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I really should not be wasting any more time on this, as there are more important things I should be doing, but this is something that needs to be attended to.

Following on from an earlier post on this site, where I highlighted the conspiratorial nature of a claim made by the barrister Barbara Hewson, she has not only reiterated that claim, which is that I am somehow part of some fictitious ‘team’ of online trolls, she has now doubled-down, and made an even more outlandish claim.

On 13 January 2019, in a post on her blog entitled ‘The Devil’s Cleaners – Part VI’, she published the following:

Which is correct, inasmuch as I was charged, and subsequently convicted of malicious communications; however, Ms. Hewson follows that with a somewhat bizarre inference, that the person who had got me convicted, was then arrested himself a few weeks later, as ‘Retaliation’ for what had happened to me.

Not only is this new claim as equally ridiculous as her  ‘Troll Team’ claim, it also has an palpable air of desperation about it, which is, as recent events have shown, completely understandable.

What I believe Ms. Hewson is doing, is attempting to distract her readers away from what I will suggest as being the real reason for the Met police arresting her friend at his home, and unlike Ms. Hewson, I will not rely solely on any one person’s skewed narrative to support my version ….

So with that in mind, would it be that hard to believe that Ms. Hewson’s friend was not arrested as a retaliation, nor was it an act of revenge, when in fact, Ms. Poulton had herself been subjected to a long online campaign of harassment, which included a number of threats to her person.

I am not aware of everything that Ms. Poulton endured, but if she had received even one-half of what myself and my family were subjected to for years, then she was, in my opinion, fully entitled to report the perpetrator, with the view to getting him prosecuted.

The following tweets are only a small cross-section of what was publicly posted, which are, you may agree, directed at one person, and one person only.

‘BEHEAD yourself’?

‘She’s finished but I like to pour concrete on graves’?

Those tweets are a random selection of dozens, perhaps hundreds, that were posted on that platform, and there were also a number of harassing videos posted to YouTube, as well as Facebook, Google + and dozens of blog posts, and any number of malicious, and what could be viewed as threatening comments, posted to a number of unrelated  websites.

This audio segment was extracted from one such Youtube video, which as well as attempting to belittle and ridicule Ms. Poulton, also reveals what I believe to be the source of Ms. Hewson’s claim, that Ms. Poulton and myself, were/are part of some fictitious #Teamoutlaw troll group.


This next audio segment, again extracted from a deleted Youtube video, is a whole lot darker, decidedly more disturbing, and was in my opinion, published online for one purpose; to harass and frighten it’s intended target.

Whether this ‘message’ was aimed directly at me, or at Ms. Poulton does not really matter, as it’s menacing tone can to my mind, only be interpreted one way – the speakers intent is a clear threat to somebody.


Taking all, or even some of the above into account, can Ms. Hewson still realistically claim that the person who posted those tweets, and produced those audio segments, was only arrested as a retaliation to something that happened to me?

Are those truly the actions of a totally innocent victim, caught up in a type of vendetta, or a knee-jerk revenge against him, as Ms. Hewson appears to be alluding to?

Especially as the examples I have posted here, predate his arrest by many months!

It also raises the question as to why Ms. Hewson is now going to such lengths to defend somebody, who she herself claimed was ‘abusing’ her, and had collected examples of said abuse as screenshots – a few months previously?

Which is a rather odd U-turn on Ms. Hewson’s part, would you agree?

What is not so strange, however, is Ms. Hewson’s deafening silence, on the recent news that the same man pleaded guilty to sending an offensive message to an un-named female, at Salisbury magistrates court last Friday (1 Feb), which earned him 80 hours Community Payback, a surcharge to his victim of £85, and £85 in costs.

I shall end this with a small video compilation I put together last night, which contains but a small selection of the online harassment and threats that have been aimed at myself, and my family, over a four year period from the same source(s).

Contrary to what I have read in some of the darker corners of the World Wide Web, the owner of this website has little faith in, nor has any allegiance to the mainstream media as a whole.

The MSM has a documented and long history of misleading, distracting and ignoring altogether, many issues which should be, and rightly so in the public interest – a number of which have been highlighted on this very site over the past three years.

I am under no illusions that the mainstream media, since it’s inception, has not only been the mouthpiece of the government of the day, but of the establishment as a whole, and as such, the propaganda and disinformation it churns out on an hourly basis, does almost nothing to serve the interests of those it claims to inform and represent.

That being said, it is an undeniable fact that the mainstream media, in all it’s forms, is without equal in it’s ability to shape not only public opinion on a massive scale, but can, and has, influenced how this countries population votes, how they dress, how and what they eat and drink, what they like and dislike, what and who they publicly support or universally condemn – and whether you like it or not, is still the ‘go to’ news source for millions of people daily, as it has been for generations.

And will continue to be so.

That is not likely to change any time soon, and part of the responsibility for that, has to lie with those who have claimed to offer an ‘alternative‘ to the mainstream, namely the so-called ‘Alternative Media’ and the somewhat ironically titled ‘Truth Movement’.

As is the case with the mainstream news outlets, there are of course those within the confines of the AM, who are genuinely trying to make a difference, and are struggling to compete against a virtual tsunami of misinformation, distraction, meaningless fluff and outright lies spewing from the websites, forums and social media accounts of those in the AM – who’s only purpose appears to be preventing the truth from surfacing.

