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There are not many people, who by now, are not aware of the image published on the Mirror website, which pictured a four-year-old child, with suspected pneumonia, lying on top of a pile of coats, upon the floor of a side room in Leeds General Infirmary.

The Mirror, then switches to the real purpose of its article:

Jack shows the human cost of the harshest ever financial squeeze on the NHS, a damning indictment of the Tories’ criminal neglect.

No wonder Jack’s mother is switching from the Tories to Labour on Thursday.

This article is then picked up with what appears to be indecent haste, and within hours, is being paraded around the mass media by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, and a small – but disturbingly fanatical – army of online activists and cheerleaders.

The article continues:

The staff are blameless, performing miracles despite the cuts. As are hard-pressed managers, coping best they can with the bad hands dealt them by successive Conservative regimes.

I am not going into the obvious issues with the NHS here, nor why it has reached what seems to be critical mass, there is plenty of source material available online, which explains in finite detail the real reasons behind that, and who is ultimately responsible.

What I am going to do is focus on is the image, and how it has been shamelessly weaponised by the Labour Party.

The image in question, has itself become the focus of claims as to its authenticity, and its context, inasmuch as a viral post on Facebook, which claims that the image was staged, has been gaining traction in the mass media.

The response to this online, is that the Facebook post, is of course, complete fiction, and is being circulated by, wait for it, ‘Right Wing Bots’.

One source of that claim, is a blogger calling himself ‘Tom Pride’, who has, for the last few years, been pumping hard-left propaganda focussing on the UK, and attacking anyone who does not support Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, from his base in Poland.

[Which of course does not mean that there is any suspicion whatsoever, of any ‘foreign interference’ in the electoral process, a claim that politicians and the mass media, on both sides of the Atlantic love to talk about.]

The truth of this, I am sure will emerge in the fullness of time, but the fact remains that using a distressed child as a political tool with which to attack political enemies, is a despicable thing to do.

It’s beneath contempt.

Neither side of the political divide are blameless in this, and it was not so long ago,  that the Grenfell fire tragedy was being utilised by both sides, in their attempts to point the finger of blame at each other.

Is it worth mentioning, that one of the reasons why many people believe that picture was ‘staged’ for the media, is because it’s not the first time that the Labour Party have posted faked and/or staged images for political gain?

Remember this one?

That doctored image, led to the party being investigated for spreading fake news, and were slammed by the NHS itself, as they had not sought permission to use its logo.

This image may be familiar too.

A blatant example of the use of a staged photograph of Jeremy Corbyn, sitting with a despondent look on his face, on the floor of a train, in a crass attempt to highlight the overcrowding on that particular railway network.

He was accused of ‘Hypocrisy’ and ‘spin’ by the Telegraph, after CCTV revealed that he did in fact have a seat, despite claiming that the train was so ‘ram packed’ he had to sit on the floor!

This post is not ‘Pro’ or ‘Anti’ anybody, I am on the whole, pretty much disgusted by the behaviour of all the political parties, who are scrabbling in the gutter, and clawing and biting and spitting bile at each other in their attempts to reach the moral high ground first.

They have all failed miserably on that score in my opinion.

There are, however, many positives to take from this, as it must now appear glaringly obvious to anyone, that politicians and political parties, of all colours; lie, cheat, mislead, spread fake news, stage photo opportunities, and above all of that, have shown utter contempt for the very people they claim to represent.

It’s little wonder that this country has become a laughing stock in the eyes of the rest of the world, and going on what is currently happening, and shows no sign of going away any time soon, the political class do not actually give a damn.


The campaign leading up to the 2019 General Election, or as many people view it, the ‘Brexit Election,’ has been one of the most vicious, propaganda-filled, mistruth littered, and ultimately damaging, this country has witnessed in living memory.

Every one of the main political parties have lied, to varying degrees, and have mislead the electorate on a number of important issues, but by far the most pernicious, (and grossly inaccurate) claim, made by Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party, is that Boris Johnson and the Conservative and Unionist Party, are ‘going to sell the InterNational Health Service to Donald Trump and the Americans’.

This claim was wholly predictable, however, and the Labour Party’s election campaign has focussed upon, and revolved entirely around this one issue, and it appears to be the only thing they have been able to effectively weaponise.

