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There are few people who are not by now, acutely aware of the poisonous political climate and bitter division, that has emerged following the Brexit referendum and the US Election.

According to the mass media and the liberals and the hard left, the blame for all the anger, the reported incidences of civil unrest and animosity, as well as the alleged increase in ‘Hate Crimes’ and random acts of ‘Racism’ …. Lies squarely on the shoulders of the political right; specifically the ‘Far Right’.

One would be hard pressed to find references in the mass media, or on left-leaning websites, blogs and social media accounts, to the large number of vile attacks, wanton vandalism, visible threats to life and limb and physical intimidation that has been witnessed and reported on, both online and IRL, and are being carried out by those on the left of the political spectrum.

Social Media in particular, has been swamped with evidence of this, and has been freely shared and positively encouraged on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, while ‘Extremist’ (according to the mass media that is) and right wing accounts are being censured and banned en masse.


The Tweet above is only one example I have selected to illustrate the type of comment that has appeared online, as well as various ‘Memes’ and placards containing hashtags like #assassinatetrump and #rapemelenia which are continuing to spread unchecked and unchallenged.

One particularly vile and disturbing ‘Meme’, is one that has been doing the rounds on social media over the last few days.


The above image appeared on Facebook yesterday, and as far as I can ascertain after a bit of research, first emerged in Germany and was initially shared around a number of ‘Anti-Fascist’ (AntiFa) websites and forums.

Anyone with even a semblance of intelligence, will immediately view it as not only being extremely disrespectful and harmful towards victims of rape and sexual assault, but also gain an insight into the kind of mindset that could actually use a utterly devastating and often life changing ordeal that rape almost always is, as a means to justify the already unsustainable levels of immigration and also preach about ‘tolerance’.

Personally, I am at a loss to even begin to understand the thought processes of anyone who could openly promote such a dispicable agenda, an agenda which clearly encourages the view that rape and brutal sexual assault is an acceptable part of being #tolerant and to #coexist and embrace #diversity.

What is also clear, is that it’s also an admission by those who promote it, that mass immigration carries with it a clear and present danger to the citizens of any host country …. and that country must accept the threat of being subjected to sexual brutality or worse by at least some of those incoming migrants.

And they must also accept the inevitability of being labelled a ‘Racist’ or a ‘Fascist’, simply for voicing an alternative viewpoint to the left and their agendas, and by pro-actively fighting back against the filth and degeneracy that is being promoting on a daily basis.

I have stated which path I have taken, how about you?