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According to the BBC, the violent crime (specifically murder) rate in London has now allegedly  overtaken that of New York.

‘A spike in violent crime in London saw more murders committed in the city in February and March than there were in New York, figures show.

So far in 2018, the Met Police has investigated 46 murders, compared with 50 in the US city.

But, while New York’s murder rate decreased from the end of January, London’s rose markedly from that point.

Ex-Met Police Ch Supt Leroy Logan says it is proof that “London’s violent traits have become a virus”.

Statistics from the New York Police Department (NYPD) and the Metropolitan Police, reported in the Sunday Times and obtained by the BBC, highlight narrowing murder rates between the two cities, which have similar population sizes.’

A number of reasons have been given for this by the mass media, and in the Guardian, one of those reasons, according to Britain’s most senior police officer Cressida Dick, is that social media is the reason why knife crime, particularly among children is soaring.

‘Britain’s most senior police officer has blamed social media for the soaring rate of knife crime in the UK, particularly among children.

After 13 Londoners were killed in two weeks this month, Met police commissioner Cressida Dick said websites and mobile phone applications such as YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram were partially to blame for the bloodshed.

Speaking to the Times, Dick said trivial disputes could escalate into violence “within minutes” when rivals set out to goad each other on the internet.

“There’s definitely something about the impact of social media in terms of people being able to go from slightly angry with each other to ‘fight’ very quickly,” she said. She said that insults or threats online “makes [violence] faster, it makes it harder for people to cool down. I’m sure it does rev people up”.’

The Met chief also appeared to want to drive home the point, that the way in which young people in Britain, many with no previous criminal history, who then go out and stab somebody, can be compared to the way that some ‘Islamic extremists’ can become ‘radicalised’.

Which, and you may agree, is a strange and rather disturbing comparison to make, and one which effectively highlights how out of touch the establishment really are.

In one respect, the media and the police are partly correct when they claim that Social media plays a role in this epidemic, but are totally wrong to associate it with ‘radicalisation’ and is a precursor to any future acts of Islamic terrorism.

The establishment are desperate to clamp down on ordinary people who use social media as a means of communication and to access alternatives to the establishment narrative …. the recent closing down of accounts that are perceived as belonging to ‘right-wing extremists have shown this to be the case – and further restrictions are undoubtedly being planned.

By targeting social media in this way, the establishment are reinforcing their worldview that any methods being implemented to connect people all around the world, in a free and unregulated manner, is dangerous, and therefore must be controlled.

However, putting that aspect aside, is there another explanation, is there a much simpler reason why we are seeing such an increase in this type of crime?

What if many of these acts of completely random violence are seen as a type of ‘game’ albeit a very dark, sick and destructive one, and a game in which ‘points’ or ‘scores’ are collected, depending on the degree of seriousness of the acts of anti-social behaviour that are carried out?

Criminal acts such as Theft, Burglary, Street Robbery and Stabbing as many people as possible are all graded and points are awarded to the perpetrators, and then shared amongst themselves and on social media to enhance their standing among their peers.

The following YouTube video, uploaded by Chris Preddie OBE looks at this practice, and in the absence of any other credible explanation, I think it makes the most sense.

Well as much sense as can be made of any of these completely pointless acts of wanton and random violence, and mindless anti-social behaviour that is.


Despite the the following article being taken from an obviously left-centrist website, it does acknowledge and further raise awareness of something that has been common knowledge to some of us for a few years now – namely that establishment-funded trolls and gang stalkers, are using fake social media accounts and blogs to rubbish childhood sexual abuse survivors; and to discredit and undermine their support networks leaving them very vulnerable and often alone, which has led to a number of survivors self-harming or even taking their own lives.

It’s good, therefore, to read that at last, some of the independent online media news sources are finally catching up ….

And some CSA survivors and their support networks, have been the targets of these ‘Trolls’ since 1996, and in some cases, prior to that.

CHILD ABUSE ALLEGATIONS: The establishment fightback begins


‘The SKWAWKBOX published earlier this week two articles relating to the terrible scandal of child abuse in the UK and the sham of the government’s inquiry.

The first related that a serving Chief Constable of a UK police force had been accused of – and interviewed under caution about – involvement in sexual abuse of children, yet was still in post, in spite of numerous missed deadlines promised by the authorities for a decision on prosecution.

The second showed the extent of the control exercised by the Home Office over the responses that panel members were allowed to give to a formal parliamentary committee, raising serious doubts about any semblance of independence, transparency and openness. More than one mainstream media outlet is now preparing its own articles.

Predictably, it didn’t take long for the Establishment to start pushing back in an ugly fashion.

Anonymous troll accounts – in fact, worse than trolls – have begun a smear campaign on social media attempting to attack the credibility of a key whistleblower who exposed issues with the inquiry and, even more unforgivably, of a victim of terrible abuse.

At least one of these provocateur accounts is run by someone with a sinister history of stalking – including arrest – and who is known to have connections to key Establishment figures, including at least one who has expressed controversial views about sexual consent and a history of accusations of online and offline bullying. All have the vile tone of the bully.

The SKWAWKBOX does not intend to give oxygen to the smears or to the smearers. But if you read accusations online or off about whistleblower Sharon Evans or child-abuse survivors, reach for a huge pinch of salt.

The speed and vehemence of the backlash only strengthen the credibility of the accusations and revelations. The Establishment must be worried.’