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The video accompanying this article, was uploaded to Facebook by Tom Finch, and was taken from the recently screened BBC show ‘Stargazing Live’, which focussed on the highly publicised ‘Space Walk’ of the British astronaut Tim Peake, to repair a broken solar panel on the International Space Station (ISS), which is believed to be currently orbiting the Earth.


The video comprises a short conversation between Dr. Brian Cox and Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield, who last year, regaled a worldwide Television and Internet audience with his rendition of the David Bowie Classic ‘Space Oddity’, while orbiting the Earth aboard the ISS.

During that conversation, Hadfield makes some unexpected revelations, that must now surely raise some serious questions.

The video and audio is not the best quality, so I have transcribed the conversation for clarity.

BRIAN COX: “How important is the engineering? That we have learned to build such a large structure in orbit?

CHRIS HADFIELD: “It’s sort of as if a little kid is sailing a sailboat on a pond remotely. At some point, that person starts to sail a sailboat up and down the coast, then they invent and study and learn to figure out all the things they need to do, so that maybe … then someday, they can actually sail out of sight of land. And the station [ISS] has been orbiting the Earth as if … we are sort of … as if we are sailing in sight of land, as we invent … I mean …

What do we make the hull out of?

How do you navigate?

What food do you need?

How do you make a toilet that will work forever?

How do you recycle water?

How do you recycle the oxygen?

It’s the main crucible test that we’ve been trying to grind out all the lessons, that’ll eventually … ‘LET US GO TO THE MOON … AND EVEN FURTHER AWAY!’

The most universally recognised object in the night sky, wherever you may happen to be on earth at any given time, is without a doubt – The Moon.

It can be safely assumed that this heavenly body has been visible for millions of years longer than humankind have inhabited the planet, and has featured throughout all of human history, being represented in many and varied ways.

So how much do we really know about la lune, and how it came into being?

Not an awful lot if the truth is told, and as late as 1964, scientists still had very little understanding of it, and even today, with more than half a century of fairly intensive space research under it’s belt, science still cannot offer an entirely satisfactory theory to explain it’s existence.

At least that is the official story.

What is known for certain though, is that prior to 1969, there were three distinct theories that were what most scientific bodies had subscribed to at one time or another

Firstly, the ‘Binary Planet Theory’, which stated that the Moon was formed at the same time as the earth and that it consisted of flying space debris, which formed the solid mass we see today.

Since the analysis of actual measurements from the moon became possible, this theory became less popular, as for it to be viable, the earth and the moon would need to possess the same density – which they do not.

Secondly, the ‘Fission Theory’, which was first proposed by the mathematician George Darwin in 1879, stated that during it’s formation, the Earth was spinning so quickly, that part of the equator ‘broke off’, settled into a regular orbit and became the Moon as we know it today.

However, this theory has also been shown to be improbable, mainly due to the analysis of returned rock and soil samples, purporting to have come from the moon, which suggest that they are considerably older and of an entirely different composition altogether to those found anywhere on earth.

The samples tested, contained around 50% more iron and around 50% more refractory elements that what the earth’s mantle is composed of.

Thirdly, the ‘Capture Theory’ stated that the moon was formed somewhere else in our solar system and somehow became ‘drawn into the earth’s gravitational field,’ where it became the object which exists today.

This third theory, had probably gained the most support among scientists, despite the fact that any large object (like the moon) captured this way, would have needed to be uniquely placed for this to happen.

Again, the chances of that happening are, even at a conservative estimate – incalculable.

These theories, among many others, were being tossed around long before manned space flight even got off the technical drawing boards, and it was only a matter of time before a ‘definitive’ answer was going to be revealed, which predictably, was going to based around the much heralded, and obscenely expensive, ‘Apollo’ series of missions to the Lunar surface.

So it was NASA, who, in their second ‘Giant Leap For Mankind’ who announced, that ‘No proof existed’ to support any of the earlier scientific theories, as they now had a theory of their own.

NASA’s own ‘Giant Impact Theory’ (GIT), had by the 1990’s, won over much of the scientific world, possibly by pressure from their peers, or even bamboozled into reluctant acceptance by the unrelenting media attention, and carefully-managed promotion of the ‘official’ version of how the moon came to be.

NASA’s Theory, very conveniently solves the momentum problem which invalidated the Fission Theory, as the GIT Theory States that ‘A body with 0.1 the mass of earth, but the size of Mars (approx 2,224 miles diameter) had a near tangential impact with the earth.’

