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I have been watching with interest, the online insanity surrounding the one-time East17 vocalist Brian Harvey, but have, until now, not allowed myself to be dragged into any of it.

This will be my only contribution, and it comes by way of offering some timely advice.

My advice to Brian Harvey, would be to ignore all of the self-titled ‘Targeted Individuals’, and those who have attached themselves to him in order to boost their own Youtube Channels & social media presence – and also to ignore the detractors and those who he describes as ‘trolls’ – and to concentrate on the bigger picture.

I would then ask him to take some time out (37:02 minutes in real time), and watch the following videos, which will I believe, furnish him with everything he would need to answer most of the questions he has been asking, especially in regard to how he ended up in his current situation.

They explain, in simple terms, not only why, but how it was done, and most importantly, by whom.

Putting all personal feelings aside, as I don’t really care whether Brian Harvey likes me, or trusts my judgement, as it’s unimportant in the greater scheme of things.

What is important, however, is that the truth is not allowed to be bypassed by the endless back and forth between various parties and online groups, and to cut through the white noise that has effectively drowned out any attempt at reasoned discussion, and forge a positive way forward.

These videos were put together by someone who’s work I am aware of via his blog and his Youtube channel, but that is as far as any association between us goes.

It is my belief that Brian Harvey was not only set up, (as the videos clearly show), but he was also both professionally and socially crucified by people within the British political establishment, working towards a pre-determined agenda, assisted by his manager and willingly abetted by the mainstream media.

It’s now up to the reader/viewer to decide for themselves where the truth lies.

In the music industry (or the entertainment industry as a whole) these days, it is a rare thing indeed to hear artists speaking out about anything of merit.

It would be difficult to imagine the likes of Justin Bieber, Katie Perry, Adele, any of the bastard offspring of the Simon Cowell circus of horrors, or Madonna or even Bono drawing attention to anything that criticises the actions of the established order – but thankfully, there are those in the industry who have done just that, and there are also those who believe that some have paid the ultimate price for doing just that.

It could be argued that the untimely death of Michael Jackson for instance, came as a direct result of him speaking out about the dark underbelly of the music industry and the stranglehold placed upon the artists by those who totally control every aspect of their lives.

The MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine, has for a number of years made his feelings known on a number of topics deemed ‘politically sensitive’, his response in 2012 to the question of whether or not he would support legislation to make gay marriage legal for instance, was: “I’m Christian, the answer to that would be No.”  A response, which no doubt, would not have made him popular among left-wing politicians and powerful pressure groups and lobbyists in both the United States and Europe.

As far back as 1988, in a confrontational interview with Sounds journalist Roy Wilkinson, Mustaine spoke eloquently against illegal immigration, and stated plainly that he would “build a great wall along the Mexican border …. and not let anyone in…..”, if he was President of the United States.

Also in 1988, he caused a riot when Megadeth played in Northern Ireland following his dedication of a song to ‘The Cause’, which did not go down too well by all accounts.

In 2009, he said that he wrote the album ‘Endgame’ in order to educate both his fans and the public at large as to the march towards the New World Order and a Global government.

In August 2012, while on stage in Singapore talking to the audience, he openly accused President Obama of staging the mass shootings in Aurora, CO and the Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting in order to implement gun control.

Motorhead’s Lemmy Kilmister had some memorable things to say about politicians: “They are all the same anyway. All politicians are bastards – every one of them. [It] doesn’t matter who you vote for you’ll always have a shitty government. All they are after is themselves and their pockets. They are all lying, cheating bastards.”

One of the more recent Rockers to have put their heads above the parapet and speak out is the KILLSWITCH ENGAGE frontman Jesse Leach, who in July 2016, shared a statement online after ‘spending several days mourning the current state of the world and this country’.

I have republished Jesse’s statement in full below, with a link to the source, as it’s one of the best analysis’ out there at the present time, (from a musician anyway) and although I do not agree with every point he has raised, the fact is, that a statement like this from someone in the music industry is such a rarity, and is something that should, in my opinion …. be applauded.


KILLSWITCH ENGAGE vocalist Jesse Leach shares statement:

“I Can not stay silent anymore”

“Knowing full well the insurmountable ridicule and abuse I may receive from this post (by those polarized in one direction or the other) I can not stay silent anymore. I realize my thoughts, concerns and observations may mean nothing to you. If that is the case simply stop reading. For those reading on, thank you and back to your regular unscheduled program of social media to resume in a minute or two.

I can’t just take a “side” or allow a hashtag to define my grief (we all have our ways to mourn with respect). I have been contemplating and mourning the current state of the world and this country for days now. I still find it hard to find the words, but I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror tomorrow if I didn’t attempt to formulate my thoughts and speak my mind and heart.

I mourn the murder of any human! The fact that we as a people use death as a political platform or an agenda is despicable. The denying of deep rooted inequality is also equally despicable! How can we foster progress and actual equality when no one is willing to listen to each other? We must be willing to be considerate and walk in one another’s shoes to find understanding. I don’t see much of that sadly, just division and disregard for one another.

