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I have been looking for something which echoes my own feelings in regard to the state of the modern world – and humanity’s gradual detachment from itself, from nature, from it’s own soul and ultimately, it’s creator (whoever/whatever you choose to believe that might be).

I believe that the words of Varg Vikernes below …. pretty much nails it down.

I also believe that as a species, humankind has now reached a tipping point, evil has been allowed to flourish unchecked and any semblance of goodness, mercy and understanding are purposely stifled whenever or wherever they emerge.

This cannot be sustained at its present rate, it is by design, promoted by the established order by their lackeys in the mass media, and via their minions and flying monkeys on social media platforms, and it will I am sure; not be allowed to prevail.

With Thanks to Atropa Belladona ….


Any theory which questions how Human Life appeared and then developed on this planet can be a controversial and risky undertaking.

Anthropologists, Archaeologists and Scientists will not even agree to commit themselves to a definitive timeline, and even among those that do, there are still significant ‘gaps’ which remain unexplained.

It is however, commonly agreed that mankind as a distinct species, began to emerge around 20 million years ago, the general consensus among academia being that this occurred in what is now Africa. (although that is based on theory only)

“Around 2.5 million years ago ‘Homo Habilis’ appeared, allegedly.”

“Around 1.8 million years ago, ‘Homo Erectus’ emerged, allegedly.”

“Around 600, 000 years ago ‘Homo Heidelbergenis’ emerged, allegedly”

“There is then a distinct ‘gap’ in the fossil records, before ‘Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis’ emerged, allegedly.”

The ‘Neanderthals’, who were by latest accounts, fairly successful as a species, their remains being found in southern Britain, throughout Southern Europe, into North Africa and eastwards into Central Asia.

Evidence of their existence is available, and has been identified and dated back to around 80,000 years, which shows that the Neanderthals went onto survive and even multiplied for the next 45,000 years.

Then, around 35,000 years ago, a new species, which is now viewed as being what is known as ‘Modern Man’, (Homo Sapiens Sapiens) suddenly appeared, and it has proved notoriously difficult to locate solidly dated examples of Neanderthal Activity after that time.

So, almost overnight, from the point of view of those who maintain that one type slowly evolved into the other, modern man completely replaced the earlier, distinctly different type of Hominids.

There are many differences between them, but the major differences, lies not with their physical appearance per say, but with their whole culture.

For example, the Neanderthals were capable of making stone tools, but they never really developed much beyond that, the archaeological and fossil records, showing that Neanderthal stone-workers toiled away for thousands of years, making the same, crude implements as their forefathers.

There is a school of thought, however, that firmly believes that they were somehow taught to do this initially, after which time, they simply copied the original designs with no creative urges being displayed whatsoever.

Modern Man’ was very different, however.

From the onset they were spontaneously and naturally developing inbuilt skills, had started to build animal traps to capture their food, they were making and wearing clothes, constructing places to live and had even began to create art for arts sake – but nobody has ever been able to answer the most obvious question, where did they actually come from?

Anthropologists maintain, somewhat weakly, that they must have invaded the territories of the Neanderthals and proceeded to wipe them out, but that still does not answer the question of from where was it they came?

It is now generally accepted that Modern Man developed in Central Eurasia, then spread out and colonised the rest of the world from there, but again, that still does not answer the earlier question.

So how can one species, being so far advanced from it’s immediate predecessor, suddenly appear in one spot and then develop in sufficient numbers to spread out – and within a very short time, go on to dominate the entire planet?

If, as anthropologists stubbornly maintain it actually happened the way they allege, does it also raise the question that something distinctly different from any ‘natural evolutionary’ process, occurred some 33,000 years ago?

The precise timing of this accelerated development of Humankind, is well documented by some eminent Anthropologists, as it is they, after all, who say that Modern Man ‘appeared’ around 35,000 years ago, while also maintaining the stance that the Neanderthals just as mysteriously, ‘disappeared.’

They also seem to find it difficult to comprehend, that this does not fit the template of normal evolutionary patterns, nor do they acknowledge the fossil records which clearly show, that towards the end of the 60,000-year period they existed – Neanderthals became even more, as opposed to less – primitive.

It would be interesting to discover how, in the time frame of only around a thousand years or so, Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis, somehow, and without explanation, suddenly transformed itself, into Homo Sapiens Sapiens? – the fifth distinct incarnation of humankind.

Version 5.0 perhaps?