This had the result that the enormous amount of energy released by this impact, vaporised and crushed the surface of both bodies.

This ‘mixed debris’ was then ejected into space and remained in orbit around the earth.

Eventually, the mixture of debris combined, and voila – Hello Moon!

However, as this theory is entirely based on analysis of rocks and soil taken from a very limited area of the surface of the moon, does that mean it is at best an inaccurate representation of the entire surface of the moon?

Also, as the analysed samples have been obtained from, at the most, less than two metres below the surface, how could it be so widely accepted a theory as it has apparently become?

Because NASA says it’s true that’s why.

But…. There is one quite important question that needs to be answered by NASA, who have repeatedly refused to do so.

It’s a simple one, and based on the currently available evidence which shows that the moon, is not only considerably older than our solar system, but also predates the latest time frame which scientists estimate that the ‘Big Bang’ is supposed to have occurred….

NASA is fully aware of this, and for them to know about it, they must either:

Already have in their possession, rocks and soil which are much older than 4.6 billion years.

Or, they know this fact by some other means.

Whistle-blowers have also claimed that NASA are in possession of lunar rocks that are at least 5.3 billion years old, yet instead of discussing any other possibility, their scientists persist in promoting their ‘official’ theory – based on, by their own admission, very limited data.

And round and around it will undoubtedly go.

*NASA, who also happen to be among the most heavily financed and covert organisations in human history, have always, albeit subtly, offered plenty of clues without revealing their real purpose. One only has to do the most basic research on the names chosen for their ‘projects’. For those who know their history and Mythology, the Greek god Apollo for instance, was often linked to the origins and defence of civil order and to the founding of cities…. (or lunar outposts perhaps?). Saturn, which was adopted eventually as the name of the launcher for Project Apollo, was the Roman version of ‘Cronus’, which was associated with limitation and time. The Greeks however, considered Cronus to be the God of Agriculture – which, for some who have studied these connections in any detail, forms a tenuous, but not entirely unconnected link with the Crop Circles found in Southern England…. But that is another story altogether.*


The official number of deaths, between 2007 to the present (according to official figures) by way of suicide, in and around the small town of Bridgend, south Wales is 79.

However, local knowledge puts it at 98, but the true figure according to my source, currently stands nearer 110.

Among those numbers, only one is known to have left a ‘suicide’ note?

What is strange is that nearly all of them, were discovered hanging, with their feet touching the ground or on their knees.

You did not see that small, but important fact being reported in the mainstream media did you?

On the subject of facts, it’s another fact that you will struggle to find anything written at all about this ongoing ‘event.’

The local MP, Madeline Moon went as far as announcing that the media were ‘a part of the problem,’ which again, points towards a suppression of information being made available.

For instance, did you know that many of those who died were young women?

Ordinarily, females are known to take an overdose, or slash their wrists when attempting suicide.

Hanging oneself is an unusual practice by females, and hanging oneself while remaining kneeling is very unusual indeed, under any circumstances.

The last suicide by way of hanging, (not common knowledge) was of a 23-year old girl, from the Brynmenna area of Bridgend, in October 2013.

The deaths are still continuing, even though they are not being reported, make no mistake about that.


So why would a phenomenon believed to be a cluster of ‘Copycat Suicides’ commonly known as the ‘Werther Effect’, affect more than 100 people in such a localised geographical area?


Why also would this unusually high number of suicides, end their lives in such a similar manner?

At its height, the Bridgend Suicides were clustered closely together and believed to have radiated outward from a single “Patient Zero,” a high school student.

When his friends and classmates began to follow suit, it was a disturbing if not wholly unexplainable series of deaths.

However, when other Bridgenders, normally unconnected to such levels of contagious teenage despair, began to take their own lives in the same exact manner, the locals became understandably alarmed.

Reports of perfectly happy and contented individuals, many of whom were looking forward to future plans, suddenly began hanging themselves from trees, rafters, doorways etc…

And still no reasonable official explanation was being offered.

According to my source, who incidentally, was threatened with arrest and the confiscation of his mobile phone and computer if he continued asking questions, the South Wales Police are especially averse to any critisism or questions regarding this matter.

tetra radio

For a specific example, asking if there is any connections between the suicides and the TETRA emergency radio system, will bring you the kind of attention you would not believe.

The TETRA system, which is used by the police and emergency services in the UK for communication, uses between 380 and 400 MHz, which is switched on and off at such a pulse rate that a pseudo-ELF of 17.6 Hz (17.6 times per second) is produced.

