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Rotherham’s Labour MP, Sarah Champion, has suggested that by 2015, there may have been ‘up to a Million young girls that have been raped by gangs of men of mainly Pakistani ‘Asian’ origin’.

I am sure that anyone with a modicum of common sense, would agree that those numbers are simply staggering; a scandal on a level which should be unthinkable in a civilised society, and something which we, as a nation – should be thoroughly ashamed of.

If the following article is only partly correct, we have learned absolutely nothing, as this is still going on, and shows no visible signs of slowing down.

Grooming ‘epidemic’ as almost 19,000 children identified as sexual exploitation victims in England.

by Lizzie Dearden.

Almost 19,000 children have been sexually groomed in England in the past year, according to official figures that have prompted warnings of an ‘epidemic’. Campaigners say the true figure is far higher and accused the government of failing to tackle child sexual exploitation, despite promises made after high-profile cases in Rotherham and Rochdale.

More than 18,700 suspected victims of child sexual exploitation were identified by local authorities in 2018-19, up from 3,300 five years before. Sarah Champion, the Labour MP for Rotherham, said that figures show that grooming “remains one of the largest forms of child abuse in this country”.


I am in no doubt whatsoever, that the blame for what has happened to these girls and young women, should sit firmly upon the shoulders of all of those who have turned a blind eye, and on those who have continually denied this problem even exists, and have smeared anyone who has been brave enough to stand up and speak out, as ‘racists’.

You know who you are……


As far as I am aware, during political party Leadership Elections and General Elections – the democratic process allows for one vote per person only.

Local elections may be different, but that being said, there may be a perfectly logical explanation for the following claims that were spotted on Twitter.

It could also be said that it offers an explanation for the unprecedented and wholly unexpected surge in the Labour Party vote during the 2017 General Election.

As the Metropolitan Police face new questions over the aborted ‘Operation Midland’, which was set up to investigate claims of a powerful VIP paedophile ring, and was constructed around the allegations of one man, known only as ‘Nick’ (to protect his identity) – there is also a call  for ‘Nick’ to not only be identified, but to be prosecuted for ‘perverting the course of justice’.

Not a single charge has resulted from Midland, an investigation who’s staffing costs since it’s inception in 2014, has swallowed an estimated £1.8 Million of British taxpayers money and left the already tarnished reputation of the Met in tatters.

The Metropolitan Police faced fresh questions over the aborted VIP paedophile inquiry last night after “preposterous” evidence from its chief witness was made public.

…A summary of the allegations Nick made against Lord Janner, who he claimed was part of the VIP ring, have been made public by the  deceased peer’s family. They describe the supposed evidence as “preposterous”.

The evidence shows how vague Nick’s claims were and reveals how he only named Lord Janner after  being shown his photograph by a journalist working for Exaro, a news website that has been widely discredited for its role in promoting Nick’s false claims. Exaro has since been shut down by its owner.

Daniel Janner QC said in a statement last night “…I believe that Nick should be prosecuted for attempting to pervert the course of justice.” – Source

Reading the above paragraph which was published in the Guardian two days ago, I cannot help but to be reminded of something remarkably similar that occurred in North Wales in 1991, and which formed part of the evidence that was submitted before Court 13 of The Royal Courts of Justice in November 1994, during an infamous Libel Trial of a man who featured prominently in the events that led up to the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal in 1996.

It was not simply that it was now clear that both [redacted] name and his description had been fed into the first interview by Nelson. This was grave enough. Nelson’s most serious offence, however, was that he engaged in a series of exchanges about showing Humphreys a photograph at some future point. In the light of his admission, it was now clear that these exchanges were charades. Their evident purpose was to disguise the fact that Nelson had already shown Humphreys a photograph, and to make it appear that he had a vivid memory of a man he barely knew, and who’s name he could not remember.