Your NHS.

On the surface, this untested, and unsubstantiated claim has had a remarkable effect, inasmuch as if more floating voters decide to fall for it, this country could be heading towards a hung parliament; which could mean that the hard-left socialists Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, could obtain the keys to Downing Street, if, and only if, they are supported by an unholy alliance comprising of the Liberal Democrats, The Green Party, and the Scottish and Welsh Nationalists.

Which would, in the light of day, also mean at least four more years of public confusion, electoral chaos, in all possibility the economy crashing,  Brexit being put on hold, or scrapped altogether, which spits in the face of 17.4 Million of the electorate, and years more hardship and misery for millions of people who can least endure it.

So with that in mind, I would like to share the following video with you.

A video which, in my opinion, demolishes Jeremy Corbyn’s claim about the NHS entirely, and should, at the very least, make any person who cares about the truth, (and has grown sick and tired of the sheer arrogance and patronising attitudes shown to them by the current crop of politicians) think long and hard about who they really want – and ultimately trust – to take this once great country forward.

Now that the final results of the European Election are in, it should not come as a surprise to hear and read in the mainstream media – and from the likes of Jeremy Corbyn, Vince Cable, Caroline Lucas and their troops of flying monkeys – that on top of everything else we (the Great British public) are incapable of doing – it appears that we cannot even do basic maths now.

Since the results were announced, the left wing attack dogs and the Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable, have not been backward in coming forward, gleefully announcing that the result is a clear indication that there is more support for remaining in the European Union, than there is for Brexit.

They appear to be saying that if all the votes for the Remain parties are added together, they show greater numbers than those who were registered as voting for the groups who have campaigned to leave.

Now I don’t know about any of you, but maths is not my strong point, but I can do basic mathematics, and as every smartphone and personal computer has a calculator application, there really is no excuse nowadays.

As the majority of politicians have had the benefit of a private education, and purveyors of the news via any number of mainstream sources have undoubtably attended university, it is somewhat puzzling to ordinary mortals like me, how they have arrived at that conclusion.

If you take a look at the BBC’s own figures, for example, it shows that a little over 2.9 million more votes were cast for leave parties and individuals, and even when you add all the remain figures together, it shows an even larger percentage than the one they lost by in 2016.

Or am I missing something?

In politics, not very much is new.

In fact, one does not even have to have a particularly good memory to realise that all the main political parties in the U.K., are fighting the 2017 General Election on a number of policies that were lifted directly from the British National Party.

So no one political party are blameless in the way they bend in the breeze, and change their direction whenever it suits, but there is one party who’s entire Election campaign is based around the slogan they have adopted – and will use in every speech, every interview and every press conference.


I am sure that most of you have seen it, in fact it is difficult to avoid if you have been following any aspect of the upcoming election, but I wonder how many people know where Teresa May and the Conservative Party Slogan writers have lifted it from?

It’s not difficult to find, and I can assure you that all of the political parties are aware of it, and any mass media journalist worth their salary are aware of it …. but I very much doubt you will hear any of them draw any attention to it.

Would it surprise you to discover that the same words can be found in the Conclusion of ‘Mein Kampf’ by Adolf Hitler?

So can any comparisons be drawn from that?

And why aren’t the Labour Left and the Liberals, Plaid Cymru, the SNP, the Greens and the Independents, not stamping their feet and shouting about it, as it would be the perfect opportunity, and by far the biggest stick to beat the Tories with, and for them to use the ‘Racist’ and ‘Nazi’ default setting they are so very fond of attacking any opposition with?

There must be a reason why that would be …. I know what I think, what about you?


NOVEMBER 9, 1923, in the fourth year of its existence, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party was dissolved and forbidden throughout the entire territory of the Reich.

Today, in November, 1926, it stands again before us, free through the whole Reich, STRONGER and internally more STABLE than ever before.


“That this House believes that justice for the survivors of child abuse should be a priority for the Government; notes that concerns have been raised by current and former police officers and special branch officers that by coming forward with evidence related to child abuse they could be prosecuted under the Official Secrets Act 1989; and calls on the Government to introduce legislation to remove the threat of prosecution for anyone who has reasonable cause to believe that the information, document or article they disclose is relevant to an official investigation of, or inquiry into, historic child abuse.”






