I have been looking for something which echoes my own feelings in regard to the state of the modern world – and humanity’s gradual detachment from itself, from nature, from it’s own soul and ultimately, it’s creator (whoever/whatever you choose to believe that might be). I believe that the words of Varg Vikernes below …. pretty much nails it down. I also believe that as a species, humankind has now reached a tipping point, evil has been allowed to flourish […]

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I read this earlier today. An small insight into the world of a kindred spirit… I hope she will not mind. Musings of a Bipolar Unchained Soul When Bipolar Strikes Your Insides Like Lightning… It is crippling to the soul. It envelops you like a disease. Is it just depression? What happens when you can’t get up. When it consumes your whole mood and it reaches down into your underbelly and it takes you in with it. That’s what happened […]

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