A video is being shared on Social Media and published on various ‘Alternative Media’ websites over the last few days, that claims to show a naked male, wearing one sock, abseiling from an upper window of Buckingham Palace before appearing to fall and subsequently disappear from view. Really? Will the images below help at all?   Even if you choose to ignore the extra pillars between the windows in the video, and the fact that the actual windows on the […]

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The Bush Family Before the Bush family became the picture of all-American do-gooders, they were actively aiding the Nazis during World War II. George W. Bush’s grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush, directed the Union Banking Corporation, whose assets were seized under the Trading with the Enemy Act in 1942. UBC represented the U.S. interests of Fritz Thyssen, a steel and coal baron who funded Adolf Hitler’s campaign in the 1930s. Though Senator Bush never confessed Nazi sympathies, an investigation appeared to prove […]

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