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There will be very few words to accompany this post for obvious reasons, but regular readers of the Outlaw will be only too aware of the significance of the following Tweets ….

They relate to breaking news about an issue which maybe, just maybe, also finally mark the beginning of the end of a recurring nightmare; not just for me and my family – but also for the large number of people that have been adversely affected.

Twitter 1


Twitter 2


This will be short and to the point as I do not wish to waste any more time than is necessary on online idiots.

The Screengrab below is taken from Chris Spivey’s website.

spiv rant

You can read what it says, so I will not elaborate further, and ordinarily I would not respond to anything so ridiculous, but as these people seem hell-bent on slandering and attacking me on a personal level at every opportunity, I feel justified in publishing this short response.

The email confirmation I requested, and dated today, should be enough to show that both Chris Spivey and Darren Laverty are clearly lying, and have also published many other similar lies, and I am in no doubt that they will continue to do so.

icke email

Icke Email Dated 29th October 2014

I can of course provide further evidence if need be, in regard to their other crackpot allegations that my wife and Jane Russell and JennieJenJen are the same person for instance.

I will not do so, however, for the simple reasons that I do not have to justify myself, nor do I wish to reveal personal information about innocent people, which is both unfair and totally unnecessary.

Chris Spivey, the self-styled voice of the Alternative Media, appears to now be publishing information that has been fed to him by a group of well-known Internet trolls who have been stalking, threatening and harassing many others online for the past couple of years.

One of whom was recently convicted at Llandudno Magistrate’s Court, after many months of threats and harassment towards myself and my family.


Chris Spivey is, I believe currently on bail for harassment and the possession of indecent images of children, that were allegedly found on his computer, (although that may not be strictly true as we only have his word for that) following his second arrest by Essex Police.

cracked pot

After all “People in Glass Houses, should really not be throwing stones.”

Even though they have acted as Judge, Jury and Executioner in regard to the rubbish they are spreading around about me and many others, I shall of course, refrain from making any claims regarding them and just let justice takes it’s course.

Innocent until proven guilty as it should be.

Among those they have also targeted was the Journalist Sonia Poulton, who wrote about her experiences with them HERE:

These Loathsome creatures now appear to be pulling Chris Spivey’s strings in a further attempt to attack and discredit me and others.

His other allegation, in regard to his publishing that I am a ‘child abuser’ are beneath contempt, and as I have already shown above, he is not exactly the most reliable source of the truth.

Please do not take my word for it, there is ample evidence on this site, as well as other places online, that clearly show the same garbage that has been spread about by the trolls, that Chris Spivey is now publishing on his website.

The similarities are striking.

The email I have published with this article is all I am going to say on the matter as I have no desire to be using the Outlaw to continually defend myself against the lies and the false accusations of any more of these crackpots.

All of which incidentally, have one thing that connects them that I have found – They all congregate around the issue of Childhood Sexual Abuse, whenever or whoever is discussing it online or elsewhere…. they are there.

Just Saying….