his comments, which suggested that the victims ‘went back and sorted him out when they were older’, and caused anger by conflating paedophiles with homosexuals in a tweet which read:

“Might be a loony but if some football coach was touching me when I was a kid, as I got older I would have went back and sorted that poof out.”

He later retracted the later comment, insisting that he meant to use the word ‘Paedo‘ instead of ‘Poof‘, and has since deleted the offending tweets.

Apart from the expected Twitter meltdown, and the collective furious response from the great and good within the British media and various ‘celebrities’ – a number of questions have been asked by child abuse survivors, who are rightly, in my opinion, somewhat confused by the almost immediate police response to what on the surface appears to them to be a rather trivial issue.


From what I am seeing on social media, and from survivors who have contacted the Outlaw, is that there is a great deal of anger among some abuse survivors, who over the last few years have been subjected to all manner of verbal abuse, threats and continuous harrassment online, much of which has been reported to various police forces, and has been summarily dismissed.

From what I have been hearing from those who have made these reports, the reasons for the police’s apparent reluctance to investigate their complaints – have ranged from: “We don’t Police the Internet”, “Why don’t you just come offline”, “What do you want us to do about it” through to “Just ignore them they will get bored soon enough”.

When you realise that some of these complaints were related to clear cases of ‘Stalking and harrassment‘ as is set out by not only CPS guidelines and the National Stalking Helpline, then you should also understand how frustrating this must have been to those who make the complaints in good faith.

My question, however, is are the police now starting to act on what amount to what must be hundreds of complaints that have been reported to them by any number of CSA survivors …. Or have Mr Bristow’s ill-informed comments been swiftly acted upon, due simply to the derogatory term he used conflating homosexuality with Paedophilia?

Which is, I recall the same thing that ex-Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron was at pains to point out, when confronted on daytime TV in 2012 with a ‘list’ of well-known names, that were alleged to be Paedophiles.