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What will £508,000 ($766,851 – €706,375) buy today?

For the average person, who may choose to invest it wisely, it would mean that they would never have to worry about money for the rest of their natural lives – for a government, however, it seems a paltry amount when one considers the daily running costs of a county.

For example, £508,000 would pay the average salaries, for one whole year, of:

  • 20 Paramedics
  • 20 Police Officers
  • 20 Teachers
  • 19 Nurses
  • 18 Firefighters
  • 18 Junior Doctors

Alternatively, £508,000 could be spend on a single airstrike on Syria using one RAF Tornado.

The costs of which, when broken down are:

  • £210,000 – A single six-hour mission
  • £88,000 – Four Paveway Bombs
  • £210,000 – Two Brimstone Missiles



To a normal person, the choice would be simple as to where the money should be spent, especially as the UK government have been telling us for the past four years, that we are in the grip of austerity, and all need to tighten our belts – and accept without a murmur of protest, a series of pernicious cuts to many of our frontline services, which could have a devastating effect not only the nation’s health, but also on it’s security and safety.