I am only too aware of the failings of the mainstream media, and as such have no illusions as to the credibility of many news stories that have been implanted into the public psyche, a number of which are worth mentioning here, if only to show that the MSM have never been averse to publishing wholly inaccurate information in order to sell stories, but also to promote certain agendas on behalf of the establishment or certain individuals.

For example, it is difficult to forget what was splashed across the front page of the Sun newspaper following the horrendous Hillsborough football tragedy, where the paper alleged that Liverpool fans ‘robbed the victims and urinated on the police.’

There are many examples of the mainstream media publishing what amount to outright lies and malicious gossip with no foundation on fact, and one of the fairly recent examples, is that of the ‘door stepping’ of Brenda Leyland by Martin Brunt of SkyNews, based almost entirely on a dossier that was compiled by online supporters of Gerry and Kate McCann.

A dossier incidentally, that alleged that Ms Leyland was an online ‘troll‘ who was harassing the McCanns and their supporters.

The dossier is also believed to have been given to Brunt, (following an appeal by Gerry McCann that ‘An example must be made’) by an ex-policeman, who is now a prominent media figure who proports to represent victims of child exploitation and abuse.

There is also little doubt in many people’s minds now, that the unwarranted media exposure and the online fury that followed Brunt’sexposure‘ of an innocent woman, who was only one among thousands who were merely expressing their own doubts and simply asking pertinent questions about a story that simply does not stand up – ultimately contributed to her taking her own life a short time later.

So is the mainstream media entirely to blame?

Are they exclusively responsible for the tragic event that followed that particular incident?

Or should the blame lie with those who contributed to, and presented the dossier of compiled names to the media?

A dossier without which, Brenda Leyland would not have been seen all over the media and the Internet, nor would she have been labelled an online ‘Troll‘ – and certainly would not been driven to a point where she may have possibly been left with little option but to take her own life.

I am not going to illustrate the incidences of phone hacking and other nefarious practices that the mainstream media are certainly responsible for, as enough has been written about that already, and it will serve no purpose in regard to the purpose of this article.

However, as untrustworthy and notoriously inaccurate and controlled the mainstream media undoubtably are, they are paragons of virtue when compared to some of the self-styled spokespersons and ‘investigative journalists’ that exist among the online Alternative Media’ and the ‘Truth Movement’.

And it’s my own experience with some of those that I would like to focus on now, as to my knowledge, the mainstream media may be many things, but even the most unscrupulous and dishonest of mainstream journalists, have never resorted to the tactics of some of those I am going to highlight here.

The Outlaw attracts on average, around fifty comments a day. A number of those are genuine, some are simple spam and the remainder are mainly extremely offensive, abusive, threatening and almost always accusatory, towards both me and some of those who comment legitimately here.

The greater majority I would never allow to have a platform here, although they are archived in a safe place where I can access them if needed.

I will only focus on the comments posted here and elsewhere that directly address me or are about me, as they all emanate from the same small group of people, who are all connected in some capacity, to the online attacks of those who have spoken out about their experience of Childhood Sexual Abuse.

“Today I have uncovered proof that Jimmy (The Outlaw) Jones, is a real counter intelligence operative. The only one out of all ever accused, that can actually be proven. I’ve uncovered this via a very silly stunt pulled by his henchman. Thanks JJ, KFM & Cahill. I knew something good would come of this”

That comment was posted to the Facebook page of an anonymous entity calling him/herself ‘Fabooka Da Stait’, who is a ‘moderator‘ on the Facebook page and website owned and published by Christopher D. Spivey, who, if one was to look at his website, will see my name mentioned or myself being referred to on almost every article and many of the associated comments – for reasons known only to themselves.

‘Fabooka Da Staits’ Facebook page comment

The comment was originally posted by a Danielle Lá Verité George, who has also claimed among other things, that she is descended from an ‘Elite Banking’ bloodline, is an Albino, has a Genius Level IQ and has published the most outlandish allegations one could imagine on her Facebook page, (where she also describes herself as a ‘Public Figure’) as well as her YouTube channel.

What La Verité has consistently failed to provide among the many allegations about the large number of people she has made, however, is any actual evidence or proof of anything she says. I will therefore use this opportunity to invite La Verité  to supply whatever evidence she has to back up any of her allegations about me – including the one I have published here.

On October 29th, 2014 I called out Chris Spivey and gave him ample opportunity to provide evidence of any of the lies he has published about me, but as he has so far failed to provide anything other than publishing more lies and false allegations, I remain confident that La Verité will be equally reluctant to back up any of her many crackpot claims about me either.

I apologise beforehand for the content of the following set of comments, but I have decided to publish them here to give the reader a small insight into the mindset of people who operate within the AM, and with whom I deal with on a daily basis on this site.

Click on image to enlarge

The comment above is directed at a regular commentator on this site, and is quite vile in itself, but also note the allegation that I apparently ‘stalk kids on Facebook’, which of course there is absolutely no evidence of whatsoever.

Click on image to Enlarge

Again, the same manner of vile content, and repeating the allegation that I am an ‘abuser of women and children online’, plus the added veiled threat that what was coming was going to ‘come out, in a neighbourhood near you. Soon!!!’

I did wonder why these people would continually make accusations that I was an ‘Abuser of women online’, and you would have to trawl back a few months to January 2015, (Thanks Jane) to find the comment which was posted on Chris Spivey’s site to provide the answer.