Early Day Motion 38 27/5/2015

I have given the article linked below, ample time to filter onto the relevant blogs and social networks for a few days before commenting.

As expected, the Twitterati, (The domain of the Dumb and the home of the Demented) and the usual crop of blaggers have seen it and grabbed it with both hands, wholeheartedly believing it will finally put an end to decades of cover-ups and mis-information, and will eradicate the ever-present spectre of historic child abuse in this country.

 ‘Former children’s minister Tim Loughton and Conservative backbencher Zac Goldsmith are calling for a national inquiry into historical cases of child sex abuse. Goldsmith has co-ordinated a high-powered, cross-party group of seven MPs to sign a joint letter to Theresa May, home secretary, urging her to set up an independent panel to investigate repeated failures by police and other authorities in several cases.’

So, my question must be, do we really need yet another band of electioneering pseudo heroes, or just a single, honest, decent and transparent politician ?

This call for a national enquiry incidentally, followed closely the European Elections, where UKIP, unsurprisingly battered the mainstream parties.

The Liberal Democrats have also fallen spectacularly from grace, which could also prove very significant at some point.

The British Public are now, and quite rightly, completely disillusioned with mainstream Politics & Politicians in general, are desperate for change, and it’s a situation that is not looking like it will resolve itself anytime soon.

Then, from seemingly nowhere, seven cross-party political heroes ride into town, calling for yet another, albeit independent enquiry into historic childhood abuse.

Those who are understandably cynical, could argue that the timing could not have been better even if it had been planned that way.



Tom Watson and Simon Danczuk

TOM WATSON: The torchbearer of the seven, while at the same time being associated with Searchlight. He has also publicly denied knowing abuse victim-bashing David Rose, even though he sat on a Home Affairs Committee panel which questioned Rose. Watson has recently, also effectively discredited Ben Fellows, Bill Maloney & Chris Fay.


SIMON DANCZUK: The incumbent Rochdale MP who has recently written a book about Cyril Smith & has been dangling the Parliamentary Privilege carrot before the slavering masses, despite the fact that MP’s have already been warned not to use it in case it jeopardises any future prosecutions.


Tim Laughton and Zac Goldsmith

TIM LOUGHTON: Ex Tory Child Minister. Sacked from the job in 2012 and in March 2013, it was revealed that Loughton had been investigated and interviewed under caution in relation to a complaint made under the Malicious Communications Act from a constituent.

ZAC GOLDSMITH: Tory Back Bencher/Journalist. In 2006 considered to be one of Camerons rising stars. Multi claims against him for expenses dipping etc. In 2012 said he’d quit his job if the Tories went ahead with building a third runway at Heathrow Airport.


John Hemmings and Tessa Munt

JOHN HEMMINGS: A vocal and highly visible champion of Berlinda McKenzie, [IRAN AID Charity Mystery], the suspiciously ever-present Sabine McNeill, and is also a business associate of ex-Jersey Senator Stuart Syvret. Known for his eccentricity and his well-documented love life, which boasts of at least 29 extra-marital affairs. He is not so well known, however, for being suspended from the Mumsnet website for publishing the personal details of some members, and also using the forum after he had been drinking.

TESSA MUNT: Claimed single persons council tax discount whilst living in a property with others, including a local GP, the broadcaster Andy Kershaw and the media adviser for the family of Madeleine McCann, the council cleared her of any wrong doing, but she still had to pay the money back.

Caroline Lucas

Caroline Lucas

CAROLINE LUCAS: Ex leader of the Green Party. Stood down as leader in 2012, “In order to broaden opportunities for the range of talent in the party and to raise the profiles of others aspiring to election”. Is attaching herself to this cause an attempt to raise her own profile ? She also declined to comment on questions put to her about Geo-Engineering (Chemtrails) which would ordinarily be a high priority issue for a supposed ‘Green’ MP and Environmental Campaigner.

Childhood Sexual Abuse is a current red-hot political potato, if you consider the numbers of politico’s and their associates, who’s names keep cropping up, again and again.

Can anyone remember Anne Clwyd MP’s call for a similar enquiry ?


