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I was sent a really interesting article earlier, written by a Mr. Simon Warr, who was arrested in 2012 after being falsely accused of sexual abuse at a Suffolk boarding school.

Mr Warr was subsequently charged and completely cleared at Ipswich Crown Court in 2014, effectively ending, what must have been an indescribable ordeal for him, and one which had hung over him like the sword of Damocles, for no less than 650 days.

He lost his home, his job and his friends after being maliciously and falsely accused of the offenses, which were alleged to have taken place at two boarding schools, and has written two books, one of which ‘Presumed Guilty’ examines our countries ‘deeply flawed justice system, and makes an impassioned plea for us to reconsider the way in which our police handle cases of historical child abuse, to protect innocent people against further false claims’.

In his article, Mr Warr has drawn attention to the police’s habit of ‘Trawling’ for complainants, in order to secure a conviction when either evidence is lacking, or the original complainant’s personal history is suspect, or cannot be relied upon on it’s own.

Two paragraphs appeared very familiar to me, inasmuch as their content is remarkably similar to something that Mr Warr may, or may not be aware of, and will show that Mr Warr’s story, although harrowing, and must rank among one of the worst things that can happen to an entirely innocent person – and is unfortunately, not even uncommon.


‘It was such a belief that was held by those who triggered the massive police inquiry into alleged abuse in North Wales which was launched in August 1991. Largely, as a result of this investigation and the extraordinary stories of wholesale abuse which emerged from it, the approach used by the North Wales Police was adopted by other police forces in neighbouring areas. Similar concerns were entertained by social workers and police officers, who, in 1994, launched an even larger investigation in Cheshire, just over the English border.

This investigation in turn spread to Merseyside. Instead of waiting for allegations to be made spontaneously, the police began actively to look for them. They did so through massive ‘Trawling’ operations in which they deliberately sought out former residents of care homes and invited them to make complaints – sometimes against specific workers. Thousands of young men and women were contacted.

Many of them were damaged and highly suggestible, and a significant proportion had criminal records which included offences of dishonesty and deception.

Although the vast majority had never made any complaint about their time in care, hundreds now made allegations of serious physical or sexual abuse, describing incidents which they said took place, ten, twenty or even thirty years beforehand.

By 1998, police trawling operations had been launched not only in North Wales, in Cheshire, and on Merseyside, but also in South Wales, in Manchester, in north-east England and a number of other regions.

By the end of 2000, these investigations had spread from police force to police force until almost a hundred were in progress, and practically the whole of Britain was covered by a police trawling net’

The other paragraph in Mr Warr’s article highlights examples of the ‘cross-contamination of evidence, and blatant collusion between individuals who as adults, claimed that they were sexually abused years earlier when they were children’.

‘This second statement was taken from [redacted] at the beginning of May. Three days later, the police visited [redacted] once again.

On this occasion they apparently asked him specifically whether he had been in contact with [redacted].

The history of the contact between [redacted] and [redacted] (or part of it) now emerged.

About three weeks after after he had his first police statement, [redacted], who had been drinking, came round to [redacted’s] flat with a bottle of sherry. They talked about Bryn Estyn and [redacted] says he asked [redacted] to tell him what happened there; ‘I tried to convince [redacted] that whatever his problem was he was not the only one and others had made complaints. [Redacted] told me that the police had asked him questions and [redacted] said “What do you want me to say, that he’s fucked my arse?” I then asked gentler questions about what happened.’

It would appear that [redacted] had actually discussed with [redacted] complaints which had been made by others, and that he felt that he was being put under pressure to go further than his original complaint and make an allegation of buggery.

The reason why [redacted’s] highly significant words had been preserved was that [redacted] had actually tape recorded part of the conversation: ‘[Redacted] also knew that I was taping the conversation. I did this because I wanted to play it back to [redacted] at a later date. if he should deny anything happened and also to assist the police in their investigation.’

The Grey-Haired man had not at this stage been identified. However [redacted] evidently met up with [redacted] again, and on this occasion he had showed [redacted] a photograph of [redacted]….’

The extracts I have published for comparison with the paragraphs in Mr Warr’s article, were taken from a book that was published in 2005 about the allegations of child abuse in and around North Wales, during the 1960s to the 1980s,  and lead to the deeply flawed Waterhouse Inquiry, which concluded and published it’s findings in 2000, at the cost to the British taxpayer, of an eye-watering £13.5 million.

Has anything really changed?

And can we really expect things to change any time soon, while essential evidence gathering ‘methods’ like police trawling, and obviously colluding, and dishonest complainants and witnesses continue to be used?


