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Over the past two days, the UK media have been reporting on the story of a ‘Noxious Cloud’ of an unidentified gaseous substance, that drifted ashore along the Sussex coast of England that left around 223 people needing hospital treatment.

‘The mystery over a noxious chemical haze that drifted ashore along the Sussex coast and put scores in hospital has deepened as police have said it is unlikely to have come from France’. LINK

The mass media reports have been varied to say the least, and some highly inventive theories have been offered as a means of explanation; A Chemical Attack, a Leaking WWI Gas Canister, an Algal Bloom, an Industrial Accent in France and a Chlorine Leak are among those that have been suggested, and have subsequently been rejected by various agencies, including the RNLI and the Sussex police.

‘Neither the source or the nature of the gas cloud had still not been identified but said reports that it may have originated in France were “very unlikely”. – Sussex Police

As no definitive ‘Official’ explanation has been offered as yet, and the true cause is highly unlikely to be disclosed anyway if an alternative can be found (and sold to the great British public), so with that in mind, any serious research into this, and other incidences of this type should be conducted with one eye firmly on this country’s own recent history.

And if you still refuse to believe that the UK’s (and any other country’s) establishment agencies are not fully aware as to the real cause, and are not only capable of attacking it’s own people in a similar manner, but have indeed done so on a number of occasions throughout history, then I can only suggest that you are visiting the wrong website.

It’s been openly published in the mainstream media too, in case you were wondering.

Although it was fifteen years ago.

‘Many of these tests involved releasing potentially dangerous chemicals and micro-organisms over vast swaths of the population without the public being told.’- THE GUARDIAN

The Ministry of Defence for example, between 1940 and 1979 turned large parts of the country into a giant laboratory to conduct a series of secret germ warfare tests on the public.


Top Five British Chemical Weapons Tests The British Conducted On Their Own People

UK/USA’s Governments attacked their own people with Chemical and Bio-Weapons

I have been doing a lot of research over the last few weeks into something that has affected what appears to be a huge number of people who use the Internet, and which ranks among the grubbiest, malevolent and entirely cowardly activities one could ever have the misfortune to encounter.


This activity, which has become known as ‘RIP Trolling,’ is a singularly vile and deeply disturbing ‘pastime’ (the perpetrators themselves describe it as ‘doing it for the lolz’), undertaken by what only can be accurately described as truly evil, desperately ugly and wholly unrepentant creatures, and involves staging both sustained and completely unrelenting online group attacks on the grieving families and friends of recently deceased children.

Attacking and destroying online memorial pages, which are set up by the deceased child’s family and friends – with child pornography and photoshopped images of mutilated and sexually violated children, adults and animals is only a small part of what they do.

These targeted group attacks are not exclusively focussed on deceased children either, as it has been observed that they derive great pleasure from their sickening online attacks on disabled children and their parents too.

These activities were not something I had ever encountered before, and was certainly something I had not experienced on a personal level, but I was asked to look into it by a number of victims of one UK-Based group in particular, who co-incidentally had also started attacking a good friend of my family on Facebook and Twitter around the same time.

I began tracing their daily activities to their source, aided by some very useful screen shots of their evidenced behaviour, and a digital archive of information sourced by and kindly supplied by some of their victims – and in no small part by the contents of a book that had been written about this very group, which certainly helped to answer a number of questions I needed answers to.

Available on Amazon, ‘HACKERS ON STEROIDS’ which is available at the low cost of just 99p, is an essential, if harrowing read and I would recommended it to anyone who has experienced ‘Trolling’ and ‘Stalking’ and ‘Cyberbullying’ online, and also gives the reader a unique insight into what passes for the mindsets of the type of people I am attempting to write about here.

It is not an easy read by any means, but I did find a lot of parallels with the online and real-like harassment and abuse that I had encountered online since 2013, and finally putting faces to the names that are contained within the book proved extremely helpful too, inasmuch as seeing these people for what they really are – also confirmed that their physical attributes are every bit as much as you would imagine one of these creatures to actually look like.


The Updated status of this post is to acknowledge that I have been left with no option but to remove some of it’s content – due to that content now being shown to be demonstrably false.

I published the content in good faith, and it was based around information I had received from someone who has since been shown to be a less than reliable source.