January 2015

The commentator ‘JS2’ is a very familiar name online, mainly on Twitter, where she obsessively Tweets about Childhood Sexual Abuse and attacks various UK politicians, and is a fanatical supporter of Mark Williams-Thomas.

She regularly can be seen posting upwards of 250 tweets per day. JS2 is known to many people online as Janette Scharenborg, who lives on a farm in Beltrum, Holland.

Ms Meachen/Scharenborg has a long and documented history of online stalking, compulsive lying, abusive behaviour and has targeted many people including the Journalist Sonia Poulton, who wrote about her own experiences with Scharenborg here.

The response which comes from ‘Dogman‘, makes a reference to ‘our friend Jimmy’ which leaves the regular patrons of that site in no doubt as to who he is referring, but what is interesting, is that both Scharenborg and ‘Dogman‘ both make references to a ‘Ryan Tanner’.

Apart from the ridiculous allegation that Ryan Tanner’ is Sonia Poulton’s boyfriend, what both these people fail to disclose is that they are both more than aware that ‘Ryan Tanner’ was the pseudonym given to Darren Laverty who had been previously mentioned on many pages of ‘The Secret Of Bryn Estyn‘ by Richard Webster; which is the definitive account of alleged incidences of child abuse that was said to have occurred at the Bryn Estyn Children’s Home in Wrexham, North Wales.

Incidentally, Darren Laverty is also a regular contributor on Chris Spivey’s website and Facebook page.

Click Image to Enlarge

The ‘Monkey‘ he refers to is in fact myself, and he appears to be another one who apparently cannot tell the truth about his actions.

The allegation he refers to was that he had stolen a photograph only, which only came to my attention after he posted it online in one of his many ranting YouTube video’s, after visiting my home. His allegation that ‘a chance encounter where he had asked me to “dance” is also a complete fabrication, as he had been spotted a number of times that day in Llandudno, as he appeared to be following us.

The ‘Dance‘ he alleges he asked for, was in reality a physical threat ‘to fight me’ in the street, which he made in front of my children, one of whom was five years old at the time, which had to be reported to the police, because for the previous two years, he had been stalking my family, had taken photographs while sitting outside our house, posted innumerable threats online, and had also got me arrested on a completely false allegation, which at the time of the incident he referred to, I was still on police bail, and I would be re-arrested if I had any contact with him.

He posted an ominous Tweet on the day his 12-month conditional discharge expired, which shows that I have not heard the last from Laverty by any means.


The next comment was posted by the delightfully-named ‘Fuck the State’ who along with the aforementionedDogman is also a moderator on Chris Spivey’s website. Many people are of the mind that ‘Fuck The State‘, ‘Fabooka Da Stait’ and Chris Spivey are in fact the same person, as the language they use is strikingly similar, and they appear online at separate times.

Click on image to enlarge

The threats here are turning somewhat darker, inasmuch as his claim that he is ‘going to fuck me when he catches me’, which I have been informed is a clear threat of male rape.

He also makes references to other commentators on this site, who he alleges would not be able to ‘protect me’ as if that was even necessary.

John Roberts/Christopher Green/Fabooka Da Stait

He/she (as I am not completely certain) does appear to have a number of online identities, which has been admitted to here, there may be more, but I have not really looked that hard, but as everybody leaves a digital trail online, it may not be that difficult a task.

Another ‘Fabooka’?

The latest comment, posted yesterday is particularly disturbing, as it not only reiterates the earlier rape threat, but adds something even more sinister and unsavoury, and the people who I have showed the comment to before publishing it here, have expressed alarm at it’s threatening content, which under no circumstances should be ignored.

I shall leave that for the reader to decide.

Click on Image to Enlarge

It has also become obvious, that every one of the people referred to in this article, appear to be connected by at least two things, the first being that they all congregate around the Facebook page and website of Chris Spivey, and the second is that they all appear to be obsessed with all aspects of historical and current childhood abuse.

The common denominator does seem to be that any of these people can be found all over the Internet, issuing various threats and making any number of false allegations, about anyone who even so much as mentions Chris Spivey in anything other than a complimentary or deferential manner.

I have been sent links to a number of websites, forums and social media accounts where ‘Spivey’s Bully Boys’ (and girls) have been posting overtly vile, very intimidating and overly threatening and violent comments, and Chris Spivey himself is due to appear at Chelmsford Magistrates Court on the 6th of August for online harassment.

And as the image that was sent to me earlier this evening shows, his Facebook account has also been reported for harassing other users in a similar manner.

Facebook Harassment complaint against Chris Spivey

I have many questions as to why these people are so desperately trying to defend a man, who is clearly a nasty piece of work, a compulsive liar, a bully and a fantasist who thinks nothing of harassing and ridiculing innocent people, as well as regularly making spurious allegations about anyone and everyone he chooses to target.

He has even recently accused the Essex Police of being ‘Sexually frustrated deviants’ which is a really strange thing to allege about somebody else, when that allegation is made by someone who has photographed and filmed himself wearing a number of somewhat ‘unusual‘ outfits himself on numerous occasions.

Taking what I have published above into consideration, would it come as a complete surprise to hear that despite the obvious failings and duplicitous behaviour of the Mainstream Media, I would take them over the Alternative Media without a moments hesitation, which saddens me to say, but based on my experiences of some of those within the AM, it really is no contest.