‘Trawling and Trickery’ – Simon Warr (2018)

‘The Secret of Bryn Estyn’ – Richard Webster (2005)

It has been noted that the Outlaw has not been updated with any new posts for a while, so with that in mind, I have taken some time out to reassure the regular visitors and readers here that there is nothing amiss whatsoever; and that there is a reason why it may appear that I have, to all intents and purposes, been …. M.I.A.

I have, for the last month, been working flat out on a book commission which has been not only time-consuming, but damned hard work when one has to consider the amount of legwork and intensive research which needs to be done in order to gather enough material, to put a project like this together.

The subject matter itself, has been for years a bone of contention for a certain group of people who have claimed total ownership of it, and they have in the past, viciously defended what they consider to be their own exclusive property; and it’s for that reason I have had to keep what I have been doing ‘under wraps,’  mainly due to the unwanted and hostile attention, including both physical and legal threats I received the last time I was invited to discuss this on a platform other than here.

As many regular readers have come to expect from me, the way I have chosen to approach this project has been markedly different to anyone, or anything else, and I can guarantee that the finished work will not be focusing on the immediately obvious.

It will I believe, be like nothing else that has been put out there thus far, at least in regard to it’s subject matter, and I say that with confidence because believe me when I say that I have spent an inordinate amount of time wading through the complete dross that has already been put out there, while searching for evidence of it.

What I will say, however, is that there will be a lot of information to be found within it’s pages that has not been made generally available before, and will include a number of images, including photographs that I have taken myself, which most people will have never associated with a notorious ex-Community School in North Wales before, and of course have never been made public as far as I am aware.

What the book will do hopefully, is take the reader on a journey, and one which starts on a fairly innocuous patch of land in north Wales in the mid-16th Century, which has been passed down through generations of families who’s ancestry can be traced back to the Norman Conquest, and then proceed through the times of the Welsh Princes during the 12th Century, through Simon de Montford’s rebellion against King Henry III during the second Baron’s War, through the English Civil War in the mid 17th Century and into and beyond the Industrial Revolution and the first great and terrible world war.

It will introduce you to people you will probably have never heard of before, like the first white European that ever ascended a snow capped-peak in the Himalayas, and one of Britain’s military aviation pioneers, who was awarded both the Military Cross and the Legion d’Honneur for his bravery, and upon his death in 1915 was personally acknowledged by King George V, a Banker that printed his own currency, and a host of other characters.

All of the above events and more, are woven into the history and the very fabric of that big house and estate on the outskirts of the town of Wrexham, and despite what most people have written about it, and have read about it and ultimately believe is the definitive version …. the real story exists where you least expect to find it.

As anyone who writes and publishes their work online will testify, there will always be someone, or as is more often the case these days, groups of people, who will be offended by or will take issue, or simply do not like, or have any number of reasons to feel uncomfortable with what you are writing about; and will do almost anything in their attempts to stop you.

Since it’s inception in 2012, the Outlaw and it’s creator/owner/administrator, ie: Yours Truly, has been the target of every type of accusation that it is possible to imagine, and I’ll not bore you with the details as they are hardly worth mentioning, but the notable examples are the accusations, threats and general fantastical claims that emanate on a regular basis from a certain dark corner of the www, inhabited by people who border on the clinically insane …. and these people remain, to this day, completely convinced that I have zero input on this site, and cannot possibly run it on my own – so of course, in their minds at least, the day -to- day running and the costs incurred on the Outlaw must be the work of the ‘British Establishment’ and the North Wales Police.

‘Running interference for the establishment’ and my supposed role in ‘Stifling the truth about abuse’ are among the allegations made regularly, and understandably, I was curious to find out as to what type of mind could, and would concoct such paranoid nonsense.

The second set of comments speak for themselves, inasmuch as they are inferring that the running of this site has now changed hands, and has somehow miraculously, reincarnated into some type of platform for the British Security Services, is now Funded by the Taxpayer, and it’s owner (Me again) is ‘Not only a grass, but a fully paid up shill protected by the police’ – or so this persons ‘friend’ (anonymous of course) told him.

Ordinarily, stuff like this is fairly mundane, is laughable and is pretty much an everyday occurrence for people who publish online in any capacity, and is easily dismissed as the ramblings of some disgruntled, deeply disturbed and deluded individuals and can, and should be ignored as it’s complete fantasy and should be treated as such.

It is all too easy to be dragged down by this kind of rubbish, and if one was in any way paranoid or vulnerable, it can play on your mind, and some genuine people who have been targeted online to any degree have had no option but to close down what were some very informative and useful websites and social media accounts as a result.

Apart from the obvious implications, many people have also been denied their basic human right to a voice, and some of these voices belonged to some very vulnerable people indeed, and were purposely targeted by people very much like those responsible for the comments above.

I am not going to elaborate on the real reasons why this site in particular has been targeted by the types who posted the comments I have used, until a time when the suspicions I have can be backed up with evidence; so I will instead concentrate on something more troubling, and if taken seriously, more than a little dangerous to the unfortunate recipient.

