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The man in the attached video is NOT Mad.

The man in the attached video was NOT sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Both of those claims are demonstrably false.

The greater majority of what has been published about him by the mass media, on various blogs and by any number of troll accounts on social media is also demonstrably false.

What is true, however, is that this man is being set up, he is being stitched up, he is being smeared by the mass media and agents of the establishment, and has being driven to the point of desperation by his persecutors.

If you are at all concerned about the levels of media corruption in this country, or are in any way concerned about the way that genuine survivors of childhood sexual abuse are being smeared, attacked, labelled as crazy and vilified by agents of the state and the corrupt media ….

Then I suggest that you not only listen to what this man has to say, but get behind him and support him in any way you can; because believe me, the evidence he has gathered, despite what he has been forced to endure, will truly shock you – and will prove beyond doubt, exactly why Brian Harvey has been hounded in the way he has and subjected to things that would have irretrievably broken a weaker person.


If you claim to be a genuine CSA ‘Campaigner’ or ‘Advocate’, or simply choose to highlight the issue on Twitter and Facebook, on websites and forums from anonymous accounts – and/or are in any way concerned about victims of historic, current and future Childhood Sexual Abuse, and still choose to remain silent over this ….

Then you are a part of the problem and beneath contempt in my opinion.

Shame on you.




If what is contained in the attached video is in any way true, then a number of monumental events will be taking place all over the United States from Monday – none of which will be reported upon by the mass media.

Sean Hanratty Tweet

Sean Hanratty, a journalist close to President Trump has also Tweeted, somewhat cryptically, along the same lines and not gone into specifics, but from what has emerged from a number of sources, then the Clinton Worldwide Crime Syndicate and anyone associated with them, are going to be hit hard, very hard indeed.