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As anyone who writes and publishes their work online will testify, there will always be someone, or as is more often the case these days, groups of people, who will be offended by or will take issue, or simply do not like, or have any number of reasons to feel uncomfortable with what you are writing about; and will do almost anything in their attempts to stop you.

Since it’s inception in 2012, the Outlaw and it’s creator/owner/administrator, ie: Yours Truly, has been the target of every type of accusation that it is possible to imagine, and I’ll not bore you with the details as they are hardly worth mentioning, but the notable examples are the accusations, threats and general fantastical claims that emanate on a regular basis from a certain dark corner of the www, inhabited by people who border on the clinically insane …. and these people remain, to this day, completely convinced that I have zero input on this site, and cannot possibly run it on my own – so of course, in their minds at least, the day -to- day running and the costs incurred on the Outlaw must be the work of the ‘British Establishment’ and the North Wales Police.

‘Running interference for the establishment’ and my supposed role in ‘Stifling the truth about abuse’ are among the allegations made regularly, and understandably, I was curious to find out as to what type of mind could, and would concoct such paranoid nonsense.

The second set of comments speak for themselves, inasmuch as they are inferring that the running of this site has now changed hands, and has somehow miraculously, reincarnated into some type of platform for the British Security Services, is now Funded by the Taxpayer, and it’s owner (Me again) is ‘Not only a grass, but a fully paid up shill protected by the police’ – or so this persons ‘friend’ (anonymous of course) told him.

Ordinarily, stuff like this is fairly mundane, is laughable and is pretty much an everyday occurrence for people who publish online in any capacity, and is easily dismissed as the ramblings of some disgruntled, deeply disturbed and deluded individuals and can, and should be ignored as it’s complete fantasy and should be treated as such.

It is all too easy to be dragged down by this kind of rubbish, and if one was in any way paranoid or vulnerable, it can play on your mind, and some genuine people who have been targeted online to any degree have had no option but to close down what were some very informative and useful websites and social media accounts as a result.

Apart from the obvious implications, many people have also been denied their basic human right to a voice, and some of these voices belonged to some very vulnerable people indeed, and were purposely targeted by people very much like those responsible for the comments above.

I am not going to elaborate on the real reasons why this site in particular has been targeted by the types who posted the comments I have used, until a time when the suspicions I have can be backed up with evidence; so I will instead concentrate on something more troubling, and if taken seriously, more than a little dangerous to the unfortunate recipient.

If one was to perform an online search for this website, one of those results would be to a ‘Blogger’ site [outlawjimmy.blogspot] the content of which is pictured below and it should be obvious as to it’s intent.

This site has been online since December 2013, and until recently, I have not paid it any attention as tracking down the authors of these type of postings is notoriously difficult, and a total waste of valuable resources if one was to waste the relevant authorities’ time by reporting them.

The site has also been circulated among a few anonymous trolls on Twitter and has been re-published on at least two WordPress blogs, that have since been subsequently suspended for abusive content and violations of the blogging platform’s Terms of Service.


*The latter [KevinGreen1950] being the original source of the contents contained in the blogspot post*

It’s only because some information has become available recently, which has clearly identified the publisher of the blogspot post, that I am even bothering to highlight it here, as it does give an insight into what may be in part, the reason why these online entities create such chaos and continually subject people to utter misery and fear and distress on a daily basis.

At the bottom of the post,[above] the author has used his own name to publish the malicious article, which according to Google+, still has an active account listed.

Mark Fisher’, who after only a few short minutes searching for, was found to be living in Lockwood, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, and has a easily traceable history of making similar malicious allegations about a number of people.

So what became of Mr Fisher?



‘An Internet troll who branded innocent people paedophiles and terrorists has been convicted of harassment. Fantasist Mark Fisher, 44, posted damaging comments online about people he held a grudge against.

One of his victims, a schoolteacher, has been unable to return to work because of the false allegations he made.

Some of his victims were wrongly linked to terrorism while Fisher accused another of causing the death of her husband – who was killed by a tragic accident.

Fisher was convicted after a trial of nine charges under the Malicious Communications Act of updating a website with grossly offensive articles and found guilty of a further charge of harassment.

He has mental health issues and was ordered to be detained in hospital for at least six months.

District Judge Michael Fanning told him: “You have made harmful and utterly baseless allegations against a number of individuals. The allegations you made were a fantasy and in one instance you harmed the career of one of your victims.”

The court heard that Fisher initially targeted one male victim with his lies.

Vanessa Jones, prosecuting, said: ” Mr Fisher published on a couple of blog sites and Facebook some unpleasant information about this gentleman in relation to paedophile involvement.”

Fisher put a picture of the victim on the social network with a link to a website linked with a well known sex offender. He also claimed on his page that he had details of ‘suspected perverts’, living in Huddersfield, West Yorks.

The victim told Fisher that the information was false and asked him to take the information off the site, which he refused to do.

Others who knew Fisher responded and told him they were not happy about him making these claims.

Mrs Jones said: “Four other people who knew Mr Fisher expressed their displeasure. They were added to the list that Mr Fisher felt were part of paedophile involvement. One of the complainants is a teacher and because of the information still on Facebook she can’t work.”

The court heard that Fisher, who had no previous convictions, suffers from mental illness.

Sentencing at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court, Judge Fanning told him: “The allegations you made against them are a fantasy, linking them to paedophilia.”

In making the hospital order, he added: ” I am satisfied that you will continue to offend against these individuals or cast your net wider to involve those against whom you hold a grudge.”

Fisher, of Lockwood, Huddersfield, will be kept in hospital for an initial six-month term. Upon his release, he must comply with a restraining order, banning him from contacting six named victims.

He is also banned from posting any images or material about them online.

In addition he is prohibited from maintaining the material already published by him, meaning that any offensive posts will need to be taken down.