What a sad, troubled and shockingly ignorant state of affairs we are caught in these days. The division between us as a people grows daily due tragic events paired alongside calculated disinformation and false flag or “wagging the dog” (look up these terms if you are not familiar and then examine certain current events that change over time). There is much outside of our history books and news reports to learn from. These days we are swallowing blindly what they feed us. Instead of uniting to stand against a common enemy (the ones in power that manipulate justice and care not for the common people).

Instead we are divided against each other! While we bicker and fight over hashtags and who’s killing who, the clandestine dismantling of this country and the world economy continues unchecked.

Racism (among many other warped and conditioned hateful thinking) is alive and well people! It is being arrogantly displayed by many on both “sides” of the current issues. Yet we are distracted by social status, fantasy games and vanity glued to our phones like zombies. We swallow manufactured media as click bait conspiracies to occupy our minds. We have been warned for decades about these times from literature, to movies and songs. Yet here we are in the midst of yet another crucial downfall and all we are doing is infighting and pointing fingers at each other. When in fact the blame lies upon those in high “authority.” Those very few at the top who oversee the passing and amending of laws, the controlling of wealth and the distribution of power ARE the divisors and dictators of the system.

We have been conditionally dumbed down, divided and controlled. This is “Idiocracy” in full effect, but the vast majority can’t see it! We have been indoctrinated and brain washed so cleverly, patiently and precisely that the vast majority are completely unaware of the state of emergency. We lash out against one another in fear and anger. Anyone trying to make a change and speak out is violently and or verbally struck down by an opposing view. It’s ether that or threatened, ridiculed or simply… silenced in death.

How many more of “US” will die before we realize the truth has been disguised?

How long do we allow those in control to manipulate us, humiliate us, steal from us and kill us like pawns in their game of power? There has got to be a better way. There has got to be a radical change. Sadly I fear the worst as it seems most are too far gone, trapped in the “matrix” as it were.

The only thing I can offer is my personal action. My lyrics in my music, my choices, the companies I support or boycott with money. The effort I will put forth to be understanding, compassionate and yes, loving when I have the strength. My faith is, that there is enough good with us all to begin to heal and help one another (even in small simple ways).
For those of you who believe in God I urge you to pray. For those of you who gather in protest and activism do so in peace. For those of you in uniform show honor and control. For those of you who have compassion and charity to give, give it in abundance. We are facing troubling times and I feel it will only get worse before it improves. In the meantime pause and think before you speak or act and ask yourself “am I a part of the problem or a part of the solution.” You can control and change the way you think and act.

Think about this, if only for a moment.

I am just a man trying to find understanding and do the best that I can to help in anyway. I will continue to strive to write lyrics and songs for ALL of us. I will strive to be an instrument of light and hope in this world of darkness (albeit a flawed, sarcastic, head case of an instrument)….but It’s all I have and all I can offer at present.

I am heartbroken for us all but I won’t give up on trying to make this world a better place one little tiny effort after another.

Be good to one another.

With respect and sincerity

Peace, love, wisdom, strength and light to all!”


While doing some background work on the second part of a JACK THE RIPPER examination I am currently working on, I have been spending some time trawling through some of the contemporary newspaper reports and periodicals from 1888 which reported on the case.

As is often the case when researching articles for possible inclusion on this site, I find something which takes me off in a completely different direction altogether, which is what has happened here, inasmuch as although the main subject of this article has a link to the Whitechapel murders, albeit a tenuous one – it will, at some point, tie in with my telling of the Ripper story.

‘Jack the Ripper’ was not the first serial killer, although he may well have been the first one to ‘ply his trade’ entirely within the confines of a major metropolis; and he almost certainly was the first to operate when the general population had become literate, and the mass media had began to influence not only what people were reading every day, but also what they were supposed to ‘believe‘.

Now that last bit is important, as throughout history, and even more so over the last one hundred and fifty years, certain events that have become embedded in the psyché of so many people, and believed to be true – have been planted there by the mass media and the entertainment industry.

I am not talking about ‘False Flag’ attacks here, a number of which have been catalysts for starting wars and forcing regime changes throughout the world via invasions, as many of those events have since been shown to be entirely manufactured and State-Sponsored, and there is more than enough evidence available to support that.

What I am referring to is something that has been widely-studied by psychologists and is known as ‘Belief Perseverance’, and is something that anyone can fall prey to, although some people are more prone to it than others.

Belief perseverance, is exactly as it sounds, it’s an unshakeable and continuing belief in something or someone, that has been shown to be false, regardless of any evidence that is presented to show just that.

It’s the reason why so many people year upon year fall for hoaxes, and the reason that so many become victims of liars, fraudsters, con artists and professional grifters, as normal, everyday folk tend to see the best in others and simply do not believe that people can be so callous and would do anything that devious.

