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The people of France have just voted for their own destruction.

The people of France have just voted for a hand-picked, liberal globalist over the Nationalist candidate Marine Le Pen.

The people of France have just voted for open borders, for even greater Islamification of their once beautiful country, and they have voted to prop up a rapidly imploding European Union.

Adieu France, Vous Alex Terminé ….

This is a short update to some earlier published articles on this site, which examined in some depth, the still-ongoing mystery of the large number of suicides which have occurred in and around the town of Bridgend in South Wales.

At this time, the number of deaths that have occurred in and around Bridgend by way of suicide has exceeded 110, there has been a significant news blackout around these incidents and no reasonable explanation has been offered, either by the authorities, or by any number of the investigations that have been undertaken by professional or citizen journalists.

Everything from a Teenage suicide ‘cult‘ to possible ‘alien abductions‘ have been put forward at one time or another by a number of online sources, some of which are obviously more plausible than others, but none, as far as I am aware have managed to submit a definitive, or even satisfactory solution.

I am also aware that this, or any other published article may not shine a light upon what has really been happening in Bridgend since 2007, but it would be remiss if me if I did not publish what has been made available to me since the last article that was published here, which may be of significance.

Among those who have contacted this site over the last few weeks, were three people who do not live in South Wales, but have had cause to visit the town and subsequently experienced something which has, so far, defied (medical) explanation.

What they have claimed to have experienced, however, does corroborate something that a number of others have related to both my source and to myself directly, and is something which to my knowledge has not being reported upon by the mass media, nor has it been discussed online in any great detail.

The day after spending the day in the town, all of those who contacted me attended their local casualty units with what can only be described as: “The worst pain that they had ever experienced”. A pain which suddenly ‘exploded‘ through their heads, completely out of nowhere and had totally incapacitated them for around three minutes before disappearing completely.

These attacks continued at intervals throughout the day and by that evening all but one had no option but to present themselves at (separate) hospitals, unable to speak coherently until the pain had subsided to a point where they were able to be examined.

Following a number of hospital tests, and a follow-up examination at a neurological outpatients department, they were diagnosed as suffering from something known as ‘Trigeminal Neuralgia‘, or ‘Fothergill’s Disease‘.

TN, is a severe and chronic disorder which affects the cranial (Trigeminal) nerve which carries sensations from the face to the brain and controls facial motor functions like biting and chewing.

One distinguishing feature of Trigeminal Neuralga is that it has been described as being ‘one of the most painful conditions known to humankind’.

TN, is also known as The Suicide Disease …. because sufferers have been known to take their own lives during an attack in desperate attempts to relieve the pain.

It’s that bad apparently.

Of course, these events may be entirely coincidental and unconnected to the tragic events that have occurred in and around the town over the greater part of a decade, but should that automatically rule it out as a contributing factor?

The story will continue, I am in no doubt about that.

Every so often, I read something that I know will stay with me for a very long time.

From well-loved books I have read and re-visited many times, through well-written magazine articles, right down to blog posts that I have stumbled upon quite by accident while looking for something else – there will thankfully, always be examples of the written word that will leave an indelible mark.

The following extract is one of those; it’s a poem contained within a book of poetry, written by a man from Birkenhead on the Wirral, and one which narrates his life – in verse.

Stephen Wynne was diagnosed as being Bi-Polar, after he suffered a complete breakdown on his 33rd birthday in 1999, which may have been the result of his battle with the drugs he had turned to, following the suicide at age 26, of his younger brother Peter in 1994.

Peter had been taken into care in North Wales as a boy, following the breakdown of his parents marriage, and it was discovered years later that he had been tortured, tormented and physically abused whilst residing at the Bryn Estyn children’s home.

Stephen Wynne (1966-2010)

Stephen sadly, also took his own life in 2010 after a courageous battle with his condition, aged just 44.

His book ‘A Migzie Tale’ was published following his death in 2010 by Xlibris in the United States, and although copies are getting increasingly scarce now, a few are still available to purchase online, the proceeds of which – go to his son Callum.



16 February 2000

I’d been doing Peters portrait, finally making a start

Drawing all the detail, in photo state of art

I received a telephone call, from my darling mother

“Have you heard the news?” She added, “It’s about your brother

Go and buy a newspaper, Daily Mirror or Daily Mail

It’s about Bryn Estyn; it’s like the weather as a gale

It tells of all the horrors, with Childrens abuse

And tells why Peter died, and chose to use a noose”

I finished what I was doing, all things made a drop

And hurried down the High Street, to a paper shop.