If one was to perform an online search for this website, one of those results would be to a ‘Blogger’ site [outlawjimmy.blogspot] the content of which is pictured below and it should be obvious as to it’s intent.

This site has been online since December 2013, and until recently, I have not paid it any attention as tracking down the authors of these type of postings is notoriously difficult, and a total waste of valuable resources if one was to waste the relevant authorities’ time by reporting them.

The site has also been circulated among a few anonymous trolls on Twitter and has been re-published on at least two WordPress blogs, that have since been subsequently suspended for abusive content and violations of the blogging platform’s Terms of Service.


*The latter [KevinGreen1950] being the original source of the contents contained in the blogspot post*

It’s only because some information has become available recently, which has clearly identified the publisher of the blogspot post, that I am even bothering to highlight it here, as it does give an insight into what may be in part, the reason why these online entities create such chaos and continually subject people to utter misery and fear and distress on a daily basis.

At the bottom of the post,[above] the author has used his own name to publish the malicious article, which according to Google+, still has an active account listed.

Mark Fisher’, who after only a few short minutes searching for, was found to be living in Lockwood, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, and has a easily traceable history of making similar malicious allegations about a number of people.

So what became of Mr Fisher?



‘An Internet troll who branded innocent people paedophiles and terrorists has been convicted of harassment. Fantasist Mark Fisher, 44, posted damaging comments online about people he held a grudge against.

One of his victims, a schoolteacher, has been unable to return to work because of the false allegations he made.

Some of his victims were wrongly linked to terrorism while Fisher accused another of causing the death of her husband – who was killed by a tragic accident.

Fisher was convicted after a trial of nine charges under the Malicious Communications Act of updating a website with grossly offensive articles and found guilty of a further charge of harassment.

He has mental health issues and was ordered to be detained in hospital for at least six months.

District Judge Michael Fanning told him: “You have made harmful and utterly baseless allegations against a number of individuals. The allegations you made were a fantasy and in one instance you harmed the career of one of your victims.”

The court heard that Fisher initially targeted one male victim with his lies.

Vanessa Jones, prosecuting, said: ” Mr Fisher published on a couple of blog sites and Facebook some unpleasant information about this gentleman in relation to paedophile involvement.”

Fisher put a picture of the victim on the social network with a link to a website linked with a well known sex offender. He also claimed on his page that he had details of ‘suspected perverts’, living in Huddersfield, West Yorks.

The victim told Fisher that the information was false and asked him to take the information off the site, which he refused to do.

Others who knew Fisher responded and told him they were not happy about him making these claims.

Mrs Jones said: “Four other people who knew Mr Fisher expressed their displeasure. They were added to the list that Mr Fisher felt were part of paedophile involvement. One of the complainants is a teacher and because of the information still on Facebook she can’t work.”

The court heard that Fisher, who had no previous convictions, suffers from mental illness.

Sentencing at Kirklees Magistrates’ Court, Judge Fanning told him: “The allegations you made against them are a fantasy, linking them to paedophilia.”

In making the hospital order, he added: ” I am satisfied that you will continue to offend against these individuals or cast your net wider to involve those against whom you hold a grudge.”

Fisher, of Lockwood, Huddersfield, will be kept in hospital for an initial six-month term. Upon his release, he must comply with a restraining order, banning him from contacting six named victims.

He is also banned from posting any images or material about them online.

In addition he is prohibited from maintaining the material already published by him, meaning that any offensive posts will need to be taken down.


I have never met Mr Mark Fisher from Huddersfield, I had never heard of him, nor know nothing about him other than I have been able to glean about him online following the allegations he has made.

I have never met any of the others that I have highlighted here either, although I am well aware of them, since they have targeted me in a similar manner and have made dozens of completely false and malicious allegations about me over the past four or five years.

As far as I am aware, none of them have ever met me, have never spoken to me in person and know absolutely nothing about me other than they have gleaned from online searches and what appear to be entirely fictitious accounts told to them by others, of which only one, or possibly two have actually met me in person.

Mr Fisher, sadly suffers from some evidenced mental health issues, so unfortunately there is little I can do to curb his delusionary accusations in regard to myself, and can only guess as to the reasons why he would target me, or anyone else in this manner.

If I had to guess, it would be that he had either found the information online as it was already available on the two now-defunct WordPress blogs I referred to earlier, and was shared on a number of now-deleted Twitter accounts – or that he was purposely fed the false information by somebody in the Huddersfield area, who cruelly preyed on his mental health status and evidenced history of publishing categorically untrue and wholly malicious content online.

