Now that the mainstream media appear to be running with the story of how VIP Paedophile Accuser ‘Nick,’ was charged some eight months ago, with what are being referred to as ‘Paedophile Offences’ – I have decided to publish a short article only, for readers to post their own thoughts about what is going on. I have no intention of being dragged into any aspect of CSA Advocacy again, any more than I would volunteer to be blinded with a […]

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The only time I met Steven Messham after leaving Bryn Estyn, was in the Secure (Punishment Block) Unit of an ‘Approved School’ that according to the the West Glamorgan Local Authority was a ‘Farm.’ I had been in the Unit as I had recently arrived from Cardiff Prison on a Section 53. It was immediately following my sixteenth birthday, this was going to be my home for the next three years or thereabouts! This place where we met, had a […]

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