There will undoubtably be some readers, who will think that my reasoning is flawed, and that the mainstream media should not be trusted under any circumstances, however, one only has to look at the response to the coverage given to the establishment paedophilia allegations, which SkyNews, Exaro News, a number of mainstream newspapers and of course the Australian 60 MINUTES programme, have aired, to see it’s ability to reach an audience the AM can only dream about.

So why is it so difficult to accept that there are times, when it is better to work with something that has the capacity of doing the very thing that the Alternative Media claims to want above all else – which is to get the truth out there?

There are a small number who work within the AM who are entirely trustworthy and are doing it for the right reasons, which is to get the truth the truth out without fear or favour, and it’s those people that the Outlaw has built up a strong working relationship with over many months – Eddie Boyce and Deborah Williams of the KENT FREEDOM MOVEMENT are among that small group of ‘outsiders’ who have been virtually besieged by dark entities who’s sole purpose is to prevent the truth being told.

Although I am assured that the genuine people prefer the term ‘Reality Analysts’ than Alternative Media or Truther.

I will not elaborate any further on that at this time, but what I will say is that the truth will out when the time is right, and there are some very well-known names involved, who will I am sure be very familiar to the regular readers of this site and indeed to the wider world.

The Outlaw is also in regular contact with a number of people, a number of whom work within the mainstream as well as the alternative media, where a degree of trust has been built up over the last three years, which is based on consistency, mutual respect and although it seems to be in short supply these days – honesty.

There are a number of others who should get a mention here, who have also seen through the garbage peddled by the Mainstream and many Alternative Media sites, and have not only supported both myself and this site, and have been subjected to totally unnecessary levels of online abuse for doing so.

These include Jane Russell, Grouchy Marxist, Bandini, Tom Cahill, Steve Keys, the aforementioned Eddie Boyce and Deborah Williams of the KFM and a number of others who wish to remain anonymous for their own safety.

These people are also my friends, and have done nothing to deserve the abuse and the allegations levelled at them, other than to publicly support both myself and this site.

This site has also built up a strong relationship with a number of genuine CSA survivors, a number of whom have been treated appallingly by both the mainstream media and some who ‘work’ with the alternative scene and claim to represent survivors.

Among that number are men and women who were in the care system in North and South Wales, Islington, the North East, Suffolk, Surrey, the Midlands, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the North West as well as various institutions, including Medmonsley Detention Centre, Ty Mawr School, Glamorgan Farm School, Bryn Estyn, Bryn Alyn, Bersham Hall, Clwyd Hall, Crockton Hall, Usk Borstal, Eastwood Park Detention Centre and others.

They have told their stories to the Outlaw without coercion or prompting, and have also expressed a desire to identify not only their abusers, but also those within the Alternative Media who they approached in good faith to help them tell their story, and who have subsequently lied to them, obtained various amounts of money from them, published totally inaccurate information and felt that they have been treated as badly, if not worse by the very people who have publicly claimed to represent them.

Due to legal restrictions, nothing will be published on the Outlaw in regard to this at the present time, but it has all been collated and safely stored until the time is right to share with the wider world, strictly on the survivors terms, who also have total control over everything that this site decides to publish on their behalf.

Their stories, their words, their choice and their right.

NOTE: I will be exploring in some depth the reasons behind some of the online attacks on CSA survivors, looking at the political and mainstream media connections behind a number of these attacks, and will also explain why only certain CSA survivors are targeted, while a number of ‘fake’ survivors are so heavily promoted by the media. I will also be identifying a number of those who are ultimately culpable in a forthcoming article later this year.


This will be short and to the point as I do not wish to waste any more time than is necessary on online idiots.

The Screengrab below is taken from Chris Spivey’s website.

spiv rant

You can read what it says, so I will not elaborate further, and ordinarily I would not respond to anything so ridiculous, but as these people seem hell-bent on slandering and attacking me on a personal level at every opportunity, I feel justified in publishing this short response.

The email confirmation I requested, and dated today, should be enough to show that both Chris Spivey and Darren Laverty are clearly lying, and have also published many other similar lies, and I am in no doubt that they will continue to do so.

icke email

Icke Email Dated 29th October 2014

I can of course provide further evidence if need be, in regard to their other crackpot allegations that my wife and Jane Russell and JennieJenJen are the same person for instance.

I will not do so, however, for the simple reasons that I do not have to justify myself, nor do I wish to reveal personal information about innocent people, which is both unfair and totally unnecessary.

Chris Spivey, the self-styled voice of the Alternative Media, appears to now be publishing information that has been fed to him by a group of well-known Internet trolls who have been stalking, threatening and harassing many others online for the past couple of years.

One of whom was recently convicted at Llandudno Magistrate’s Court, after many months of threats and harassment towards myself and my family.


Chris Spivey is, I believe currently on bail for harassment and the possession of indecent images of children, that were allegedly found on his computer, (although that may not be strictly true as we only have his word for that) following his second arrest by Essex Police.

cracked pot

After all “People in Glass Houses, should really not be throwing stones.”

Even though they have acted as Judge, Jury and Executioner in regard to the rubbish they are spreading around about me and many others, I shall of course, refrain from making any claims regarding them and just let justice takes it’s course.

Innocent until proven guilty as it should be.

Among those they have also targeted was the Journalist Sonia Poulton, who wrote about her experiences with them HERE:

These Loathsome creatures now appear to be pulling Chris Spivey’s strings in a further attempt to attack and discredit me and others.

