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Today’s the day.


The day of reckoning for humanity and the day when one of the longest-running, and persistent predictions (on the Internet at least) will finally be realised.

But, if nothing of global significance happens today, at the Rio Olympics or elsewhere, then it’s a fair assumption that the swivel-eyed lunatics that have been predicting what has been inscribed upon the Georgia Guidestones – (and will occur today) …. are wrong.


georgia guidestones

“The World’s population being reduced to a shade under 500, 000, 000 in one swoop, a worldwide conflict breaking out, a ‘Terror’ attack that will make 9/11 look like a firecracker, a plague of frogs or fiery rain pouring from the heavens” ….

Who knows what form this cataclysm will take as it’s visited upon us?

I also have a prediction.

What is inscribed on the ‘Georgia Guidestones’ is exactly what it is, some inane and completely meaningless writing in a number of human languages on some big lumps of granite in an American backwater – and nothing more.

More like a macabre tourist attraction as opposed to an almanac of future human history.

However, if we are all dead or witness to some type of global catastrophe, or subject to Martial Law by this time tomorrow …. I will of course be wrong.

I am willing to take that chance.


It has been noticed that a recent change has been made to the controversial monument at Elbert County, Elberton, Georgia, commonly known as the ‘Georgia Guidestones’.


This small, but noticeable change appears to have caused a bit of a panic among some within the Alternative Media and Conspiracy forums, who have seen it as a warning that the inscribed guidelines on the stones are about to become a reality – and life as we know it, is about to come to an abrupt end.



The monument has been the target of vandals since it’s construction in March 1980, including an attempt in 2009 to topple the English language guidestone, by cutting a large notch near the support pin which attaches it to the capstone above.

The stones are also heavily covered in graffiti, most of it obscene in nature.

Some messages denounce the New World Order, some are written in code, some mock and insult politicians and a few even predict the fiery sword of God’s justice striking down those who built the monument.

As a result of this, Elberton county monument volunteers have become, over the last thirty years, expert at removing the spray paint and ink regularly left by disgruntled and angry visitors.

Even the Chicken blood, which is regularly smeared on the stones, is relatively easy to clean from the granite and will eventually vanish on its own.

The polyurethane that has been splattered across the English and Swahilli language faces is more difficult to remove however, often requiring intensive work with hammers and chisels to clean effectively.

Volunteer Mark Clamp during an interview in 2009, said:

More problematic than the paint or polyurethane is the damage done to the marker stone during obvious attempts to dig up the time capsule that is alleged to be underneath it. The marker stone has been chipped away on its west side and a small part of the northwest corner has been broken off. The most severe damage of all is a large notch recently cut into the English language guidestone near the stainless steel pin securing that Guidestone to the capstone. It appears that the damage was made over the course of about a year in an ongoing effort to topple that Guidestone.”

It is this notch that has become the focus of much speculation among some people on the Internet over the last few days, but are they overreacting and could there be a perfectly simple explanation ?

Is it at all possible that the monument had become dangerously unstable recently, so an effective repair had become a matter of urgency ?

I suggest this because Master Craftsmen, such as Carpenters and Stonemasons, almost always mark any repairs carried out by them with a initial or sometimes the date or year, so could the recent, albeit covert addition of a single piece of granite, marked with the numbers ‘2014’ simply be marking the year when the repair was completed – or does it really signify something more sinister as has been alleged ?

I guess you will have to wait and see….