‘Historic Childhood Abuse’, (the clue is in the name), is an issue which has been around long enough for anyone, let alone the nations’ moral guardians, to have been more than aware of, so would have had ample time and every opportunity to get behind.

Plus, unless you have been living on a secluded island for the last few years, a general election is less than a year away, which although there will be some who still refuse to see it, the announcement of this call for action is very significant.

Most of the previous child abuse investigations/enquiries, also appear to have been set up within two years leading up to a General Election.

An electioneering politician can be many things, one of those things, however, is certainly not being somebody with purely altruistic motives.

Not when there are votes to be had.

Do the people of this country really have such short memories ?

Does this picture ring any bells perhaps ?


That stark reflection of the urgency, or lack of, that was placed on this issue only a short while ago in the House of Commons, was certainly picked up on social networks and concerns were raised on the David Icke Forums too as I remember.

magnificentseven8So why the sudden turnaround ?

Why are these Internet Anti-Abuse ‘Warriors’ now attempting to persuade anyone who will listen, to “write to their MP’s to get them behind this issue as a priority” ?

I have even seen a self-titled “Anti-Political Writer and Anarchist” Tweeting the same message, over and over again, which surely poses it’s own questions.

And what kind of enquiry are they hoping to bring about ?

Another Waterhouse perhaps ?

Or a completely new, although not completely ‘Independent’ panel populated by establishment darlings like Esther Rantzen, Edwina Currie, David Rose, Daniel Finkelstein and maybe even the erstwhile Suzanne Nundy, AKA Anna Raccoon ?

As I see it now, around a third of this country are now so anti-establishment, they voted for right-wing, untested, political raiding parties, while the rest stood around bleating and muttering about the chaos and divisions created by the others.

Yet, a few days later, they are calling on the same people they do not trust to run their country, fully expecting them to deal with a highly emotive and delicate issue like childhood sexual abuse, and also with the required sensitivity and levels of professionalism expected.

Is that correct?

Because nothing would surprise me any more.

It’s about time that the people of this country decided what they really want from those, they blindly continue to elect and represent them.

Or even start to question, exactly how much establishment and political influence drives these particular online campaigns, and effectively permeate the more heavily populated social networks and Forums.

You may then get your answer.

But you will not like it, I can assure you of that.

It would also be wise to remember, that the ultimate victory the original seven Samurai enjoyed, relied heavily on the support and participation of the townspeople who’s own lives and children’s futures they were defending.

Can you, in all honesty see that happening in this country today ?

I never have had much time for politics or politicians.

It is my belief that there is no discernible difference between any of the main parties any more, in fact, it appears that the only way to tell the difference between them is the colour of their ties.

However, I am very much aware that the 2015 General Election is going to be the most dirty and underhanded political campaign for decades, as the main players are crapping themselves that the voting British Public may have finally woken up.

(The smear campaigns already in full swing by the main parties, assisted by the mainstream media, coupled with the constant accusations of the ever-popular ‘Racism’ may give a clue to what is coming.)

Left and Right Wing politicians do not even exist anymore, and have been replaced by a gaggle of chattering corporate mouthpieces, fighting each other over occupancy of the middle ground, and becoming increasingly desperate to cling on to what little credibility they once had.

Very, very few politicians actually have the slightest idea about what the majority of this nation want from those, who, after all, only hold the position they do because they were chosen by the electorate.

That is the reason that anyone chooses to vote at all isn’t it?

To elect people that will represent them, to listen to them, and at least make an visible attempt to address the issues their constituents raise.

In 2015, however, there may an even more worrying reason why the main parties are in a state of panic.

Whether you acknowledge it or not, Nigel Farage and the UK Independence Party have been causing a lot more than a ripple, and that in turn, has been felt throughout the country and has really put the proverbial cat amongst the parliamentary Pigeons.

I have no feelings either way for Farage and UKIP, although I believe his stance on leaving the European Commission should be supported, his admiration of Margaret Thatcher, his open support of both Fracking and Nuclear Energy, however, will be his Achilles Heel and there is no getting away from that, as I see it.

UKIP are, on paper at least, streets ahead in the upcoming European elections, and whether that momentum can be carried over to the General Election is still to be seen; but as a party, they have certainly struck a chord among the grassroots electorate, and the main parties would be foolish beyond belief to ignore that.