Nelson said that the reason he had shown Mark the photograph was that he had mentioned having been abused by a policeman during the initial interview: ‘I suspected [redacted] was the policeman he had mentioned the previous night and I was specifically investigating [redacted] in connection with a libel action against the Independent.’ – ‘The Secret of Bryn Estyn’

Two apparently separate incidents, more than a decade apart, where  left-leaning Journalists and their Labour Party supporting media agencies have ‘coached’ clearly vulnerable witnesses into accusing prominent establishment figures of physically and sexually abusing them, by showing them photographs of people they in all probability, had never actually met.

Incidentally, the North Wales Child Abuse Tribunal (Waterhouse), which ended in 2000 and cost the British taxpayer an eye-watering £13.8 Million, was fatally flawed, inasmuch as it failed, in my opinion, to examine testimony from a number of people that were not even summoned to appear.

‘If those people had been allowed to submit their testimonies;

‘It would have become known that a wider police enquiry into alleged child abuse, could have been launched a decade earlier.

But that would have also meant that John Allen, had somehow been allowed to continue abusing what may yet turn out be hundreds of children.

For a full ten years’. – Link

That last paragraph is important to note, as it is my belief that the greater majority of the accusations that have appeared in the media since 2012, and have been levelled at unpopular political and establishment figures – is to distract attention from, and to prevent proper investigations into a very real problem that the political left are trying desperately to hide.

Which is the physical and sexual abuse, and the trafficking of children on an industrial scale by organised paedophile rings, many of whom are of Asian and Pakistani heritage, which have been happening up and down the whole length of this country for decades.

That is not to say, however, that there may indeed be people hiding inside the establishment, who are guilty of the most heinous acts, and are indulging in criminality on a massive scale, on a daily basis.

Listen to the near hysterical Labour MP John Mann in the video below, and the somewhat calmer response from former London Mayor Ken Livingstone.

Note the MPs use of the words ‘Filthy Lying Racist‘, ‘Filthy Nazi Apologist‘, ‘Anti-Semite‘, ‘Losing It‘ and ‘Conspiracy Theorist‘, before you read this article from the Jewish Virtual Library, which outlines the 1933 agreement between Nazi Germany and European Zionists to relocate the Jews in Germany to Palestine.


There was even a commemorative coin struck to recognise the event.

But according to those in the British Labour Party like John Mann and others, these well documented and accepted historical facts are:

“A reprehensible lie spoken by ‘Lying Racists’, ‘Neo Nazis’ and ‘Nazi apologists’, and anyone who asks questions or comments on it publicaly, are ‘losing it’, are ‘needing help’  and are apparently …. backing ‘Conspiracy Theorists’.”

The reappearance of a sensational ‘mainstream’ newspaper report from 2003, into alleged child abusers at the heart of the last Labour government should be a reminder to everyone – that the truth will not stay buried forever.

The article, entitled, “Child porn arrests ‘too slow'”, was published in the Scottish Sunday Herald in January 2003, but was removed from the papers web archive.

None of the major political parties seemed keen to pursue the reasons why this may have been, however, the British Nationalist Party’s then leader Nick Griffin, tweeted a request in which he asked if anybody had saved a copy.

The answer came in the affirmative, so by way of illustrating the extent of the establishment cover-up of the still festering paedophile scandal …. It was published on the BNPs website in 2012, and now it is being republished here on the Outlaw in full.

(Bold emphasis added)


Child Porn Arrests “too slow”

By Neil Mackay, Home Affairs Editor.

OPERATION ORE, the police inquiry which plans to arrest a further 7000 men across the UK, in addition to Who guitarist Pete Townsend, for buying child pornography online is set to end in disaster with many suspects walking free.

Detective Chief Inspector Bob McLachlan, former head of Scotland Yard’s paedophile unit, told the Sunday Herald that the lack of urgency in making arrests will lead to suspects destroying evidence of downloading child pornography before they are arrested.

The Sunday Herald has also had confirmed by a very senior source in British intelligence that at least one high-profile former Labour Cabinet minister is among Operation Ore suspects.

The Sunday Herald has been given the politician’s name but, for legal reasons, can not identify the person.

There are still unconfirmed rumours that another senior Labour politician is among the suspects.