I am only aware of one person who lives in the Huddersfield area, and they, [coincidentally] post on the same platform that the comments at the top of this article were taken from, so I can only speculate on that being the case until, any evidence emerges to confirm or disregard that as an avenue of further investigation.

There are marked similarities between the people who post these type of malicious and entirely false allegations, and the obvious one appears to be, that there is a degree of mental illness which causes them to fixate on people they select, who they truly believe have wronged them somehow …. or they exhibit a type of religious zeal, similar to the type which was evident in a number of recent cases relating to the wrongful accusations of a number of people who were subsequently acquitted after being accused of childhood sexual abuse in North Wales.


Or it could be for some other reason entirely …. Because whatever way you choose to look at it, all these people have a connection to each other, albeit a tenuous one; and I reserve the right to defend both myself, my family, my friends and my own sanity from these false and malicious claims against me and others using whatever methods are legally available to me.

The conviction of ex-north Wales Police Superintendant Gordon Anglesea, has for many people, finally presented solid evidence to support the endless rumour and speculation that a paedophile/abuse ring has been operating, in and around north Wales, for the last four decades.

The guilty verdict that was handed down at the Crown Court at Mold on Friday, to the Freemason and Rotarian ex-policeman Anglesea, has shown that despite the endless obfusction, the continual distraction and the numerous attempts to cover up the nefarious activities of a number of people, the truth is now, at last, finally beginning to emerge.


I must admit that the guilty verdict came as a surprise to me, because having lived in the county of Wrexham for the last few years, a place where, to all intents and purposes is deep within ‘the Belly of that particular Beast’ …. and finding myself on the wrong side of the NWP and the courts (resulting in two arrests and a Malicious Communication conviction) – which I am in no doubt came about as a direct result of trying to discover what really happened at the Bryn Estyn Children’s Home.

Experiences which admittedly, were harrowing at times, and proved to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt; that there are certain individuals that really did not want anybody, especially an ex-‘guest’ of the care system in Wales like I was, digging around and asking awkward questions.

It cannot have escaped the attention of regular readers of the Outlaw, that there has been a sustained online campaign to discredit me, and to bring about as much personal difficulty and discomfort to both myself and my family, which again I believe – has only happened because of certain events I was suspected of being a witness to.

I was at that time, an ‘unknown quantity’ and someone who had not appeared on any radar prior to 2012.

I was not known to any established ‘CSA groups’, I had never been interviewed by NWP, I had never given a statement about alleged abuse or mistreatment, nor had I offered testimony to the Waterhouse Inquiry, so effectively there was virtually nobody in north Wales who was aware of my existance ….

I ‘went public’ in November 2012, around the same time as Stephen Messham appeared on BBC Newsnight, and I had set up a personal website which became the Outlaw.

Within days I was approached by a number of abuse ‘survivors’ online via Twitter, one of whom was a one-time high profile witness at the Waterhouse Inquiry, and was a prominent figure in the associated media coverage.

This alleged ‘survivor’ had also become very active on social media around this time, and had taken to attacking Stephen Messham, and any one else who was speaking publicaly about their experiences of childhood abuse, paying particular attention to those who had an association with north Wales and Bryn Estyn.

As I had very little personal knowledge in regard to the whole north Wales affair at that time, I had no reason to believe that someone else who had been in the care system, would want anything else than to seek recognition and/or justice for any mistreatment they had allegedly suffered.

It turned out that I was very much mistaken in that belief, as after speaking to this ‘survivor’ online and via telephone for a few months, I had invited him and his wife into my home.

Within days of his visit, he had, without any reason that I was able to understand at the time, began to focus his attacks on both my family and myself, attacks which, within a few weeks had become somewhat sinister and threatening in nature, and which had left me with no option but to report a number of incidents to the North Wales Police.

It is fair to say that at that point, the north Wales Police were sympathetic and were helpful, they informed us that although the attacks on us were ‘vile, threatening and obsessive’ there was little that could be done as ‘no laws had been broken’.

The online obsessional abuse continued, and a large number of malicious complaints were anonymously reported to Wrexham Social Services, Wrexham Council, the Local Education Authority and at one point, our neighbours were sent leaflets through the post claiming that I was ‘an abuser of women and children’ and had both my photograph and address printed on them.

My wife was followed each time she went shopping, we received an anonymous phone call that our 13-year-old daughter was being watched as she walked to school, and the caller reminded me: ‘Remember what happened to April Jones’…. The harrassment was horrendous and continued non-stop for many months.

The north Wales Police were aware of every aspect of what had been happening to us as a family, but were seemingly unable or unwilling to help us, as for much of that time I was languishing on bail following an allegation, which was found after seven months of investigation (including the seizure and forensic examination of my iPad), to be wholly malicious and false.