The mass media are no different, they know only too well how to sell lies as truth, they do it on a daily basis, and they know exactly how to influence and steer people towards supporting what have turned out to have been some very unpopular political ideas – a good example of this is how the British media have covertly managed to demonise the disabled, the unemployed and the working poor by way of some very biased news coverage and television programming.

Over a few short months, the mass media have purposely and very successfully divided the country down the middle, and very few people have noticed what has actually happened.

Another similar example happened in 1973, when the UK entered the Common Market, as it was known as then, following what could be viewed as an exercise in propaganda, as by 1971 it was blatantly obvious that most British newspapers were totally committed to Britain becoming a member of the EEC, the only exceptions being those under the Express umbrella of publications.

A large proportion of the population were totally unaware of the fact that the results of an opinion poll in 1973, showed that the British people were against entering the EEC by an astounding ratio of three to one – the mass media of course failed to publish anything like those figures.

Even though public feeling was against it, and even suggesting the idea of entering the union was seen as being political suicide, the Government of Edward Heath still pushed ahead and spent £10M of taxpayers money on printing and distributing literature praising the virtues of becoming an EEC member, and produced a ‘White Paper’ which was full of totally unsubstantiated claims to support their claims.

The mass media deliberately left out any mention of the annual costs of membership, or the fact that joining the EEC was the first step along the road towards creating a Federal States of Europe.

Heath and the Tories only managed to get away with what was viewed as a ‘Betrayal of the British People’, because the mass media had also decided that entry was a ‘good thing’ (for them and their owners), and did not publicaly question a single claim made by Heath or the Conservative administration.

Pro-EEC rhetoric appeared on most news and feature pages, and was reinforced by massive numbers of full page advertisements paid for by the Pro-European Movement.

Anybody who has peeled back a few layers of what really went on back then, would have established that if the mass media had done their job properly, investigated like real journalists and fully analysed the real purpose and true cost of the Common Market, Britain would have almost certainly never have joined, and would now be an eminently wealthier and more powerful nation.

Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath took Britain into the EEC without giving the electorate the opportunity to say whether or not their country should become part of this ‘project‘, and the mass media was the tool the Tory Government utilised to achieve it.

But that was forty-three years ago, and you would think that the British population would have learned something by now wouldn’t you?

But I shall assume that it’s a pretty safe bet, that despite the depth of feeling among the electorate, the numbers at the Grassroots level who want to leave, and all the signs that are pointing to Britain’s continued membership of the EU meaning the total loss of what remains of our identity – and the end of everything it’s people hold dear ….. Britain, and it’s people will be seen by the world as voting to stay within the union.

Whether that will be true or not is apparently of no consequence, because that is what history will record as being the outcome of the June referendum.

GUEST WRITER – Michael O’Bernicia

In the late nineteen eighties, the overtly socialist comedian, Jeremy Hardy, whilst appearing on Question Time when it was hosted by the late Robin Day, famously compared voting for the Labour Party to wiping one’s arse – nobody likes doing it but it has to be done.

This was a very popular view at the time because of the general misery of working class people in Thatcher’s Britain, as a result of an all out war against their fiercely loyal, proudly free-thinking and traditionally self-sufficient communities, each of which was built within walking distance of the industry it sustained, with the blood, sweat and tears of ten generations.

Its therefore not surprising that Jeremy’s genuinely-held position provoked both laughter and applause from the live studio audience, following the closure and sale of the mines, shipyards, docks, ports, steelworks, farmland, power stations and water treatment plants, upon which the relative self-sufficiency, and ultimately, the survival, of millions of the British working class was almost entirely dependent.

A little over a decade after Jeremy’s half-serious comment, Blair’s New Labour commissars replaced the despised Tory regime with an incessant fanfare of ‘Things Can Only Get Better’, then proceeded to launch three wars of aggression against the peoples of the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and Iraq; indiscriminately slaughtering millions of civilian men, women and children, displacing millions of others and pillaging their lands and resources for private gain.

By which time every public utility and manufacturing industry had been carved up and sold off, whilst millions of previously hard-working people, who had been forced to sign on and claim state benefits since the mid-eighties, just to sustain the most meager existence for themselves and their families, were betrayed by the very political party which many of them had tirelessly campaigned to elect for the best part of two decades. The same party that had sustained itself since it was formed, largely through the trade union subscriptions of working class people.

And yet, what saddens my heart more than anything else, as I look back over that period of my life, is not merely witnessing the poverty, hardship and grief experienced by so many people, for no good reason; what saddens me the most is having witnessed so many good men, with advanced skills, extensive knowledge, vast experience and hearts like lions, being thrown on the scrapheap of life, on a puppet politician’s whim, to live out the rest of their days being dependent upon government handouts, which they were forced to exchange for the jobs they were told would be ‘for life’, when they left school early to learn and master their trades, without ever believing they would need to earn money any other way.