All I can do is to apologise and assure the reader that I would never knowingly publish information on this website I know to be false, and have since severed all contact with this individual, who has clearly attempted to use the Outlaw as a platform to further his obsessive and ultimately harmful vandettas against a number of people….

I must also add that I totally agree with those people who have advised him to seek the professional help he desperately needs, if he is to avoid any further dealings with the police and the High Court.

Undercover II

“You are looking for someone of a similar age to you who died. Starting at age three or four and up to age 14 or 15. Surnames always have to be general. You don’t want something which is going to stand out or be too memorable. You don’t want to draw any unnecessary attention to yourself. GREEN and BLACK are the favourites, but you don’t want something like SMITH. No matter what your first name is, that surname will always sound fake.”

The words above were spoken by an undercover police officer during an interview given to a national UK newspaper in 2013, and is referring to one of the methods used by the police to ‘steal’ identities in order to re-invent themselves.

It has been known for many years that undercover police officers have been used to infiltrate and ‘spy’ on political campaign groups and suchlike, in order to gather intelligence and also to report on any criminal actives that occur within these groups.

The methods used, however, are not so well known.

One tactic, (alleged to be no longer used) was to steal the identities of dead children.

According to the Metropolitan Police, it is not “something that could currently be authorised”, and it’s believed that there were a number of long-running reviews which investigated: “past arrangements for undercover identities used by police officers”.

Utilising the identities of the deceased, is also believed to be a technique used by career criminals, especially fraudsters and ‘Grifters’, and it has been rumoured that the real identities of Police Informers, so-called ‘Super Grasses’ and high-profile criminals requiring new identities – have successfully been protected using this method for a number of years.

The process involves trawling through the archives of the National Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths to select a ‘suitable candidate’ who would be considered a suitable match for the officer who was going to assume the identity.

It is then relatively simple to obtain copies of the birth certificate, which can then be used to obtain identity cards, driving licences, passports or any other personal documentation in that name.

The photo ID that may be required is also a straightforward matter, as a photograph of the officers current appearence would accompany any relevant documentation.

Some officers even visited the homes and the neighbourhood of the deceased children to familiarise themselves with any distinguishing features and local landmarks, businesses etc, so they would be able to sound convincing – if questioned in any depth about their fictitious upbringing.

The idea behind creating these characters this way, is believed to be in case anyone became suspicious and decided to check on their background, which is publically accessible at both the National Registry Office and the assumed persons regional area.

Making a request for a birth certificate is a simple procedure, which involves a small fee (around £10-13) and the person’s date and place of birth, which would of course then produce a certificate of a real person, which is usually enough to allay suspicion.

The method of using surnames which are also colours to create fake identities, is also a time-honoured method method used by the world’s security services, and many of you are aware of the practice being written into a number of Hollywood movies and Television shows – the most famous being the 1992 movie ‘Reservoir Dogs’, who’s central characters, a gang of diamond thieves were named Mr BROWN, Mr ORANGE, Mr BLONDE, Mr WHITE and Mr PINK – exaggerated versions of the much commoner names, BLACK, GREEN, GREY/GRAY and WHITE.

Whether or not these methods are still being used today to create fake identities is anybody’s guess, but it’s true to say that in 2013, a British undercover policeman ‘Pete Black’ certainly utilised a number of the methods outlined earlier in this article.

One thing that has been noticed, and has been prevalent on the internet since at least 2009, is that a number of what the mass media refer to as ‘Trolls’, are also using variations of these names, and have similarly created their entire, although entirely fake, online identities around them.

It could be entirely coincidental, as of course it’s already known that using the surnames GREEN, BROWN, BLACK, WHITE or GREY/GRAY to hide behind while acting in a downright evil and despicable manner  online, would make them extremely difficult to track down using the more common methods, as an online or archive search for any of those surnames would result in hundreds of possible matches – as most British villages, towns and cities will have at least one family with that surname.

If any of those surnames are paired with an equally common name like William, Chris, Carl, Jeff, Dave, Lisa, or Kevin to name only a few that are used, the task of tracing them becomes even more difficult – which if I was to hazard a guess, is the ultimate intention.

So are these cyber-bullies, trolls and agitators simply copying the idea from something they have seen on Television or at the Cinema – or is there something altogether more sinister and decidedly more organised behind their choice of online moniker?

And as the greater majority of these fake online persona’s all appear to be connected via various internet platforms, social media, forums and websites, using accounts specifically set up to attack and discredit any number of people and organisations, my gut instinct tells me it’s the latter.