The intelligence officer said that a ‘rolling’ Cabinet committee had been set up to work out how to deal with the potentially ruinous fall-out for both Tony Blair and the government if arrests occur.

Since the September 2002 Operation Ore arrest of Detective Constable Brian Stevens, a key officer into the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, the public have been aware that wanted suspects had downloaded child pornography from a US website called Landslide.

McClachlan, who was one of the main officers on Operation Ore before his retirement last year, said:

‘Sufficient warnings had been given that if people haven’t got rid of their computers then they are either stupid, or don’t believe they will be arrested or are so obsessive about their collections that they can’t destroy it. As time goes on, the chances of successful prosecutions will diminish with speed as the information out there must impact on the offenders.’

With only 1200 men arrested so far, McClachlan says that claims by police chiefs and the government that they were prioritising paedophile crime were ‘smoke and mirrors’.

Paedophilia is still not a priority on the Home Office’s National Policing Plan for 2003-06.

McClachlan claimed that before he left Scotland Yard his team were understaffed, over-worked, under-funded and reduced to using free software from computer magazines.

There are around one million images of an estimated 20,000 individual children being abused online. Some police seizures involve hauls of more than 180,000 images.

Last year, images of 13,000 new children were uncovered. Only 175 child victims have been identified worldwide.

Police have also revealed that images of Fred West abusing one of his children are among child pornography available for downloading from the Internet.

It is unclear whether the child was West’s murdered daughter Heather.

Peter Robbins, the chief executive of the Internet Watch Foundation, which works with the police, government and Internet service providers, in tackling Paedophilia online, says software is in development which could remove child pornography from the net forever.

The software should be ready in two years.

Police say that the list of rich and famous Operation Ore suspects would fill newspaper front pages for an entire year.




No doubt many people have seen the image below doing the rounds on social media.

An image which allegedly shows British Prime Minister David Cameron, albeit much younger, about to insert his private parts into the mouth of a severed pigs head as he attended a meeting of the Oxford Piers Gaveston Dining Society, while at University.


This particular image has been shared online thousands of times, with scarcely a thought as to it’s actual provinence.

‘Hungarian Debutante Ball, New York City February 1978 – by Larry Fink

As much as the Outlaw, and undoubtably many others would relish the idea of seeing a prominent Conservative, Liberal Democrat or Labour Party politician, photographed in what would without a doubt, be a compromising and possibly career destroying situation, the above image unfortunately, was never going to effectively provide evidence of one.


On November 25th, 2014, at 11:30, the following comment was published on this site.

Coincidentally, this site was ‘hacked’ shortly afterwards.

This comment, along with other damning information in regard to one Julian Gilbert, AKA ‘Thomas Pride’, AKA ‘Dexter Spaniel’, and undoubtably a number of other fake online personas – was subsequently, and mysteriously, deleted.

It has now been reproduced here in full, with the kind permission, and indeed the blessing of the original author.

Outlaw, I never comment on blogs. Whether I agree or disagree with them I will generally wait until I have a private opportunity to talk with the writer. However, I had to comment here.

As a journalist and broadcaster I have come to understand that I upset some people. This could be for any number of reasons, including jealousy (they are not realising their own ambitions and they are mad that I am, or at least they perceive I am) through to these people have something to hide and they are concerned that I might be the type of person to uncover it. Or they could just find me annoying. Fair point.

Tom Pride is not a typical hate in that he once liked me. See here:


Self Explanatory really considering these days he refers to me as a Daily Mail/Express hack and phone hacker.

I am glad to see him revealed here. He needed to be. Predators like him must always be shown for who they are, for their behaviour is utterly vile and the worst of human nature.

For three years Julian Gilbert has spouted his lying, libellous bile about me. He has taunted me by refusing to reveal his true identity. He has spread untruths about me, and put myself and my family in jeopardy. And why?

Well, the first time he wrote lies about me his comments section went from a typical 4-5 comments per article, to between 300 and 400 when he mentioned me.

Its a pity you have behaved so shark-like Julian, because you are capable of brilliant writing. Its a shame you use it for utterly vile purposes.

