¬†As the 2015 General Election looms large in the UK, one thing that may have gone unnoticed, is that there seems to have been a subtle takeover of many governmental institutions and departments – by increasing numbers of people with what can only be described as, ‘psychopathic’ traits and very low, or non-existent levels of empathy? Which has had the effect, that the never-ending cycle of unlawful and unnecessary wars, secret courts, state corruption and brutality, lying politicians, arrests without […]

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Included within the blueprint for the Eugenicists Brave New World, it is now apparent that as Rh negative bloodtypes have an ‘issue’ when having children with Rh positives, it means we should now be targeted, as it appears that being Rh Negative is somehow classified as a ‘disease’…. My question is, when did being different, or having certain ‘traits’ mean a person should be classed as having a disease? Spina Bifida, Hemochromatosis and people with Downs Syndrome also appear to […]

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