650 was boldly written, on the heading page

That’s how many were abused, roughly as a gauge

Perverts run the children’s home, where the kids did dwell

Sexually abusing them, making lives a living hell

An investigation started, when Peter made a complaint

With another who’d been abused, and both became a saint

Both went to the police, and started the interviews

When the story surfaced, it was highlighted in the news

I started to read the Mirror, to find out all the fact

And read a certain paragraph, of someone Peter had attacked

He’d spotted him in a pub, then he went straight home

And got a Samurai sword, whilst he was on his own

He broke the sword in half, and put it in his jacket

Returning to the pub, to make an awful racket

As I read the paragraph, I instantly realised

Why Peter had attacked him, which was no surprise

The abuser was abused, which he freely admitted

But was never punished, or even ever committed

Peter then got punished, and of which got sent to jail

For a six-month sentence, sending him off the rail

Peter had struck his face, 3 times with the sword

Slashing open the abuser’s nose, with the anger stored

Bryn Estyn got shut down, when the news had shaken

16 then committed suicide, if I’m not mistaken

With soon getting the answers, of Peter’s suicide

I wish he hadn’t done it, and hadn’t bloody died

I read the Daily Mail next, reading pages of a few

And saw Peter’s  picture, not just one but two

There was a story written, why he was in care

With some slight confusion, coz the reporter wasn’t there

I won’t give all the reasons, but he broke my mother’s heart

Making her so very ill, with all the things he used to start

He’d been given 2 options, I remember much of them

One was to change his ways, and to be good again

He chose the other option, which of course was care

It was his own undoing, and why that he was there

He’d been a little tear-away, always in a fight

I always blame the divorce, which had caused the plight

Another thing the story said, he was missing his head-stone

Where he was laid to rest, buried on his own

I had wanted to choose it, but was locked away

And several years had passed, before that I could lay

He’ll never be forgotten, although he is deceased

So my darling Peter, brother Rest In Peace

(9 November 1967 – 6 January 1994)



On this day in 1979, 21-year-old punk legend and Sex Pistols bass player Sid Vicious – passed away following an alleged heroin overdose in New York.

 Has it really been 37 years?

“I got this feeling I’m gonna die before I get old. I don’t know why. I just have this feeling” – Sid Vicious

The Birth Certificate of Simon John Ritchie, May 10th 1957, Lewisham Hospital, Lewisham, London


Anne Ritchie & Infant Sid


Schoolboy Sid

A Teenage Sid in flares and David Bowie T-Shirt – 1972


Sid in London




Sid on Stage


The Sun February 3rd 1979


February 2nd 1979

Images Courtesy of ‘The Sid Vicious Family Album’ – Ann Beverley/Virgin Books 1980

A German reader contacted the Outlaw recently, to voice her very real concerns over the current situation in her country, and to offer her opinions on a number of matters – including “Chancellor Merkel’s ‘suicidal’ immigration policy”.

It is her belief, and that of an increasing number of young Germans, that the country in which they grew up in is no longer a safe place for indigenous Germans to live anymore, their concerns are being ignored, and their frustration and anger towards both Merkel and the German government is now at a level where civil unrest is a very real possibility.

It is also her belief that Germany, as a nation state cannot do anything on it’s own.

Germany is virtually powerless when it comes to promoting it’s own policies within the EU as a whole, and is equally impotent in it’s attempts to introduce any legislation which would benefit the German people to any degree.

Contrary to what a number of people apparently think, (and what the more flaky mouthpieces within the Alternative Media would have you believe) Angela Merkel is NOT the secret daughter of Adolf Hitler, nor is she an ‘Illuminati‘ figurehead – but she is, like her predecessors, Schmidt, Kohl and Schröder, more than likely to be a ‘Puppet Leader’, elected in a similar manner to those who have been selected to lead the majority of the countries within the European Union.

A number of Germans are now becoming aware, that soon after the Second World War, on the 21st of May 1949, a secret treaty, (Geheime Staatsvertrag) was drawn up, which effectively ensured that all German Media outlets, as well as the Chancellorship itself, were placed under direct control of the Allied forces (United States, United Kingdom and France).

The treaty also specified that all of Germany’s Gold Reserves, remain exactly where they are (rumoured to be stored in vaults in London and Fort Knox, Kentucky) as ‘collateral’ should Germany go against the specified terms of the 1949 treaty.

Bert-Helmut Kamossa

This treaty, which was made public by the former German Militärischer Abschirmdienst (Military Counter-Intelligence Service) chief Gerd-Helmut Komossa, also shows that the treaty is not due to expire until 2099.