The police were also very aware of the person responsible, but again appeared reluctant to act even when presented with ample evidence of his behaviour, behaviour which, according to the National Stalking Helpline and a solicitor we had instructed to assist us, was “a clear course of conduct which amounted to ‘Stalking causing extreme fear and distress'”.

But nothing happened and the attacks continued.

During this time, the person who was harrassing us almost on a daily basis by then, had somehow enlisted the help of a number of other online entities, some of whom were Child Abuse ‘Campaigners’ allegedly, at least that is what they claimed to be and their social media profiles and websites certainly gave testimony to this, and within a short time that group had joined in with the attacks on me.

There were some incidents that occurred around this time that now seem so bizarre in their execution that they belong within the pages of a fiction novel, as I still struggle to understand how they actually happened, and that if I (and thankfully others) had not witnessed them I almost certainly would not have believed them myself.

But I digress….


It is my sincere belief, that the conviction of Gordon Anglesea is the first step along a road that will finally lead to the truth of what really happened in north Wales.

I remain steadfast in my belief that the focus of any investigation should not be concentrated on Bryn Estyn, as the conviction of Anglesea has shown that the abuse in his case did occur elsewhere in the County; an ‘Attendance Centre’ (since demolished) in Wrexham and an unnamed private residence frequented regulary by child abusers, and which backs up the claims made by other victims of abuse in north Wales.

It also adds weight to the many claims that the north Wales Police may have been complicit in covering up allegations of abuse for decades, that they have purposely focused on Bryn Estyn only and that genuine witnesses have not only been purposely ignored, but NWP have given their tormentors free rein to harass and threaten them to the point where a number have been driven to the point where taking their own lives has seemed to be the only option.

It may also offer answers as to why only certain alleged survivors have been lauded by the media and have been given prominent platforms at official Inquiries, such as Waterhouse, where their allegations and testimony, however flawed, has been eagerly accepted as the ‘Official’ version.

Despite all of this, it is my belief that with the conviction of Gordon Anglesea, the dam has now finally been breached, the floodgates will slowly open and the real perpetrators, along with the roles of the ‘Enforcers’ that operated in every care home in Wales, (with the full knowledge of some of the staff) and who selected and ‘softened up’ vunerable children to be further abused, the enablers, those that turned a blind eye, and those that have covered up and willingly assisted in criminal activity will finally be identified and brought to justice.

NOTE: ‘This post has turned out to be a lot longer than I initally thought it would when I started writing, and does appear to have wandered somewhat, but bear with me a while longer, as what I have outlined above is connected to what may appear in the mass media in the very future.

I am writing from a personal perspective, as not only do I feel that if people were actually made aware of what I have been subjected to in the attempts to stop me talking, and the lengths that certain people have gone to to try and scare me off, then it’s obvious to me that if there was nothing to discover, then I would not have attracted the kind of attention that I have.

I have not reported on the way that the North Wales Daily Post have favoured certain alleged survivors over others, and appear to have been steered towards reporting on only certain aspects of the north Wales story, as well as ignoring a number of genuine survivors who have contacted them to try and set the story straight.

I have not even began to scratch the surface of the true extent of what myself and my family and friends have endured at the hands of these people for the past four years either, that story will keep until a time I decide to disclose, and the Outlaw may not be the platform to share it anyway, but rest assured, it will be known when the time is right.’

I do not ordinarily comment here on any ongoing trial for obvious reasons, but in this particular case I will make an exception, as the following extracts are part of a larger article and are already in the public domain after being reported on and published in the North Wales Daily Post earlier today.

The extracts I have selected and would like to focus on, were presented during the trial of ex-North Wales Police Chief Gordon Anglesea, at Mold Crown Court, by the defending barrister in her summing up:

‘Defending barrister Tania Griffiths QC said that those who told “whopping great lies” knew how to tell them and branded the allegations against her client “ arrant nonsense”.

She warned of the danger of copy cat allegations by people who wanted compensation by making false allegations.

“Absolutely it is an Oscar winning performance and you don’t need me to tell you that”‘.


The jury had been treated over the last six weeks to a smoke screen, she said.

She warned of the danger of contamination of evidence and said that a Bryn Alyn survivor’s web site, which closed down before the trial, had spoke about “all singing from the same hymn sheet” and “sticking together.” 

There was talk of compensation, the top 16 abusers named by a number of people, and “similar fact evidence which got John Allen convicted last time”.

There was a risk of contamination at what she called “an Aladdin’s Cave” where people could pick up “a tailor made allegation.”

Which, as anyone who has been following the twists and turns of the long-running story of alleged child abuse in and around North Wales are only too aware of, demonstrate perfectly the difficulties faced by anyone trying to get to the truth of what really happened.

Especially when the events that manage to reach the courts, to even the casual observer …. appear to have been engineered and effectively steered by disgruntled ex-residents, their advocates and any number of faceless ‘Social Justice Warriors’ on the Internet.