I mean seriously, what is wrong with you?

I realise you have plenty on your plate. Being a father to two children who require regular hospital attention makes my heart go out to you. As a parent where if my daughter even so much as coughs my heart is pounding, I can only imagine the pain you and your wife must have endured over these last few years. And I truly feel for you Julian, that must be terrible.

Then there’s your online persona. Man alive. You have some issues. Primarily, your presence is not a positive presence. Despite outward appearances – ‘Tom Pride takes care of the people’ – ou do more harm than good.

The truth is you use my name to give an appearance that the Establishment – who you laughingly associate with me – is threatened by you. That’s just daft. Hardly anyone out of the blogosphere knows of your existence and certainly you are not seen as challenging the status quo, mainly trying to capitalise on the iniquities of it.

Even other bloggers can’t stand you – you are viewed as untrustworthy – and know your ‘work’ to lack honesty and credibility. Never let the truth get in the way of a few hundred more blog hits eh, Julian?

Where are your morals? Is this really what your parents and loved ones want and need for you in your life? Is this how you want to be remembered? As a man who told lies about others, didn’t care how it hurt and harmed the other person, and did it all behind the safe, unchallenged mask of anonymity.

Well fuck that!

If you say something about me, something intended to damage me then I have a right to know who you are.

And now I do.

I’m a bit disappointed to be honest. I thought you would be a bit more exciting instead of Mr Vanilla Man, a money-ed Ex Pat, who has lived in Poland for two decades. Jeez!

No wonder you have to resort to satire and plain old lies because you are not actually experiencing Britain like those of us who live here. Consequently your lack of real life knowledge is replaced by fiction.

And you apply that to many topics you cover. About Government, about media, about people like me. You have no experience of these things but you do possess an active imagination, sadly influenced and discoloured by a plethora of bigotries and stereotypes. Your behaviour towards me has revealed a very unsavoury character.

Round about the same thing happened to David Icke after my time spent with him.

That’s the thing about me, Julian, I believe that the true person, no matter how much PR they try and use to represent themselves, always emerges. I love that about human psychology, don’t you?

There’s such a beautiful rhyme and reason to it.

Talking about creativity … I heard Bourbonese Qualk. And may I say you were very wise to give up pursuing a music career.

So where to now Julian? We all know that Thomas Pride can only go on for so long and reach a certain audience. Your peak has happened. Sadly it came on the back of other people’s misery. You had a chance to do something good Julian and you blew it. I feel for you. But I also feel for your family. For their sake, as well as your own, get some help. You have a talent that is going to waster and is dying a slow, painful and public death.  Take care.

I wish you no harm, Julian. I will not take another moment to ponder the whys and wherefore of your behaviour, commenting here is my closure on this situation.

I am in the middle of two documentaries and a book, and they are important and have greater reach that your upset with me. You have my attention here only because I want to see it put down on record for others to read and on a forum that is respectable and does not trade on lies to get hits.

When you first started smearing me I must admit I was a bit shocked. With your twisting of words and half truths I realised that you were no different to the newspapers you claim to despise. And then it hit me. The fact that you are not in newspapers or on the radio or TV when other political commentators are, really hurts you.

I get really annoyed with people who read your blogs and think they are superior to readers of some of the newspaper I have written for. But they are not. Far from it.

At least newspapers have to go through some legal vetting, you write your lies and publish them. No fact checking, no quality control, and all from behind an anonymous avatar. Clearly a model that wouldn’t require a critical and questioning readership.

Julian I expect you to take segments of this and twist it like you took my original tweets and twisted them into me being a hacker, even though you had repeatedly been told the truth of the story by Outlaw. But you chose not to tell you readership that because the truth in this case would get in the way of the story you want to push. That of me being a hack and a hacker, when in reality I am neither.

Its both vile and a lie, but you are known only to a few thousand people and so your influence and reach is too small to do anything about. Thing is Julian, seeing as you pursue the idea that I am a hacker, you should really – as lee has already advised you – report me to the police. Its a serious crime as a journalist to do such a thing and you have a responsibility to see that it is pursued. I welcome a legal situation with you Julian.

