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The man in the attached video is NOT Mad.

The man in the attached video was NOT sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

Both of those claims are demonstrably false.

The greater majority of what has been published about him by the mass media, on various blogs and by any number of troll accounts on social media is also demonstrably false.

What is true, however, is that this man is being set up, he is being stitched up, he is being smeared by the mass media and agents of the establishment, and has being driven to the point of desperation by his persecutors.

If you are at all concerned about the levels of media corruption in this country, or are in any way concerned about the way that genuine survivors of childhood sexual abuse are being smeared, attacked, labelled as crazy and vilified by agents of the state and the corrupt media ….

Then I suggest that you not only listen to what this man has to say, but get behind him and support him in any way you can; because believe me, the evidence he has gathered, despite what he has been forced to endure, will truly shock you – and will prove beyond doubt, exactly why Brian Harvey has been hounded in the way he has and subjected to things that would have irretrievably broken a weaker person.


If you claim to be a genuine CSA ‘Campaigner’ or ‘Advocate’, or simply choose to highlight the issue on Twitter and Facebook, on websites and forums from anonymous accounts – and/or are in any way concerned about victims of historic, current and future Childhood Sexual Abuse, and still choose to remain silent over this ….

Then you are a part of the problem and beneath contempt in my opinion.

Shame on you.




This week, the mass media published a number of articles outlining how the British security agencies GCHQ and MI5/6 have finally admitted that they have used female-centric online forums such as MUMSNET to recruit some of their operatives.

This may come as something of a surprise to many people, but to others, this revelation not only affirms what has always been suspected, but has gone some way towards answering a number of questions.

Now I do not readily subscribe to ‘coincidences‘ and am also acutely aware that any number of ‘Conspiracy Theories’ that do the rounds, are not as bizarre and ridiculous as the mass media would make you believe – so with that in mind, the news that Britain’s spy agencies have been actively involved in steering public opinion by using the internet to serve whatever agenda the establishment is promoting …. should also not come as any great surprise either.

From personal experience, and from spending way too much time digging into the backgrounds of a number of online ‘Trolls‘ and ‘Shillabers‘ on Twitter, Facebook, ‘Truther‘ forums and any number of ‘Alternative Media’ websites, I also concluded that those self-same ‘trolls‘, congregate mainly around online discussions relating to the Sexual Abuse of children and/or anything concerning missing or murdered children.

One only has to cast a cursory eye over the always busy #MCCANN or #CSA threads on Twitter, or the associated Facebook groups and Forums that have been set up to discuss either or both of these subjects, and you will see the same group of Trolls, (using variations of the same usernames) using exactly the same tactics against anybody who veers away from the official/establishment line, and/or happens to ask what are viewed as being ‘awkward’ questions.

The word ‘Textbook‘ has been referred to more than once in relation to the actions of these ordinarily faceless entities, which could be perceived as their working from a pre-prepared set of instructions, and again in itself, could also be viewed as an organised (and funded) campaign of disruption and personal smear tactics, remarkably similar to those that have been utilised by the world’s security services over many years.

Or it could be completely coincidental, and these groups of disparate individuals have accidentally found each other online, and then banded together to cause as much chaos as possible due to a mutual interest, not only in the maltreatment of children, but also attempting to derail official inquiries and by poisoning the water of any associated investigations.

Anything is possible I suppose, and it would be unwise to rule anything out, but let common sense be your guide in this and learn to trust what your gut instincts are trying to tell you.

It may also be worth remembering that any person, especially if that person is particularly vulnerable, easily manipulated or lonely, can be made to behave in the most cruel, unpleasant and abhorrent manner …. if they can be persuaded that their actions are for the greater good – or to protect their nation’s security.

It’s how ‘Patsy’s’ have historically been made to carry out acts of subterfuge, sabotage and nefarious activity up to and including murder, which almost always comes as a complete surprise to those who know them, and where their sudden acts of criminality are viewed as being completely ‘out of character’.

Behaviour, which has been shown to be the direct result of the various methods utilised by the world’s security services.

Make of anything I have outlined above as you will, these are merely my own observations, which are as always, thrown open for public discussion and critique – but I shall end this with the following;

‘From what I have experienced online since around 2012 at the hands of some of these online groups, and have subsequently discovered through research and careful observation, one thing which has become abundantly clear …. upwards of 90% of these ‘trolls’ have previously been in contact with each other – on the Mumsnet Forums.’