The following document, marked as NUR Für Minister (Only for Ministers) and Strengste Vertraulichkeit (TOP SECRET), also states that copy No.4 of the ‘Geheime Staatsvertrag’ has been lost, and that if copy No. 4 gets into the ‘wrong’ hands – it’s authenticity should be strenuously denied.

Document 1

Document 2

The following article is to accompany those which have already been published on the Outlaw – in an attempt to offer a plausible explanation for the inordinately high numbers of suicides that have occurred in Bridgend, South Wales since 2007.

What appears below is a draft that was to be published in the Sunday People, but it was pulled at the last minute – no reason being given.

It is being re-published here in the event that the source ‘disappears’.


In November last year government theatre and arts expert Philip Blight took a ligature and hung himself from a beam in a tiny Welsh hamlet. The Coroner ruled the 53 year old married father of two had been depressed when he refused counselling and took his own life.

Phil Blight died seven years after the first teenage victim of the Bridgend suicide cluster had hung himself in a seaside fairground near the town.

But Phil Blight killed himself just three weeks after he’d been accused of responsibility for the deaths of the 79 youngsters in the Welsh borough and triggering the biggest teen suicide cluster in modern history.

Claims were made during a radio station interview the 53 year old Arts Policy Officer of the Welsh Assembly had helped plant powerful suicide triggers in dramas and theatre workshops produced for community outreach projects.

The claims were made in blogs and on a right of centre digital TV station and focus on Phil Blight’s time as a trustee and manager of the Cardiff based NoFitState Circus.

Their stunning performances have been acclaimed by critics throughout Europe but they contain repeated imagery of suicide by hanging which are powerful and disturbing. The potential for harm from these scenes is now being underlined by leading suicide experts.

And the Sunday People has learnt Mr. Blight had a very unusual CV. He was an expert in powerful psychological techniques like neuro linguistic programming and the use of mind triggers known as ‘nudges’. In blogs he styled himself the ‘Jedi Nudger’.

We have learnt too he attended courses run by the Intelligence Service at MI5’s top secret GCHQ base in Cheltenham. He also arranged for Welsh assembly bureaucrats to go on similar courses at GHQ which are understood to include advanced ‘management’ skills like neuro-linguistic programming or NLP.

As well as NLP Mr. Blight went on courses to study other, semi hypnotic, mind control techniques like “disruptive innovation”, subliminal behaviour modification and cognitive edge training He also had strong links to the growing ‘population decline’ lobby including some radical eco groups which are calling for an 80% human depopulation of the planet.

The allegations against him were made by a neighbour in the tiny hamlet of Rudry near Caerphilly where Mr. Blight and his wife Samantha set up home around 2006. The couple quickly became involved with the unelected village community council and the management of the village hall.

Tim Rogers, who lives next door to the hall, had been in conflict with the committee over noise and disturbance for some years. But when a play filled with Satanic imagery and depictions of suicide was put on at the village hall he complained to Phil Blunt and the committee.

Said Mr. Rogers, “I couldn’t understand why children were being made to watch what I believed was dreadful material that would mess with their heads. I went head to head with Blight and within days a police harassment order was made against me.

“I have been in conflict with him since that time until his death. I make no bones about it I decided to go online and look for any skeletons I could find on him. I was looking for divorces, court cases, bankruptcy. I couldn’t believe what I did find. At first I was shocked then I was angry. His background was all NLP, MI5 and extreme eco groups.

“While I studied what nudging and NLP were all about I was also looking at his work with the circus. I saw they were putting on repeated depictions of suicide in the most stunning settings with hypnotic music. They seemed to be romanticising suicide and glamorising it. Then I saw Blight was with them in Bridgend as a manager just before the suicide cluster started and I began to believe the two were connected.

“For the last 18 months I have been trying to get the authorities to listen but I think there’s a cover up which is no surprise in the UK we live in today. The only people who would listen were Christian groups and eventually I was interviewed on the radio show. I’ve repeated the allegations online.

“Someone in the village told me Blight had expressed the fact he was extremely worried by that broadcast and the next thing I knew he’d taken his own life. I don’t know if the two things were connected.

“I believe it is imperative that someone in authority takes the link between theatre and suicide very seriously. Radical theatre in the UK is awash with suicide themes and images of suicide and it cannot be healthy. Why are so many youngsters turning to suicide as a solution to their problems? I believe it’s because it has been glamorised.”

The Sunday People approached some of Mr. Blight’s colleagues on the parish hall committee in Rudry at the time including his wife Sam Minas-Blight who said………

We also spoke to Lindsay Foyster who was a committee member and is a suicide expert and director of the mental health charity Mind in Wales. She was previously involved with community theatre and is believed to have worked with Phil Blight on productions in the Bridgend area.

She said…………………….