Bring it on. I shan’t be instigating anything because defamation cases are out of my financial reach, and, as I have already explained, your not that well known and I want to focus my energy on the big boys I have to deal with.

So report me to the police, Julian, and make sure to give me the crime number, please. I will of course, cooperate fully with the police on such a serious accusation.

But you won’t will you?

it doesn’t pay you to pursue it beyond your own blog. Its all about blog hits isn’t it Julian? But when all is said ad done you still have to look your family in their eyes and know you’ve done the best that you can by them all.

Good luck with that. No amount of satire is going to save you there.

Sonia Poulton



“Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad” – Euripides

The second article in this series on Mind Control methods written by Tim Rifat.

If you have ever wanted to know how ‘enemies of the state’ or people who are seen as ‘Troublesome’ by the Security Services, are dealt with, the following may answer some questions.UFO researchers and so-called ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ are among some of those who have been targeted using this method, which should also put certain doubts to rest in some corners of the Alternative Media.


By Tim Rifat

“Microwave weapons were allegedly developed at Marconi”.

When firing microwave beams through walls at one specific target, every material in the way of the microwave beam attenuates or modifies the intensity and frequency of the beam. Since precise frequencies and intensities are needed for mind control, very sophisticated microwave arrays and computer programmes had to be developed so that the microwave beam could be changed in response to the materials which lay between the target and the weapon, as the victim moved around the house.

To do this, the reflectivity and refractivity of the materials between victim and weapon had to be analysed in real-time and fed to a computer which could change the microwave array in concert with the changing environment between victim and weapon, as the target moved around his/her home.Secondly, there had to be an automatic interrupter if another person walked in front of the beam.

The victim needed to be driven mad or disabled, without anyone else being aware that he or she was being targeted.The technology for this was very complex but eventually it was perfected.Twenty five or more scientists and military personnel, associated with the Marconi project, then died in mysterious circumstances.

Intelligence personnel regularly kill people to keep them quiet.Maybe they killed the entire research team to keep such a diabolical weapon secret.For if it were made public, the scandal would bring down the government.Whatever the real story, by the mid to late eighties, all the problems had been ironed out and these new smart microwave weapons were deployed on the UK’s streets.

Northern Ireland would have proved the perfect place to test them out. Pulse modulated microwave weapons had now come of age. By this method, any mood or behavioural set, can be conditioned into the target’s brain.

Intelligence agents keep a log of the victim’s behaviour to see if more intense ‘treatment’ is needed and as a guide for future mind control projects.It is alleged that by this method, UFO and conspiracy researchers, are routinely driven to commit suicide. having the excitation potential for suicide beamed into your brain day and night by microwave mind control weapons, soon resets the brain into a cycle of depression that spirals out of control ending in suicide.Many intelligence and technical officers in the UK, who have spilled the beans, or could be a potential leak, are driven to commit suicide by the special mind control teams run by MI5.

If you look at the long list of UK military and intelligence experts who inexplicably commit suicide, one can see an underlying mind control logic that drives them to kill themselves.

Behavioural reinforcement is used in a synergistic way with the mind control.It was found that the effect of the microwave beams could be greatly enhanced by external reinforcement.Intelligence community personnel destroy the target’s property, ruin their financial affairs spread vicious rumour, make sexual peccadilloes public knowledge – such as wearing women’s underwear, while checking oneself – with an orange in one’s mouth.External reinforcement of pulse modulated microwave mind control technology was found to be very effective.

Intelligence chiefs are now in seventh heaven; if some one becomes a problem they get the ‘suicide mind control team’ parked outside their house.

Within weeks, the victim kills himself.

This is very pleasing to the intelligence mandarins, as suicides are easy to explain away – even if the victim was a highly placed politician or military man.If the military intelligence agency does not wish you to commit suicide, they can instead, drive you mad.This is done by beaming the excitation potential of a particular pathological mental state at your brain while you are at home. To aid in this, the intelligence operatives can place sounds and speech in the target victim’s brain.

