Did Nelson Mandela actually pass away much earlier than has been announced? Some people on the streets of South Africa certainly feel that all is not quite as it seems in the reports given out by the mainstream media. It also seems to be common knowledge that he had ‘died’ sometime in June and had been kept on a ventilator. Being kept on a ventilator could mean that a person could be clinically or ‘brain’ dead but the ventilator would […]

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  I have never been a fan of Psychology, I feel it comes a poor second to Psychiatry in the scale of fake Sciences.. The following account may go some way towards explaining why I feel this way about this particularly disturbing ‘discipline.’ The 1939 Psychological experiment conducted in Davenport, Iowa on a group of kids at an orphanage that infamously came to be known as the ‘Monster Study’, wasn’t even conducted by a psychologist. Dr. Wendell Johnson was a […]

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