Check out some of the comments, responses and the mutual supporters of any of these abusive accounts on any of the platforms I have mentioned – and you will see the same names, over and over and over again.

And attacking the same targets.

The reappearance of a sensational ‘mainstream’ newspaper report from 2003, into alleged child abusers at the heart of the last Labour government should be a reminder to everyone – that the truth will not stay buried forever.

The article, entitled, “Child porn arrests ‘too slow'”, was published in the Scottish Sunday Herald in January 2003, but was removed from the papers web archive.

None of the major political parties seemed keen to pursue the reasons why this may have been, however, the British Nationalist Party’s then leader Nick Griffin, tweeted a request in which he asked if anybody had saved a copy.

The answer came in the affirmative, so by way of illustrating the extent of the establishment cover-up of the still festering paedophile scandal …. It was published on the BNPs website in 2012, and now it is being republished here on the Outlaw in full.

(Bold emphasis added)


Child Porn Arrests “too slow”

By Neil Mackay, Home Affairs Editor.

OPERATION ORE, the police inquiry which plans to arrest a further 7000 men across the UK, in addition to Who guitarist Pete Townsend, for buying child pornography online is set to end in disaster with many suspects walking free.

Detective Chief Inspector Bob McLachlan, former head of Scotland Yard’s paedophile unit, told the Sunday Herald that the lack of urgency in making arrests will lead to suspects destroying evidence of downloading child pornography before they are arrested.

The Sunday Herald has also had confirmed by a very senior source in British intelligence that at least one high-profile former Labour Cabinet minister is among Operation Ore suspects.

The Sunday Herald has been given the politician’s name but, for legal reasons, can not identify the person.

There are still unconfirmed rumours that another senior Labour politician is among the suspects.

The intelligence officer said that a ‘rolling’ Cabinet committee had been set up to work out how to deal with the potentially ruinous fall-out for both Tony Blair and the government if arrests occur.

Since the September 2002 Operation Ore arrest of Detective Constable Brian Stevens, a key officer into the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, the public have been aware that wanted suspects had downloaded child pornography from a US website called Landslide.

McClachlan, who was one of the main officers on Operation Ore before his retirement last year, said:

‘Sufficient warnings had been given that if people haven’t got rid of their computers then they are either stupid, or don’t believe they will be arrested or are so obsessive about their collections that they can’t destroy it. As time goes on, the chances of successful prosecutions will diminish with speed as the information out there must impact on the offenders.’

With only 1200 men arrested so far, McClachlan says that claims by police chiefs and the government that they were prioritising paedophile crime were ‘smoke and mirrors’.

Paedophilia is still not a priority on the Home Office’s National Policing Plan for 2003-06.

McClachlan claimed that before he left Scotland Yard his team were understaffed, over-worked, under-funded and reduced to using free software from computer magazines.

There are around one million images of an estimated 20,000 individual children being abused online. Some police seizures involve hauls of more than 180,000 images.

Last year, images of 13,000 new children were uncovered. Only 175 child victims have been identified worldwide.

Police have also revealed that images of Fred West abusing one of his children are among child pornography available for downloading from the Internet.

It is unclear whether the child was West’s murdered daughter Heather.

Peter Robbins, the chief executive of the Internet Watch Foundation, which works with the police, government and Internet service providers, in tackling Paedophilia online, says software is in development which could remove child pornography from the net forever.

The software should be ready in two years.

Police say that the list of rich and famous Operation Ore suspects would fill newspaper front pages for an entire year.




What will £508,000 ($766,851 – €706,375) buy today?

For the average person, who may choose to invest it wisely, it would mean that they would never have to worry about money for the rest of their natural lives – for a government, however, it seems a paltry amount when one considers the daily running costs of a county.

For example, £508,000 would pay the average salaries, for one whole year, of:

  • 20 Paramedics
  • 20 Police Officers
  • 20 Teachers
  • 19 Nurses
  • 18 Firefighters
  • 18 Junior Doctors

Alternatively, £508,000 could be spend on a single airstrike on Syria using one RAF Tornado.