I have never met Mr Mark Fisher from Huddersfield, I had never heard of him, nor know nothing about him other than I have been able to glean about him online following the allegations he has made.

I have never met any of the others that I have highlighted here either, although I am well aware of them, since they have targeted me in a similar manner and have made dozens of completely false and malicious allegations about me over the past four or five years.

As far as I am aware, none of them have ever met me, have never spoken to me in person and know absolutely nothing about me other than they have gleaned from online searches and what appear to be entirely fictitious accounts told to them by others, of which only one, or possibly two have actually met me in person.

Mr Fisher, sadly suffers from some evidenced mental health issues, so unfortunately there is little I can do to curb his delusionary accusations in regard to myself, and can only guess as to the reasons why he would target me, or anyone else in this manner.

If I had to guess, it would be that he had either found the information online as it was already available on the two now-defunct WordPress blogs I referred to earlier, and was shared on a number of now-deleted Twitter accounts – or that he was purposely fed the false information by somebody in the Huddersfield area, who cruelly preyed on his mental health status and evidenced history of publishing categorically untrue and wholly malicious content online.

I am only aware of one person who lives in the Huddersfield area, and they, [coincidentally] post on the same platform that the comments at the top of this article were taken from, so I can only speculate on that being the case until, any evidence emerges to confirm or disregard that as an avenue of further investigation.

There are marked similarities between the people who post these type of malicious and entirely false allegations, and the obvious one appears to be, that there is a degree of mental illness which causes them to fixate on people they select, who they truly believe have wronged them somehow …. or they exhibit a type of religious zeal, similar to the type which was evident in a number of recent cases relating to the wrongful accusations of a number of people who were subsequently acquitted after being accused of childhood sexual abuse in North Wales.


Or it could be for some other reason entirely …. Because whatever way you choose to look at it, all these people have a connection to each other, albeit a tenuous one; and I reserve the right to defend both myself, my family, my friends and my own sanity from these false and malicious claims against me and others using whatever methods are legally available to me.

There was a comment posted on the Outlaw yesterday, under an anonymous name and a bogus IP address, asking me to look at a ‘message’ that had been posted on a free WordPress blog.

The screengrab of the message I have included below is only a small part of the blog which is located at KevinGreen1950 WordPress Com, and has been archived in it’s entirety on the ‘Wayback Machine’ and also downloaded in full to a disk.

The original has been edited by the author since it was originally posted, but the image here is a direct copy that was archived prior to any editing. It’s difficult to read so I have copied a transcript, verbatim, minus a name I have omitted after taking advice.


I received an email today from the lad that came to visit me yesterday, with an attached email from ‘Bone’ he is determined to bring all this online hatred to a halt. So because of that and all of the other innocent children being pulled into this, I want to put a proposal to you.

You want this blog delated [sic] in its entirety, in return for this, you will delete all the contents on your site,you can start it up againwith posts that are not about any of the people who have been involved in any of this. You will make a request to your friend *NAME REMOVED* and inform her of our truce, ask her to see that the blog she promoted is also deleted in it’s entirety, one which I am sure will be used against her in her upcoming trial.

From this date onwards no further blogs will be written by yourself or any friend or any family member of yours, about anyone involved in this ONLINE WAR [My Capitals Added], nor will comments be accepted from anyone who mentions anybody involved in this, on anything you may post in the future. See this as a new start for you and your family.

When you have made an announcement on your site of it’s closure and it has been deleted.  I shall remove everything here putting a similar statement on this blog.

You will also delete your Facebook account as many of your blogs are promoted on it.

There is nothing stopping you opening a ‘normal’ Facebook account, but you will refrain from using it to attack others,especially those involved in this ONLINE WAR [My Capitalisation]

You must decide what is more important to you,the lies on many of your blogs, and in the comments, OR YOUR FAMILY [My Capitalisation].

I shall look out for the message on your Facebook or your web page.’

Which, and some readers may agree, is clearly a veiled threat directed at my family should I fail to comply with the demands that I delete both the Outlaw and it’s associated Facebook page.

So where do I start with this?

You will notice I have capitalised some words in the above transcript, and the reason for that is that until yesterday, I had absolutely no idea I was involved in any kind of war, let alone an  ‘ONLINE WAR’ and as far as I am aware, the ‘Kevin Green’ blog has been posting unprovoked attacks on myself, this website and a number of other people the author strangely believes are associated with me, and which I have consistantly ignored, since April 2013.

The author of that blog, not only posts all types of inaccurate and grossly offensive rubbish about me, he has also previously ventured over to the comments section on the Outlaw itself in order to get my attention.

That comment was left on the Outlaw, as is clearly visible, on New Years Eve 2014, possibly because I had been ignoring the goading and rambling rants on his site, and had simply continued doing my own thing, writing the Outlaw and using my social media accounts like any normal person should be allowed to do.

So lets look at this in a bit more detail …. this alleged ONLINE WAR, so far has consisted of ‘Kevin Green’ posting incoherent claptrap intermittently on his own site about me, and posting bizarre comments here intermittently, using various proxy IP Addresses in order to get my attention.

Not much on Kev’s site would make any sense whatsoever to anyone other than himself and a few of his online cohorts, and to me, had I read it in any detail that is, as it mainly contains screengrabs of my social media accounts, and whatever the publisher has trawled off the internet which he believes relates to me, and then copy/pasted over there.

He does however, pay particular attention to my Twitter account(s), gleefully highlighting that I had ‘Yet another Twitter Account’, knowing full well that the only reason why I have had to renew my Twitter account five times, is because ‘Kevin’ and his online buddies spend many weeks reporting them in order to get my accounts suspended.