As of yesterday, there has been a ‘Toxic Smog Alert’ in force in North Wales.

The local media has warned: ‘Air pollution levels set to rise with hot spell’ and are advising  people to ‘stay indoors wherever possible and keep Windows and doors closed‘.

The Daily Post has been ever so helpful and published an article yesterday about a ‘Mystery aircraft circling over North Wales’ which a large number of people reported to the newspaper’s Facebook page, inviting readers to leave comments on what they thought about the “Chemtrail Conspiracy Theory”

Living in North Wales, it is not difficult to spot that the skies have been particularly ‘Heavy‘, over the last few days, and only a complete idiot could fail to spot the amount of trails criss-crossing the sky as being anything but normal.

I took these photographs yesterday when the skies were relatively clear above Wrexham.


And this was taken first thing this morning.


It is now becoming increasingly difficult to ignore the simple fact, that whenever the skies are full of these ‘Trails’, a large number of people suffer with respiratory problems and other associated ailments.

You can actually taste the difference in the air around here today, and whatever your views or belief/nonbelief in the existence of  ‘Chemtrails‘, or that ‘Geoengineering‘ is being undertaken above your heads right now – can you still deny that something is very wrong here?

And it hasn’t been ‘right’ for a long time….


One thing I remember learning from childhood was, that ones own experiences in life, was the only sure-fire way to be absolutely certain of the true facts concerning those events.

After all, if you were to witness an event first-hand, or are/were an integral part or the only participant in said event, you may also be one of very few people who actually know what really happened, as opposed to somebody who was not actually there, and has to rely on whatever information that may or may not, be made available afterwards.

In this instance I am referring to a recent experience I had, and one in which I played a central role, and was reported in a number of the mainstream media outlets here in north Wales, and was also carried by the online media outlet, Breitbart London the following day.

Now there’s nothing wrong with that, there was a reporter in attendance, so I fully expected some coverage, but what was actually published was not only innacurate, it was almost unrecognisable from the event in which I played a central role.

It was so innacurate in fact, both myself and a number of people contacted the journalist, who’s article Breitbart London had used as their only source, who upon being asked about her role in writing something that amounted to: “Unsourced Nonsense which she should not allow her name to be attached to” – admitted that: “She was not there on either day, had not checked it’s veracity, and had simply published what had been sent to her via a regular freelancer”.

I will not go into the details of the published article here, as I have since been in contact with Breitbart London, and upon request, have supplied them with documentary evidence of what actually transpired, and which directly contradicts the details contained in the article they published.

Up until a few weeks ago, I did have some faith in Breitbart’s reporting of current events, as they did not seem as ‘nailed-down’ or as averse to accurate coverage of the news as the mass media clearly are, and although they are a relatively ‘new’ media source, they did on the surface, appear to be a more reliable media source.

Breitbart News Network (known simply as Breitbart News, Breitbart or is a conservative news and opinion website and radio program. was founded in 2007 by Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012) and identifies itself as being on the political right” – Wikipedia.

Their recent coverage of the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe for example, is the polar opposite of anything you will read in the mainstream or see on the television; so you would be forgiven for thinking that Breitbart, like any number of other ‘new’ online media outlets, are seemingly outside of what most people associate with the mass/mainstream news agencies – and therefore more trustworthy and reliable in the accuracy of their reporting.

However, from personal experience, and from what I have already outlined above, their publishing practices appear to be no more reliable than any number of national or local rags, and that may be the reason why increasing numbers of people no longer have any faith in them – and the decrease in sales of printed media would certainly support that.

A link posted to the Outlaw this evening, by one of it’s regular readers and commentators (Thanks Old Git), has shed a little light on some of these ‘New Media’ outlets, and Breitbart in particular, in an article titled: 

‘More Manipulative Media Exposed – Website Ownership Driving Ideological Content….’

The article goes on to explain:

“For many of us, one of the biggest revelations is how the content of ‘New Media’ (information, news and discussion websites) is actually owned by entities who set them up for specific propaganda purposes.

It really is jaw-dropping when you dig into it.

Almost all of the most well-known ‘new media’ entities are owned by Wall Street individuals or Wall Street corporate groups for very specific advocacy purposes. None of their intentions are good. The ‘new media’ are now just as compromised as mainstream media.

Billionaire Robert Mercer purchasing Breitbart.Com is perhaps one of the more well known ideological political purchases.

There are some instances where the ownership and intent is transparent, such as the Salem Media Group. However, for most of the outlets, the design money is quietly hidden below the surface and paying off the fronts to deliver specific advocacy content.”


Every so often, I read something that I know will stay with me for a very long time.