As it stands, the political classes of the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberal Democrats seem to be in total disarray, which should not come as a surprise considering that Farage is speaking the same language, and giving a voice to the very real concerns of ordinary people and not the political elite.

On the surface at least.

He is also unusual in that he has had a proper job in the real world… He has worked for a living, albeit as a Banker.

Comparing him to the other party leaders, it’s easy to see the difference.

David Cameron, talks tough on resisting European interference – but that is all it is, because as soon as German chancellor Angela Merkel speaks, Tory posh boy Cameron, immediately falls into line.

He also talks about holding a Referendum on withdrawal from Europe only if he and the Conservatives are returned to power in 2015 – that is way too many if’s for me, and others may agree.

If the truth is told, he does not even want a referendum, it’s the increasing support for Farage and UKIP that has forced his hand.

He seems content to play the role of the Gym Boxer, pretty sharp while performing in front of the mirror, but positively useless and vunerable when he actually has to step in the ring.

The Labour leader Ed Miliband is no better, has he actually got anything right?

He is a chancer and just another privileged mouthpiece, who has zero experience of living and working in the real world.

Admittedly he did go to a state school, but it was a posh one which ensured he went straight to University and then into politics with a safe seat in the House of Commons.

A good pension at the end of it too – not bad for somebody who has never held a proper job!

He is the ‘leader’ of a party who once represented the ordinary working people of this country, but that party now is so conceited, that it believes that the people who pay their wages should not even be trusted to vote!

That brings us onto Nick Clegg, the stand-in that David Cameron needs as an excuse when he fails to deliver on any of his pre-election pledges (which were lies anyway).

Mr. Clegg is another one who has never worked in the real world.

He sold the students down the river over top-up fees, and like the other party leaders, continually denies any knowledge concerning allegations of Paedophilia among the ex-grandees within his own party.

Sir Cyril Smith anyone?

I don’t remember the Labour Party ever commenting on LABOUR25 either, while the Tories also remain damnably tight-lipped about the alleged Paedophiles within their Membership too.

Would I vote for any of the main parties?

Certainly not, and I would not vote for Farage and UKIP.

I would not cast my vote for BRITAIN FIRST either, as any party that perpetuates the Lee Rigby false flag, and uses an image of Winston Churchill as something to aspire too, is anathema to anyone even slightly educated or a student of real British/English history.

I will be voting though, but for the only candidate who has shown a visible presence in the place I live, and has at least attempted to answer my many questions and offers something new and different.

If more people did the same, the big parties, who have made a complete balls-up thus far, would really have to up their game and start to realise that Britain is not in fact, populated by hordes of Brain-dead zombies who will put up with anything without a murmur of complaint.

People who are no longer prepared to vote the same way as their parents out of loyalty, and who clearly show that they are sickened by the complacency and utter contempt that has been shown to them by those who should be acting on their behalf.

A nation of people that will no longer accept the common-purpose puppets that are continually rolled out when needed, mouthing empty words and who continually betray and try to sell out both this country and it’s people to the highest bidder.

I fully expect to be in the minority, but my conscience will be clear at least.

It may prove useful to remember that on the 18th December 2013, 294 UK MPs voted against Labour’s request to hold an investigation into Hunger and Food Poverty in the United Kingdom.

Verification can be found: HERE

Is your Member of Parliament here?