Therefore, on the balance of probabilities, the consequences of the majority of voters ratifying their controllers’ selection of Tony Bliar as Prime Zionister were one hell of a lot more unpleasant than wiping my arse has ever been; and what is left in the wake of his criminal administration is nothing more than a codified system of genocide, administered by faceless, unaccountable bureaucrats, whose sworn mission is to ‘save the Earth’ by ‘culling the herd’ to a sustainable number, as per Agenda 21.

It naturally follows that I would describe voting for any political party or candidate in a general democratic election, as more like taking your own shit, giving it to a gang of heavily armed shit-dealers and consenting that they now have to right to force unlimited amounts of voters’ shit down the throats of everybody else, whether they consent to swallow the potentially fatal defecations or not and upon the purported authority of the heavily armed shit-dealers.

Calling for Cameron to resign over allegations he is a generational ‘dodgy fucker’, is akin to demanding that the chairman of a company that specialises in mass murder resigns because he has allegedly benefited from some of his father’s paid killings, in receiving monies taken from the proceeds of them.

Yes. And?

Instead of calling for the pig-fecker’s head, preferably on a silver platter with an apple in his gob, why not call for the abolition of the most prolific mass murderer the world has ever known – central government – or accept the fact that the establishment’s utter contempt for you is such that politicians are either ambivalent or opposed to your very existence, as a matter of ‘public policy’, which is how and why the law is applied so selectively, both in and out of the rigged courts.

Should you take exception to my position, try to find one historical example of a democratically elected central government, the operatives of which did not use violence to enforce its social, cultural, foreign and financial policies.

Once one realises that no such government has ever existed, but the common denominator between them all was the mass murder of innocents, mind control and the theft of every subject’s assets, income and resources, refusing to grant your consent to the dictates of the incumbent group of mass murderers becomes a moral obligation, which might well provoke violent retaliation from the illegitimate state in certain circumstances.

However, the only other available alternative is to register yourself as a consenting party to the violence perpetrated against other people in your name, which is no different to conspiring to help other parties rob, molest, rape, kidnap, deceive, incarcerate and murder innocent people.

For the sake of our children and grandchildren, I humbly implore you all to put aside your fears and withdraw your consent to be complicit in the myriad crimes of government; and to take back control of your lives by unilaterally declaring independence and forming voluntary associations to manage and administer commonly held resources and infrastructure in your local community.

This can all be achieved under the terms of the UCT Treaty, which created a government-free jurisdiction and operates under this simple maxim:

My rights end only where yours begin. In other words, do no harm, but take no shit from anybody.

The choice, my friends, is yours to make. Please decide wisely and act accordingly.

Following the recent media reports of the Muslim ‘assaults’ in the German city of Cologne on New Years Eve, a number of Alternative Media websites, like VETERANS TODAY being one example, have expressed the view that the assaults on what are now believed to be dozens of women – were not only organised, but a ‘False Flag’ event.

Going on what has been reported upon, even by mainstream sources, on the surface it does appear as though these attacks were not random events, but were in some way ‘coordinated’ and planned in advance.

“Something like that does not come from nowhere, there must be someone behind it,” said the German Minister of Justice, Heiko Mass, who went on to say, “It seems like everything was planned in advance.”

Which, if taken on it’s own would be the view of one man only, and hardly qualifies it as a ‘False Flag’, at least not as most people perceive FF’s to be.

However, when non-official spokespersons and independent witnesses have claimed that during the attacks, the police were “standing around with their hands in their pockets, while nightclub bouncers came to the aid of the women being groped and robbed,” it does appear that something is not quite right with this picture.

With that in mind, would it be safe to assume that not only were the police standing around, apparently uninterested in more than a hundred separate incidents, but undercover police officers were likely to have been involved in the assaults as well?

And if that is true, which according to a number of witnesses is indeed the case, then what possible reasons could there be for this to have occurred?

Is it as simple as what is being alleged on various websites and social media accounts, that these events were staged by the police and coordinated with the media having full knowledge, simply to build on the already existing feelings of resentment towards refugees ?

Was it to build further on the hysteria that already exists, not only among the German people, but the whole of Europe, and not only against refugees, but Islam itself?

“The best protection is not an arms length, but the whole Mediterranean”

Now here is where it gets confusing, because for any or all of the above to be true, why then, were the same police force, less than a week later, being shown across the mass media using every available resource available to them, including water cannon, against groups of protesters who had gathered to voice their anger against the New Year sex attacks?

Officially, it was reported as being a response to “Far-Right Pergida demonstrators, who had been throwing missiles at the police and had refused to pull back”, which would not make any sense if the intention of the New Years sex attacks were to whip up anti-immigration (Muslim) feelings among Germans by the authorities ….

And wasn’t Frau Merkel herself visibly outraged over these disgusting attacks and sexual assaults?

Wasn’t she quoted as saying to the mayor of Cologne, Henriette Reker by phone, that: “everything must be done to find the perpetrators as quickly and comprehensively as possible and punish them, regardless of their origin and background?”

Since the attacks, women have made more than 90 criminal complaints to the police about harrassment by gangs of men at Cologne’s main railway station on New Years Eve.

