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Today, Saturday, 19 May 2018, is a rare day indeed.

It is a day when it is perfectly acceptable to fly the Union Flag.

As many as you want.

It is also perfectly acceptable to be English, or to be British and to be seen as being proud to be so.

It is also acceptable, even encouraged on this day, to promote British traditions, British Achievements and British History, and everything else that goes with being British, whatever that entails.

Including Patriotism.


Those privileges run out at midnight, because after that time, the mass media and the British establishment will revert to type, and their default setting of seeing you as, and will, without a doubt describe you as being:

‘Racist’, ‘Bigoted’, ‘Gammon’, ‘Far Right’, ‘Militant’, ‘Extremist’, ‘Nationalist’ ‘Xenophobes/Europhobes’ and of course …. ‘Nazis’.

Enjoy your day ….


In politics, not very much is new.

In fact, one does not even have to have a particularly good memory to realise that all the main political parties in the U.K., are fighting the 2017 General Election on a number of policies that were lifted directly from the British National Party.

So no one political party are blameless in the way they bend in the breeze, and change their direction whenever it suits, but there is one party who’s entire Election campaign is based around the slogan they have adopted – and will use in every speech, every interview and every press conference.


I am sure that most of you have seen it, in fact it is difficult to avoid if you have been following any aspect of the upcoming election, but I wonder how many people know where Teresa May and the Conservative Party Slogan writers have lifted it from?

It’s not difficult to find, and I can assure you that all of the political parties are aware of it, and any mass media journalist worth their salary are aware of it …. but I very much doubt you will hear any of them draw any attention to it.

Would it surprise you to discover that the same words can be found in the Conclusion of ‘Mein Kampf’ by Adolf Hitler?

So can any comparisons be drawn from that?

And why aren’t the Labour Left and the Liberals, Plaid Cymru, the SNP, the Greens and the Independents, not stamping their feet and shouting about it, as it would be the perfect opportunity, and by far the biggest stick to beat the Tories with, and for them to use the ‘Racist’ and ‘Nazi’ default setting they are so very fond of attacking any opposition with?

There must be a reason why that would be …. I know what I think, what about you?


NOVEMBER 9, 1923, in the fourth year of its existence, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party was dissolved and forbidden throughout the entire territory of the Reich.

Today, in November, 1926, it stands again before us, free through the whole Reich, STRONGER and internally more STABLE than ever before.