Adams, Nigel
Afriyie, Adam
Aldous, Peter
Amess, Mr David
Andrew, Stuart
Bacon, Mr Richard
Baker, Steve
Baldry, rh Sir Tony
Baldwin, Harriett
Barker, rh Gregory
Baron, Mr John
Barwell, Gavin
Bebb, Guto
Beith, rh Sir Alan
Benyon, Richard
Beresford, Sir Paul
Bingham, Andrew
Blackman, Bob
Blackwood, Nicola
Blunt, Mr Crispin
Bone, Mr Peter
Bradley, Karen
Brady, Mr Graham
Brake, rh Tom
Bray, Angie
Brazier, Mr Julian
Bridgen, Andrew
Brine, Steve
Brooke, Annette
Browne, Mr Jeremy
Bruce, Fiona
Bruce, rh Sir Malcolm
Buckland, Mr Robert
Burley, Mr Aidan
Burns, Conor
Burns, rh Mr Simon
Burstow, rh Paul
Burt, Lorely
Byles, Dan
Cable, rh Vince
Cairns, Alun
Carmichael, rh Mr Alistair
Carmichael, Neil
Carswell, Mr Douglas
Cash, Mr William
Chishti, Rehman
Chope, Mr Christopher
Clappison, Mr James
Clark, rh Greg
Clarke, rh Mr Kenneth
Clifton-Brown, Geoffrey
Coffey, Dr Thérèse
Collins, Damian
Colvile, Oliver
Cox, Mr Geoffrey
Crabb, Stephen
Crockart, Mike
Crouch, Tracey
Davies, David T. C.
Davies, Glyn
Davies, Philip
Davis, rh Mr David
de Bois, Nick
Djanogly, Mr Jonathan
Dorrell, rh Mr Stephen
Doyle-Price, Jackie
Drax, Richard
Duddridge, James
Duncan, rh Mr Alan
Duncan Smith, rh Mr Iain
Dunne, Mr Philip
Ellis, Michael
Ellison, Jane
Ellwood, Mr Tobias
Elphicke, Charlie
Eustice, George
Evans, Graham
Evans, Jonathan
Evans, Mr Nigel
Evennett, Mr David
Fabricant, Michael
Fallon, rh Michael
Farron, Tim
Featherstone, Lynne
Foster, rh Mr Don
Fox, rh Dr Liam
Freeman, George
Freer, Mike
Fuller, Richard
Gale, Sir Roger
Garnier, Sir Edward
Garnier, Mark
George, Andrew
Gibb, Mr Nick
Gilbert, Stephen
Glen, John
Goldsmith, Zac
Goodwill, Mr Robert
Gove, rh Michael
Graham, Richard
Gray, Mr James
Grayling, rh Chris
Green, rh Damian
Griffiths, Andrew
Gummer, Ben
Gyimah, Mr Sam
Hague, rh Mr William
Halfon, Robert
Hames, Duncan
Hammond, Stephen
Hancock, Matthew
Hancock, Mr Mike
Hands, Greg
Harper, Mr Mark
Harrington, Richard
Harris, Rebecca
Hart, Simon
Harvey, Sir Nick
Haselhurst, rh Sir Alan
Hayes, rh Mr John
Heald, Oliver
Heath, Mr David
Heaton-Harris, Chris
Hemming, John
Henderson, Gordon
Hendry, Charles
Herbert, rh Nick
Hinds, Damian
Hoban, Mr Mark
Hollingbery, George
Hollobone, Mr Philip
Holloway, Mr Adam
Hopkins, Kris
Howell, John
Hughes, rh Simon
Hunt, rh Mr Jeremy
Hurd, Mr Nick
Jackson, Mr Stewart
Javid, Sajid
Jenkin, Mr Bernard
Johnson, Joseph
Jones, Andrew
Jones, rh Mr David
Jones, Mr Marcus
Kelly, Chris
Kirby, Simon
Knight, rh Sir Greg
Kwarteng, Kwasi
Lamb, Norman
Lancaster, Mark
Lansley, rh Mr Andrew
Latham, Pauline
Laws, rh Mr David
Leadsom, Andrea
Lee, Jessica
Lee, Dr Phillip
Leech, Mr John
Lefroy, Jeremy
Leigh, Sir Edward
Leslie, Charlotte
Letwin, rh Mr Oliver
Lewis, Brandon
Lewis, Dr Julian
Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian
Lidington, rh Mr David
Lloyd, Stephen
Lord, Jonathan
Loughton, Tim
Luff, Peter
Lumley, Karen
Macleod, Mary
Main, Mrs Anne
Maude, rh Mr Francis
May, rh Mrs Theresa
Maynard, Paul
McCartney, Jason
McCartney, Karl
McIntosh, Miss Anne
McLoughlin, rh Mr Patrick
McVey, Esther
Menzies, Mark
Metcalfe, Stephen
Mills, Nigel
Mordaunt, Penny
Morgan, Nicky
Morris, Anne Marie
Morris, David
Morris, James
Mosley, Stephen
Mowat, David
Munt, Tessa
Murray, Sheryll
Murrison, Dr Andrew
Neill, Robert
Newmark, Mr Brooks
Newton, Sarah
Norman, Jesse
Nuttall, Mr David
O’Brien, rh Mr Stephen
Offord, Dr Matthew
Ollerenshaw, Eric
Opperman, Guy
Ottaway, rh Richard
Paice, rh Sir James
Parish, Neil
Patel, Priti
Paterson, rh Mr Owen
Pawsey, Mark
Penning, Mike
Penrose, John
Percy, Andrew
Perry, Claire
Phillips, Stephen
Pincher, Christopher
Prisk, Mr Mark
Pugh, John
Randall, rh Sir John
Reckless, Mark
Redwood, rh Mr John
Rees-Mogg, Jacob
Reid, Mr Alan
Rifkind, rh Sir Malcolm
Robathan, rh Mr Andrew
Robertson, Mr Laurence
Rogerson, Dan
Rosindell, Andrew
Rudd, Amber
Ruffley, Mr David
Russell, Sir Bob
Rutley, David
Sanders, Mr Adrian
Sandys, Laura
Scott, Mr Lee
Selous, Andrew
Shapps, rh Grant
Sharma, Alok
Simmonds, Mark
Simpson, Mr Keith
Skidmore, Chris
Smith, Chloe
Smith, Henry
Smith, Julian
Soames, rh Nicholas
Soubry, Anna
Spelman, rh Mrs Caroline
Spencer, Mr Mark
Stanley, rh Sir John
Stephenson, Andrew
Stevenson, John
Stewart, Bob
Stewart, Iain
Stewart, Rory
Stride, Mel
Stuart, Mr Graham
Stunell, rh Sir Andrew
Sturdy, Julian
Swales, Ian
Swayne, rh Mr Desmond
Swinson, Jo
Swire, rh Mr Hugo
Syms, Mr Robert
Thornton, Mike
Thurso, John
Tomlinson, Justin
Tredinnick, David
Truss, Elizabeth
Turner, Mr Andrew
Tyrie, Mr Andrew
Uppal, Paul
Vaizey, Mr Edward
Vara, Mr Shailesh
Vickers, Martin
Walker, Mr Robin
Wallace, Mr Ben
Walter, Mr Robert
Ward, Mr David
Watkinson, Dame Angela
Weatherley, Mike
Webb, Steve
Wharton, James
Wheeler, Heather
White, Chris
Whittingdale, Mr John
Wiggin, Bill
Willetts, rh Mr David
Williams, Mr Mark
Williams, Roger
Williams, Stephen
Williamson, Gavin
Wilson, Mr Rob
Wright, Jeremy
Wright, Simon
Yeo, Mr Tim
Young, rh Sir George
Zahawi, Nadhim