This behaviour has been viewed as being very much online ‘Stalking’ as is defined on the ‘National Stalking Helpline’ website, although personally, I compare it to the desperate actions of a feral mongrel dog trawling through discarded rubbish bags on a constant search for nourishment.

Kevin does appear to be rather obsessed by everything I post online, would you agree?

Going back to this aforementioned ‘ONLINE WAR’ I highlighted on Kev’s ‘message’, I did remember where I had previously seen what Kev was doing being referred to as a WAR, and what may come as a surprise to Kevin, is that the place I had seen it was in an email that Kevin, or ‘Carl’ had sent to someone, in which he was outlining their plan to set up the ‘Kevin Green’ blog, on the 30th of March 2013.

In this email, he states:I’m working on some fake accounts so I can have a right go on JJ’s site. see how he likes it when his blog gets attacked. I think we should put a website together all about jimmy jones and his mates a see how they like lies. We can then mirror the site all over the internet so it’s not just one site but many. I am sure you can find out his address and other personal details. Lets turn the tables on him and see if he can handle it. lets come out fighting and get dirty like he is. lets see if he holds his nerve. he has really annoyed me now. so he wants AN ONLINE WAR. Well I’m up for it”

A very revealing communication I would say, especially when you realise that up until three days ago, ‘Carl’ had also posted my full name and address on his site as well as my photograph, and just to help those who would struggle with directions, he had also helpfully added a nice Google map which led to my front door.

It also shows a clear conspiracy with someone he claims is ‘One of Jimmy’s Victims’, when if the truth is told, the exact opposite has been the case, as I have for the last four years, been the main target of her and her abusive online associates.

‘Carl’ also published an open invitation to any random nutcase who could easily have believed any or all of the foul and catergorically untrue garbage posted on his site, and decided to throw a brick or worse through the front window of my home one night.

Carl, your reckless action was reported to WordPress, as it is against their T & Cs and it correctly fell foul of WP’s very clear ‘safety guidelines’ and was removed by them, just in case you were wondering where your handiwork had disappeared to.

You may also be wondering where your email to your partner-in-stalking me came from Carl, well if the truth is told, the person you sent it to forwarded it to a few of her online and abusive friends, one of whom was utterly disgusted by what you were planning, and passed it on to me, which proved very handy as although the screengrab of the email I have posted only shows the name ‘Carl’, the  full version in my posession, expands to reveal not only your real email address, but also your real IP Address – which is a bit shit for you innit?

Especially when you so arrogantly proclaimed in the comment that you left on this very site: “really surprised that after all this time you haven’t a clue as to my identity”.…The truth is I have known who and where you are since 2013 ‘Carl’, but have chosen for the last four years to totally ignore you and your blog.

Until you purposely came over here once again, in an attempt to get my attention that is ….

But I do agree with what you said in the comment you left on my site in 2014, in that ‘Pandora’s Box’  is well and truly open now….



Being the owner/writer/moderator of a website such as the Outlaw, I have come to expect the unexpected.

And during the course of an average day, I receive a couple of dozen emails, social media messages and texts, answerphone messages and comments on this site from readers,

Some are from friends and trusted contacts checking in, some are from people passing on information (more often than not anonymously), a small number are extremely abusive and intimidating, often unintelligible word salad from the usual sources, and the remainder are the usual, everyday junk that anyone who owns a website or possesses an email address will receive on a daily basis.

I can spend at least an hour every day going through messages, moderating and/or deleting the various comments which appear on this site, and dealing with messages that require immediate attention, as well as collating those that require further investigation when I can put some time aside to look at them in some depth.

Some of these messages will make me laugh out loud, a few are heart-achingly sad, and a number are requests for help and/or advice, or are sharing information which either I have requested from others, or is freely offered to me for possible inclusion on this site at some point.

Each is read, none are dismissed out of hand and no genuine message will ever be ignored; and I can say with confidence that even if I have to sideline whatever post I am working on currently, there is always enough material to hand to allow the Outlaw to continue for the next few years – in the same manner as it has since it’s inception in November 2012.

I own the domain name, the hosting fees are paid in advance every month and unless those fees increase by around 950% (I kid you not) or more, I will never be in a position where I will have to close this site due to financial constraints, or feel the need to request donations for this site to remain operational.

That information will I am sure, not make pleasant reading for certain people, and it’s those people that this post will mainly address, inasmuch as a screen-grabbed comment that appeared on another site, and was subsequently passed to me …. led to it’s publication at this time.

If that makes sense.

Despite having more than enough available material already for any number of posts, on a myriad of subjects I could have published, I decided to highlight a comment that was sent to me last weekend, as it illustrated perfectly – the type of nonsensical baboonery (a real word)  that is published about not only myself, but about any number of other people and events, each and every day –  in some of the grubbier corners of the world wide web at least.


Putting the rather obvious lunatic, paranoid fantasy which the bulk of the comment consists of, aside, I would like to draw your attention to the paragraph I have highlighted;

“These people will come for you when you have served your usefulness and they will ‘help’ you to ‘commit suicide’ just like they helped the notorious Fred West to commit suicide in his prison cell, when he started to reveal that he had provided victims for SATANIC covens that included MPs, Judges and the usual establishment shite. So what makes YOU think that YOU will be spared?”


That was the section which caught my eye immediately, not because it refers to me directly, as a large number of comments on that site already do that and can safely be ignored, but as far as I am aware, Fred and Rosemary West have never been linked to any type of ‘SATANIC’  activity, despite internet speculation and from low-rent mainstream media outlets, that previously attempted to claim a number of children’s drawings on the walls of the cellar at 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester …. was ‘evidence’ of ‘Satanism’ and ritual practices.

