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The liberal mainstream media literally blew a fuse recently, and immediately went on the attack when US President Donald Trump, during a speech, made a reference to ‘what was happening in Sweden’. 

If the video below, and many, many others that have appeared online in recent weeks are true, then there is actually a great deal happening in Sweden, none of it good, and if that is the case, then it must also be apparent that the mainstream media are desperately attempting to hide the truth about what is really happening there.

And elsewhere in Europe, including the UK.



A person would have to be blind or terminally stupid to not have noticed the long-running campaign being played out online (and in the real world) against genuine victims of childhood abuse, whistleblowers and those who have spoken out in support of them.

Journalists have been stalked and threatened, genuine survivors, a number of whom are very vunerable and have mental health difficulties have been attacked mercilessly and certain agencies that represent CSA survivors have even been targeted.

The perpetrators of these attacks are only too obvious on the surface at least, consisting of mainly anonymous ‘Trolls’ who stalk social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook and congregate on various forums and the comments section of ‘Alternative Media’ websites, using any number of fake identities from which to launch their attacks.

The real purpose of these attacks, however, is to try and discredit the genuine voices who speak out about establishment child abuse and child trafficking, and to confuse the issue and poison the water surrounding all aspects of CSA, the ultimate aim being to derail any official inquiry into historic (and current) child abuse that has been happening in this country for more than four decades.

One of those who has been noticeably under the cosh over the last couple of years, is the former East17 frontman Brian Harvey, who has been attacked non-stop by what are allegedly, various agents of the state who have been doing everything within their power to discredit him, to undermine his mental health and to denigrate and humiliate him, and ultimately drive him to the point where he feels that his physical well-being is under a very real threat.

Brian has been making and publishing Youtube video’s and using social media in his attempts to highlight what he believes is really going on based on his own experiences.

He certainly pulls no punches, has shown no fear and has pointed the finger at some people that are also very well-known, and not just within CSA campaigning circles, and may come as a surprise to many people.

I am of the opinion that Mr Brian Harvey is spot on.

So with that in mind, the following account, which was written by a supporter and contributor to the Outlaw, and someone who has watched everything that has being going on since the CSA scandal first broke in November 2012 –  and has elected to share those thoughts with the readers here.


“After the rather interesting revelations made by Brian Harvey, former member and lead singer of the band East17 on his latest Youtube clip, the story he recounts of the great efforts made to ‘stitch him up’ and then label him a ‘nut job’, someone who’s ‘taking too many drugs’, ‘is a loser’, certainly struck a chord not only with me and Jimmy Jones the writer of the Outlaw, who along with his family, we have all seen relentlessly hounded by what I can only describe as an organised tag team along with many other people who have either experienced similar ‘pressure’ applied by the same people Brian Harvey seems to be hounded by, or by the large group of people who all seem to be linked and have been doing the same things, to the same people mostly CSA survivors.

Jimmy asked me to put a few of my thoughts together (brave man!). 

Unfortunately I can only tell you a small part of what I think, but I’m sure that most people watching this whole sorry saga will be able to fill in the blanks.

I believe that Brian Harvey has hit the nail on the head when he says he thinks a certain group of people were stitching him up, whilst trying to have him believe they were good people, with only the truth and good intentions at heart. I believe part of the reason why he was hoodwinked into believing they were genuinely of good character and would help him is so that he could then be labelled as a ‘Nutter’, who was hand-in-hand with the con artists and professional liars, and the domino effect for his personal endeavours to be heard and for the phone hacking he has proven he was subjected to, dealt with in the same way as it has everyone else who was found to have had this happen to them, for the evidence to be seen.

There seems to be some fancy footwork going on to stop Brian Harvey from having his case properly heard for some reason.

Why would that be?

The ‘Nutter’ tag they so love to attach to people, not just him, but anyone who has the audacity to post personal views on what they have experienced at the hands of these people.

Of which there are many.

It’s a tired, old but well-tested deflection trick.

People with Mental Health conditions such as BiPolar seem to be a particular favourite for a good hounding.

It is also interesting that Brian Harvey mentions the News Of The World and associated ‘interests’ of a certain Media Mogul who is infamous for being (how can I put this politely?) ‘controversial’.

(Best I leave it at that methinks)

It is interesting, because the same kind of scoops from the same Media umbrella have also been involved in some pretty shifty shenanegans, relating to our experiences also.

I am also intrigued as to why a Judge would divulge such a sensitive opinion RE: the Janner case, to a self-confessed lowly plumber.


Another point no doubt everyone who has been subjected to this prolonged attack has noted, is that it doesn’t seem to matter how much real evidence you produce to show that these people are doing things they ought not to be doing to you, it seems to hit a brick wall in investigative terms, and they continue relentlessly.

It does not seem to matter how many people they target either.

A distinct whiff of stale politics permeates this whole thing and leaves a lingering smell in the air too.

I am reminded of the fact that one of the very first meetings Teresa May had as unelected Prime Minister was allegedly with the same Media Mogul who’s name keeps cropping up lately, and who’s name has cropped up so often in the past and is known to be more than capable of pulling a few political strings.” – JR