Both witnesses and police have said that the men were of ‘Arab or North African appearence’, and upwards of 300 women demonstrated against the attacks near the scene holding placards which read: “Mrs Merkel! Where are you? What do you say? This alarms us?”

There is little doubt that these attacks occurred exactly as they were reported, not only in Cologne, but women were also targeted in Stuttgart and Hamburg the same night.

One woman was raped, and many more were assaulted, including a volunteer policewoman and a 15-year-old girl and her mother outside the railway station, although it must be said, that the majority of the crimes reported were of robbery.

Eight suspects were detained and it was reported that: “They were all asylum seekers, carrying copies of their residence certificates”.

Although the mainstream media are trying to play down the attacks, citing in one instance: “that the area has long been viewed as a notoriously dangerous area when it comes to pickpockets and theft”, but the sexual harrassment is a completely new element, and one that the media are finding difficult to cover up.

They do acknowledge however, that the attacks do appear to have been organised, agreeing that around 1000 ‘young men‘ arrived in large groups, seemingly with the sole intention of attacking local females.

If the attacks were confined to one country, then an organised ‘False Flag’ event could offer a possible explanation, but as the assaults occurred in a number of locations, and not only in Germany, but in Swedish Malmö, Katlstad and Kalmar in Sweden, and on the same night – the chances of it being a False Flag event are decreased substantially.

According to RT.COM, a number of similar incidences were reported in the Sydsvenskan newspaper, after reports emerged that Swedish police had been accused of ignoring sexual harrassment at a Stockholm music festival earlier that week.

Gangs of unattended young men, in groups of between eight and ten in number, and believed to be from Afghanistan, molested a number of women in Malmö, but dispersed and disappeared upon spotting police officers who had attended. Similar cases were reportedly prevented in other parts of the city before any real harm was done, and it has not been reported whether any of the women have filed official reports.

What was reported, however, was that this type of ‘Gang Harrassment‘ was previously unheard of in Malmö.

Gang attacks of this type have been recorded elsewhere though, in the Arab world it is now so prevalent it has become a phenomenon, and even has a name, ‘Taharrush Gamea’.

The name of this thoroughly unpleasant practice, translates as Collective Harrassment, and is carried out by large groups of men who sexually assault lone, or small numbers of women, by groping, assaulting them, or in a number of incidences, raping them.

The group of men first surround their selected victim in circles. Some of the group then sexually assault them, while others, not directly involved, simply watch or divert outsider’s attention to what is going on.

So would that explain the ‘organised’ and ‘coordinated’ nature of the attacks as described by eyewitnesses?

And what about the witness reports that claimed: ‘the police were standing around with their hands in their pockets’, doing little to assist the victims or to arrest the perpetrators?

Would this report from RT.COM go some way to explaining that German law enforcement officers were unable to tackle crimes of this nature head-on, as they were wary of being accused of using ‘excessive violence or racism’ ?

Were a number of incidents perpetrated by migrants being played down purposely, or hidden altogether in order to maintain desirable crime statistics?

It would certainly appear to be that way, if a German federal police officer is to be believed, when he said: “One asylum seeker wanted to cut his fellows throat. But the crime scene report included only ‘severe injuries’ rather than a murder attempt.”

The officer went on to say that in his view the crime rate among refugees far exceeds that of the local population, and during the previous months, he had only secured a single criminal charge, and that was against a German, while the majority of criminal suspects were refugees.

Referring to the incidences of harrassment against women, similar to that that took place in Cologne on New Years Eve, the officer said that such cases were widespread in Bavaria as well.

“At the train station, women were sexually harassed and verbally offended on a regular basis. When we speak of an entry ban [to the area], they would shout at us: ‘You are not my police, you are a racist.'”

Whenever a refugee needs to be controlled, the police cannot arrest him, or even detain him for a short time, citing ‘superior orders‘ which prevented coercive actions. “Our rules [orders] are: “Better to let him run away”.

The sexual elements of these attacks are not even confined to Germany, as similar incidences in Sweden were recorded the same night, and there is too much available evidence, to dispute the simple fact, that much of Europe is now enduring what has been described as a ‘Rape Epidemic‘ and in the countries which have the highest populations of migrants.

So is it safe to assume, that although not new, are the recently reported sexual assaults on women throughout Europe a by-product of the high levels of immigration into Europe?

You have to say it all when you say that Europe is now a place where women have lost their perennial fight for decency because the indecent alone live” Page 82: Catholic Digest, December 1945

The quote above is a reference to the horrors of the ‘8 to 80’ practice that was visited on the German population by the allies following the end of World War Two, where any female between those ages were systematically raped, many to the point of death.

“Many a sane American family would recoil in horror if they knew how our boys conduct themselves, with complete callousness in human relations over there” TIME MAGAZINE, October 2nd 1945

There are still Germans alive who can recall with clarity, not only the Second World War, but also its aftermath, which for many held far greater horrors than they experienced during the conflict, and horrors which were not only encouraged by the allied powers at the time, but were notably omitted by the mainstream historians, who like the authorities, and the mass media, effectively ‘turned a blind eye’.