I had not heard of, nor had I read anywhere online from any reputable source, that MP’s, Judges and/or any other ‘Establishment’ figures were involved in these aforementioned ‘Covens’, so I spent some time doing something that the author of the highlighted comment clearly neglected to do, which was to attempt to find some evidence to back up what after all, is a rather explosive allegation, and would of course make the author look like a deranged fantasist if there was absolutely no evidence to support such a claim.

I do have a slight advantage, however, in that in 1994 when the West’s were arrested, I was living in Cardiff and worked with two lads from a small village called Bulley, near Westbury on Severn in Gloucester.

Both these lads had grown up in and around the Forest of Dean, spent all of their working lives in agriculture and had known Fred and Rose West as well as anyone in the local farming community did.

The West’s were known locally as being ‘a bit strange’ to put it mildly, and it was an open secret that they were active ‘swingers’ who ‘entertained’  interested parties at their Cromwell Street home most weeks.

I was told at the time that Fred West was often seen sitting in his van in the carpark of various pubs, while Rose was inside plying her trade as a prostitute, and that Fred was viewed as being a scruffy and dirty individual who smelt strongly of a combination of what was described as ‘horse manure, diesel fuel and nauseatingly strong bodily odour’.

The physical demeanour of Fred West alone should have excluded him from moving in the same social circles as ‘MPs, Judges and various Establishment Figures’  – and the brain damage he was believed to have suffered from, following a motorcycle accident at the age of 17, which left him comatose and with a metal plate in his head, as well as a later head injury, would I imagine, not place him at the top of any list of people who would need to not only be reliable, loyal, incredibly discreet but trustworthy enough to supply victims for alleged ‘Satanic’ rituals …. and also be relied upon to keep their mouth shut to hide the nerarious activities of various Members of Parliament, people of social standing and the Judicary who allegedly participated in said activities.

And if the local accounts in regard to his character are accurate, keeping his mouth shut about having such ‘important friends’ would have been an inordinately difficult task for the unintelligent, but supremely arrogant West.

But I could be wrong about that I suppose, and anything being possible it would be unwise to rule anything out totally if there was a shred of evidence to support it, other than what can be found on any number of ‘Conspiracy’ websites and forums.

As for the allegation that Fred West was ‘Suicided’ because he had ‘started to reveal he had provided victims for Satanic Covens’ consisting of establishment figures’, there is no actual evidence I have found to support that claim either, other than the rumours and speculation that has permeated various ‘Alternative Media’ sites and tricked down through forums and newsgroups ever since his death by hanging on New Years Day 1995.

What the comment I have highlighted has ignored, and what would be obvious if only the most basic research had been done, is that Fred West became suicidal after being abandoned totally by his wife, who had even failed to acknowledge him when they appeared at court as defendants.

They would have also discovered (had they looked) that only six days following his arrival at Winson Green Prison the previous May, a ‘Suicide Kit’ he had collected, which comprised of razor blades, bed sheets and a cotton reel was discovered in his cell.

It was revealed in 2006 that sealed prison files were obtained that showed how West was somehow allowed to keep the items he later used to take his own life, for a full seven months previously.

Any or all of the above can be discounted at any point of course, and any number of wild conspiracies can be woven into the narrative, as can the mass media sources I have used to accompany this post, also be dismissed as being ‘Tools of the establishment’ and are therefore, part of the subterfuge, I only ask that as with everything you read on the internet, do your own research, obtain your own source materials and above all – exercise common sense and trust your gut feelings.

This post does not categorically claim to offer the definitive answer as to the true reasons why Fred West took his own life, it merely challenges what has been alleged elsewhere and to encourage anyone who is interested to do their own research and to formulate their own conclusions.

There are alternatives to any story, and caution should always be exercised in regard to anything published in the mainstream and alternative media, as well as what appears online unless you can trust absolutely the source.

I have used MSM sources here as a starting reference point only, it’s entirely up to the reader to find their own sources and pursue it further should they wish to do so.

Alternatively, and again it’s entirely the choice of the reader to decide what they want to believe, the real reason that Fred West committed suicide, was not because he was ‘suicided’ by the establishment figures he procured victims for, nor was he driven to despair by the evidenced fact that his wife had totally abandoned him and left him with little to live for.

The real reason that Frederick West took his own life, could even have been that Charles Salvador, AKA Charles Bronson, the 63-year-old lifer known as ‘The Most Violent Prisoner in Britain’…. as [Allegedly] claimed in his book ‘Charlie Bronson Stole My Sanity’ ; was personally and ultimately responsible for driving Fred West to hang himself by continually taunting him to do so, from the confines of his own cell which was within earshot …. [SOURCE]

And most people would not volunteer, nor would they possess the courage to debate the issue face to face with Charlie Bronson, I should imagine.

And that dear reader is the trouble with the internet …. For every balanced, adequately researched, and reasonably argued article and comment published online over any given 24-hour period, there are a slew of spiteful, ill-informed and/or deliberately misleading ones – and that is even after immediately discounting the many examples of complete crackpottery and malicious muckspreading from the likes of online entities like ‘Lorraine”, that I have used as a point of reference here.

I have been rather busy during this past week, actively campaigning for the LEAVE campaign, both online and by pounding the streets of Wrexham and Chester, handing out leaflets, talking to people and suchlike, so I have had very little spare time to compose and publish anything on this site.

However, while I was occupied elsewhere, it appears that the Outlaw reached another milestone during that time, which I feel deserves a mention.

An article published on this site during February of 2013, RHESUS NEGATIVE BLOOD – SOME QUESTIONS , has of this evening …. been viewed 1,001,108 Times.

Over a million individual views of a single article, is in the grand scheme of things, not a game-changer, but when I consider that some of the websites owned by those that regularly attack this site, it’s owner and it’s readers; and who’s site views, even when every post they have published are added together – still amount to significantly less than a third of the number of views that a single post here has achieved …. it has given me cause for a small personal celebration.

