There are times, when the longer you look at something, the less sense it seems to make. When that happens, I have found that sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes can bring a new perspective, to something that should have been only too obvious all along. A case in point. A YouTube video, recently posted by an obviously angry guy, who seemed to have taken issue with an article that was printed in Scallywag Magazine. Fair enough, I guess, everybody […]

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I published a copy of a letter on this site in December 2012. The letter was written by Simon Regan Editor of Scallywag Magazine, who’s half Brother Angus James Wilson, co-founder of Scallywag and editor of its sucessor ‘Spiked‘ died in Cyprus around 1996 whilst the magazine was investigating the alleged elite paedophile ring operating in North Wales, via various children’s homes and beyond. In his letter dated February 2000, Simon documents Scallywag’s investigation into the North Wales Child Abuse […]

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