His other allegation, in regard to his publishing that I am a ‘child abuser’ are beneath contempt, and as I have already shown above, he is not exactly the most reliable source of the truth.

Please do not take my word for it, there is ample evidence on this site, as well as other places online, that clearly show the same garbage that has been spread about by the trolls, that Chris Spivey is now publishing on his website.

The similarities are striking.

The email I have published with this article is all I am going to say on the matter as I have no desire to be using the Outlaw to continually defend myself against the lies and the false accusations of any more of these crackpots.

All of which incidentally, have one thing that connects them that I have found – They all congregate around the issue of Childhood Sexual Abuse, whenever or whoever is discussing it online or elsewhere…. they are there.

Just Saying….

If I was indeed guilty, and there was any actual evidence of anything I have been accused of lately, of course, it is highly likely that I would be serving a lengthy prison sentence by now.

Accusations have been flying around social media and Alt Media blogs for more than a year now, none of which have any basis in fact, and any visible evidence has been noticeably absent.

For example: making a YouTube video reading carefully selected snippets from an article taken from this site, manipulated to suit the purpose of said video, is not ‘evidence’ of anything, except maybe the obvious desperation of the narrator, and an intense desire to deflect from the actual facts.

“Evidence: broadly construed, is anything presented in support of an assertion. This support may be strong or weak. The strongest type of evidence is that which provides direct proof of the truth of an assertion. At the other extreme is evidence that is merely consistent with an assertion but does not rule out other, contradictory assertions, as incircumstantial evidence.” WIKIPEDIA

Gossip, Innuendo, Rumour or baseless accusations, entirely constructed around fantasy or whisper campaigns conducted by means of Direct Messages on Twitter, are not ‘Evidence’ either.

Whenever I write about the North Wales Child Abuse scandal, to use only one example, I have been screamed at by my accuser to ‘look to Waterhouse’ for the ‘Evidence’.

I have stated previously my own feelings in regard to the failings of the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal, not only as I believe it to have been a cover-up, but also if the original allegations had been investigated and reported correctly, the £13.8M spent on the Enquiry, could have been saved.

Nonetheless, I took the advice of my accuser and spent some time over the weekend reading through the 900+ pages of the ‘Lost in Care Report,’ as there were some things that to me, have simply never added up.

For example, on Page 408, Chapter 35:18, the following details can be found:

“11 former residents of Y Gwyngyll, between 1981 and 1986 made allegations to the police that they had been abused by identified members of the staff”…… “Of these, only two alleged that they had suffered ‘SEXUAL ABUSE,’….” One was a former boy resident identified as ‘D’ in Paragraph 33:70″

From the paragraphs above, it is noted that the witness’s credibility was attacked by Counsel with particular severity on the grounds, amongst others, that they had “been part of a conspiracy…. and both had appeared on television to do so.”

So, it would appear that the witnesses had been prominent in the media, where they had no doubt reinforced their earlier allegations to the police, which had the result of their credibility being questioned, with good reason, at the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal.

My question was, during the numerous interviews they had given to the Mainstream Media, did either of the witnesses ever deny that any ‘Sexual Abuse’ had taken place, which they had earlier reported to the police and the Tribunal?

I ask this, simply because following the article that appeared in the Daily Mirror in February 2000, Witness D, successfully sued the the editor of said newspaper, Piers Morgan for £10,000 for reporting that he was indeed, ‘Sexually Abused.’

Can you see my problem?

The credibility of many of the tribunal witnesses has been the subject of much discussion, both during and for years following Waterhouse, not only because some of their allegations were shown to have been impossible to have occurred.

Allegations were made against some people, that were not even employed at the time they were alleged to have been, actively ‘abusing’ children in their care.

Some of the allegations of course, were genuine, the convictions obtained have shown this to be the case, so are rightly, not subject to similar scrutiny.

From this website anyway.

It is my guess, that now ‘evidence’ from the enquiry has been presented here, which if you remember, was the preferred source with which to judge the honesty and credibility of Witness D, there will be a rapid about turn… I can guarantee that.


This article is not going to follow the usual format of the Outlaw, inasmuch as it is the first of a series, an ‘introduction’, or a ‘Part One’ if you like, which appears to be the current trend.

What I am going to attempt to set down in these articles, is not going to make comfortable reading for anyone, even more so for some of those who were actually involved, as certain ‘facts’ I am going to highlight, begin to register.

Mess 'em About

The image most people appear to have of the children that were abused in the British care system, is seeing them as they are now, middle-aged adults.

The mainstream media, have ensured that would be the picture, indelibly etched onto the nations memory, as was witnessed in November 2012, with the appearence of Steven Messham on the BBC ‘Newsnight’ programme.

Like many others, I had reservations about the whole thing being dragged up again, but on the whole, it now appears to have had a positive effect.

Survivors have come forward, who were, thankfully, not caught up in the now infamous media circus that resulted in the setting up of the Waterhouse Enquiry, which began in January 1997 and concluded with the publishing of the final report in February 2000.

“The final report ran to over 500,000 words, and contained 700 allegations of abuse involving 170 individuals. More than 80 people, many of whom were care staff or teachers, were named as child abusers in statements to the inquiry. Costing more than £12M, it was stated to be: “the biggest investigation ever held in Britain into allegations of physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children who passed through the care system.” WIKIPEDIA – WATERHOUSE

250 witnesses and more than 200 additional statements were examined, being painstakingly scrutinised alongside testimony from more than 650 people over the 203 days the enquiry lasted.