Of course, all websites rely heavily on their readership, and that number of views would not have been achieved without you, the reader visiting this site since it’s inception in 2012, so this post is dedicated to each and every one of you.



Normal service will be resumed following the Referendum …. Regardless of the result.

Onwards and Upwards,

The Internet, in its current form, has been described by an increasing number of people as being comparable to the ‘Wild West’ of legend, and if what I and others have been witnessing lately on Social Media and some rather oddball, so-called ‘Alternative Media’ websites is any thing to go by – is an entirely fair observation.

I am referring of course to the emergence of what can only be described as deeply disturbing and worrying instances, of cash ‘rewards’, or incentives being publicly offered to people who disclose the personal details of other internet users, in order for them to be stalked, or even physically attacked at their own homes and places of work.

I am not even joking here, I only wish I was, as over the past few days, a number of comments have appeared which cannot be anything other than what they appear to be.

The first instance, shown above, appeared on Twitter on the account of a @JS2, who is well known to regular readers of the Outlaw, as being a female residing in Beltrum, Holland by the name of Janette Scharenborg.

It was tweeted in response to something posted on Twitter by convicted Internet bully (I hesitate to use the word ‘troll’) Christopher D Spivey, who only very recently received a large fine and suspended prison sentence, for his obsessive stalking and trolling of the immediate family members of murdered British Soldier Lee Rigby.

As part of the sentencing process of this clearly deluded, and odious web crackpot, one stipulation was that certain restrictions had been placed upon him, one being that he had been instructed to not post freely on social media or blogs, which he quite obviously has ignored as both his Facebook and Twitter accounts clearly show.

His website, which is a mixture of crackpot conspiracy theories, outrageous claims, blatant lies and positively littered with instances of guttural grunting, foul language, libel, infantile and hurtful personal attacks on all and sundry, and a large number of threats and intimidating references to a number of people he has targeted.

The greater majority of those he has targeted are entirely innocent, and have done nothing other than call him out on his many lies, and have questioned his nonsensical claims about what he believes is the ‘truth’ behind a number of recent events.

He has verbally attacked and insulted the victims of the awful accident at Alton Towers Theme Park earlier this year, claiming the young lady who lost her leg was a ‘crisis actor’, therefore was somehow ‘faking’ her injuries, he has also claimed that the Glasgow refuse lorry crash was a ‘staged event’, the shootings in Tunisia didn’t happen and has targeted a number of people with entirely unprovoked and vile personal attacks.

One of whom was Alan Barnes, (who Spivey referred to as ‘Dobbie’) a 67-year-old visually impaired man who also had a number of unfortunate birth defects’ who was mugged outside his home in Gateshead, in February this year, breaking his collarbone as he was pushed to the ground in the cowardly attack.

Spivey claimed the justification for his despicable attack on Mr Barnes, was that a young woman, Katie Cutler had taken it upon herself to set up a ‘Go Fund Me’ page for people to donate whatever they wished towards helping him, as he was left too frightened to return to his home after being attacked.

Spivey has particularly focussed on the large amount of money that was raised during the appeal and the media coverage, that was afforded to this act of altruism, and people who read his scathing personal attack at the time, came to the conclusion that insane jealously and the resulting spite was the motivation of that particularly unpleasant outburst.

I leave it to the reader to decide for themselves his reasoning for this.

The reason that I am even mentioning Chris Spivey here, is that the subject of this article, the aforementioned ‘@JS2’ AKA Janette Scharenborg, has also recently began posting her vomitus in the comments section of Chris Spivey’s website, and their connections are clearly visible by the subject matter of his latest offering which appeared underneath this image.

Hardly a coincidence would you agree?

In his latest crackpot ‘exposé’, Spivey has made among others, the entirely ridiculous claim that Jane Russell is not only the alter-ego of freelance Journalist Sonia Poulton, but that Ms Poulton also finances and has also written the articles that have appeared on this very site.

Just in case you thought that the claims could not get any more ridiculous, ‘@JS2’ had added to the insanity on show over there, by then claiming that Ms Russell, is not Ms Poulton at all, but believes it to be my wife Helen, until she changes her mind soon after and then decides it is in fact a lady called Sheva Burton, a veteran child abuse campaigner and activist, who started the ‘Join The Dots’ campaign and organised the 2010 Child Abuse Rally in London, which was the largest of it’s type at the time.

As I mentioned earlier, regular readers of the Outlaw will be only too aware of Ms Scharenborg, as she had initially targeted me back in 2012, after I refused to divulge the personal details of a historic Child Abuse victim, who had questioned Scharenborgs motives in regard to her contacting vulnerable abuse victims,  and her somewhat dubious background.

Following her targeted ‘trolling’ and stalking of myself and others, I did a bit of research on her, and discovered that her brother David Meachen, had been convicted and sentenced to ten years imprisonment, after a particularly brutal sexual assault on a lady in South-West Wales, he had incapacitated with a ‘Date Rape’ drug, before sodomising her with a blunt object, causing horrendous injuries, which resulted in her being fitted with a colostomy bag.

All of this information is freely available in the public domain, and was reported in the media at the time, so was not obtained ‘illegally’ or nefariously as has been claimed by Scharenborg, therefore there is no legal restriction on publishing any or all of the associated information regarding that event – but that did not prevent Scharenborg from reporting both myself and this website to the North Wales Police on more than a dozen occasions for highlighting it.

Scharenborg, with the assistance of others, also had me arrested in 2013, after a comment I had left on the ‘Needle Blog’ was digitally manipulated and reported to the police – an arrest that ensured that I remained on police bail for almost seven months, and left me legally unable to even defend myself and respond to the huge levels of online attacks levelled at myself and my family by Scharenborg and her online cronies.