Present day Europe of course, is not emerging from a worldwide conflict, where lines sometimes become blurred and conquered countries and their womenfolk are viewed as ‘spoils of war’, and are treated in the most dispicable manner as a result, so comparisons between the two may be unfair – but to increasing numbers of people in Europe, it is certainly beginning to feel that way.

Which is entirely understandable when the official response to the rape of a four-year-old boy, by an undisclosed number of adult men in a ‘Reception Centre’ for migrants in Norway recently was: “The aim of our [Private] Company (Hero) is to help asylum seekers ‘avoid mistakes as they discover Norweigan culture‘. There is no single cultural code to say what is good and bad behaviour because we want a free society. There has to be tolerance for attitudes that may be seen as immoral by some traditional or religious norms’.

Is it any wonder that increasing numbers of Europeans are rapidly losing faith not only in Politicians, but are becoming even more distrustful of the mass media, who are failing en masse to report on the true scale of the problem?

So I will leave this, if I may, with an (in)direct quote from an infamous Libertarian blogger and Twitter stalwart, who tweeted most eloquently:

“Welcome to Europe, where the collective decision has been made, that Mass immigration is of more importance to politicians – than women and children.”

No doubt many people have seen the image below doing the rounds on social media.

An image which allegedly shows British Prime Minister David Cameron, albeit much younger, about to insert his private parts into the mouth of a severed pigs head as he attended a meeting of the Oxford Piers Gaveston Dining Society, while at University.


This particular image has been shared online thousands of times, with scarcely a thought as to it’s actual provinence.

‘Hungarian Debutante Ball, New York City February 1978 – by Larry Fink

As much as the Outlaw, and undoubtably many others would relish the idea of seeing a prominent Conservative, Liberal Democrat or Labour Party politician, photographed in what would without a doubt, be a compromising and possibly career destroying situation, the above image unfortunately, was never going to effectively provide evidence of one.


I have given the article linked below, ample time to filter onto the relevant blogs and social networks for a few days before commenting.

As expected, the Twitterati, (The domain of the Dumb and the home of the Demented) and the usual crop of blaggers have seen it and grabbed it with both hands, wholeheartedly believing it will finally put an end to decades of cover-ups and mis-information, and will eradicate the ever-present spectre of historic child abuse in this country.

 ‘Former children’s minister Tim Loughton and Conservative backbencher Zac Goldsmith are calling for a national inquiry into historical cases of child sex abuse. Goldsmith has co-ordinated a high-powered, cross-party group of seven MPs to sign a joint letter to Theresa May, home secretary, urging her to set up an independent panel to investigate repeated failures by police and other authorities in several cases.’

So, my question must be, do we really need yet another band of electioneering pseudo heroes, or just a single, honest, decent and transparent politician ?

This call for a national enquiry incidentally, followed closely the European Elections, where UKIP, unsurprisingly battered the mainstream parties.

The Liberal Democrats have also fallen spectacularly from grace, which could also prove very significant at some point.

The British Public are now, and quite rightly, completely disillusioned with mainstream Politics & Politicians in general, are desperate for change, and it’s a situation that is not looking like it will resolve itself anytime soon.

Then, from seemingly nowhere, seven cross-party political heroes ride into town, calling for yet another, albeit independent enquiry into historic childhood abuse.

Those who are understandably cynical, could argue that the timing could not have been better even if it had been planned that way.



Tom Watson and Simon Danczuk

TOM WATSON: The torchbearer of the seven, while at the same time being associated with Searchlight. He has also publicly denied knowing abuse victim-bashing David Rose, even though he sat on a Home Affairs Committee panel which questioned Rose. Watson has recently, also effectively discredited Ben Fellows, Bill Maloney & Chris Fay.


SIMON DANCZUK: The incumbent Rochdale MP who has recently written a book about Cyril Smith & has been dangling the Parliamentary Privilege carrot before the slavering masses, despite the fact that MP’s have already been warned not to use it in case it jeopardises any future prosecutions.


Tim Laughton and Zac Goldsmith

TIM LOUGHTON: Ex Tory Child Minister. Sacked from the job in 2012 and in March 2013, it was revealed that Loughton had been investigated and interviewed under caution in relation to a complaint made under the Malicious Communications Act from a constituent.

ZAC GOLDSMITH: Tory Back Bencher/Journalist. In 2006 considered to be one of Camerons rising stars. Multi claims against him for expenses dipping etc. In 2012 said he’d quit his job if the Tories went ahead with building a third runway at Heathrow Airport.


John Hemmings and Tessa Munt

JOHN HEMMINGS: A vocal and highly visible champion of Berlinda McKenzie, [IRAN AID Charity Mystery], the suspiciously ever-present Sabine McNeill, and is also a business associate of ex-Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret. Known for his eccentricity and his well-documented love life, which boasts of at least 29 extra-marital affairs. He is not so well known, however, for being suspended from the Mumsnet website for publishing the personal details of some members, and also using the forum after he had been drinking.

