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I have been giving a lot of thought lately, as to what I believe is really wrong with this country.

Or the world for that matter.

Why everything seems so completely ‘out of step’ with everything that you have always believed to be a ‘normal’ existence.

You just ‘know’ that things are not right, but just cannot put your finger on the real reasons why.

Some people may not have yet grasped the concept, that there are people who, on the surface, seem quite ordinary, affable even, but have no moral inhibitions whatsoever.

In fact, they do not possess a single shred of compassion, or an ounce of culpability.

As things currently stand, the default setting of the majority of any population, is a deep belief that the people they vote for, their political leaders, really do have good intentions.

Regardless of the scale of the ‘failures,’ of that political system, the leaders almost always rely upon that belief being upheld, thus effectively protecting themselves from the gallows.

As you have no doubt witnessed many times, the more damage and chaos the political leaders create while in power, the stronger the public call becomes to give even more money and power to the failed agency, so they can ‘prevent’ anything similar from ever happening again.

Does that sound at all familiar?

Politicians are very efficient at finding out how much they can really get away with, and to date, there are no visible signs they have even come close to the limits the majority of the British population are prepared to accept.

The often quoted ‘Tipping Point’.

Irrespective of the abject misery they create, the vast majority of people give them the benefit of the doubt, time and time again and dutifully continue in their support of that system.

This flawed belief that exists within what after all, are basically good people, has led to the genocide and needless wars of recent history, that continues unabated even today.

As we may yet witness very soon, as recent events lead this country once again to the very edge of oblivion.

Even if you still cannot accept the possibility that Sociopaths have effectively taken control of society, there is ample evidence to support it.

Did Stalin, Mao, Idi Amin, Papa Doc and Pol Pot, for instance, sympathise with their victims or have any lasting feeling of guilt?

More recently, among Western leaders like Bush, Cheney, Clinton, Obama, Thatcher, Blair, Brown or Cameron, can you select just one who even comes close to having a single shred of empathy?

Not one of those listed above have admitted, nor shown any accountability, during or since their time in office.

If sociopaths have been able to make their way to the highest levels of the power structure, can you imagine the type of people who exist within the lower offices?

Do you honestly believe, that anyone who holds the reins of power at the top, do not have control over the levers of power everywhere else?

We live in a time when the population at large cannot make any visible headway, however hard they strive to achieve it, yet few seem to understand why.


And fewer still ever question it.

As an example, polls consistently indicate that education is a great concern to the general public, yet decade after decade, the education system gets gradually worse.

Why would you find that odd?

As I see it, if we continue believing our ‘benevolent’ political leaders, 2,000+ years of so-called civilization and enlightenment has not yet determined an effective way to transfer any useful knowledge to our children.

Try and consider what would happen, if we rid ourselves of our ingrained belief in their good intentions for a moment and look at other possibilities?

If our schools fail to achieve their goals over several decades, some elements in society, may see that as a ‘success’.

Inhibiting the critical thinking capacity of it’s future citizens, could only benefit a system geared towards obedience and serving the sociopaths that run it.

Wouldn’t it?

When selfish, irresponsible, illegal, immoral and irrational behaviour gets accepted as being ‘normal,’ we must conclude that the educational system is working exactly how the political leaders want.

Schools are only one example of this.

The multitude of state institutions that exist, ready and willing to provide every type of job for the right candidate (sociopath).

You should also consider that the state not only acts like a recruitment centre for sociopaths, but that sociopaths probably invented that system specifically to take advantage of those it claims to serve.

I can think of no better explanation for the existence of an system that fails on every ethical level, while encouraging sociopathic thinking at every turn, than the one that currently exists in this country.

Our quest to free ourselves from this, therefore, should not be seen as a battle between those who want freedom versus those who want control, but as a battle between normal people and the sociopaths in control.

I believe the world feels wrong, simply because it is run entirely by sociopaths.

When a country’s media is also geared towards discrediting and ridiculing all ideas which deviate from the bland and blinkered, alternative social commentary and media outlets will never be allowed to fully succeed either.

You have seen many examples of this recently, both online and in the mainstream media.

You may well recognise the terms ‘Establishment Gatekeepers,’ ‘Shills’ and ‘Trolls.’

*Hopefully, you may have also noticed the increasing numbers of ‘Psychologists’ and ‘Life Coaches’ appearing on social networks like Twitter.*

All are prominent, are usually well organised, very well funded and always relentless.

Without understanding the laws of physics, as a species we would have never benefited from technological developments.

It therefore follows, that without understanding how social systems are really run, we will never escape from the tyranny and oppression unleashed on us by the sociopaths we continue to vote in at every election.


This is not going to be a comfortable read, but I hope that it will in some way, serve as a warning that sometimes, bad things happen to decent people and a guide to help others.
I would like to introduce you to a practice which is becoming all too common these days. It has increased dramatically as the use of the internet has become more widespread and a part of everyday life.
It has a name, it is relatively well-known and is possibly one of the most frightening things that can happen to you, outside of coming home from work to discover that your whole family, including your pets have been slaughtered.