It was an expensive, bloated and fundamentally flawed undertaking, which for many, still did not lay to rest the suspicions that the whole issue of institutional child abuse in the care homes of north Wales, was still being ‘Covered Up.

There are numerous sources available online, with an even greater number of theories offered as to why Waterhouse was flawed, from suspicions of the involvement of Freemasons, through to the north Wales police, ‘covering their own backs’ by destroying vital evidence due to their alleged involvement.

So was the Waterhouse Enquiry, as fundamentally flawed as had been alleged?

Paddy French of Rebecca TV certainly thinks so.


I have now read most of what has been published online, including the 900+ page behemoth that is the ‘Lost in Care’ report, I have also, waded through a number of conventionally published books on the subject, including ‘The secret of Bryn Estyn’ by Richard Webster.

All have their merits, as well as their failings, especially with regard to their belief, that, ‘No stone has been left unturned’ and every aspect had been minutely and exhaustively examined.

I do not share that belief.

I say that because it is my understanding, that some of, possibly even the most vital of testimonies, were not examined in any great detail, omitted completely, or not even heard.

That evidence could have easily been made available, if the people who held the information had been summoned to the Enquiry of course.

Witnesses such as John Allen’s ex-accountant at Bryn Alyn, Des Frost, could have been called to give his testimony.

If that had been allowed to happen, it would have become known that a wider police enquiry into alleged child abuse, could have been launched a decade earlier.

But that would have also meant that John Allen, had somehow been allowed to continue abusing what may yet turn out be hundreds of children.

For a full ten years.

Was that the reason he was never called?

Could it have been to avoid a high profile trial, which may have proved to be very uncomfortable for the people who had enabled John Allen, access to many more vulnerable children?

Or was it not seen to be as important, as some of the ‘questionable’ testimony from any number of witnesses, who’s own versions of the abuse they claim to have suffered, had changed many times.

What I personally believe to be the biggest flaw in the Waterhouse Enquiry, you will find extremely difficult, if at all possible to locate online.

*Google will not be able to help you on this one, I’m afraid, as the only remaining reference, has very recently [coincidence?] been deleted from the Internet cache.*

It is nowhere to be found among the half a million plus words found inside the ‘Lost In Care’ report either, nor amongst the millions of words written before and since the report was even published.

In fact, you would struggle to find any mention of this particular incident, which appears to be connected to an article published in September 1997, by Guardian Journalist, Nick Davies.

Nick Davies

A paragraph taken from the article, clearly illustrates the climate that was accepted as being ‘normal’ in certain residential homes in Wales, highlighting the ‘Culture of Bullying’ that existed in care homes like Bryn Estyn in particular.

“The place was rife with perverts.”

That ‘particularly frail boy’mentioned in the Guardian article, who endured, with many others, what I could only describe, as months of ‘torture,’ at the hands of a small group of other residents, during his time at Bryn Estyn.

*Which the incumbent staff, did little to curtail, according to the accounts of the ex-residents who were prepared to speak about it.*

He was also one of the two men who initially reported the abuse that had been happening in north Wales, ultimately leading to the enquiry that made headlines around the world.

His experiences, also add credibility to the rumoured ‘acts of bestiality’ described by Anne Clwyd MP, after reading parts of the Jillings Report, which was commissioned in 1996.

*A report, which has still not been released in it’s entirety, regardless of what some people are saying online.*

It would have been impossible for him however, to have been able to give, what could have been crucial evidence to the Waterhouse Tribunal.

Sadly, he had taken his own life on the 6th of January 1994, almost a full three years before the Inquiry began.

He hanged himself from a door following many years of alcohol and drug abuse, and soon after serving a six month sentence for an attack on the person he had instantly recognised, as the one who had terrified and tortured him at the Bryn Estyn Childrens Home.

He had seen him, some years after leaving Bryn Estyn, later returning to the squalid flat where his tormentor was then living, and struck him three times across the face, slashing open his nose, with what was described as ‘a large sword’.

The man who had made his life ‘a living hell’ for years however, was never convicted, or appeared before a court, nor was he even named in any of the reporting media outlets.

His identity has remained hidden for more than twenty years, stored safely away in a court archive, or on a long-closed file tucked safely away, somewhere in North Wales.

His name therefore, couldn’t be found among the pages of a very now scarce, self-published book, written by the brother of the man he could have driven to a point where he would take his own life, I wouldn’t have thought.

Or could it?

*Not only did this person torment, bully and abuse this man and undoubtedly many others, he also managed to get one of  his victims sent to prison, even claiming Compensation from the CICB after being attacked by him*

To be continued….

For anybody with more than a passing interest in looking at all aspects of the North Wales Child Abuse scandal, Richard Webster’s book ‘The Secret of Bryn Estyn’ is essential reading.

I believe that it’s always important to look at all sides of any story in order to draw a logical conclusions as to where the truth lies.



Richard Webster

In summary: One disgruntled former manager (Alison Taylor) who lost her job because of her record of poor performance, made a number of third party allegations.

The police investigating them found her allegations to be untrue.

She enlisted the help of a former resident (Ryan Tanner) from a children’s home, who, acting as her acolyte, sought to involve others.

