Every so often, I read something that I know will stay with me for a very long time. From well-loved books I have read and re-visited many times, through well-written magazine articles, right down to blog posts that I have stumbled upon quite by accident while looking for something else – there will thankfully, always be examples of the written word that will leave an indelible mark. The following extract is one of those; it’s a poem contained within a […]

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The second in a series of articles which recognises real-life Outlaw Heroes. Ishikawa Goemon The Japanese bandit who was boiled alive Goemon (1558-1594), was a legendary Outlaw hero who stole gold and valuables from wealthy people and gave them to the poor. There is very little historical information on Goemon’s life, (outside of what is found in Wikipedia) thus he has become a Japanese folk hero, whose background and origins have been widely speculated upon. He is, however, remembered for […]

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