The costs of which, when broken down are:

  • £210,000 – A single six-hour mission
  • £88,000 – Four Paveway Bombs
  • £210,000 – Two Brimstone Missiles



To a normal person, the choice would be simple as to where the money should be spent, especially as the UK government have been telling us for the past four years, that we are in the grip of austerity, and all need to tighten our belts – and accept without a murmur of protest, a series of pernicious cuts to many of our frontline services, which could have a devastating effect not only the nation’s health, but also on it’s security and safety.

“That this House believes that justice for the survivors of child abuse should be a priority for the Government; notes that concerns have been raised by current and former police officers and special branch officers that by coming forward with evidence related to child abuse they could be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act 1989; and calls on the Government to introduce legislation to remove the threat of prosecution for anyone who has reasonable cause to believe that the information, document or article they disclose is relevant to an official investigation of, or inquiry into, historic child abuse.”






Early Day Motion 38 27/5/2015

In May 2002, the UK police began something that came to be known as Operation Ore, a major undertaking, which allegedly targeted online child pornography.

7,272 British residents were added to a database of people who were alleged to have paid to view child porn online.

4,283 homes were searched, 3,744 people were arrested, and 1,451 were convicted.

It was advertised as a major blow being struck against pedophiles.

Or at least, that was the theory.

The United States had launched a similar operation previously I believe, ‘Operation Avalanche’ in 1999.

They had gathered around 35,000 entries in their database.

From that number, they only actually charged 100 of them.

If the US police could only justify prosecuting less than 1% of their suspects, how could it be that the UK police had arresting more than half of theirs ?

The answer could be that many of the UK cases were based entirely on the use of credit cards, that were used to sign up for suspected child pornography web sites.

It obviously did not take into account that many of the credit cards were stolen, nor the fact that many of the web sites contained only legal material.

Details, albeit minor ones, that appeared to have not been seen as being in any way relevant to the UK police it seemed.

The problem arose from the fact that many small porn sites had used online transaction processors to handle their credit card transactions, rather than setting up their own merchant accounts.

In particular, a company called Landslide, which was based in Texas, had provided credit card subscription services to a large network of affiliate porn sites.

It has been estimated, that up to half the money Landslide collected actually ended up in the hands of a ring of Indonesian credit card scammers, who were operating the well known “small charge” fraud.

Also (ab)using the service was a Brazilian hacker who had “signed up” more than 3,000 stolen credit card numbers.

Before long, Landslide found itself on the receiving end of thousands of chargebacks from irate credit card owners.

The company became bankrupt as a result.

The owner of Landslide could also been a victim of this fraud, in the same way as the credit card holders had.

That wasn’t a good enough excuse for US federal prosecutors, though; he ended up in jail where he is currently serving a 180 year sentence.

Meanwhile, the UK police were kept busy swooping on houses, kicking down front doors, seizing computer equipment, and arresting thousands of people on the basis that their credit card numbers had been found on Landslide’s hard drives.

Totally disregarding the massive amount of fraud that had dragged Landslide under, and not even considering whether the affiliate site the credit card holder had supposedly paid to see, was legal or not.

Was there justification for this ?

At least one affiliate website did in fact contain child pornography, so Landslide membership theoretically allowed users access to all the affiliate sites, meaning that Joe Bloggs’ credit card was used to sign up via Landslide, therefore Joe Bloggs signed up to view child porn.

Was that how it worked ?

The biggest problem with major police operations such as Operation Ore, is the public hysteria that surrounds child pornography and Peadophiles in general, (#paedobritain anyone?) and that if you are in fact accused, a person’s life can be totally destroyed even if, or when they are proven innocent at a later date.

Many employers will fire anyone as soon as the accusation emerges.

Thus, the ‘alleged pedophile’ finds himself out of a job, possibly even driven from the family home, as well as having all his computer equipment and his mobile phone seized by police, who have no legal obligation ever to return it.

Using only one example, consider the case of naval officer Commodore David White, the commander of British forces in Gibraltar.

He was suspended from the navy, who feared that the case would hit the newspapers.

It did anyway, but not in the way they expected – the Commodore had committed suicide by way of drowning.

As it was later discovered…. he was totally innocent.



So far, dozens of people have committed suicide as a direct result of Operation Ore.

The number of suicides was 35 back in 2009.


The true number as of today may be even higher, as not everyone leaves a suicide note.

It may well be the case that at least some of the deceased, and some of those who were accused were in fact guilty, but how does that weigh up against the simple fact that the majority were totally innocent?