The village hall chairman, scientist Dr. Christopher Allender, is a biological warfare expert.

He said………………..


NoFit State Circus had historical links to Bridgend which was the site of their training camp in the early days before they won acclaim for their highly skilled performances. They were back in the borough in August 2006 to stage their highly praised production ImMortal at the Grand Pavillion on the coast at Porthcawl. ImMortal, like another production Bianco, has cleverly staged hanging scenes with young women slowly hauled up on ropes which appear to be nooses.

Outreach groups connected to NoFit State are also believed to have been active in the Bridgend area putting on workshops and skill studios until November. However exact information on NoFit State activities from 2005 to 2007 is difficult to find. The companies own timeline blog which catalogues their activities over 20 years has apparently had those years redacted. They are not included in similar lists on theatre websites and neither are they available in NoFit State’s annual submission to the Charities Commission.

During that time troubled young man called Dale Crole, 18, hung himself in a disused shed on the Coney Beach funfair in Porthcawl. His body was found on January 5th 2007 and his death is said to predate the first of the cluster although he actually committed suicide four months earlier in September.

It also understood that four other youngsters took their own lives in the Bridgend area before Dale’s body was found and a cluster was declared. A journalistic investigation of the cluster is difficult as the media does not report cases on the request of the police to stop copy cat suicides – a phenomenon known as the Werther Effect.

Two of the world’s leading experts on suicide looked at the suicide imagery in the NoFit State productions and both expressed grave concern and called for an urgent investigation.

It’s believed most of the seventy nine young people in the Bridgend cluster hung themselves and the productions – ImMortal and Bianco – were singled out for particular criticism by the experts. Both productions advertise there is no lower age limit on audiences.

There was speculation that social media may have been the responsible for spreading the contagion of suicides in Bridgend but it’s understood police didn’t have the resources for a time consuming examination of victims online accounts to see if there was a link.

In 2010 the media agreed to a police request to stop reporting suicides in the area because of the fear of copycats. However this effectively prevents detailed journalistic investigation of the underlying causes.

Leading UK suicide expert Dr. Arthur Cassidy, formerly of Queen’s University Belfast, says such scenes contravene the Suicide Act which forbids the glamorising of suicide.

He said, “I have viewed images and videos from these productions and on a scale of 1 to 10 of the worst suicide representations I have seen in Europe these rate eight or nine.

“They are glamorous and beautifully staged with great sound tracks and I believe they represent a real danger to young people as hanging is a profoundly powerful symbol in the human psyche.

“This is a very difficult area for the media to investigate thoroughly as editors have agreed not to report cluster cases because of the danger of copy cat suicides. However the role of the Sunday People must be to draw this to the attention of the authorities.

“I have viewed the images without any preconceptions about the cause of the Bridgend cluster but it needs to be addressed urgently and these productions should be voluntarily halted or the controversial scenes omitted until it has been.


“The police should be looking at this as a possibly serious breach of the criminal law under the Suicide Act. They should be examining whether powerful semi hypnotic tools like NLP have been introduced into the productions and workshops. The government should also be examining this as an urgent public health issue.

“I find the ImMortal and Bianco productions particularly disturbing with their romantic and enticing imagery of women who appear to be hanging by the neck.

“One of the things that has emerged from suicide clusters is the perception that many vulnerable youngsters seem to believe they were in some way immortal. Death isn’t permanent, they think, it’s a transition you go through. Then you come out in some different state, almost like a butterfly metamorphosing, to join your friends again. Productions like ImMortal seem to be directly feeding that terribly dangerous perception.

“I also question the use of theatre and drama workshops introduced into cluster areas as a strategy to prevent more suicides. They use the same techniques and actually show children more images of hangings. Local councils rightly believe media reporting of suicides can cause copycat incidents. It follows then that showing more images of suicide to children as a therapy is also likely to have a Werther effect? Such interventions are deeply misguided.

“I also question why the people who put these productions on haven’t thought about the effects of what they are doing? They must be intelligent adults. Has it not crossed their minds.”
Professor Steve Stack is the world lead on links between art and suicide and is editor of an academic book called The Creative Arts and Suicide.

He said, “I have never seen any theatre so extreme in terms of suicide imagery here in the States. There may be many factors influencing a suicide cluster in an area like Bridgend in Wales; unemployment, use of drugs, social media. There’s also the issue of copy cat deaths – the so called Werther Effect.

“Such compelling imagery in live theatre could indeed provide another trigger. It would not necessarily have to be seen by all those who join the cluster.

“It could provide what we call a second step trigger. One person could see the production or be involved in drama workshops, assimilate that powerful experience. They would be the first step then they would pass it on in contagion to their friendship groups perhaps through social media.


