Following on from an earlier article on the Outlaw “BRING ME SUNSHINE”, it would appear that mainstream scientists have now agreed (in a roundabout way) that a lack of exposure to the sun can cause a myriad of health problems. Their latest about turn, after years of promoting the myth that exposure to the sun is harmful, may be of interest to men of a certain age. The rates of Prostrate Cancer, which has added to the spiralling rates of […]

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Seven leading health groups in the UK have announced a “definitive statement” that reverses decades of ignorant opposition to sunlight exposure. This statement admits what many have known for years: That sunlight exposure is good for you and that people should seek to expose themselves to the sun, without sunscreen in order to produce more vitamin D. This definitive statement was issued by the following non-profit groups: Cancer Research UK National Osteoporosis Society Multiple Sclerosis Society British Association of Dermatologists […]

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