“A somewhat scattergun approach, with no consideration shown as to whether or not any crime has been actually committed”, is one way it has been described in the media.

The police may also have become aware that things were starting to look rather bad for them, as they had also allegedly pressured the Internet search engine Google to remove certain websites which contained any references.

Journalist Duncan Campbell was acting as an expert witness in some of the subsequent defence cases, and has written extensively about Operation Ore in The Guardian.


A SLASHDOT article has some first hand experience in the comments.


Many men are still fighting to clear their names.

Compiled from various sources….


It appears that questions/accusations are starting to be aired on various blogs, social networks and forums, in regard to Operation Pallial only focussing on abuse that occurred in North Wales.

The latest series of arrests have also been called into question, as it has also been alleged that these should have been addressed during the original investigation by the North Wales Police.

I believe that this time, the investigation is being led by statements from genuine witnesses, who previously, for whatever reason, have not had the opportunity of speaking out, and who’s only incentive is to see the real guilty parties punished and justice finally being served.

Why would I say that?

Maybe the following paragraphs, transcribed from ‘The Secret of Bryn Estyn’, may help.


“Whilst I was in the queue at Somerfields supermarket in X, I recognised a person in the next queue but was not sure of his name. I noticed that he recognised me too and he came over to me when I was at the kiosk and said ‘Liz’ and reminded me that he was John (a resident of Bryn Estyn in the early 1980’s when I worked there as a Residential Child Care Officer). He asked me how I was and he said he’d like to talk to me outside and would wait for me to finish in the queue. When I went out he called me over and invited me to sit in his car as I was obviously cold. I got into a top of the range Land Cruiser.

John told me how he had ‘jumped on the bandwagon’ and said he had received £91,000 and still had to go for a further medical before the last instalment would be released. He said that he had alleged that he’d had ‘the arse shagged off me’ and ‘as we didn’t jump on the bandwagon until later it was easy because so many statements had been made and people convicted’.

When I asked who he meant by ‘we’, he said Jack O’Neill, ‘but that Jack O’Neill had actually been abused elsewhere’. He said that John Smith Solicitor had dealt with everything for him as he had all his life.

He wanted to know how I was and Rob Jones and Dave Birch in particular and said if there was anything he could do to help he would. I said it was obviously difficult for Dave Birch as he was one of the 28 named in the press as a danger to children and he again asked me to let him know if he could do anything in support. He said that he thought we had been very good to him at Bryn Estyn and Birch in particular….. He said that he hadn’t believed what Birch had been accused of in court and he thought that Bryn Estyn had been a great place. He said it was ‘doing his head in’ reading about it in the papers and none of it appeared the same as his memories. He said I must be finding it difficult as some people think all who worked there were perverts and all the boys, had been ‘shagged rotten’. He didn’t want anybody thinking that of him. He said he thought ‘they’ll destroy you in work’, and if there’s anything he can do to help he will.

I asked him if he’d seen the ‘Lost in care’ report and said that if it would help he could come and see the office copy. He said he didn’t want people seeing him come into our offices and I said if he phoned my direct line I would meet him and take him straightaway into one of the rooms which are also used by housing and the registrar. He wanted my home phone number but I told him how, obviously, I was very wary of people and their motives these days and only gave him my work number. I told him that he could phone anytime as he said it helped to talk to someone who knew the truth.

He went on to ask if I thought all the abuse alleged against Peter Howarth had occurred. He said he didn’t think so and how everyone used to fight to get on the flat list but he was never allowed.

I said that was because he was so naughty and he agreed….

He gave me his mobile phone number and asked me to give it to Dave Birch and tell him to phone him to see if he could help. When I said I needed to go as I’d only popped out for two minutes to get my lunch he said, ‘Yes you’d better go, you never know who’s watching with a camera these days.’

So, taking that into consideration, assuming at least part of it is true, and it being only one example of many, many similar ‘anomalies’, some entirely new questions almost certainly need to be asked.

I must also assume that any new investigation into historic child abuse allegations in North Wales, especially in relation to the Bryn Estyn Children’s Home may prove to be very uncomfortable indeed, for certain people who were involved in the original investigation.

On both sides.

“Where there is an original doubt, however insignificant it may appear, questions will always remain” – Jimmy Jones

“One of the factors, however, which makes this modern witch hunt uniquely terrible is that it has claimed, and continues to claim, two sets of victims.For it is not only those who are falsely accused who suffer anguish and misery.