“This has to be investigated by the competent authority to find out just what the effect of theatre has been because on the face of it these productions could be culpable.”

Professor Stack recommended a radical approach using ‘CSI across the grave.’ He said, “The authorities need to urgently find out if drama is a factor in these clusters.

“They should first perform psychological autopsies on the victims of the Bridgend cluster. The first stage of this would be a fairly simple form listing factors that could then be ticked off by the loved ones and friends of the victims. It would be simple matter to have theatre experiences in that list.”

Prof. Stack had one more observation. When told that no age limit was set on the NoFixedState productions of ImMortal and Bianco he said, “I find that completely bizarre.”

By 2008 a multi-agency board in Bridgend had drawn up a suicide prevention strategy targeting schools, colleges and youth groups. £2m of Lottery funding was made available for initiatives like a telephone helpline and peer support training of youngsters.

The charity Mind was given £1m to fund interventions but it’s understood they introduced drama as a therapy. A film called Wristcutters is said to have been shown in the area which has an opening scene of a young man slitting his wrists and another scene of a young boy with a rope around his neck who wants to hang himself.

A cartoon called Lucky for Some is also believed to have been shown featuring a dog attempting suicide in various ways, including hanging, before he is run over by a bus.

The director of Mind Cymru , the Welsh arm of the charity, is Lindsay Foyster who is believed to have been involved with NoFitState circus in 2006 when she lived in Bridgend. She was appointed Mind Cymru director in the same year.’




In May 2002, the UK police began something that came to be known as Operation Ore, a major undertaking, which allegedly targeted online child pornography.

7,272 British residents were added to a database of people who were alleged to have paid to view child porn online.

4,283 homes were searched, 3,744 people were arrested, and 1,451 were convicted.

It was advertised as a major blow being struck against pedophiles.

Or at least, that was the theory.

The United States had launched a similar operation previously I believe, ‘Operation Avalanche’ in 1999.

They had gathered around 35,000 entries in their database.

From that number, they only actually charged 100 of them.

If the US police could only justify prosecuting less than 1% of their suspects, how could it be that the UK police had arresting more than half of theirs ?

The answer could be that many of the UK cases were based entirely on the use of credit cards, that were used to sign up for suspected child pornography web sites.

It obviously did not take into account that many of the credit cards were stolen, nor the fact that many of the web sites contained only legal material.

Details, albeit minor ones, that appeared to have not been seen as being in any way relevant to the UK police it seemed.

The problem arose from the fact that many small porn sites had used online transaction processors to handle their credit card transactions, rather than setting up their own merchant accounts.

In particular, a company called Landslide, which was based in Texas, had provided credit card subscription services to a large network of affiliate porn sites.

It has been estimated, that up to half the money Landslide collected actually ended up in the hands of a ring of Indonesian credit card scammers, who were operating the well known “small charge” fraud.

Also (ab)using the service was a Brazilian hacker who had “signed up” more than 3,000 stolen credit card numbers.

Before long, Landslide found itself on the receiving end of thousands of chargebacks from irate credit card owners.

The company became bankrupt as a result.

The owner of Landslide could also been a victim of this fraud, in the same way as the credit card holders had.

That wasn’t a good enough excuse for US federal prosecutors, though; he ended up in jail where he is currently serving a 180 year sentence.

Meanwhile, the UK police were kept busy swooping on houses, kicking down front doors, seizing computer equipment, and arresting thousands of people on the basis that their credit card numbers had been found on Landslide’s hard drives.

Totally disregarding the massive amount of fraud that had dragged Landslide under, and not even considering whether the affiliate site the credit card holder had supposedly paid to see, was legal or not.

Was there justification for this ?

At least one affiliate website did in fact contain child pornography, so Landslide membership theoretically allowed users access to all the affiliate sites, meaning that Joe Bloggs’ credit card was used to sign up via Landslide, therefore Joe Bloggs signed up to view child porn.

Was that how it worked ?

The biggest problem with major police operations such as Operation Ore, is the public hysteria that surrounds child pornography and Peadophiles in general, (#paedobritain anyone?) and that if you are in fact accused, a person’s life can be totally destroyed even if, or when they are proven innocent at a later date.

Many employers will fire anyone as soon as the accusation emerges.

Thus, the ‘alleged pedophile’ finds himself out of a job, possibly even driven from the family home, as well as having all his computer equipment and his mobile phone seized by police, who have no legal obligation ever to return it.

Using only one example, consider the case of naval officer Commodore David White, the commander of British forces in Gibraltar.

He was suspended from the navy, who feared that the case would hit the newspapers.

