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A video is being shared on Social Media and published on various ‘Alternative Media’ websites over the last few days, that claims to show a naked male, wearing one sock, abseiling from an upper window of Buckingham Palace before appearing to fall and subsequently disappear from view.



Will the images below help at all?




Even if you choose to ignore the extra pillars between the windows in the video, and the fact that the actual windows on the upper level of Buckingham Palace are different – the chances of this being anything other than a complete hoax are incalculately small.


“None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.” – Goethe

You are made up of millions and millions of ‘programmed’ beliefs about what is real and what’s not real, what you should or shouldn’t be or wear or say or do.

You have downloaded beliefs about how attractive you are, about your body, your intelligence, about God, sin, life after death, morality and class.

You have been innundated with disaster scenarios about the future of humanity – a global depression, an apocalypse, Armageddon, end times, depopulation, nuclear war, an Antichrist ruler and other disempowering, fear mongering, toxic propaganda.

If you stop and look closely at your thoughts and beliefs, you will discover that instead of serving you, they serve the agenda of those who control you.

Although you may feel you are immune to religious and political propaganda, your immunity is overpowered by the repetition of messages that burrow into your subconscious just below your conscious radar.

Your rulers have taught you slave consciousness.

You tick tock through life with alarm clocks, car clocks, work clocks, the TV clock, the cell phone clock, wrist watches, wall clocks and calendars.

It’s “breakfasttime”- “lunch hour” – “break time” – “traffic hour” – “news hour” – “happy hour” – “dinner time” – “bedtime” – “pay your tax time”.

You sit in traffic, stand in line-ups, watch mind numbing TV trivia interrupted by endless commercials.

You settle for a 14 days holiday out of the 365 days it takes for the Earth to circle the Sun.

You trade your labour for numbers at the bank.

You celebrate Birthdays, New Years, Valentine’s day, St. Patrick’s/George’s/Andrew’s/David’s Day and maybe even Margaret Thatcher day soon, along with countless other repetitive cycles of commercialized nonsense without a single word of complaint.

From the cradle to the grave, you obediently tick-tock through life like an robot, dutifully serving.

Despite your servitude, they have somehow convinced you that you are indeed free.”

Source Unknown