One of her online ‘contacts’, no doubt encouraged by a cash incentive from Scharenborg, also began personally stalking my family for more than two years, which forced the North Wales Police to act in order to stop what was described as ‘a disturbing and extremely worrying campaign’ that my family had been subjected to for many months.

The offender was thankfully, finally arrested and convicted, and given a 1 – year conditional discharge after threatening me in front of my three children, one of whom was only five years old at the time, which no doubt gave the stalker the courage to confront me, knowing full well that I would not respond in front of my children, causing them undue further distress.

That is the type of person, that Scharenborg has always been associated with, and who is now pulling Spivey’s strings, as the rubbish he is now producing on his website is a carbon copy of what Scharenborg has been circulating via her various proxy social media accounts since 2012.

Happily, following my languishing on bail for months, both the police and the Crown Prosecution Service, after investigating thoroughly, decided that I had been subjected to an entirely false and malicious allegation, and ‘No Further Action’ resulted from an arrest, and an investigation, which had swallowed up hundreds of police man hours and no doubt cost the taxpayer, many thousands of pounds.

It made not one iota of difference to Scharenborg and her cohorts though, as even today, the North Wales Police are still receiving up to twenty calls a week, alleging my being responsible for every crime imaginable, going back decades in some cases.

Now that is some personal vendetta would you agree?

Bordering not only on the obsessive, but also clearly showing worrying signs of insanity and pure wickedness.

However, what Ms Scharenborg, Christopher D Spivey and his band of internet misfits, which include another well-known web troll, Ciaran Goggins, who repeatedly not only trolled a rape victim, but published a link to a website that named her, and has not only supported Spivey in person when he appeared at Chelmsford Magistrates Court, but also regularly comments on his site, appear to have not realised – is that Jane Russell is a real person.

A real person who has not only become a dear friend to both myself and my family, but also a number of others, who would NOT, under any circumstances reveal anything about her personally, nor divulge her location, her address or her movements – however much cash is offered.

That is something that the greater majority of these online freaks and disparate misfits repeatedly fail to comprehend, that normal people, have an inbuilt loyalty which accompanies their sense of decency and fair play, and stand by those who have earned their support and friendship.

Regardless of the circumstances.

And as for Scharenborgs claim that ‘I wish that I was Christopher Spivey?’

There is no price tag attached to real friendship, there never was, and only a complete scumbag, with a mercenary streak a mile wide running through their spineless bodies could fail to understand that.

And I can assure you dear reader, that Ms Russell is no doubt laughing at Janette Scharenborg, Christopher Spivey, Fabooka De Stait AKA Fuck The State, Dogman, Pongo, Lisa Pea, Melanie Wassername, Darren Laverty, Gallows, Paul Rogers, Matt Taylor, Wolfie and the simply ridiculous Adeybob, as well as the rest of their equally unsavoury online cohorts’ desperate attempts to ‘track her down’.

She is also, I would like to think, quietly proud that she has been afforded true ‘Outlaw Status’ by these online weirdo’s – and her being seen as so very important, and such an intense irritation to them, that she has now warranted having;… ‘A Price on her head’.

Long before 21-year old Dylan Roof opened fire on African-Americans in a Charleston, S.C. Church, killing nine of the assembled congregation, there has been a not so covert agenda to not only disarm the American population by any means – but also to further demonise the rebel spirit and outlaw the Southern Cross.

More and more mainstream media articles are being published in the wake of the shootings on both sides of the Atlantic, which leave little doubt that the most recent incident in a series of mass, or ‘spree’ killings in the United States, is being used to further these agendas.

THE OBSERVER 19/6/2015


“The Confederate flag was important to Dylann Roof, the (alleged) racist mass murderer of nine African-Americans in a historic black Charleston, S.C. church this week. His license plate displayed the rebel flag of the Civil War. He grew up in South Carolina, which proudly flies that battle flag at the State Capitol.””There is no need to respect a symbol that is as evil and vicious to African-Americans as the Nazi swastika flag is to Jews.”

THOR BENSON 27/9/2014

“September 27th, 2014. California government offices will no longer be able to sell or display the confederate flag, thanks to legislation signed by California Governor Jerry Brown on Thursday. The legislation was introduced by Democratic Assemblyman Isadore Hall of Compton, who is an African-American man and who found the selling of the flag at a Capitol gift shop to be unacceptable. He found out about the selling of the flag from his mother, and they agreed it had no place there.Hall believes the flag brings up memories of slavery and racism, and he doesn’t believe the government of California should be promoting such ideas. The flag will not be banned for purposes of free speech like citizens using it during protest. That being said, a Republican who believed it was a violation of free speech was the only person to vote against the bill.”


As with most of what is reported in the mainstream media, published in countless history books and taught in schools and colleges, the real history of the southern states and the Confederacy has been purposely buried beneath layer upon layer of falsehoods and inaccuracies.

Undoubtably, millions of words and countless articles will be devoted to this latest incident, many of which will either echo the sentiments of those I have selected above, or will give rise to any number of conspiracy theories – from the starkly accurate to the ridiculous rubbish that is already starting to emerge on the Internet.

In the interests of balance, the article which is republished below, looks to dispel some of the lies, clarify the inaccuracies, and dispel the myths which have been allowed to be reported and circulated as the truth.



MYTH – The America Civil War of 1861 – 1865 was fought over slavery.

FACT – Untrue. The North fought the war over money. Plain and simple. When the South started Secession, Lincoln was asked, “Why not let the South go in peace?” To which he replied, “I can’t let them go. Who would pay for the government?” Sensing total financial ruin for the North, Lincoln waged war on the South. The South fought the War to repel Northern aggression and invasion.

MYTH – Only Southerners owned slaves.

FACT – Untrue. Many Northern civilians owned slaves. Prior to, during and even after the War Of Northern Aggression.