TESSA MUNT: Claimed single persons council tax discount whilst living in a property with others, including a local GP, the broadcaster Andy Kershaw and the media adviser for the family of Madeleine McCann, the council cleared her of any wrong doing, but she still had to pay the money back.

Caroline Lucas

Caroline Lucas

CAROLINE LUCAS: Ex leader of the Green Party. Stood down as leader in 2012, “In order to broaden opportunities for the range of talent in the party and to raise the profiles of others aspiring to election”. Is attaching herself to this cause an attempt to raise her own profile ? She also declined to comment on questions put to her about Geo-Engineering (Chemtrails) which would ordinarily be a high priority issue for a supposed ‘Green’ MP and Environmental Campaigner.

Childhood Sexual Abuse is a current red-hot political potato, if you consider the numbers of politico’s and their associates, who’s names keep cropping up, again and again.

Can anyone remember Anne Clwyd MP’s call for a similar enquiry ?


‘Historic Childhood Abuse’, (the clue is in the name), is an issue which has been around long enough for anyone, let alone the nations’ moral guardians, to have been more than aware of, so would have had ample time and every opportunity to get behind.

Plus, unless you have been living on a secluded island for the last few years, a general election is less than a year away, which although there will be some who still refuse to see it, the announcement of this call for action is very significant.

Most of the previous child abuse investigations/enquiries, also appear to have been set up within two years leading up to a General Election.

An electioneering politician can be many things, one of those things, however, is certainly not being somebody with purely altruistic motives.

Not when there are votes to be had.

Do the people of this country really have such short memories ?

Does this picture ring any bells perhaps ?


That stark reflection of the urgency, or lack of, that was placed on this issue only a short while ago in the House of Commons, was certainly picked up on social networks and concerns were raised on the David Icke Forums too as I remember.

magnificentseven8So why the sudden turnaround ?

Why are these Internet Anti-Abuse ‘Warriors’ now attempting to persuade anyone who will listen, to “write to their MP’s to get them behind this issue as a priority” ?

I have even seen a self-titled “Anti-Political Writer and Anarchist” Tweeting the same message, over and over again, which surely poses it’s own questions.

And what kind of enquiry are they hoping to bring about ?

Another Waterhouse perhaps ?

Or a completely new, although not completely ‘Independent’ panel populated by establishment darlings like Esther Rantzen, Edwina Currie, David Rose, Daniel Finkelstein and maybe even the erstwhile Suzanne Nundy, AKA Anna Raccoon ?

As I see it now, around a third of this country are now so anti-establishment, they voted for right-wing, untested, political raiding parties, while the rest stood around bleating and muttering about the chaos and divisions created by the others.

Yet, a few days later, they are calling on the same people they do not trust to run their country, fully expecting them to deal with a highly emotive and delicate issue like childhood sexual abuse, and also with the required sensitivity and levels of professionalism expected.

Is that correct?

Because nothing would surprise me any more.

It’s about time that the people of this country decided what they really want from those, they blindly continue to elect and represent them.

Or even start to question, exactly how much establishment and political influence drives these particular online campaigns, and effectively permeate the more heavily populated social networks and Forums.

You may then get your answer.

But you will not like it, I can assure you of that.

It would also be wise to remember, that the ultimate victory the original seven Samurai enjoyed, relied heavily on the support and participation of the townspeople who’s own lives and children’s futures they were defending.

Can you, in all honesty see that happening in this country today ?

The following story would have been scarcely believable less than a decade ago

It’s almost certain that very few people outside the country in which it occurred would have even heard about it.

It exists nonetheless.

It concerns the plight of a little girl, then just three years old, who was allegedly abused by a Paedophile ring, who held prominent positions within the Lithuanian government and the police.

The girl’s father tried fighting for justice the supposedly correct and legal way – by going to the police, contacting child services, appealing to state prosecutors etc, but to his frustration, the Lithuanian authorities continually ignored and rejected his accusations.

He was left with little choice but to go the media, and the story he told captured the entire countries imagination, stirring up resentment and open anger toward the country’s elites within the establishment.

The story began in 2007 when Drasius Kedys discovered that his daughter, (referred to by the initial D only) had been sexually abused by at least three persons, on an indeterminate number of occasions during the time she was in the care of her mother, Laimuté Stankunaite.

Kedys started proceedings against Stankunaite in an attempt to gain full legal custody of his daughter.

He also filmed and recorded his daughter as she explained to him in detail how the alleged abuse occurred.

He sent this recording to every major media outlet, and to make doubly sure, also uploaded it to the Internet, where it still exists I believe.

Her testimony led him to three names: Judge Jonas Furmanavicius, Politician Andrius Usas and a mysterious third person known only as ‘Aidis’.

Kedys then attempted to press charges against Furmanavicius and Usas, but his claims were rejected at every level.

He maintained that he would fight for justice for his daughter by all possible and legal means – beginning with making his evidence available to the public.