What are Gangstalkers?

They could be considered as undercover agents to a degree. They may be hired by some unnamed, faceless ‘leader’ of some description to stalk a specific person or a specific type of person. Some sources assume that this ‘leader’ is usually involved with politics or a corporation of some description – essentially, the person in charge has to be someone with some perceived power, as well as, or simply, the obsessive need to screw up other people’s lives.

This person in power (or the person/company they represent) ‘recruits’ a small network of people who will carry out the actual stalking.

These people are most likely compensated for their time (who can’t be bought off these days?), or they’re chosen because they can be easily manipulated or brainwashed.

For example, whoever is in charge will hire specific people because they’re easily persuaded that they’re working (stalking) for the greater good of some organisation, or can even be persuaded that they are doing it for the good of their country.

Stalkers are also most likely chosen due to their own vulnerability, i.e, they yearn to be part of a group.

Of course, there are those who have nothing better to do, and those who are drawn to harassing others due to already having sociopathic tendencies.

The Gangstalkers Goal..

“The stalkers wish to drive the target insane & to get him forcibly taken to (and incarcerated in) a psychiatric institution. They wish to make the target become violent, so that he/she can be assaulted, arrested, and taken to jail. They wish to make the target suffer so much that he may kill him/herself. They wish to make the target become poor by making him/her lose their job and spend all their cash moving from place to place trying to escape from the stalkers. They wish to completely isolate the target, so they have no support from anywhere or anyone. Overall they wish to destroy the target emotionally, financially, socially, and physically.”

Who can be the targets?

The victims/targets can be chosen one of two ways:

1) They’re chosen at random.

2) They’re seen as an an enemy or potential threat to someone in power, or a threat to somebody who has something to hide.

The random victims are most likely chosen as ‘target practice’ for new stalkers, or just for the fun of it according to some sources.

What makes them an easy target is that they may be different somehow – whether they dress differently, are homosexual, are of the ‘wrong’ race or religion or are seen to deviate from what appears ‘normal’ to the stalkers.

Accordingly, these random targets are used also as a reminder to the stalking group about what can happen if they anger or try to leave the group- i.e. these stalker groups have an extreme cult mentality.

I have recently witnessed this on Twitter, where a group of stalkers immediately turned on a female member of the group who had dared to ask questions.

Targets can also be chosen as they’re seen as a threat in some way.

These can range from whistleblowers of all kinds, activists, people who used to be employed by a specific company and may have seen or heard something they shouldn’t have, or just innocent bystanders who were simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Allegedly, some organisations will hire people to stalk any of the above in order to silence them, but very often, the targets have no idea why they’re being harassed or what information they’re supposed to keep secret.

In my case, there were many seemingly unrelated but ‘negative’ events which occurred roughly within the same timeframe.

One of which was writing articles, and/or participating or commenting on Blog/Forum discussions and Social Media Conversations regarding certain subjects.

Once I realised this may have been a cause for the stalking, I also discovered several websites and blogs I had visited had disappeared from the internet, I deleted certain articles I had published to see what would happen.

The stalking continued.

UK law in these cases is non-existent, especially if you REALLY wish to speak your mind

(Sometimes, on such blogs as mentioned above, the people writing about such conspiracies and wrongdoings are actually connected to the same people doing these wrongdoings.

Which means, you really have to sift through information carefully because even if you’re just stating your opinion, people will either read your headline and ignore the content, or they’ll make you their next target).

Essentially these stalkers are hired for a specific purpose, or just select you at random to abuse you until you’re in the grave.

Doing so will harm you in ways often worse than physical damage, but of course, ’emotional’ or ‘invisible’ abuse leaves no visible trace.

Being gang-stalked is similar to street theatre – except all the actions and words are directly focused on you.

The stalkers want you to appear crazy to your family and friends, in the hope that eventually this perceived ‘craziness’ will drive your loved ones away from you

*You may also have to accept and be aware that sometimes the ones that aren’t driven away may be one of the stalkers themselves*

Stalkers want you to engage them in order to achieve another huge goal:


If your time is taken up trying to solve the mystery of why these things are happening to you, let alone seeing a psychiatrist or doctor due to all the stress/anxiety it’s causing you, the stalkers will consider this a victory, and they’ll continue tormenting you until you’re completely broke, isolated, and/or attempt suicide.

There have also been reports of mysterious ‘accidental deaths’ and ‘suicides’ occurring worldwide within the past few years, all of which may have been connected to Gangstalkers. (

(Although their initial aim is not to cause actual physical harm, as that leaves a trail, if you get someone isolated enough, let alone someone whom the world wouldn’t miss and thinks is crazy, then murder isn’t too big a step for these psychopaths to take).