It did anyway, but not in the way they expected – the Commodore had committed suicide by way of drowning.

As it was later discovered…. he was totally innocent.



So far, dozens of people have committed suicide as a direct result of Operation Ore.

The number of suicides was 35 back in 2009.


The true number as of today may be even higher, as not everyone leaves a suicide note.

It may well be the case that at least some of the deceased, and some of those who were accused were in fact guilty, but how does that weigh up against the simple fact that the majority were totally innocent?

“A somewhat scattergun approach, with no consideration shown as to whether or not any crime has been actually committed”, is one way it has been described in the media.

The police may also have become aware that things were starting to look rather bad for them, as they had also allegedly pressured the Internet search engine Google to remove certain websites which contained any references.

Journalist Duncan Campbell was acting as an expert witness in some of the subsequent defence cases, and has written extensively about Operation Ore in The Guardian.


A SLASHDOT article has some first hand experience in the comments.


Many men are still fighting to clear their names.

Compiled from various sources….


The official number of deaths, between 2007 to the present (according to official figures) by way of suicide, in and around the small town of Bridgend, south Wales is 79.

However, local knowledge puts it at 98, but the true figure according to my source, currently stands nearer 110.

Among those numbers, only one is known to have left a ‘suicide’ note?

What is strange is that nearly all of them, were discovered hanging, with their feet touching the ground or on their knees.

You did not see that small, but important fact being reported in the mainstream media did you?

On the subject of facts, it’s another fact that you will struggle to find anything written at all about this ongoing ‘event.’

The local MP, Madeline Moon went as far as announcing that the media were ‘a part of the problem,’ which again, points towards a suppression of information being made available.

For instance, did you know that many of those who died were young women?

Ordinarily, females are known to take an overdose, or slash their wrists when attempting suicide.

Hanging oneself is an unusual practice by females, and hanging oneself while remaining kneeling is very unusual indeed, under any circumstances.

The last suicide by way of hanging, (not common knowledge) was of a 23-year old girl, from the Brynmenna area of Bridgend, in October 2013.

The deaths are still continuing, even though they are not being reported, make no mistake about that.


So why would a phenomenon believed to be a cluster of ‘Copycat Suicides’ commonly known as the ‘Werther Effect’, affect more than 100 people in such a localised geographical area?


Why also would this unusually high number of suicides, end their lives in such a similar manner?

At its height, the Bridgend Suicides were clustered closely together and believed to have radiated outward from a single “Patient Zero,” a high school student.

When his friends and classmates began to follow suit, it was a disturbing if not wholly unexplainable series of deaths.

However, when other Bridgenders, normally unconnected to such levels of contagious teenage despair, began to take their own lives in the same exact manner, the locals became understandably alarmed.

Reports of perfectly happy and contented individuals, many of whom were looking forward to future plans, suddenly began hanging themselves from trees, rafters, doorways etc…

And still no reasonable official explanation was being offered.

According to my source, who incidentally, was threatened with arrest and the confiscation of his mobile phone and computer if he continued asking questions, the South Wales Police are especially averse to any critisism or questions regarding this matter.

tetra radio

For a specific example, asking if there is any connections between the suicides and the TETRA emergency radio system, will bring you the kind of attention you would not believe.

The TETRA system, which is used by the police and emergency services in the UK for communication, uses between 380 and 400 MHz, which is switched on and off at such a pulse rate that a pseudo-ELF of 17.6 Hz (17.6 times per second) is produced.

This means the brain and nervous system are hit by pulses of UHF (USA terms) microwave (UK terms) every 1/17.6th of a second.

This has a similar effect as having electrochemical hammer blows to the head at a rate of 17.6 every second.

If you would find the sound of constant hammer drills irritating to listen to, try and imagine 17.6 hammer-like blows per second being delivered to the nervous and endocrinal system, at a cellular level.


What kind of effect could this have on the organism subjected to it?

Since human cells communicate to each other in the ELF range, these hammerlike blows of pseudo-ELF, disrupts and derange cellular activities, leading to dysfunction, behavioural changes and onset of carcinogenic proteins which can lead to the affected organism developing tumours.

The UK Government has been considering spending £2.5 million to fully implement a nation-wide deployment of this system.

The TETRA system pulses at 17.6 Hz, broadcast at 400 MHz, which is essentially identical to the ‘Pandora Project’, which was funded by the CIA in the late ’60s and early ’70s.


Dr Ross Adey, the chief researcher on the Pandora Project has released a video to leading UK researchers which proves that not only does the TETRA system cause ELF zombification by massive release of calcium ions in the cerebral cortex and the nervous system, but the activated calcium ions also cause massive hormonal disturbances which lead to frenzied imbalances, emotional and physical states.

