The following article expands upon ‘Thirteen Techniques for Truth Suppression’ by David Martin, and what it contains may prove helpful to anyone who not only values the truth, but has grown sick of the endless lies, and the disinformation being disseminated, both online and in the mass media – and wishes to identify instances of when the truth is being suppressed. Whenever an instance of ‘wickedness in high places is revealed, or any publicized event in the mass media, for […]

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Founded in 1837 as┬áthe ‘Wigan Poor Law Union Hospital’, Billinge Hospital was a National Health Service facility in the Higher End district of the Borough of Wigan, Greater Manchester. The Maternity Unit attached to the main hospital was opened in 1968, and served much of the surrounding area of Wigan, parts of St Helens and the District of West Lancashire, before it’s closure in 2004, it’s services being transferred to other hospitals in the surrounding districts. Very little of the […]

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