Among the other victims are all those who genuinely have been abused.

Because of the high number of false allegations which have been made in the last thirty years, the veracity of almost all allegations of abuse may begin to be called into question. As a result many people who have made truthful accounts of having been abused in children’s homes, of rape, or of incest, may find that they are disbelieved or may fear that they might be.

They may feel, in consequence, that they have been robbed of their own integrity and their own history.

That, too, is a tragedy and we should not underestimate the distress which such disbelief can cause.”

Richard Webster (1950 – 2001)

There seems to be a fair amount of Internet chatter doing the rounds lately, questioning the integrity of the ongoing ‘Operation Fernbridge’ investigation.

More than a few CSA-obsessed Journalists, Bloggers and Tweeters have been shuffling around, muttering about whitewashes, cover-ups and it being a ‘Dud Enquiry‘ and suchlike, which of course has just added yet another baseless rumour to those which are already in circulation.

So what is really happening?

Are the police, who are already under the closest scrutiny they have known since the advent of the Internet, and are also very aware of the ever watchful eyes of thousands of opinionated, yet basically clueless, although well-meaning, keyboard detectives, really attempting to carry out a blatant cover-up as has been alleged ?

Or, has their job been made even harder by what is now clearly appearing to be an organised online campaign, seemingly designed to undermine, spread false rumour and generally muddy the waters, in an attempt to permanently corrupt the police investigation and prevent the truth from ever emerging?

It is certainly starting to look that way.

Evidence has also emerged that Operation Pallial has also been targeted by certain online groups, (for reasons that are becoming worryingly obvious) who have been attempting to discredit witnesses and undermine that investigation in a similar manner.

Fernbridge and Pallial were set up partly to address the rumours that have persisted for years, that the original enquiries in the 1990’s, like The North Wales Abuse Enquiry (Waterhouse) for example, were a whitewash and a blatant cover-up to protect establishment Paedophile rings, consisting of Freemasons, Police Officers, Council Workers, Social Care Workers and suchlike, operating out of children’s homes.

I also believe, however, that Waterhouse was basically flawed, but for reasons that are not immediately obvious to the casual observer, as it now appears that an uncomfortably large number of the most serious among the original allegations were clearly false.

The volatile political climate of the time, coupled with the unrelenting pressure of mainstream Journalists, led to a hastily constructed police investigation which appears to have depended more on visible convictions, than actual, verifiable proof and evidence.

An investigation, that was effectively ‘steered’ by the very first statement given to the North Wales Police, alleging that the Bryn Estyn Children’s Home was in fact, a veritable den of iniquity, entirely staffed by sadistic Paedophiles.

Allegations obtained by police trawling exercises were therefore seen to be the main focus of the investigation, and convictions were hastily sought and indeed found, based on what could only be described as being among the most unbelievable accusations you could possibly imagine.

And there were certain ex-residents who were complicit in compiling many of the more serious allegations, even after making earlier statements which clearly affirmed, that “no abuse ever took place at Bryn Estyn during their time there.”

Many of the lesser allegations, were of course genuine, as a number of the convictions have proved that to be the case, but the most damning allegations, the most brutal and heinous of those that were presented, to both the police and the later Enquiry, were later shown to be simply untrue!

As an example, this has been taken from ‘The Secret of Bryn Estyn’ by Richard Webster, which has been transcribed and put online.


That should give the reader an insight into the type of allegation that was related to both the North Wales Police and the subsequent Waterhouse enquiry, and also formed the basis of a number of compensation claims against Clwyd Council.

It should also be noted, that at least one of those mentioned in the above link, is now very active online and is a prominent, extremely abrasive and somewhat vicious character, central among those involved in the current campaign to discredit genuine witnesses and undermine the ongoing investigations.

I am not saying that anything written here should be seen as a definitive version of events, as I believe that in time, more and more evidence will be uncovered, which I believe may even reveal an entirely different picture than what has been presented to the viewing public thus far.

It is merely my opinion, but an opinion, however, based on evidence-based research and a close observation of a series of events, that I was unwillingly dragged into by a number of people, who have since shown a completely different side to the character they try to present online.

A group of underhanded, thoroughly nasty and consummate liars, entirely untrustworthy, and who will, without a single doubt in my mind, only benefit from the truth never emerging in it’s entirety.