This means the brain and nervous system are hit by pulses of UHF (USA terms) microwave (UK terms) every 1/17.6th of a second.

This has a similar effect as having electrochemical hammer blows to the head at a rate of 17.6 every second.

If you would find the sound of constant hammer drills irritating to listen to, try and imagine 17.6 hammer-like blows per second being delivered to the nervous and endocrinal system, at a cellular level.


What kind of effect could this have on the organism subjected to it?

Since human cells communicate to each other in the ELF range, these hammerlike blows of pseudo-ELF, disrupts and derange cellular activities, leading to dysfunction, behavioural changes and onset of carcinogenic proteins which can lead to the affected organism developing tumours.

The UK Government has been considering spending £2.5 million to fully implement a nation-wide deployment of this system.

The TETRA system pulses at 17.6 Hz, broadcast at 400 MHz, which is essentially identical to the ‘Pandora Project’, which was funded by the CIA in the late ’60s and early ’70s.


Dr Ross Adey, the chief researcher on the Pandora Project has released a video to leading UK researchers which proves that not only does the TETRA system cause ELF zombification by massive release of calcium ions in the cerebral cortex and the nervous system, but the activated calcium ions also cause massive hormonal disturbances which lead to frenzied imbalances, emotional and physical states.

This system will be used by all UK police and emergency services, as the Home Office has sold off all police frequencies, so they will have no choice than to to use the new system.

Will use of the TETRA system by the police, lead to psychotronicaly controlled officers who may be totally controlled in any situation?

That could prove useful for incidences of economic or social chaos, where extreme and violent behaviour is needed without any conscious or moral compunction I would think.

Would it also explain the often referred to ‘Robotic’ behaviour of those police officers involved in such situations?

30,000 transmitters will be placed around the country to maximise the effects on the local UK population – in essence, a not-so subtle form of mass mind control.

What other explanation would there be for anyone who has complained about these transmitters, to receive a letter from the Government informing them that:

“If the transmitters are not positioned where the Government wishes, there can be no guarantee of police protection, which will lead to higher insurance premiums for the affected householder.”

(I am trying to obtain one of those letters in order to confirm this)

A leading UK newspaper did try to run this story, but the item was ‘shelved’ allegedly.

“The history of mind control at a distance, remote mind control technology (RMCT) began in America with the research of Dr Ross Adey and his colleagues in the late ’60’s, working on the CIA-funded Pandora Project.”

Adey found that ELF (extremely low frequency) signals on the region of 1-20 Hz (with 0.1 increments having different effects), had bioactive and psychoactive effects. The research was important to the CIA for they wished to find frequencies which could mind control humans from a distance (RMCT).

Pandora researchers discovered that the 6-16 Hz region had drastic effects on brain and on nervous and endocrinal systems.

This could enable major dysfunction in the target victim if research on cats and monkeys could be duplicated – the research on human victims still remains classified”.





It is interesting what information is available on the internet if you know what you are looking for and enter some well chosen search terms.

Information regarding the following is getting increasingly scarce but nevertheless interesting to read.

From ‘Salon Magazine’.

A tape of the Osmonds and Andy Williams doing songs from “Hair” is among the artefacts left on the moon by Neil Armstrong in 1969.


This is from a Time magazine interview with Donny Osmond…

Q: Neil Armstrong left a tape with one of your songs on the moon. Did he just not want it anymore?
A: Yeah. He had an eight-track, and they didn’t make them anymore.

Read the full article HERE:

And here is Donny again…

“My fantasy is: To be the first singer on the moon. When Neil Armstrong went up, he took a tape that had my voice on it and left it there. So, sitting on the moon is my voice.”


An entry in Jay Osmond’s autobiography ‘Stages’ reads……

‘One of our record albums was taken to the moon by Neil Armstrong, and when they played the song Aquarius on the moon, it was the rendition with the Osmond Brothers singing back-up for Andy Williams’

The logical thing would be to search for an online list of artefacts that NASA states was left for posterity.

The University of New Mexico is one place that gives a list of all of the items allegedly left on the lunar surface by the Apollo 11 astronauts.

But… Wouldn’t you know it?..

The Osmonds tape does not get a mention.


Oddly, that link has suddenly stopped working, so an alternative can be found here:


So what is the real story?

Are the deeply religious Mormon Osmond brothers not telling the truth in numerous magazine articles and also in their autobiographies?

Or have they also been duped by NASA in order to lend their squeaky-clean image and reputations to a deception on a grand scale?