The former manager met with a journalist, who when facing a tight deadline, for whatever reason stated, did not do the correct research.

This same woman met with two anti-police labour councillors.

From the interactions of these five people, and their different individual motivations, ten years of trauma, trawling, interrogation, convictions, deaths, and suicides emerged.

Initially, that quintessential intensity and debt of faith in British justice seemed well justified.

The police were very appropriate in how they investigated the early complaints.

As the allegations changed, and the press began to talk of a police cover up, the reactions of the police became very defensive.

It was this that changed the entire climate.

Richard Webster

Richard Webster

Although Richard Webster presents the facts in great detail, I found it frustrating that his constant referring to a witch hunt, took him away from stating that at some point, the police acted as if Social Care Workers were just collateral damage.

The goal of the police was to deal with the rumours that “had circulated that the force was riddled by freemasonry and that this, together with the participation of its own officers in an alleged paedophile ring, had been one of the principle motives for an alleged cover up.”

In order to clear their name, the police had to be seen to be investigating the allegations and had to get convictions.

The Secret of Bryn Estyn is a very detailed account of how they went about this, deviating from all previous accepted practice, perverting the course of justice, regardless of the implications for others of their actions.

What Alison Taylor and her acolyte Ryan Tanner had begun, was now out of their hands.

Thanks to the salacious journalism of Dean Nelson, and the interference of Labour counsellors Malcolm King and Dennis Parry, a police trawl began, taking on a life of its own.

Richard Webster stated when talking of the Waterhouse Tribunal that: ‘The North Wales police were acutely conscious that one of the main reasons the Tribunal had been called into being was that allegations had been made against them.’

Having read his account of how the North West Police went about the trawling for allegations, in order to clear their own name, Richard Webster has made a very strong and compelling argument that the methods used were inappropriate, unjust, and corrupt.

I don’t believe he used these words, but in every detail he recorded how allegations were sought, how they were edited, and in Chapters 66 and 67 how information was either withheld or disregarded if it damaged the case for prosecution.

Careful study of the ‘unused evidence’ made it quite clear that the case presented in the trial had been arrived at through careful editing.

For obvious reasons the prosecution had discarded the more blatant fabrications.

The account given implies either that the defence legal teams were all inept or else there were major breaches of the appropriate disclosure protocols.

What is described in the book must surely represent a major corruption of the justice system on the part of the investigating police.

Rather than look at the witch hunt theory, it could be argued that if the Waterhouse Tribunal was not aware of the inappropriate investigation practices, then some of their rulings would be reasonable, rather than be part of a conspiracy or witch hunt.

For example in “note 516” it is stated by the Tribunal that: ‘Our approach has been that, in the absence of a successful appeal, the convictions are evidence that the offences were committed and that it has not been within our jurisdiction to question the correctness of those convictions, unless possibly fresh evidence were to be tendered going to the root of the convictions.’

I believe this to be a sensible argument given that if the Tribunal was not to take on the role of an Appeal Court, which it was never designed to be, then it had no other choice than to accept the legitimacy of the convictions, given its implicit trust in the integrity of the police investigation.

Whereas Richard Webster writes that the Tribunal Chairperson, Sir Ronald Waterhouse dismissed the undertaking of a detailed examination of each specific allegation as being “impracticable and wastefully expensive,” Richard goes on to say “that a fundamental principle of justice was ignored”.

The predisposition to accept the police investigation’s evidence without proper scrutiny is understandable if we look at Richard Webster’s comments quoted earlier on the deep faith British people had in the justice system.

One of the most striking examples of this was seen earlier in an unrelated rejection of an appeal by the Birmingham Six in 1979.

Lord Denning, in his ruling rejecting the appeal stated: ‘If they won, it would mean that the police were guilty of perjury; that they were guilty of violence and threats; that the confessions were involuntary and improperly admitted into evidence; and that the convictions were erroneous.’

That was such an appalling vista that every sensible person would say, “it cannot be right that these actions should go any further.” Lord Alfred Denning, (from the Appeals Court Transcript 1979).

When we look at the comments made in 1999 in ‘You told me you loved me’ a booklet published by three police forces in the Merseyside, Cheshire and Liverpool areas explaining the process and guidelines for Police Trawling in cases of institutional child abuse it is stated that: ‘Critics have pointed out that these operational methods represent a departure from normal police practice.’

This may be true but the methods have been scrutinised by the judiciary in trials without criticism to date.

If Richard Webster’s assertion that evidence had been altered, edited, or omitted in order to secure convictions then any scrutiny “by the judiciary in trials” was bound to end “without criticism to date.”

The fact that this document recognised criticism of their techniques may well have reflected a growing unease within the police forces involved.

However, it was not until 2000 with the collapse of the prosecution of David Jones, a well known football manager that a serious discrediting of the process took place.

It is difficult to fathom how the trawling experience took on a life of its own.

What started out as a normal investigation became contaminated by allegations of a police cover-up and then in their desperation to accumulate quantities of allegations, it was further contaminated by police forces and local authorities talking of compensation.

Synopsis By John Molloy


I went to a Gym yesterday.

I hadn’t decided to get fit at this late stage in case you were wondering, I went to meet a guy who runs a local gym just outside Wrexham, who I have been in contact with via telephone and email for a few weeks.

Apart from the Gym, he also runs a support group alongside his brother, for ex-care home residents in the area, from places such as Bersham Hall, Bryn Estyn and Bryn Alyn.