From well-loved books I have read and re-visited many times, through well-written magazine articles, right down to blog posts that I have stumbled upon quite by accident while looking for something else – there will thankfully, always be examples of the written word that will leave an indelible mark.

The following extract is one of those; it’s a poem contained within a book of poetry, written by a man from Birkenhead on the Wirral, and one which narrates his life – in verse.

Stephen Wynne was diagnosed as being Bi-Polar, after he suffered a complete breakdown on his 33rd birthday in 1999, which may have been the result of his battle with the drugs he had turned to, following the suicide at age 26, of his younger brother Peter in 1994.

Peter had been taken into care in North Wales as a boy, following the breakdown of his parents marriage, and it was discovered years later that he had been tortured, tormented and physically abused whilst residing at the Bryn Estyn children’s home.

Stephen Wynne (1966-2010)

Stephen sadly, also took his own life in 2010 after a courageous battle with his condition, aged just 44.

His book ‘A Migzie Tale’ was published following his death in 2010 by Xlibris in the United States, and although copies are getting increasingly scarce now, a few are still available to purchase online, the proceeds of which – go to his son Callum.



16 February 2000

I’d been doing Peters portrait, finally making a start

Drawing all the detail, in photo state of art

I received a telephone call, from my darling mother

“Have you heard the news?” She added, “It’s about your brother

Go and buy a newspaper, Daily Mirror or Daily Mail

It’s about Bryn Estyn; it’s like the weather as a gale

It tells of all the horrors, with Childrens abuse

And tells why Peter died, and chose to use a noose”

I finished what I was doing, all things made a drop

And hurried down the High Street, to a paper shop.

650 was boldly written, on the heading page

That’s how many were abused, roughly as a gauge

Perverts run the children’s home, where the kids did dwell

Sexually abusing them, making lives a living hell

An investigation started, when Peter made a complaint

With another who’d been abused, and both became a saint

Both went to the police, and started the interviews

When the story surfaced, it was highlighted in the news

I started to read the Mirror, to find out all the fact

And read a certain paragraph, of someone Peter had attacked

He’d spotted him in a pub, then he went straight home

And got a Samurai sword, whilst he was on his own

He broke the sword in half, and put it in his jacket

Returning to the pub, to make an awful racket

As I read the paragraph, I instantly realised

Why Peter had attacked him, which was no surprise

The abuser was abused, which he freely admitted

But was never punished, or even ever committed

Peter then got punished, and of which got sent to jail

For a six-month sentence, sending him off the rail

Peter had struck his face, 3 times with the sword

Slashing open the abuser’s nose, with the anger stored

Bryn Estyn got shut down, when the news had shaken

16 then committed suicide, if I’m not mistaken

With soon getting the answers, of Peter’s suicide

I wish he hadn’t done it, and hadn’t bloody died

I read the Daily Mail next, reading pages of a few

And saw Peter’s  picture, not just one but two

There was a story written, why he was in care

With some slight confusion, coz the reporter wasn’t there

I won’t give all the reasons, but he broke my mother’s heart

Making her so very ill, with all the things he used to start

He’d been given 2 options, I remember much of them

One was to change his ways, and to be good again

He chose the other option, which of course was care

It was his own undoing, and why that he was there

He’d been a little tear-away, always in a fight

I always blame the divorce, which had caused the plight

Another thing the story said, he was missing his head-stone

Where he was laid to rest, buried on his own

I had wanted to choose it, but was locked away

And several years had passed, before that I could lay

He’ll never be forgotten, although he is deceased

So my darling Peter, brother Rest In Peace

(9 November 1967 – 6 January 1994)




By David Williamson

North Wales MPs have said they fear evidence gathered as part of the long awaited investigation into child abuse in the region may be held back from publication.

Dwyfor Meirionedd Plaid Cymru MP Liz Saville Roberts has written to Justice Secretary Michael Gove to press for the release of the report, which was delivered to the Government in December.

“The Stories I could tell if I could talk!”


Conservative Justice Minister Caroline Dineage has stated it must be “considered by law enforcement agencies and the Government before it can be published” and that “this includes considering whether redactions need to be made”.

Ms Roberts pressed for greater “urgency“, saying:

“The Macur Review into the scope of the Waterhouse Inquiry and the suffuciency of its investigations has far-reaching implications for people living in my Dwyfor Meirionedd constituency. I feel that the excessively long-standing nature of inquiries into child abuse allegations in North Wales calls for a greater level of urgency at this stage.

The nature of the Review’s contents may well call for the redaction of certain material; however, I would question whether this material would be included in its findings and recommendations, and in the interest of public transparency, I would strongly urge that these be published as soon as possible .”

Cynon Valley Labour MP Anne Clwyd, who has long campaigned for justice for victims of child abuse, has also questioned the Government about the publication of the review.