This system will be used by all UK police and emergency services, as the Home Office has sold off all police frequencies, so they will have no choice than to to use the new system.

Will use of the TETRA system by the police, lead to psychotronicaly controlled officers who may be totally controlled in any situation?

That could prove useful for incidences of economic or social chaos, where extreme and violent behaviour is needed without any conscious or moral compunction I would think.

Would it also explain the often referred to ‘Robotic’ behaviour of those police officers involved in such situations?

30,000 transmitters will be placed around the country to maximise the effects on the local UK population – in essence, a not-so subtle form of mass mind control.

What other explanation would there be for anyone who has complained about these transmitters, to receive a letter from the Government informing them that:

“If the transmitters are not positioned where the Government wishes, there can be no guarantee of police protection, which will lead to higher insurance premiums for the affected householder.”

(I am trying to obtain one of those letters in order to confirm this)

A leading UK newspaper did try to run this story, but the item was ‘shelved’ allegedly.

“The history of mind control at a distance, remote mind control technology (RMCT) began in America with the research of Dr Ross Adey and his colleagues in the late ’60’s, working on the CIA-funded Pandora Project.”

Adey found that ELF (extremely low frequency) signals on the region of 1-20 Hz (with 0.1 increments having different effects), had bioactive and psychoactive effects. The research was important to the CIA for they wished to find frequencies which could mind control humans from a distance (RMCT).

Pandora researchers discovered that the 6-16 Hz region had drastic effects on brain and on nervous and endocrinal systems.

This could enable major dysfunction in the target victim if research on cats and monkeys could be duplicated – the research on human victims still remains classified”.





There are more than a few people who are going to be very nervous now, as news of a man, who’s name has been rumoured for more than thirty years to have been associated with child abuse in north Wales, has been arrested…… again.

Retired North Wales Police Chief Gordon Anglesea, who in 1994, successfully sued The Observer, the Independent on Sunday, the satirical magazine Private Eye and HTV, the holder of the ITV franchise in Wales.

For linking his name with child abuse.

He was awarded more than £375k.

His legal costs of over £1.5M were underwritten by the Police Federation.



Gordon Anglesea is the 18th person arrested by officers from Operation Pallial, who are investigating claims of sexual abuse at 18 care homes in the region between 1963 and 1992

A retired police chief has been arrested on suspicion of the sexual and physical abuse of care-home boys aged as young as eight.

Former North Wales superintendent Gordon Anglesea, 76, was questioned over allegations that seven children were assaulted between 1975 and 1983.

Mr Anglesea – a Rotary Club member and Freemason – was quizzed in December as part of the probe.

He is now on bail.

A Rotary Club spokeswoman yesterday said: “Gordon Anglesea has been granted leave of absence until the end of April. We are not able to comment further.”

And the secretary of the North Wales Province of Freemasonry Peter Sorahan said: “In view of the fact Operation Pallial is ongoing, it would be inappropriate to comment.

“We welcome transparency in every aspect of such investigations.”

Mr Anglesea, who lives with his wife, 65, was a policeman for 34 years and worked as an inspector in Wrexham between 1975 and 1983.

He became a superintendent and retired in 1991. On Monday outside his home in Old Colwyn, North Wales, he said: “I have no comment to make.”

Last month, a National Crime Agency spokesman said:

“Officers arrested a 76-year-old man on suspicion of a number of physical and sexual assaults.”

“The offences are alleged to have taken place against seven boys, between 1975 and 1983, when they were aged between eight and 16.”

The following day the NCA said the man had been bailed until April.

To date, one person has been charged with a large number of serious sexual offences.

The NCA launched Operation Pallial in 2012. It is one in a string of probes into abuse claims in North Wales care homes.

In 2000 the Waterhouse Inquiry was opened to look at allegations in ex-council areas Gwynedd and Clwyd since 1974.

Eight people were prosecuted, seven of whom were convicted.

And in July, the Jillings Report was published – 17 years after it claimed officers and other professionals could have been potential “perpetrators of assaults”.

It had been blocked by the former Clwyd County Council because insurers feared compensation claims.


This is not going to be a comfortable read, but I hope that it will in some way, serve as a warning that sometimes, bad things happen to decent people and a guide to help others.
I would like to introduce you to a practice which is becoming all too common these days. It has increased dramatically as the use of the internet has become more widespread and a part of everyday life.
It has a name, it is relatively well-known and is possibly one of the most frightening things that can happen to you, outside of coming home from work to discover that your whole family, including your pets have been slaughtered.


What are Gangstalkers?

