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A number of readers, including ‘Surrender Monkey‘ in the comments below, have contacted this site with a link that shows the picture of the police vehicle shown above, on the trailer – was taken in 2011.


If that is the case, it poses a number of questions:

  • If the vehicle was, as it appears in the image, to have been taken out of commission in 2011, what was it doing in central London on the 5th November 2015?
  • Are the Metropolitan police in the habit of re-commissioning vehicles more than four years old?
  • If, as some people have alleged that the number plate of the vehicle has been ‘Photo-Shopped‘, what image has been allegedly altered – the image taken in 2011, or the vehicle that was filmed by Sky News?
  • Was the footage shown on Sky News and other mainstream news outlets, actually ‘live‘ and taken at the Million Mask March on November 2015 as stated?
  • If not – Why would it be shown as being so?