In 1920, in the early days of psychology (Freud had only stopped prescribing cocaine to his patients a couple decades earlier), a man by the name of John B. Watson did an ‘experiment’ to prove that fear was a learned behaviour. So what better way to find out than to condition a 11-month old baby boy to learn to fear rabbits? Watson, who was a respected Johns Hopkins researcher, managed to get his hands on an infant and began by […]

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Military Attempts To Weaponise Animals From Hannibal’s epic Elephant ride across the Alps to Genghis Khan’s magnificent War Horses, animals have always been used in warfare to fight, and die, alongside the men and women on the battlefields. But some animals go much farther in the service of their war-mongering masters. I am referring to the ideas that Military Intelligence have come up with over the years utilising the talents of four-legged and winged creatures, who’s sole purpose was getting […]

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