Welsh Labour MP Ann Clwyd has called, along with many others, for an over-arching Inquiry into child abuse.

But Ms Clwyd knows perfectly well that Inquiries don’t always get to the truth.

She herself, a strong supporter of the war in Iraq, was given a very easy ride when she appeared before the Chilcot inquiry in spite of being personally responsible for disseminating an uncorroborated and later discredited story just before the crucial Parliamentary vote on the Iraq war.

This described an industrial machine used by Saddam Hussein as a “people shredder” into which opponents of the regime would be fed feet first for maximum suffering, their remains put into plastic bags and used as fish food.

Without this story, it is quite possible that Britain would not have supported the Iraq war.The tall tale was also picked up around the world and used by proponents of the illegal invasion, notably in Australia and the US.

In these circumstances and with so much blood on her hands it is ironic that Clwyd also claims to support Bradley Manning.

Without her intervention on Iraq, Manning may never have been sent there and the events he is now accused of disclosing to WikiLeaks, including the Collateral Murder attack, may never have happened.

Inquiries don’t bring justice. They are always going to be led by establishment figures with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo or at least saving their colleagues from embarrassment or prosecution.

They will always be limited by restrictive terms of reference. We don’t need our information filtered, redacted and massaged.

Let’s have the raw data and we can make up our own minds, starting with the pulped Clwyd County Council Jillings Report and all the evidence it was based on.

As Julian Assange has said of WikiLeaks:“The goal is justice. The method is transparency.”

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