It appears that the mysterious Tom Pride, he of the ‘Prides Purge’ blog has made an appearance on Facebook again. It may be wholly a coincidence that he has crawled out from whatever dank hole he has been hiding in, to champion his internet buddies from being exposed for what they really are. So what is that we really know about ‘Man of the people’ Thomas Pride? Not a great deal as it goes. He is a shadowy, apparently enigmatic […]

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There are more than a few people who are going to be very nervous now, as news of a man, who’s name has been rumoured for more than thirty years to have been associated with child abuse in north Wales, has been arrested…… again. Retired North Wales Police Chief Gordon Anglesea, who in 1994, successfully sued The Observer, the¬†Independent on Sunday, the satirical magazine¬†Private Eye and HTV, the holder of the ITV franchise in Wales. For linking his name with […]

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