That was the only way he believed he could at least stop the abusers.

On October 5th, 2009, the story took a sinister turn when Judge Furmanavicius and Violeta Naruševiciene, the sister of his former girlfriend Laimute, were found murdered.

Drasius Kedys also disappeared that same morning, triggering a major Europe-wide manhunt.

His gun was found beside Violeta Naruševiciene’s body, although it had not been fired.

(Forensic experts later confirmed that Furmanavicius and Naruševiciene were shot with a different gun).

Nevertheless, Kedys was named as the main suspect by the authorities as being solely responsible.

The story took another twist on April 17th 2010, when Kedys’ own body was discovered near a lake in his hometown of Kaunas.

Yet another gun was found beside him, which experts promptly declared was indeed, the murder weapon.

Strangely, the police did not initially contact Kedys’ relatives, claiming they “did not recognise that the body found was of Drasius Kedys”.

Instead they invited Laimuté Stankunaite to identify the body, which was so badly decomposed, it was only recognisable from dental records.

The Lithuanian authorities did conduct their own ‘official’ examination, during which, ‘no independent experts were allowed to witness the proceedings.’

Their explanation of his death, was that he had somehow ‘choked on his own vomit, after drinking heavily on his own in the woods.’

What they could not explain so easily however, was that his body was discovered in an unusual ‘Angel Pose’, with both hands crossed on his chest while the body was discovered laying face down.

His shoes were also remarkably clean despite the fact that the place where the body was found was described as being ‘a swamp.’

But the authorities duly rejected that evidence, including the findings of private and independent experts who later confirmed that ‘considerable violence’ played a part in his death.

5000 people attended his funeral on the 24th April, showing their support for a man and a father, who they see as having paid the ultimate price in his fight against highly-placed and powerful Paedophiles.

Since then, their focus has turned towards the welfare of Kedys’ young daughter, who was placed in the custody of her mother Stankunaite following her father’s death, despite an open case against Usas, who was known to have direct connections with her.

The judge who made that decision apparently paid no attention to this fact, nor the accusations that Stankunaite had generated a generous income by selling her daughter to Paedophiles.

People from all over Lithuania have even taken to gathering around the Kedys family home, where the girl is under the care of Kedys’ sister Neringa Venckiene, in order to try and prevent her return to Stankunaite.

They remain unconvinced that she will not be persuaded to withdraw her statements and that justice will not be served.

The Lithuanian nation has been confused, frightened, and by all accounts, highly disgusted by this whole series of events and subsequent establishment cover-ups.

Many Lithuanians now feel that the only way to fight for their children’s safety, is to fight with their bare hands and risk their own lives in the process.

The Path of Courage, a political party founded by Kedys’ sister and supporters, participated in the Lithuanian parliamentary election in 2012 and received almost 8% of the vote.

Their protests are not just for Kedys’ little girl, but against all corruption in the Lithuanian establishment.

We hear the word ‘Hero’ bandied around more often than at any other time lately, an honour bestowed on those who scarcely earn the title.

Drasius Kedys, however, is deservedly seen as such in Lithuania, and on a national level, as one who fought and died fighting against what he knew to be an grave injustice.

So much more than can be said for those who run the country, according to many, many ordinary, decent and angry Lithuanians.




NOTE: The main suspect in the case, Andrius Ūsas, was found drowned in a lake after a motorcycle accident in June 2010. A posthumous trial found him innocent.

From the earliest times right through until the end of the Victorians, ‘Debtors Prisons’, were in existence but even they were not what you think.

Sure enough, people lost their liberty just for being in debt in some capacity, but once incarcerated it was extremely difficult to get out.

The whole system was designed purely to make money for the PRIVATE CONTRACTOR who ran each prison on behalf of the Government.

The financial rewards were huge, understandably making it a very sought after contract for greedy businessmen.

What it came down to in essence was this…

Innocent men and women (and more often than not, children) were often incarcerated for years at a time in some cases, so that rich businessmen could leech off the prisoners who had to pay for literally everything….

Celebrated author Charles Dickens’ own father was in a debtors prison (The Marshalsea) when Charles was a child.

Now you might think, if you are a right wing or centre politician, that this would be particularly attractive, but consider this.

Sometimes the amounts people were sent to jail for were of such trifling amounts, maybe as low as £10 if calculated at today’s rates.

Often it was because a man on principle would refuse to pay a disputed bill.

For this minuscule amount they could be in jail for years (decades sometimes).

During their time in jail their treatment was entirely dependant upon their means.

If they had money, they could have good accommodation, food, conjugal visits etc, everything a man could desire, save his freedom.

But those were not the norm and for most it was a living hell, where if you could not find a sponsor to fund your stay in prison you were thrown into the ‘Dregs’ and left to rot…

And all this because Conservatives at the time liked to make money from the misery that they deliberately inflicted upon people who had no voice or power.

See this as a lesson from history that is destined to repeat itself unless people start to wake up….