Surprisingly, to many history impaired individuals, most Union Generals and staff had slaves to serve them! William T. Sherman had many slaves that served him until well after the war was over and did not free them until late in 1865.

U.S. Grant also had several slaves, who were only freed after the 13th amendment in December of 1865. When asked why he didn’t free his slaves earlier, Grant stated “Good help is so hard to come by these days.”

Contrarily, Confederate General Robert E. Lee freed his slaves (which he never purchased – they were inherited) in 1862!!! Lee freed his slaves several years before the war was over, and considerably earlier than his Northern counterparts. And during the fierce early days of the war when the South was obliterating the Yankee armies!

MYTH – The Confederate Battle Flag was flown on slave ships.

FACT – NONE of the flags of the Confederacy or Southern Nation ever flew over a slave ship. Nor did the South own or operate any slaves ships. The English, the Dutch and the Portuguese brought slaves to this country, not the Southern Nation.

But, even more monumental, it is also very important to know and understand that Federal, Yankee, Union ships brought slaves to America! These ships were from the New England states, and their hypocrisy is atrocious.

These Federals were ones that ended up crying the loudest about slavery. But without their ships, many of the slaves would have never arrived here. They made countless fortunes on the delivery of slaves as well as the products made from raw materials such as cotton and tobacco in the South.

This is the problem with Yankee history History is overwhelmingly portrayed incorrectly by most of the Federal & Yankee books and media.

MYTH – The Confederate Battle Flag represented the Southern Nation.

FACT – Not true. While the Southern Battle flag was carried into battle, the Southern Nation had 3 different National flags during the course of the war.

The First National flag was changed due to a resemblance of the US flag.

The Second National flag was subsequently modified due to the similarity to a flag of truce.

The Third National flag was the adopted flag of the Confederacy.

The Confederate Battle Flag was never a National Flag of the Confederacy. It was carried into battle by several armies such as the Army Of Northen Virginia and the Army of Tennessee. Was also used as a Naval Jack by the Confederate Navy.

MYTH – The Confederate Battle Flag is known as the “Stars & Bars”.

FACT – A common misconception. The First National Confederate Flag is correctly known as the “Stars & Bars”. The Confederate Battle Flag is known as the “Southern Cross”.

MYTH – The Confederate Battle Flag represents racism today.

FACT – The Confederate Battle Flag today finds itself in the center of much controversy and hoopla going on in several states. The cry to take this flag down is unjustified. It is very important to keep in mind that the Confederate Battle Flag was simply just that. A battle flag. It was never even a National flag, so how could it have flown over a slave nation or represented slavery or racism? This myth is continued by lack of education and ignorance. Those that vilify the Confederate Battle Flag are very confused about history and have jumped upon a bandwagon with loose wheels.

MYTH – The United States Flag represented freedom

FACT – No a chance. The US flag flew over a slave nation for over 85 years! The North tolerated slavery and acknowledged it as a Division Of Labor. The North made a vast fortune on slavery and it’s commodities. It wasn’t until the South decided to leave the Union that the North objected. The North knew it could not survive without the Southern money. That is the true definition of hypocrisy.

MYTH – Abraham Lincoln was a Great Emancipator.

FACT – While Lincoln has went down in history as the Great Emancipator, many would not care to hear his real thoughts on people of color. Martyred President Abraham Lincoln was fervently making plans to send all freed slaves to the jungles of Central America once the war was over. Knowing that African society would never allow the slaves to return back to Africa, Lincoln also did not want the slaves in the US. He thought the jungles of Central America would be the best solution and conducive to the freed slaves best interest. The only thing that kept this from happening, was his assassination.

MYTH – The South revered slavery.

FACT – A very interesting fact on slavery is that at the time the War of 1861 -1865 officially commenced, the Southern States were actually in the process of freeing all slaves in the South. Russia had freed it’s servants in 1859, and the South took great note of this. Had military intervention not been forced upon the South, a very different America would have been realized then as well as now.

MYTH – The Confederate Army was comprised of rich slave owners.

FACT – Very far from true. The vast majority of soldiers in the Confederate Army were simple men of meager income. Most of which were hard working farmers and common men. Then, as now, very few rich men ever fight a war.

MYTH – Only the North had men of color in their ranks.

FACT – Quite simply a major falsehood of history. Many blacks, both free and of their own will, joined the Confederate Army to fight for their beloved Southern home. Additionally, men of other ethnic extraction fought as well. Oriental, Mexican & Spanish men as well as Native American Indians fought with pride for the South.

Today, many men of color are members in the heritage group SCV – Sons Of Confederate Veterans. These men of color and pride rejoice in their heritage. The continued attacks on the Southern Nation, The Confederacy, and her symbols are a terrible outrage to these fine people. These attacks should be denounced with as much fervor as those who denounce the South.

MYTH – The Confederate Flags are an authorized symbol of Aryan, KKK and hate groups.

FACT – Quite the contrary. These despicable organizations such as the KKK and Aryans have taken a hallowed piece of history, and have plagued good Southern folks and the memories of fine Confederate Soldiers that fought under the flag with their perverse agenda. IN NO WAY does the Confederate Flag represent hate or violence. Heritage groups such as the SCV battle daily the damage done to a proud nation by these hate groups. The SCV denounces all hate groups, and pridefully boast HERITAGE – NOT HATE.

MYTH – The SCV – Sons Of Confederate Veterans are a racist, hate group.

FACT – This is a blatant attack on one of the finest heritage groups ever. The SCV – Sons Of Confederate Veterans are a historical, patriotic and non-political organization comprised of descendants of Confederate Soldiers and sailors dedicated to insuring that a true history of the 1861 -1865 period is preserved and presented to the public. The SCV continues to educate the public of the memory and reputation of the Confederate soldier as well as the motives for his suffering and sacrifice.