They could be considered as undercover agents to a degree. They may be hired by some unnamed, faceless ‘leader’ of some description to stalk a specific person or a specific type of person. Some sources assume that this ‘leader’ is usually involved with politics or a corporation of some description – essentially, the person in charge has to be someone with some perceived power, as well as, or simply, the obsessive need to screw up other people’s lives.

This person in power (or the person/company they represent) ‘recruits’ a small network of people who will carry out the actual stalking.

These people are most likely compensated for their time (who can’t be bought off these days?), or they’re chosen because they can be easily manipulated or brainwashed.

For example, whoever is in charge will hire specific people because they’re easily persuaded that they’re working (stalking) for the greater good of some organisation, or can even be persuaded that they are doing it for the good of their country.

Stalkers are also most likely chosen due to their own vulnerability, i.e, they yearn to be part of a group.

Of course, there are those who have nothing better to do, and those who are drawn to harassing others due to already having sociopathic tendencies.

The Gangstalkers Goal..

“The stalkers wish to drive the target insane & to get him forcibly taken to (and incarcerated in) a psychiatric institution. They wish to make the target become violent, so that he/she can be assaulted, arrested, and taken to jail. They wish to make the target suffer so much that he may kill him/herself. They wish to make the target become poor by making him/her lose their job and spend all their cash moving from place to place trying to escape from the stalkers. They wish to completely isolate the target, so they have no support from anywhere or anyone. Overall they wish to destroy the target emotionally, financially, socially, and physically.”

Who can be the targets?

The victims/targets can be chosen one of two ways:

1) They’re chosen at random.

2) They’re seen as an an enemy or potential threat to someone in power, or a threat to somebody who has something to hide.

The random victims are most likely chosen as ‘target practice’ for new stalkers, or just for the fun of it according to some sources.

What makes them an easy target is that they may be different somehow – whether they dress differently, are homosexual, are of the ‘wrong’ race or religion or are seen to deviate from what appears ‘normal’ to the stalkers.

Accordingly, these random targets are used also as a reminder to the stalking group about what can happen if they anger or try to leave the group- i.e. these stalker groups have an extreme cult mentality.

I have recently witnessed this on Twitter, where a group of stalkers immediately turned on a female member of the group who had dared to ask questions.

Targets can also be chosen as they’re seen as a threat in some way.

These can range from whistleblowers of all kinds, activists, people who used to be employed by a specific company and may have seen or heard something they shouldn’t have, or just innocent bystanders who were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Allegedly, some organisations will hire people to stalk any of the above in order to silence them, but very often, the targets have no idea why they’re being harassed or what information they’re supposed to keep secret.

In my case, there were many seemingly unrelated but ‘negative’ events which occurred roughly within the same timeframe.

One of which was writing articles, and/or participating or commenting on Blog/Forum discussions and Social Media Conversations regarding certain subjects.

Once I realised this may have been a cause for the stalking, I also discovered several websites and blogs I had visited had disappeared from the internet, I deleted certain articles I had published to see what would happen.

The stalking continued.

UK law in these cases is non-existent, especially if you REALLY wish to speak your mind

(Sometimes, on such blogs as mentioned above, the people writing about such conspiracies and wrongdoings are actually connected to the same people doing these wrongdoings.

Which means, you really have to sift through information carefully because even if you’re just stating your opinion, people will either read your headline and ignore the content, or they’ll make you their next target).

Essentially these stalkers are hired for a specific purpose, or just select you at random to abuse you until you’re in the grave.

Doing so will harm you in ways often worse than physical damage, but of course, ’emotional’ or ‘invisible’ abuse leaves no visible trace.

Being gang-stalked is similar to street theatre – except all the actions and words are directly focused on you.

The stalkers want you to appear crazy to your family and friends, in the hope that eventually this perceived ‘craziness’ will drive your loved ones away from you

*You may also have to accept and be aware that sometimes the ones that aren’t driven away may be one of the stalkers themselves*

Stalkers want you to engage them in order to achieve another huge goal:


If your time is taken up trying to solve the mystery of why these things are happening to you, let alone seeing a psychiatrist or doctor due to all the stress/anxiety it’s causing you, the stalkers will consider this a victory, and they’ll continue tormenting you until you’re completely broke, isolated, and/or attempt suicide.

There have also been reports of mysterious ‘accidental deaths’ and ‘suicides’ occurring worldwide within the past few years, all of which may have been connected to Gangstalkers. (

(Although their initial aim is not to cause actual physical harm, as that leaves a trail, if you get someone isolated enough, let alone someone whom the world wouldn’t miss and thinks is crazy, then murder isn’t too big a step for these psychopaths to take).