This inter cerebral hearing is used to drive the victim mad, as no one else can hear the voices transmitted into the brain of the target. Transmission of auditory data directly into the targets’ brains using microwave carrier beams is now common practise.

Instead of using excitation potentials, one uses a transducer to modify the spoken word into ELF audiograms, that are then superimposed on the pulse modulated microwave beam.Discrediting well known people who are causing problems for the shadowy elite, by driving them mad, seems to be standard operating procedure for the intelligence community.Victims are subject to pulse modulated microwaves which carry different types of madness and behavioural aberrations, encoded as ELF excitation potentials.This makes the troublesome high profile person, display manic or insane behaviour that discredits them.

Examples of this technique are [allegedly]: David Icke, Sarah Ferguson, Princess Diana etc….

Outside environmental reinforcement, by use of media agents in league with MI5, makes it assured that the high profile person’s mind controlled madness, will be put in the worst possible light to discredit them.

In this way, high profile subversives who cannot be wrongly imprisoned (unlike the Carl Bridgewater prisoners, Birmingham Six, Guilford Four…) in the normal way by Britain’s police, or killed by assassination squads, such as the Pegasus group, are made to look ridiculous.

Public humiliation is the finest weapon the authorities have, to make harmless, a potential well known figure, who is causing trouble.If the VIP needs to be made temporarily ill, microwave beams containing the signal the brain gives off during a vicious bout of flu can be fired at the victim. This causes the target to display all the symptoms of flu, even though they have not caught the virus.

Major Ed Dames, the remote viewing specialist, who has close links with the US secret military, alluded to this device on a US TV programme.

The intelligence agents can also use low level microwaves to cause mental and physical confusion that leads to illness.Beaming microwaves at victims makes them fatigued, damages their immune system, causes neurological damage that effects their thinking, and ability to carry out tasks, induces premature ageing, cancer and cataracts.Sussex Police regularly use this low level microwave to clear drunks from city centres.

While researching this matter, I was subject to high levels of microwave >10mW/cm2 whenever I approached their headquarters, whilst MI5 irradiated my home continually with microwaves.It seems that I touched a raw nerve while researching mind control weapon usage in the UK.

Organisations that irritate the authorities have their building turned into a ‘hot spot’ by microwave transmitters, so the staff all suffer sick building syndrome caused by microwave damage.

Or the staff of the target organisation have their behaviour changed to cause discord.

‘UFO Reality’, a leading UFO and conspiracy magazine have complained of mysterious health problems, while another New Age group complained of eye damage, nausea and headaches brought on whenever they had a meeting, which may have been caused by microwaves.Heating the victim to death, by microwave cooking is caused by increasing the field intensity of the radiation, to cause local hot spots in the victims’ eyes and gall bladder, which have poor circulation, so cannot carry away the heat. Irradiating the optic nerve of the victim with the same signal that is sent to the brain by this nerve, causes the nerve tissue to overload.

In this way, subversives can be blinded by the intelligence community without them knowing what has occurred.An American researcher complained of this problem to me and warned me that this weapon system was being used on my person by MI5.

Neurological research has found that the brain has specific frequencies for each voluntary movement called preparatory sets.When you pick up an object, there is a specific preparatory set for this action.By firing at your chest a microwave beam containing the ELF signals given off by the heart, this organ can be put into a chaotic state, the so called heart attack.In this way, high profile leaders of political parties, who are prone to heart attacks, can be killed off -before they cause any trouble.

Neil Kinnock’s Labour government was allegedly cheated out of an election victory by postal vote rigging in twenty key marginal seats. When a new even more electable Labour leader was found, it is rumoured that John Smith, the then Labour leader, was prompted to have a fatal heart attack, while walking in the country with his family, by means of a concealed microwave device which operated on the Vagus nerve to bring about a massive heart attack.

“Since MI5 have a long history of naked hatred toward the Labour Party, there may be some truth in the above, though no hard evidence has yet been found”.