She said:

“It’s high-time it was published. I find it a bit surprising they are still dragging their feet. I am worried about possible redaction because clearly that’s the intention and I don’t think anybody us going to be satisfied by that.”

“[Any] suggestion that there may be a cover-up obviously is deeply concerning.”

Wrexham Labour MP Ian Lucas said:

“The Macur review, and the report which it has produced, are of extreme importance to many in Wrexham. That is why I have been pushing for it’s release as soon as possible. The Ministry of Justice have appeared to agree with the principle that the report should be released. They said that release was being considered as ‘a matter of urgency’ more than a month ago. The report and its contents are likely to have implications for people and institutions in Wrexham, across North Wales and wider afield. They need to know that the report will be released in a manner which will allow it to be given serious consideration – which Is why I think that the Ministry of Justuce and the Wales Office need to set out what they are intending to do with the report, and when.”

Conservative justice minister Caroline Dineage thus month stated in a response to Ms Clwyd:

“The report needs to be considered by law enforcement agencies and the government before it can be published. This includes whether redactions need to be made. Lady Justice Macur has recommended that certain material should be considered for redaction. The work is proceeding at pace with a view to publication as soon as possible.”

Back in 2012, Home Secretary Theresa May announced that Lady Justice Macur would stage a review of Sir Ronald Waterhouse’s inquiry into the abuse of children in care.

The review was charged with determining whether specific allegations were not investigated.

“Beware The False Allegation”

This is a response to all those who all those, on social media and elsewhere who are calling for another Inquiry into Historical Child Abuse.

An open invitation if you will, which invites you to discover for yourselves, some of the background which led to one of the previous, and indeed the biggest inquiries, that this country has witnessed thus far.

If anyone still has the slightest interest in the North Wales abuse story for example – I would not bother holding another Inquiry – I urge them to read instead, the minutely detailed and forensically researched book ‘The Secret of Bryn Estyn’ by Richard Webster.


It’s a veritable behemoth of a book, containing 722 fact-filled pages and will tell you everything you need to know – positively brimming with explicit evidence and facts.

Richard Webster is now dead, but his meticulously detailed research lives on – outlining indisputable proof and evidence, every date, day and time, statements from people both alive and dead – that, by the time you are only a few chapters in, you will know the truth about what really happened.

One thing is for certain – if there is going to a fresh investigation in regard to this particular historical inquiry – or any other, this book will be an invaluable resource, providing facts and information which can be easily confirmed by the records which still remain.

Plus, as it proves that so many ex-Bryn Estyn resident’s ‘accounts’ are undoubtably false and malicious, it clearly illustrates what can, and did actually happen when stories of alleged abuse become a “big media story” – as this was – albeit many years ago.

‘Pestered By The Press’ Chapter 41, Page 273

“When Steward’s (not his real name) refusal to release the newspaper documents is viewed in relation to the manifold inconsistencies these would have revealed, the case for doubting his claims seems almost complete. It is made almost unassailable when seen alongside his own declaration to the police on 24 August, that ‘at no time did Gordon Anglesea ever sexually abuse me’ and his suggestion that Dean Nelson ‘wanted me to say things which were not the truth’.

However, there was another important feature of the evidence which concerned the question of dates. Lee Steward had been at Bryn Estyn from 27 September 1977 until 22 May 1979. In his interview with Journalist Dean Nelson, he specifically said that Anglesea had abused him in ‘1977-8′; he told the police that the first incident had taken place in ‘late 1977′ and that the second incident was ‘a few months later’.

Yet the first connection Gordon Anglesea had with Bryn Estyn was when he was asked to set up the Home Office-run Wrexham attendance centre in September 1979. This was a centre to which delinquent young boys were sent for two hours at a time, for a maximum of 24 hours. Some of these boys were from Bryn Estyn. It was not until mid-November 1979 that Anglesea had first gone to Bryn Estyn itself, and it was not until September 1980 that Bryn Estyn became part of his ‘section’ within his duties as the operational inspector at Wrexham.

In short, Anglesea did not have any connection with Bryn Estyn until four months after Steward had left, and did not visit it until some two years after the date Steward gave for the first alleged incident.

“As in the case of Mark Humphreys, the allegations which Lee Stewart made against Gordon Anglesea could not possibly be true.”

As I clearly stated HERE on the Outlaw, in June 2013 – “What I will say however, is that my initial instincts were right and I still do not believe that the focus of any investigation into ‘Establishment Paedophile Rings’ and highly-placed Political figures should be directed at Bryn Estyn.”

I still stand by that, and will always maintain that the real story about systematic Child Abuse in North Wales is to be found elsewhere in the county of Wrexham.

Surely, simply reading a book which will furnish you with almost everything required – is preferable to wasting another £17.5 Million of public money on another Waterhouse-like inquiry isn’t it?