You may not have heard of this group, as it was not set up within the framework of something like N.O.R.W.A.S. or O.C.E.A.N. for example, which recieved media publicity and were primarily focussed on cash generation, obtained via the allocation of public funds or tin rattling.

This is more of an informal group of people who mutually support each other by meeting up for a coffee and a chat, when things get a bit tough, as it can be at times for some ex-residents.

It’s entirely voluntary, which impressed me greatly as it has managed to exist among all the chaos, media attention and greed that the North Wales abuse scandal has generated and has still remained almost un-noticed.

As somebody who has been unwillingly caught up in the latest round of accusations, I wanted to find out why I was being targetted for speaking about the short time I spent in care in north Wales during the late 1970’s.

I do not want to go over old ground, but readers of this site and some social media users are acutely aware of the way that I have apparently been singled out, in what the police now describe as a ‘Vendetta.’

This has gone on for over a year, but only recently I discovered that the main protagonist of what I can only describe as this ‘obsessive  hate campaign‘, was in fact, an ex-resident of the Bryn Estyn Childrens Home.

Hence my visit to the gym to speak to some other ex-residents.

As it turned out, this particular ex-resident who is targeting me, is very well known to the north Wales police.

He has, according to them, for at least the last twenty five years, has based his whole existence and ‘made a living‘ out of reporting people and has been, and still is, a serial, vexatious and prolific complainer.

Ex-care home residents, his neighbours, local drug dealers, rowdy teenagers, local councillors, social workers and even the north Wales police themselves have been among the target of his long history of disturbing and obsessive behaviour.

As only one example, he recently managed to get me arrested after frantically reporting me, and, he has, according to my legal represensitive, also been on the phone every day since my arrest, to the North Wales police switchboard – demanding immediate ‘updates’ as to the result of his numerous complaints.

On one occasion, he actually threatened to stage a sit-down protest in the foyer of his local police station, refusing to leave unless his demands for regular updates were met!

This has all been logged and is being looked at alongside everything else he has done, while his ‘complaint(s)’ against me are being investigated.

He is not alone though, as there have been a number of complaints, instigated and encouraged by him from others, which include: “I am running a paedophile ring, I have been beating my wife and abusing my children, I am a violent alcoholic and prescription drug abuser, am ‘dangerously’ mentally ill and should not be allowed near children and I should have my computer siezed as I have apparently being distributing child pornography throughout north Wales and beyond.”

In fact, one of the more bizarre complaints was that I was using a number bogus Twitter accounts as well as this site to abuse people online”, which thankfully was logged as an ‘ongoing’ incident while two policemen were actually sitting in my house watching this online madness occur in real time on the same machine that I am writing this.

The most recent ‘complaint‘ is that I was somehow responsible for the death of Sophie Hook, a child who was murdered in Llandudno in 1995.

But I digress.

While chatting to some of the other ex-residents over coffee, the subject of the number of people who had taken their own lives among those who had been in care in north Wales came up.

As a comparison, the numbers quoted in the mainstream media, were not that markedly different from the number of suicides that have occurred in other areas where accusations of abuse have been reported.

I know of at least a dozen ex-residents of Glamorgan Farm School in Neath, south Wales who were found dead, some by suicide. That was just from one institution I was in and I knew eight of them personally.

Even the @SteveMessham Twitter account admitted that Neath Farm ‘Was as bad if not worse than Bryn Estyn.’

(Incidentally, the *Alleged* Messham Twitter account is now joining in with the online Vendetta against me).

Langton House in Dorset is another residential home where abuse was reported and the number of premature deaths of ex-residents is even higher.

I could quote similar numbers from dozens of similar institutions in Wales and throughout the rest if this country, the evidence is out there for anyone to access, it is recorded and easily sourced online.

The only visible difference, is that I can find no evidence of the sort of treatment meted out to ex-residents of other institutions, that has been directed at anyone who has spoken out about alleged abuse in north Wales, and specifically at Bryn Estyn.

Similarly, I have not heard of any other incidences of the kind of obsessive stalking and harassment suffered by ex-residents, at the hands of another ex-resident, outside of north Wales.

That is rather worrying and I believe is something that should be looked at as a matter of urgency.

If a similar campaign was waged against somebody with an already fragile state of mind, even in the pre-internet days of the 1990’s, the consequences for that person does not bear thinking about.

It could have taken many forms such as written or verbal threats, their partners may have been targeted, and they may have even been stalked repeatedly at their homes, places of work or even the pubs where they used to drink in, before being driven to a point where they just could not take it any longer.

It is probable that some were drug addicts.

The person who supplied the drugs for example, would have been in a perfect position to cause these people to fear for their own safety or that of their families.

The drug addiction is not applicable in my case, even though similar threats in regard to the safety of my family have been issued.

Some ex-residents became drug dealers as well as users.

Many were hardened drug abusers long before they entered the care system.

That is not speculation, it’s a undisputable fact I and others witnessed many times.

Another thing that has never been explored in any detail, is that in some cases, certain residents were in fact the abusers, but of course during the subsequent enquiries, they pretty much ensured the blame lay elsewhere.

So how much would it take for someone, already damaged by the system to take the final step after a few ‘Trigger’ words or phrases were spoken or shown to them?

How many of them had also spoken publicly about what happened to them during their time in care in North Wales?

Sadly, we may never find out the true numbers.