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The term ‘Climate Change’ seems to be everywhere at the moment, politicians are especially fond of it as you may have already noticed.

Promoting the fear of the Arctic ice caps melting has taken the place of the alleged hole in the Ozone Layer, which was a favourite until recently.

We do not hear much about that now funnily enough.

Politicians seem to love smugly promoting facts and figures, based on ‘Scientific Evidence’ from any number of tame scientists on the establishment payroll.

Are they not aware that these so-called ‘Scientists,’ have been since 1877, toying with the idea of purposely melting the Arctic ice cap, citing the reasons outlined in the article below?

It also clearly illustrates the way that scientists and politicians have been meddling with the balance of nature for decades, without giving a thought to the possible future consequences.

I very much doubt that the various government agencies involved were unaware of this either.