The SCV – Sons Of Confederate Veterans are in NO WAY affiliated with, nor does it recognize or condone the terrible legacy of hate groups such as the KKK.

This article originally appeared HERE


ADDENDUM: I originally published a link outlining the true origins of the Confederate Battle Flag and the real reasons for the American Civil War with this article. The article (Google Search Image below) appears to have been hidden from Google searches and has subsequently been completely removed from the Internet.


Science cannot explain us, Medicine cannot categorise us, Theology does not recognise us – and most people simply cannot understand us.

We do not conform to any known evolutionary template, nor do we ‘fit in’ with the greater majority of humankind.

We are tracked and monitored from birth, we are studied, viewed with suspicion, feared, adored and loathed in equal measure – we are unique.

Nowhere else in nature will you find a species like ours, one that physically rejects all other blood types but it’s own, nor will you find another species who’s females naturally reject a foetus which carries another blood type.

We can freely donate our blood to all, yet to receive any but our own type will cause untold illness, disease or death in us.

We are Rhesus Negative.

We are nature’s Outlaws.

Despite what the Outlaw has been reading on Social networks, and in some darker corners of the Alternative Media for that matter – the owner is not dead, or has he had concrete poured on top of his resting place.

Neither has he gone insane and been sectioned, nor has he succumbed to a ‘Hacking’ operation by persons unknown.

As you may be able to see, the Outlaw has undergone some radical changes, so has simply been taken offline in order for these changes to be implemented.

The site has been moved to new web hosts based in the UK, and has changed it’s appearance markedly in order to incorporate a number of features which were unavailable under it’s previous format.


The security has been beefed up considerably, and there is far more flexibility for the owner and to improve the experience of the readers, who’s feedback and many suggestions have hopefully been addressed with the new format.

As you can imagine, relocating the entire site, with 650+ plus articles was not without it’s own problems, so in order to deal with this, a number of articles have been removed temporarily while some formatting issues are carried out.

There will also be a number of articles which will not at present display the attached images correctly, which will also be worked through while the site is running.

Snarling Wolf

Work of this nature takes a great deal of my time, and as I am doing everything myself to keep costs to a minimum, things may take a few days to settle down, and I ask that you remain patient and try not to point out every error or glitch you happen to find.

The seventh in a series of articles which recognises real-life Outlaw Heroes

Dr Elsie Inglis was a Scottish doctor and suffragist.

In 1914, aged 49 and with 16 years of hospital experience, she offered her services to the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), but was turned down because women were to be kept away from the front lines.

However, Inglis used this opportunity to set up the Scottish Women’s Hospitals for Foreign Service, which ran field hospitals and dressing stations in France, Serbia, Turkey and Russia.

They performed extraordinarily valuable work in some of the most difficult circumstances.

Interned in Serbia, Inglis returned home where she discovered she had cancer, but carried on her work, taking another unit to Russia.

She died the day after she returned to Britain in November 1917.

Inglis was fighting battles on more than one front during the war: she was fighting to save the lives threatened by wounds and disease, and to prove women doctors could do wartime medical work as well as men.

The third in a series of articles which recognises real-life Outlaw Heroes.

Salvatore Giuliano

The Sicilian Robin Hood

Usually compared to the legend of Robin Hood, Salvatore Giuliano (1922 – 1950) was a Sicilian peasant made famous due to stories which tell of him helping the poor villagers in his area by stealing from the rich.

The subjugated social status of his class led him to become a bandit and separatist who has been mythologized, not only during his life, but long after his death.

As a member of the Sicilian Independentist Movement, Giuliano actively worked towards gaining independence for the island from the Italian government.

His story began to attract attention in the world’s media, in no small part part due to his good looks, featuring in, amongst other publications, Time magazine.

He was born November 16th 1922 in the western Sicilian mountain village of Montelepre. “The Mountain of the Hare”.

He was the last of a long line of Sicilian mountain bandits and the last of the “Honourable” men.

The mountain bandits of Sicily at that time, had nothing to do with the mafiosos that inhabited the cities, being a breed unto themselves with their own code of honor and morals.

They were truly the allies of the poorer members of society and they gave freely anything they stole to those in need.

Even today you will find older people in the mountain villages around Palermo who still hold Giuliano in great esteem.

Salvatore went to school until he finished primary school, at which time he was required to go to work, but he didn’t stop studying and went to the local priest and the local school teacher to continue his studies on his own.

He was a very well read man, and was very cultured for a Sicilian “Campagnolo” and he used his knowledge to help people.

Giuliano’s, like many others, became a bandit out of necessity.

After his father’s death, his eldest brother provided wheat for Giuliano’s family, but he was called away to war.

So it was up to Salvatore, just twenty at the time, to provide the necessities for his family.

He was inexperienced in the method used in moving the wheat and on the 2nd of September 1943, he ran into a patrol of two country wardens and two Carabinieri (rural police).

His prayers and explanations were of no use.

He was accused of smuggling two sacks of wheat of about forty kilos each.

They seized both his mule and the wheat.

They wanted to arrest and take him to the “American Garrison”.

The young Giuliano tried to flee but the soldiers fired six times at him.

He was hit twice in his hip.

The carabiniero Giuseppe Mancino was ordered to finish him off if he was still alive.

Giuliano, who happened to hear this, leaped forward and wounded him seriously with a pistol which he had kept in his boot.

The soldier died of his wounds the following day, while Giuliano regained his full health after a month struggling for his life.

He then sought refuge in the hills around Montelepre.

And this is how Salvatore became the last mountain bandit of Sicily.

In his politics he was anti-communist, anti-Mafioso and became one of the leaders of the separatist movement in Sicily.

Unfortunately, he was murdered in his sleep on the 5th of July 1950 by his own cousin under direct orders from the Palermo Mafia.