“Too many people, got too much to hide”

But it’s not for me to speculate on their motives for doing so, that is entirely up to the reader to work out for themselves.

I shall end this with another opinion, not mine, I must add, but one also based on careful observation of what has been happening online recently in regard to the current police investigations.

It was posted to a Forum I used to subscribe to and I copied it (with permission) as it echoed many of my own observations regarding this whole issue.


“The entire Elm Guest House story was hijacked by Chris Fay & his accomplices, and very effectively so.

It got the whole nation to sit up and take notice however.

But it was simply, a muddying of the waters, for whatever reason….

Personally, I’d advise anyone getting involved with ‘campaigning’ politicians to use them as they use each other – ruthlessly & calculatingly.

They chew each other up & spit each other out as they grapple for the next rung on the ladder.

We should do the same with them – use them for our own ends & discard them without a second thought the second they cease to be useful to us.

It sounds harsh, and I wouldn’t do it in the real world with real people, but they are Politicans after all, barely even human!

The Elm Guest House thing was – from the beginning – David Hencke, Tom Watson MP and Exaro News.

An experienced political journalist, an ambitious politician, and a new investigative media group trying to make names for themselves.

With a few desperate bloggers being tossed initially tasty, yet deliberately misleading tidbits every now and then (C.H.E/C.G.H.E) to make them feel they were a part of some great, yet ever so secret media/government conspiracy.

Gojam/Needleblog and the Icke Forums are the obvious choices here.

I don’t really care if Exaro News is a left-leaning site/group, I don’t even care that Tom Watson is a Labour MP.

All I can see is three reputations that are going to rest entirely on the outcome of what they themselves brought to the attention of the nation.

They can look forward to a lifetime of explaining themselves if it all ends in nothing.

They’ve made mistakes along the way… and I’m not sure they still aren’t doing so.

But bearing in mind that they are somewhat limited in the language they can use (being ‘professionals’, not foul-mouthed internet hot-heads like us!) they have, between them, very efficiently discredited Ben Fellows, Chris Fay & Bill Maloney among others.

When Tom Watson stated that the photograph talked about by Chris Fay (with Bill Maloney incidentally) does not, in his opinion, exist, I take that as a pretty clear message.

When Exaro talked about a vulnerable witness being manipulated & having ludicrous words put in his mouth (again, by Fay & Maloney) I take that as a pretty clear message too!

But it’s a real shame that they didn’t see it earlier.

I tried explaining in a post on the David Icke Forum what I thought might have happened, and how a floundering investigation maybe had no choice but to accept the ‘help’ of legions of online bullshitters who may have had useful information, but purposely mixed it up with utter garbage to confound anyone searching for the truth….

(inadvertently, possibly… although I personally doubt this).

Who knows?

I doubt very much we’ll ever really learn what really went on.

I would dearly love to see some prosecutions come out of this for attempting to pervert the course of justice (if what I suspect is correct), but when the ‘perverting’ is being done for the benefit of the Establishment, that looks like a real long-shot.

Turkeys voting for Christmas, and all that…

Meanwhile, I also note that neither Edwina Curry nor Norman Tebbit (for example) have been called to account for their actions.

The internet nutters would have probably had more success focusing their attention and combined amateur investigating skills on something like that: eminently provable, tangible & totally unforgivable behaviour by people who – at the very least – deserve to be unmasked for the whole world to see.

But it appears that they would prefer to continually post shite like child-pornography being smuggled into/out of Turkey inside pork-products (’cause it’s a Muslim-country & the customs inspectors wouldn’t want to touch it!)…

Yet another masterpiece from the brain of Sweetcheeks (who is closely linked to Tajasfire, Discovery77 & others who slither around the Icke Forum, all the way down the line to where Chris Fay & his cohorts await).

It’s becoming increasingly harder to believe that any of these ‘people’ have a genuine interest in seeing justice being done…

After all, what other reason would they have to spend so much time online if the truth came out ?

P.S. I Forgot to mention that Sabine McNeill woman… I’m not even going there!

I remember watching some sort of video of a mad PowerPoint presentation that she gave inside (I think) the Houses of Parliament.

Utterly bizarre.

Maybe she is a total genius & is functioning on a higher-level than myself, or indeed anyone else, but it just looked like meaningless rubbish!

My bullshit-alert was activated however… But that’s another story entirely.”